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Let’s make one thing clear:

Me saying that pugs should not exist is not a condemnation of the pugs that are already in existence. If you have a pug by all means love and care for it. The issue is that we should stop BREEDING them. Stop bringing more dogs into existence that can barely perform the basic function of *breathing*. Pugs (and many bulldogs for that matter) have been bred to be “cute“ at the expense of being able to effectively intake air. People like them to have flutter faces because it gives them more humanlike expressiveness. Screw that. They’re not humans. Don’t fuck up the way their faces are supposed to work because you think it’s adorable. Shift the focus to breeding cute, HEALTHY dogs, and let the overbred ones die out naturally without bringing more into the world unnecessarily.

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hey dude like coming from someone who started drawing with animals and find them easier than humans i see so many people /struggle/ with animals an i gotta say ur improvement from the first time u started drawing tums is fucKIN INCREDIBLE DUDE

god yeah i look at my first tums drawing and cringe i’m so glad i started practicing dogs

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