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Have you ever seen the silent film The Lost Word (1925)? It some ways it is the prototype for giant monster movies.

LOL, yes, I am aware of it. It’s the film that made Willis O’Brian’s career and formed the foundation for every dinosaur and monster movie to follow.

One of my new favorite things is finding images from the Jurassic Park franchise that show the dinosaurs being treated like actual actors. So here are a few of my faves, enjoy^^

Claire being directed by Steven Spielberg

Rexy apparently being calmed or coached by Stan Winston

The Spinosaurus getting a stern look from Mr. Winston. Looks like she’s complaining about the work schedule to me XD

Joe Johnston having a bit of a meeting with cast and crew^^

Touching up a Raptors makeup, lol.

Vincent D'Onofrio schmoozing with Delta between scenes XD

And one of my all time favorites, the hapless goat that Rexy gobbles up being given last minute acting tips XD

Let’s Not Forget...

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is kick-ass.

Dinosaur is great.

Brother Bear is fun.

The Emperor’s New Groove is hilarious.

Lilo & Stitch is amazing.

Meet the Robinsons is touching.

And Treasure Planet is awesome.

Disney made some pretty great films in the 2000s too.

  • Big Hero 6: treats emotional trauma seriously, rather than brushing it off
  • The Good Dinosaur: assures kids that having fears and anxiety is okay but you need to control it and not have it ruin your life
  • Inside Out: explains emotions well enough for children's therapy offices to use it as an example
  • Zootopia: addresses racism in a family-friendly and easy to understand way, so much so that even adults understand it better
  • Frozen: teaches young girls that they don't always need a prince to save them, sometimes they can rely on their family just as much
  • Society: but they're just kids movies :/