a disagreeable object

Some ISTP reactions to different scenarios:
  • person: [is ranting, did not ask for my advice at all]
  • me: yes okay but [writes long ass advice anyway]
  • person: [gives opinion I subjectively disagree with]
  • me: well I guess you're entitled to your wrong opinion!
  • person: [gives opinion I objectively disagree with]
  • me: the thing is [goes the fuck off and writes an entire bible fighting them]
  • person: I'm torn between these two options
  • me: ?????? hellooo, THIS is clearly the smartest choice ???? how can you not see this
  • person: this is so cool! [reads 'fact' from popular twitter account]
  • me: sounds fake but [looks for source real quick] yeah, it really is cool!
  • person: remember to do this
  • me: oh yeah I should write it down...nah! I'll remember
  • person: did you do the thing?
  • me: FUCK!
  • person: the due date is tomorrow
  • me: nice, I've got 22 hours to do whatever I please!
  • person: can you fix this for me?
  • me: huh, I'm an ISTP [two hours of failure later] so it /is/ a stereotype