a digital cookie

“One visit to the Blurr’s cookie jar later…”
Drawn on a recent livestream, it’s ex-rid’s Starscream going all “WEHHHH” after a visit to Blurr’s cookie jar.

Blurr ate the last cookie, see?

For @ephdraws ! Thanks for requesting this emoji!

(Also, you may have noticed- this is part of a minimum 3-updates a week thing I am trying to do! Fingers crossed we keep to schedule! I draw enough stuff typically to post stuff - now to STICK to posting it :D)

New Weekly Series!

Join us with Oreo the Smol Panda as we take a light-hearted look at some serious topics, discuss and do our best to listen to the hearts of all those with something to say. 

It would mean the world if you can reblog this, I want to make this a regular thing or at least hear some thought on it… basically, I will take relevant asks, comments, or ongoing topics and have my fluffy little buddy talk about it objectively. 

Much more to come very soon, thank you all! 

“Yes I am ready to news please” ~Oreo the Smol Panda