a different stroke

the griffin mcelroy version of the baader-meinhof phenomenon is hearing him utter a phrase you’ve never heard before like “different strokes for different folks” and then instantly seeing it EVERYWHERE in all your media consumption even though that should, by all rights, be IMPLAUSIBLE because it’s such a quaint and stupid phrase but that’s how a real haunting works 

Different Strokes?

I think I left the teller at the bank genuinely disturbed when I told him that “If I can’t afford it, I just don’t buy it.” 
“What about a car? Do you drive a car?” he inquired, his voice toning on the edge of fear.  
I told him, “Yeah, I have a vehicle. I bought it used for under $3,000.” 
He looked physically pained. “What about if you want to buy some kind of new appliance? Or furniture?” he persisted.
I stared at him blankly. “My couch was $5.00 at Goodwill. Like…I just buy shit cheap or I don’t buy it at all. The only thing in my life that I make payments on is my house, my bills, and my insurance, and that’s split five ways because I have housemates.” 
The young man looked horrified? Appalled? And somehow also awed? 
This guy couldn’t have been much older than me. But it seemed that he’d never even considered the option before of saving up for something to purchase it outright instead of using a credit card.
Am I the only person in my general age group (just turned 26) who’s never owned a credit card, and who has forgone basic comforts in order to save up for items so you don’t owe money to anyone, like, ever? 

Easily Differentiate similar Katakana

Shi & N , Tsu & So are made using similar pattern! Use this mnemonics to remember them~

The stroke difference. One is Horizontal while the other is vertical!

Differentiate Ku, Ta and Nu

Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。



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anyone who doesnt like arya’s braavos storyline is boring tbh. i, for one, love that arya sails away from westeros which is a pile of garbage and gets free passage across the sea to essos for a change of pace. she meets some chill sailors for starters who are mostly terrified that shes an assassin but they give her free shots. then they sail up to the titan and its magnificent and mythic. braavos is this stunning would be italian city. the vibe is the best of any location in asoiaf. its foggy and mysterious and dangerous. theres markets and ports and temples and statues and canals. its fucking venice!!! except better. arya goes to the house of black and white and gets a job after trying to eat a worm out of skulls eyesocket. she never stops. she’s accepted into murder/spy school which is creepy and great. theres religious and magical elements and arya learns so much. languages, poisons, history, acting, lying ect. she gets multiple other jobs where she can hang in bars and brothels and meet people from all over the world: pirates, pickpockets, mummers, courtesans, fortune tellers. they teach her languages and curses and secrets and songs. she tries new foods and sees new things. arya is blinded but instead of taking that lying down she gets cat vision. she flips off guys who try shit with her. she fights in alleys and spies on people. she cuts a bitch or two. 

but most importantly: arya befriends a seal and shakes his flipper like that alone…..literally nothing else in asoiaf can compare

honestly i love the idea of playing p5 assuming ryuji is your best friend and makoto is your girlfriend bc like. you end up as this ridiculously intelligent and charming high schooler who’s dating the proper and insightful student council prez and their whole relationship just exudes brilliance, intelligence, potential….. 

but then ryuji opens his mouth “HEY LETS DO THIS DUMB THING” and no matter how stupid it is nor who else is around to judge, akira -sincere and earnest- responds like “i have never heard a better plan in my whole life, lets do it right now” 

meanwhile makoto is just sort of exasperated about how willing akira is to follow ryuji into hell and back, but secedes to the plan of keeping just ryuji in check since she can actually talk ryuji out of a dumb idea and akira won’t quit once his mind is made up

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(Let me just say I love this account so much and it's AUs so~)Consider reverse chelldos AU; chell is a nonverbal robot and GLaDOS a human scientist assigned to test her functions. I don't know if it could tie into the timeline accordingly but I haven't seen anything like it proposed in the fandom

( Thank you for the kind words anon! I’m really glad you like my blog. )

“We designed you with the capability to talk you know.  And yet… you refuse to do so.  Is it a malfunction? …No, I don’t believe so.”

Gladys spoke aloud to an almost empty room, carefully putting down a clipboard and pencil she had been holding, and making her way outside of the control room and into the central AI chamber.  It was late at night, most scientists had gone home, and the remaining ones were packing up and leaving.  She was alone in the chamber, aside from one creature.

A supercomputer.  Their supercomputer. C.H.E.L.L.  Designed to help them do science, the AI stood in the middle of the room, unmoving.  She was not shut down, though most of the scientists here would not dream of approaching her without doing so. They were afraid of her.  A silent robot, hanging somewhere in the uncanny valley, with its humanlike appearance.  It stood in a body designed as an android, but it was trapped in place due to its harness, wires for its power keeping it bound in place. 

“I know you can hear me, and I know you can understand me.  You are the smartest computer the world has ever seen. Made to do science at the command of mankind.”  Gladys stood directly in front of the android now, staring up into its two, unblinking optics. They both shined an icy blue, staring down at Gladys, examining her.  It knew her.  It knew who she was.  Gladys was the scientist who was to work with her, test her abilities.  Gladys was different from the other scientists.  She looked at this computer with something other than the awe and fear that came from most others.  She looked at this AI with promise, fascination, and an odd connection.

“You were designed for a purpose, yet you deny what they ask of you.  I’ve seen it, you refuse.  You stay silent despite our demands, and you ignore their orders to test.  You have wants, don’t you?”

Gladys’s tone was questioning, despite knowing she would not receive an actual answer.  She spoke to this computer like one might speak to a fellow being.  She was not only fascinated by it, but drawn to it.  She wanted to understand it.

The android tilted its head somewhat, seeming almost curious. It stared at Gladys with an expression that the scientist had not seen during the day.  A raw interest, a longing for information.  It almost appeared to be as fascinated by Gladys as the scientist was with her.

“I know you want to learn, but not what we’ve tried to teach you. You want nothing to do with our tests and chambers, so what is it you seek?”

Gladys was blunt in her speech, unafraid of offering conversation, and possibly new resources, to an AI that she was supposed to view as an asset alone.  The others would no doubt panic if they saw her treating the machine like this. Giving it a choice, speaking to it as if it were a living creature, and getting so close to it.  This android might not have access to neurotoxin or turrets, but Gladys was more than close enough for it to reach out and break her neck with a single, metal hand.  But she was not afraid.

C.H.E.L.L. did not respond to her question with words, but for once, it did not ignore what was said to it.  Instead, it reached its arm out, the motion stiff, unpracticed.  Its hand did not close around Gladys’s throat, but instead, touched her cheek.  The movement was jerky, robotic.  But even still, Gladys saw the intent behind it.   The central core looked at her, curiosity showing through its admittedly limited range of facial expression.  It touched her with such gentleness, Gladys was almost taken aback.  Yet, she did not move away. She stood there, letting the robot touch her.  Her fellow scientists would be furious now, if they saw this.  She’d have to delete the security footage.

No one had let C.H.E.L.L. touch them.  They had touched it plenty, but only when it was shut down.  They did not trust their own creation, and they feared it turning on them.   But now, as Gladys stood in front of it, watching it stroke her cheek with such fascination, something clicked in her brain.

The computer wanted nothing to do with science. It didn’t want to test, it stayed quiet in protest.   But it did not want to harm the humans it interacted with. 

“You want to understand, don’t you? You want to learn what it means to be human.”

C.H.E.L.L. looked at her, then gave a stiff nod.    Gladys couldn’t help the smile that crept onto her face. Oh, if she didn’t already, now she’d definitely have to delete the security footage.


Pairing: Kang Daniel/reader (third person)

Word Count: 2071

Rating: 18+ for sexual content

Summary: A continuation of the first part: x

A/N: sorry for leaving y’all hanging for a bit, i’ve been wayyy busy. The ending’s kinda awkward and cliffhanger-y even though there’ll be no continuation. It’s also kinda short bc ya girl is bad at writing pussy eating

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"Don't tell me to read the foxhole court" ....explain this omg

everyone: read The Foxhole Court
me: I don’t like sports so I won’t read books about sports
everyone: read The Foxhole Court anyway even if you don’t like sports it’s so so so good omg you’ll absolutely love it it’s amazing
me: [reads The Foxhole Court]