a dike


1. Josh (Chuckler) looks like a your neighborhood Boy Scout that knows everyone’s name.

2. Scott (Ack Ack) looks like Billy Ray Cyrus.

3. Peter (Shifty) has no hair, it dipped! (Also shoutout to real shifty ayeee)

4. I’m gonna assume that Colin (Jones) behind Ross looking like a giraffe.

5. Rick’s facial hair I’m choking

6. Neal (Compton) just has a fucking baby strapped to him.

7. Dike just chilling next to all of them

8. There are 3 pairs of sunglasses just chilling on shirts and I’m sure there are more just hiding like some easter eggs


Some photographs make you wanna wander the world P.s. Oi fwtografies den einai dikes mou alla enos filou mou pou leei oti den bgazei kales opote let’s prove him wrong


Mythology Posters Series: Astraea

The ancient greek virgin goddess of innocence and purity, Astraea was the last of immortals to live amongst humans during the Golden Age, but fled during the Irong Age due to humanity’s newfound wickdness, thus becoming the constellation Virgo. She’s a daugther of Astraeus and Eos and is associated with Dike, Goddess of Just Judgement. According to legend, Astraea will one day return to Earth, bringing with her the return of the golden age.

  • Dike: Christmas is cancelled.
  • Buck: You can’t cancel a holiday.
  • Dike: Keep it up, Lieutenant, and you’ll lose New Years.
  • Buck: And what does that mean?
  • Dike: Sergeant Lipton, take New Years away from Lieutenant Compton.
  • Lipton: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

Walking under Warm Sunlight at Philosopher’s Walk (哲学の道) in Kyoto (京都) Japan by TOTORORO.RORO

Days of the Week + The Theoi

So I don’t know about y'all, but I have historically had a hard time maintaining feast days and devotional holidays via monthly calendars. A lot of the time, I feel as if I’m doing a disservice to a particular god if I miss their celebrations, or if I don’t have the energy or motivation to manage a full ritual for a particular sacred day. More often than not, I will plan to do something for a deity on a particular date, and then– when that day arrives… work, unexpected plans, depression, or even just a lack of motivation interrupts and I feel as if I have let the Theoi, and myself, down.

But no longer! I have a much better track record of keeping to my habits if I simply set everything onto a weekly cycle. I have done this with devotional days, and the effect has been reinvigorating. So I’m here to pass on this knowledge to you, my fellow Hellenists.

A weekly schedule is helpful to me, because it breaks worship down into bitesized chunks, chunks that are flexible and cyclical, so that I can A) plan ahead easily (it’s much simpler to have the same agenda every week rather than having to look ahead on a lunar calendar to plan in conjunction with the rest of my hectic life), and B) stop beating myself up if I miss a day because, guess what? the next chance to participate in these devotions are only a week away!

I loosely base my schedule on the traditional Western associations for the days of the week (as determined by their planetary rulers), and they are flexible enough that anyone could adapt this setup to their specifications.

Hestia is honored daily

Sunday - (gods of light, prophecy, daytime, the arts) Apollon, Helios, Eos, Hemera, Aether, Leto, the Mousai

Monday - (gods of night, the moon) Artemis, Selene, Nix, Erebus, Hypnos, Morpheus, the Hespiredes

Tuesday - (gods of war and victory) Ares, Pallas, Eris, Enyo, Phobos, Deimos, Nike

Wednesday - (gods of work, knowledge, and skill) Hermes, Athene, Asklepios, Hephaestos, Tyche, Prometheus, Ouranos

Thursday - (gods of law, justice, and social order) Zeus, Hera, Hebe, Herakles, Rhea, Eileithya, Dike,

Friday - (gods of love, beauty, and pleasure) Aphrodite, Dionysos, Pan, the Kharites, Eros, Iris, Psyche

Saturday - (gods of the earth and the underworld) Haides, Persephone, Demeter, Kronos, Hekate, Thanatos, Poseidon

Note: these are arbitrary assignments that I used for my own setup. You could completely categorize your week based on entirely different parameters assigning different spheres of influences than I’ve used (for example, Poseidon was particularly difficult to place and I eventually settled on his epithet “Earth Shaker” in order to fit him into a group in my overly-chaotic mind; you might use a day just for ocean deities). You could use fill the week out using only Olympians, or only divine couples, or based on the classical elements, or alphabetically. This is not a strict calendar, don’t take it as such, I am only using my own as an example for the broader idea of creating a weekly calendar in the first place.