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I'm a big oblivious person so where can I buy your original books? and what are they about?

My books are all available at ejadelomax.com. You can buy print copies, but the ebooks are free to download. 

Go read them! I love them and I will love you for reading them. (Everyone who has read them, I love you, just fyi.) I’ve got two completed series up at the moment–

The Alliance books follow the coming of age of a bunch of young adults on different sides of a brimming civil war. It’s a little rougher than a lot of my current stuff, but I’m deeply fond of the characters that live in the world and the way they interact, love, and grow. Especially as a full piece, I’m proud of what baby!inky did with it. 

Liar and Traitor are the two main novels of the series– Sneak is a sort of optional prequel you can read before or after the others, but it takes a bit longer to really get going. 

My other series, Leagues and Legends, takes place in a world of mythical monsters and vigilante heroes. The story follows Jack Farris, a beanpole of a young man who’s trying to learn how to save people, and his friends– Laney Jones, a mage, inventor, and angry perfectionist; Rupert Willington Jons Hammersfeld VII, the steady, paperwork-obsessed spawn of a traditional old heroic family; and Sanders Grey, a tiny, clever, caustic bookworm child. They have adventures, they lie a lot, and Rupert makes sure everyone eats and sleeps and hydrates. 

I’m actually kinda worried about malec because they are together against all odds like the fact that they are both guys, one’s a warlock and one’s a shadowhunters, one’s a newbie and one’s experienced
this is a new difference, they might be on opposite sides of a war and they are the heads of two important groups and because of their jobs it just might not
I’m just blabbing

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Hi! I was wondering if you could do a post about the parallels between the fire nation royal family and the SWT chief's family. Obviously I have some thoughts but I couldn't really formulate them well. I think it would be interesting to consider the similarities between the two families but also the contrasts

I understand completely why it’s difficult to articulate, because while all four family members have counterparts in the opposite nation, there are as many contrasts as there are comparisons, and subversions of what we might think is a parallel, but isn’t.

Ozai and Hakoda. Ozai rules over his family with an iron fist. He demands respect and longs for total control over everything and everyone in sight. His lust for power consumes him and leaves his family twisted and shattered.

Hakoda is the diametric opposite. Although Water Tribe culture could have led Hakoda to assert authority over his family as the head of his house, he didn’t; instead, he listens to and is proud of Sokka’s ideas, and lets Katara yell at him (quite disrespectfully, I might add) in order to release her pent-up emotions. While Ozai rules through fear, Hakoda commands his warriors through respect. Where Ozai is manipulative, Hakoda is cunning with inventions. And while his family quite easily could have been shattered by Kya’s death, Hakoda’s love for his children and their love for each other kept them united.

Ursa and Kya. These two are the most similar, and occupy virtually the same place in the story and their respective families. They are strong and determined mothers who sacrifice themselves to save their children from harm. After they’re gone, the children who look up to them the most have a difficult time dealing with their loss, and their families suffer greatly. It is important to note that this applies to the A:TLA TV show only, and not the comics. You can’t make the claim that Ursa “sacrificed” for Zuko if she spent all the intervening years in deliberate obliviousness to the suffering around her, living the life she’s always wanted to with the man of her dreams!

 Pardon me while I take a moment to let off some steam.


Azula and Sokka.

“But wait a minute, Araeph! Zuko is the older brother, so shouldn’t Zuko and Sokka be paralleled?”

Zuko and Sokka do have similar experiences throughout the show; however, they are not true parallels. Azula is the coldly logical (and yet creatively crafty) one of her family. Sokka is the strategist of the GAang, and the one who can see clearly past Azula’s strategic manipulation (if not her emotional one).  Sokka and Azula are also the ones with the most responsibility thrust on their shoulders, as Sokka feels pressure to be the “man of the house”, especially with his father away at war. Meanwhile, Azula faces so much stress for being the only child Ozai considers competent and the heir apparent to the Fire Nation that she develops an insidious strain of perfectionism that eventually tilts her world upside down. However, while Azula’s response to her father’s abuse is to regiment her firebending so that not even a hair gets out of place, Sokka absorbs his father’s ideas and praise like a sponge and gets the chance to stretch his creativity on pursuits other than warfare. As the privileged firstborn son, Sokka could have refused to listen to Katara and Suki or used his position in the tribe to try to gain more power, but he didn’t. He made a conscious choice to become a better person throughout the series, while Azula, despite her exceptional skills, never grew in such a way.

Zuko and Katara. Katara is the person who wields her emotions like a weapon, determined not to let anything stand in her way. Zuko is the same: he goes where his emotions tell him to, regardless of whether it’s the wisest course or whether it affects his personal safety. Both of them are very practical when the need arises but can be blown off course by an event that evokes their childhood trauma or their current state of cultural oppression (Katara) or abuse (Zuko). They are capable of enormous acts of kindness, but they also take their anger out on safe targets—not people with less power, but people who will see them at their worst and accept it (Sokka, Hakoda, Iroh, each other). Katara is the mighty bender of the SWT family, but her fighting style mirrors Zuko’s much more than it does Azula’s. Zuko’s bending is characterized by drive and determination, and one look at Katara trying to freeze the firebenders in Episode 2 alongside Zuko’s duel with Zhao in Episode 3 shows just how similar these two are. But since both of them began their journeys on opposite sides of the war, their challenges are different: Katara has to fight for the rights that she deserves, while Zuko needs to learn that he doesn’t have the right to be spoiled and have everyone bow to him just because of his lineage. Still, they’re alike in one more important way: they successfully learn to see the “enemy” as an ally, even a friend, and despite their childhood experiences or conditioning, they are both willing to embrace an element of change.


I will forever stand by Draco.

He was a boy.

Who had to act like a man and make decisions which would impact upon everyone around him and threaten his life and the life of his friends and family.

He didn’t really hate Harry.

He saved his life.

He was a bully, I know he was but he wasn’t a bad person.

He made bad choices because he didn’t have many and the ones he did have were influenced by fear.

He came from a family of riches but they lacked the love and connection other families had.

In a way, he’s kind of like Harry.

Just battling the war on a different side.

And never forget, once all that was over, he aimed to be the best father in the world.

Despite what he has done and where he came from, he is an amazing character and I love him so much.

i feel like les amis represent different sides of war and i literally don’t see anyone talking about this so i’m gonna do it myself.

ENJOLRAS — life and passion in war; the bubble of new revolution

COMBEFERRE — the strategical and philosophical side of war

MARIUS — the romanticized side of war, like the kind you see in old movies about husbands and wives who get separated by the ocean and write letters to each other and thanks to the power of true love they get reunited

BAHOREL — the pure, bloody, fighting side of war. the battle in itself

COURFEYRAC — the loyalty and bonds between soldiers

FEUILLY — the optimism from many people, both on and off field

JEHAN — the post-war stories and memories from veterans

JOLY — the nurses, doctors, etc, who help soldiers behind the scenes and barely get the credit they deserve

BOSSUET — the unlucky soldiers who lost their lives, yet also optimism like feuilly

GRANTAIRE — death; lack of optimism, and the kind of war that’s not with guns and knives- a war against oneself

feel free to correct me or add any more bc i literally know nothing about war but i really want people to talk about this because symbolism is really cool tbh

Honestly, seeing the Force in new canon constantly framed in Christian terminology and concepts is quite frankly discomforting as hell.

I understand why it happens. 

For one thing we have had nearly 40 years worth of a universe where the divine in it - the Force - was created by a Christian and therefore was distinctly Christian in nature - along with the dualistic idea of there being a Dark Side and a Light Side that are distinct from one another and that evil can seduce and mislead you.

For another we have had a good two millennia of Christian suppressionist propaganda about Judaism. Nearly 2000 years - give or take a couple of decades - of misrepresentation of our beliefs

Because you see, what you are witnessing happening with the portrayal of the Force isn’t a democratization, nor is it a reformation.

What you see is the divine influenced by Judaism. (On that note I would be very grateful if people stopped calling what is happening a reformation at all, or at least if they must use that word wrote it with a lower case r. Reformation with an upper case R is a distinct Christian things.)

Judaism isn’t dualisitc in the way Christianity is. There isn’t a war between good and evil (Light Side and Dark in Star Wars terminology).

Another distinct difference between Judaic belief and Christian, is that G-d isn’t distant, He isn’t hard to reach. He, is right here, right now and anyone can reach out and “touch” Him.

Yes that does sound Star Warsy, doesn’t it? So is it any wonder that JJ and Lawrence did what to them as Jews were so stumblingly near? That they applied Jewish concepts and thoughts of G-d to the Force. An entity that George had always intended as a short hand for the divine, it was just that JJ and Lawrence just finally took the consequence of it. And of course, they applied their own ideas about the divine on it, rather than Christian ones.

And that is what you are all witnessing. Yet another reason why I keep saying that the ST is a distinctly Jewish story and not a Christian one.

regulus black sat on the edge of a putrid lake that spouted bodies like a volcano spouts ash from its cone. he has been sitting there for fifteen minutes filling the loneliness with memories of a lifetime that has become too whitewashed to recall, only the other death eaters stand out like splashes of colour in green and red and black, all too angry at the world.

(he is going to die soon).

that was what they had been: angry, misguided children that had grown to commit acts of unforgivable nature. falling, one by one — drawn in by a gravitational pull exacerbated by the increasing number of friends who joined. the yes was easy; what came after was hard. and before anyone understood they were at war.

it became a conflict of attrition, expanding with voldemort’s power until they came so close to touching the light, and regulus’ discovery was an accident of curiosity. evan touching his knee ever so lightly before crawling off to bed and leaving regulus with his books; had evan insisted regulus would’ve gone with him: weary, defeated, suspicions festering.

the younger death eaters are a close band of unruly children brought to heel under voldemort’s spells; they are his foot soldiers, removing obstacles and dying with his black mark on their skin.

regulus, evan, wilkes, rabastan had compared their marks right away: their skin tingling with ink and magic and a sense of belonging. firewhiskey bottles, dares, duels — regulus remembers the elation then, laughing as evan kissed him against a lamppost, moths fluttering overhead. it had been a warm summer; wilkes catcalling, rabastan rolling his eyes, for regulus there had been nothing but his heart repeating a name, a promise.

and then the realisation came too late: they had always been fighting on the wrong side. they had been on the wrong side for so long they had grown into monsters. the understanding came to regulus at the crack of dawn following a long night of insomnia after discovering voldemort’s secret, evan’s breath slow and even next to him.

regulus black was cunning, he would find a way. because regulus and sirius black loved their friends from different sides of the war. and regulus never wanted his friends, his family to die.

this all had to end; the fall had to begin here, from within.

— untitled  || Eliot C. || inspired by(x)

Why I ship dramione and why it is not an abusive relationship

Let me be blunt. Dramione is always on the receiving end of unnecessary bashing for reasons that are mostly bullshit and I’m getting tired of it. I understand that at first they may seem to be an odd pairing but it’s actually a good ship once you give it a chance. Let me lay out some facts:
- Hermione and Draco are actually compatible. They are both smart, powerful, brilliant, and loyal to what they believe in and to the people they love. They are more alike on that aspect than they are different. Yes, they are both born at the opposite sides of war, and they were schoolyard enemies, but that is just a factor to them being a “star crossed romance”. People like the idea of a “forbidden love”, ie. Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, etc. It has been going on for centuries and it is still going on until now, so wake up.
- Well written, impressive fanfics. Like, ridiculously underrated fanfics that mostly feature the redemption arc of draco malfoy and his chance to prove himself to be a good man. Girls dig that kind of stories.
- To the argument that dramione is an “abusive relationship” on grounds that “he victimized her, called her racist slurs, and bullied her” that’s bullshit. And as opposed to what, drarry? Fun facts: draco and harry hated each other. A lot. Draco bullied Harry throughout their entire course in hogwarts. Draco also pointed out his half blood status, so that counts as a racist slur, surely. Furthermore, they legit tried to kill each other. Draco threw a cruciatus curse to harry, and harry almost killed draco with a sectumsempra. On that accounts, does that also mean that Drarry is an abusive relationship? Draco may have been a bully to Hermione too, but he never tried to crucio her. If youre a drarry shipper and shit on dramione using that argument, then your logic is flawed, try again.
- Dramione shippers don’t romanticize abusive relationship, because we don’t believe that dramione is abusive. For the ship to be abusive would be ooc. That would imply that Hermione is a pushover. First of all, Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age and ridiculously brilliant. Shes SMART, and POWERFUL. Shes more than capable to stand up for herself and logical enough to not be victimized by her partner. And secondly, y’all portray draco as this misunderstood angel but once he’s paired with Hermione he’s suddenly a monster?? ? make up your minds! Draco used to bully her and hated her, yes, but that’s because that’s what his family taught him since he was a kid. In dramione, draco changes his opinions and defies his family to be with her. His character develops from a spiteful racist to a defector, and in most fanfics, he is a turncoat, a good guy.
- At the end of the day, a ship is just a ship. What’s more important is that we respect each other’s opinions and preferences. To hate on dramione to join the bandwagon just because it’s what “lit” people do is immature and petty. Get over your prejudiced asses. Let’s all be mature about this and just let people love what they love, and exist harmoniously as potterheads.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: why don't the black sisters get the same amount of love in the harry potter fandom as the marauders??? the marauders might be ~more fun~ but the black sisters are definitely more interesting and j.k. rowling leaves so much more room for interpretation with them. they all went on to have such different lives -- andromeda ends up on the other side of a war -- but they did grow up together, so what were their relationships like? were bellatrix and narcissa always closer? was andromeda always the odd on out? did narcissa, being the youngest, feel torn between her older two? what happened when andromeda fell in love with ted tonks? was it a secret at first? did andromeda tell either of her sisters about it? did either narcissa or bellatrix miss their sister after she was disowned, did they regret having to cut her off? how did sirius and regulus, their cousins, play into all of this? sirius once said that andromeda was his favorite cousin. were they close? did she tell him about ted? how did andromeda and ted get involved in the order of the phoenix? was it because of sirius? also, fuck that ~more fun~ thing. the black sisters were all slytherin, they were all cunning, who says they weren't just as mischievous and witty as the marauders? did they stay up late at night just to gossip and practice contraband spells? did they hex the boys who broke each others' hearts? WHY DOES THIS FANDOM CHOOSE TO IGNORE THE NARRATIVE GOLD MINE THAT IS THE BLACK SISTERS
Chapter 91 Thoughts.


The moment I clicked the new chapter was the moment I had the very same thoughts. I even double checked the titles. Then the penny dropped to my mind.

So Isayama decided to make another time-skip and also a change of character views as well.

It has been almost 80 years after this:

Almost 40 years after this:

Almost 30 years after this:

Almost 20 years after this:

9 years after this:

4 years after this and other events from the first chapter of manga:

And 3 years after this:

And we are at the year 854 now.


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Please don’t delete my comment :)

I am so happy to say that I finally finished my most recent drawing, “Destruction of Troy.” It took me around 1350 hours to complete over the course of around three years. This is by far the greatest achievement of my life so far.

The drawing itself is drawn freehand with a mechanical pencil. It is 10 feet long by 3 feet tall.

It is a depiction of my interpretation of the walls and gates of Troy as they are being destroyed by the Trojan War. The monster to the right of “Destruction of Troy” represents the “Horse” and it is destroying the city. The locks on the gates each represent a different Greek god on the Greek side of the Trojan war, symbolizing that the gates betrayed the city by letting the horse in. I have architectural entities floating in the sky as well, each one representing a Greek god on the Trojan side of the war as though they are lamenting the city. I have the whole thing crumble down into the ruins found today at the hypothetical site of the Trojan War. I also hid various messages in the drawing coded in a language that I created that combines my favorite mathematical sequence (the Fibonacci sequence) with sheet music.


[…]  But in fact the heavens had been perturbed, tugged by dark matter into novel alignments. In his mouth, Sidious tasted the tang of blood; in his chest, he felt the monster rising, emerging from shadowy depths and contorting his aspect into something fearsome just short of revealing itself to the world. The dark side had made him its property, and now he made the dark side his.

This is Where I Lose You~One-shot (Draco Malfoy)

A/N: Draco Malfoy is one of my fucking favourite characters of all time and I’m trying to figure out why I haven’t written for him before ‘cause seriously I love him so much 

Request: @tayrae515:  Hi love, Could you do one where you and Draco had a thing but you sided with Harry and when he gets picked up and taken to the Malfoy mansion like in deathly hollows part one it’s you who gets mudblood written in your skin instead of Hermonie and Draco puts a stop to it and saves all of you because he loves you? Bad description lol but I hope you get my idea! :) thank you! ♥️♥️

Pairing: Draco x reader

Word Count: 2934

Warnings: TORTURE SCENE, BLOOD, Bellatrix being the awful human being she is, STABBING, CUTTING, SCREAMING, MORE BLOOD, sadness, swearing


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Once upon a time, I had been the girlfriend of a one Draco Malfoy. We had been happy. Really happy. Of course, deep down I knew that it wouldn’t last. We were teenagers in the middle of world approaching a war and we were clearly on different sides. We never acknowledged it, but we both knew it. I wasn’t oblivious to Draco’s family history. He was related to people that were known death eaters and his father probably was one. He knew I didn’t share his opinions on muggle born witches and wizards, he knew I was close friends with Harry Potter and a number of other Gryffindors that he didn’t approve of, but we ignored all of it. A voice in the back of my mind told me that the heartbreak would only be worse the longer we stayed together.

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Since I keep seeing those posts about Kylo Ren/Reylo being abusive and it keeps bothering me (despite the fact that I don’t even ship it!), I feel like this needs to be repeated:

Kylo Ren is not Rey’s abuser, and I am absolutely sick of their battle scenes being reinterpreted as “abuse”. Let me reiterate that point: As a survivor of abuse, I am completely sick of things which are not abuse being shoehorned into that term. Two enemies on different sides of a war fighting does not translate into abuse because one of them is a guy and the other is a girl. To suggest that is absolutely disgusting.

“There are other universes out there,” he says later, pressed together under the bedsheets, warm and close and whole, just the steady beat of his heart drumming against his ribcage. „Universes like a fairytale, Universes with magic and eternal life, Universes where I’ve killed, Universes where you’ve killed, Universes where we’re on different sides of a war but in every single one of them you’re lying in my arms.“
She thinks about this, shifts even closer to him, hands drawing imaginary patterns on his chest. ”I’d rather have this one,” she finally says.
There’s silence in the room and his voice is calm when he speaks again.
“I want them all.”
—  r.m | Excerpts #25
The Astronomy Tower

The Astronomy Tower was a place where Harry didn’t really like to go; even though it had been rebuilt after the war, it still held the memories of 6th year. Somehow, he didn’t think that the boy that was walking up the stairs in front of him liked it more than himself. At the top of the Tower, Malfoy sat on the floor and looked at the night sky, with tense shoulders and wary posture.

“I know you’re there, Potter” Malfoy startled Harry.

“How did you know?” Harry walked closer to him and sat beside him.

“I got used to you following me around on 6th year. I can still tell when you do it.”

“Good to know.”

There was a moment of silence when both boys looked at the dark sky. Malfoy sighed and Harry looked at him with interest, trying to understand what the boy’s facial expression meant and what he was thinking about.

“It’s hard to be here” Malfoy didn’t look at Harry while he spoke. 

“I was a little surprised to see you coming here” Harry admitted.

“Why did you follow me, Potter?”

“I don’t know” he shook his head. “Instinct, maybe.”

Malfoy didn’t say anything for a while and, seeing that thoughtful expression on his face, Harry decided to keep silent, too.

“It’s like I can still see him falling” Draco said suddenly with an emotional voice.

“It wasn’t’ you.”

“I know it wasn’t me directly, but that doesn’t stop the guilt and the nightmares.”

Harry had never thought of the war from Malfoy’s point of view, but now, in the astronomy tower with the boy sitting next to him, he finally thought about it and understood how horrible it must have been live in the same house with Death Eaters and Voldemort, to have the pressure of having to kill someone or else be killed.

“I have never thought about it from your perspective.”

“No one does.”

“I think we’re not that different.”

“What do you mean, Potter?”

“Even if we were on different sides of the war, we were on those sides because we knew since we were born that we had a place for us there, not by choice.”

“I guess I never thought about it like that” Draco whispered.

There was a minute of silence, Harry stared at the boy that was also a victim of the war, the boy he thought to be an enemy when he was younger, the boy that was as broken as himself.

“I don’t think you deserved what happened to you” Harry told him.

“No one deserved it, Harry, we were all victims of something so much bigger than us.”

“I think we should leave our past behind and start something new. Be friends.”

“I haven’t thought of you as an enemy since we were fifteen, Harry.”

“Good to know.”

Draco looked at him and smiled, his face shadowed by the night and Harry felt warm and smiled back. Then, Draco got closer to Harry and put his head on the other boy’s shoulder.

“I think we should be friends, too” he whispered and smiled when Harry put one arm around him.