a dinner


Turkey Apple Curry Pot Pie

“This Turkey Apple Curry Pot Pie is not only easy, but a delicious all-in-one dinner. It’s chock full of wonderful Fall butternut squash, carrots and cauliflower, along with chunks of turkey and a lovely light note of sweet from the apples.”

A thing that happened during dinner today

Me: -trying to flip a bottle of water cuz dank memes-

My (younger) sister: Hey pass me that bottle.

Friend: The reason you can’t flip it and land it right is because it’s full.

Sister: Bitch, watch me.

Sister: -flips the bottle-

Friend: She won’t get it-

Sister: -the bottle lands perfectly, dabs-


Me: OOOOOOOOOOO -dabs with my sister- OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

i just finished jumins route nd honestly….i understand why its suggested to play his route first and then ~relax~ w jaehees route before starting sevens bc holy fuck