a different side of war

i feel like les amis represent different sides of war and i literally don’t see anyone talking about this so i’m gonna do it myself.

ENJOLRAS — life and passion in war; the bubble of new revolution

COMBEFERRE — the strategical and philosophical side of war

MARIUS — the romanticized side of war, like the kind you see in old movies about husbands and wives who get separated by the ocean and write letters to each other and thanks to the power of true love they get reunited

BAHOREL — the pure, bloody, fighting side of war. the battle in itself

COURFEYRAC — the loyalty and bonds between soldiers

FEUILLY — the optimism from many people, both on and off field

JEHAN — the post-war stories and memories from veterans

JOLY — the nurses, doctors, etc, who help soldiers behind the scenes and barely get the credit they deserve

BOSSUET — the unlucky soldiers who lost their lives, yet also optimism like feuilly

GRANTAIRE — death; lack of optimism, and the kind of war that’s not with guns and knives- a war against oneself

feel free to correct me or add any more bc i literally know nothing about war but i really want people to talk about this because symbolism is really cool tbh

Why I ship dramione and why it is not an abusive relationship

Let me be blunt. Dramione is always on the receiving end of unnecessary bashing for reasons that are mostly bullshit and I’m getting tired of it. I understand that at first they may seem to be an odd pairing but it’s actually a good ship once you give it a chance. Let me lay out some facts:
- Hermione and Draco are actually compatible. They are both smart, powerful, brilliant, and loyal to what they believe in and to the people they love. They are more alike on that aspect than they are different. Yes, they are both born at the opposite sides of war, and they were schoolyard enemies, but that is just a factor to them being a “star crossed romance”. People like the idea of a “forbidden love”, ie. Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, etc. It has been going on for centuries and it is still going on until now, so wake up.
- Well written, impressive fanfics. Like, ridiculously underrated fanfics that mostly feature the redemption arc of draco malfoy and his chance to prove himself to be a good man. Girls dig that kind of stories.
- To the argument that dramione is an “abusive relationship” on grounds that “he victimized her, called her racist slurs, and bullied her” that’s bullshit. And as opposed to what, drarry? Fun facts: draco and harry hated each other. A lot. Draco bullied Harry throughout their entire course in hogwarts. Draco also pointed out his half blood status, so that counts as a racist slur, surely. Furthermore, they legit tried to kill each other. Draco threw a cruciatus curse to harry, and harry almost killed draco with a sectumsempra. On that accounts, does that also mean that Drarry is an abusive relationship? Draco may have been a bully to Hermione too, but he never tried to crucio her. If youre a drarry shipper and shit on dramione using that argument, then your logic is flawed, try again.
- Dramione shippers don’t romanticize abusive relationship, because we don’t believe that dramione is abusive. For the ship to be abusive would be ooc. That would imply that Hermione is a pushover. First of all, Hermione Granger is the brightest witch of her age and ridiculously brilliant. Shes SMART, and POWERFUL. Shes more than capable to stand up for herself and logical enough to not be victimized by her partner. And secondly, y’all portray draco as this misunderstood angel but once he’s paired with Hermione he’s suddenly a monster?? ? make up your minds! Draco used to bully her and hated her, yes, but that’s because that’s what his family taught him since he was a kid. In dramione, draco changes his opinions and defies his family to be with her. His character develops from a spiteful racist to a defector, and in most fanfics, he is a turncoat, a good guy.
- At the end of the day, a ship is just a ship. What’s more important is that we respect each other’s opinions and preferences. To hate on dramione to join the bandwagon just because it’s what “lit” people do is immature and petty. Get over your prejudiced asses. Let’s all be mature about this and just let people love what they love, and exist harmoniously as potterheads.

Since I keep seeing those posts about Kylo Ren/Reylo being abusive and it keeps bothering me (despite the fact that I don’t even ship it!), I feel like this needs to be repeated:

Kylo Ren is not Rey’s abuser, and I am absolutely sick of their battle scenes being reinterpreted as “abuse”. Let me reiterate that point: As a survivor of abuse, I am completely sick of things which are not abuse being shoehorned into that term. Two enemies on different sides of a war fighting does not translate into abuse because one of them is a guy and the other is a girl. To suggest that is absolutely disgusting.

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Hi!! Ask finally open :DD How about GoM reacting to their s/o being executed in front of them bc they are in different sides of a war (if it's too much let me know and sorry xD) I love this blog!!

Kuroko: Neither of you had wanted this war from the beginning, so to hear that you were a casualty of it made him no longer believe in the happy endings the two of you had been fantasizing about. He becomes more active in the war, lending advice where he can, leading from the shadows, and making sure it would come to a stop once and for all.

Kise: This situation almost makes him want to give up entirely. Kise doesn’t believe he can continue on in this war without you and, even if he could, what would he do once it was over? He goes on a rampage of revenge, destroying all enemies in his path and not really caring if he got injured in return. If he become another casualty, then so be it.

Aomine: There were more tears than he had expected when he heard you’d been killed. He had expected to feel unbridled rage, but the first thing that settled in was a numbing depression at the thought of never being able to see you again. It actually grounds Aomine quite a bit and he uses this time to make a good plan before his anger could overcome him.

Midorima: His own men had been the ones to do it, brutally murdering you in front of his very eyes. He felt numb, unsure if he should cry out and be labeled as a traitor or plot his own revenge in silence. Though his mind had been confused over which decision to make, his body immediately chose the former. Lashing out, it wasn’t long before Midorima was captured himself.

Murasakibara: The rage that was in him after watching you die was more than he’d ever felt through this damned war. Murasakibara had lost someone he’d never expected to lose and it was doing horrible things to his decision making. Suddenly anyone and everyone was an enemy, somebody against him who’d ripped you from his arms.

Akashi: Looking at him, nobody would have expected that beneath his calm outside demeanor there was a raging fire battling its way out of him. Akashi needed vengeance more than anything else. He needed to make sure your death was not in vain and that this war would end the way you’d wanted it to. The first step would be destroying those who had destroyed you.

Sooooo… This is open discussion. In the episode “Into The Wand” we see “grandma” room. There is tapestry of Eclipsa who is the grandmother to Star (I think so, bc she call Celend grand-grand-grandmother).

When we see Star’s mother - Moon. Therefore Moon is daughter of Eclipsa. How do you think, what relationship had these two being on the different side of war?

And the third important things. Why Toffee has symbols of diamonds (Moon) and spades (Eclipsa) on his shoulders?

The thing about Briller is the amount of positive rep . They are a gay male couple. They are an interracial couple. They stayed together when one was sent to prison. They stayed faithful through a (very) long distance relationship and also when their partner was MIA in time of war. They stayed together whilst on different side of civil war. Give them their happy ever after they earned it.

I’m going to a Hatfield and McCoy tour in Kentucky in a couple of days. I’m not saying that this will result in Timeless fic, but it will totally result in Timeless fic.

“There are other universes out there,” he says later, pressed together under the bedsheets, warm and close and whole, just the steady beat of his heart drumming against his ribcage. „Universes like a fairytale, Universes with magic and eternal life, Universes where I’ve killed, Universes where you’ve killed, Universes where we’re on different sides of a war but in every single one of them you’re lying in my arms.“
She thinks about this, shifts even closer to him, hands drawing imaginary patterns on his chest. ”I’d rather have this one,” she finally says.
There’s silence in the room and his voice is calm when he speaks again.
“I want them all.”
—  r.m | Excerpts #25

“Force Fiction” comics made me appreciate Mace Windu a bit more for two reasons: 1) he argued with Yoda about giving young Skywalker a chance and 2) I prefer his view of what Balance of Force could means - it’s not about destruction of one side in favor of another but to make it better, to add something sweet / good to the bitter “darkness”.


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Peter Parker x Reader


Prompt: Could you do a Peter Parker x Reader where you’re on different sides in Civil War, and you keep sneaking around so you can be together.

Note: This is hella cute. I love my baby. So, this is kind of reminiscent of a certain scene from Winter Soldier. I think you’ll like it.

Warnings: Potential CIVIL WAR SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, a lil bit of swearing.

Being a teenager in love is a troublesome task no matter the situation. However, being a teenage superhero dating another teenage superhero tends to complicates things a bit more. Add the fact that one of you is wanted by half of the Avengers for pretty much going against the government and the law, and you have a hot mess. And as if things couldn’t get any worse for you, one of America’s most wanted criminals, you were dating someone from the other team.

You got the text from Peter as soon as he got to the mall. Your time together was short and sweet, and you had to make it count. So there you were, hiding behind a pillar in the mall wearing a hoodie and shades, staring at your phone like almost everyone else who was present.

You here? the text read. You sent a reply as fast as your fingers could type it.

Behind the pillar.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and jumped, surprised and scared, but it was only Peter. You hugged him tight, holding him close. He pulled you to his chest. You hadn’t seen eachother in weeks. Steve didn’t know you were out and you didn’t have much time before he would notice. Tony, on the other hand, didn’t even know that you and Peter were seeing eachother, let alone out on a semi-date at the moment.

“I missed you so much,” Peter whispered, afraid that if he let go, he might never see you again.

“I missed you too,” You replied.

“So what’s the plan?” Peter asked.

“Um, I don’t know. What if we-” You looked at your phone, reading an incoming message. “Shit.”


“Wanda’s here. And she’s with Steve and Sam.”

“Shit.” Peter agreed. His phone buzzed. “Uh-oh.”


“Mr. Stark is here too.”

“God, could this day get any worse?” You asked, staring at the ceiling. “But hey, at least I got to see you for a few seconds.”

“Maybe not.” Peter said, wearing his thinking face. “Follow me.” He took your hand and led you through the mall, headed towards the theater. You stood in line with him, waiting to get tickets.

“What’s the big idea, Pete?”

“Where’s the last place they would look for us?”

“In plain sight,” You realized what he had planned. It didn’t take long for you to get to the front of the line and buy your tickets. As soon as you had them, you slipped into the theater together, taking a seat near the middle.

“So we just wait here for them to find us.” Peter said, taking your hand and rubbing it with his thumb. “And when they get here, we’ll distract them.”

“Who did you train with, Natasha Romanov?” You teased. Nat had taught you this as soon as you had joined the team, long before the split. You were glad to finally put the tactic to use.


It was about halfway through the movie that Steve and Sam walked into the theater. You squeezed Peter’s hand in panic. He looked to you. His heart was racing, but he tried not to let you see it. His brown eyes searched yours for a few moments, waiting.

“What do we do?”

“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable,” You bit your lip before leaning forward and pressing your lips to his. His eyes widened in shock before drifting shut. He pushed up the armrest between you and pulled you close to him, holding your hips gently. His lips were so soft, so careful. He didn’t want to screw up your first kiss.

When you pulled away, breathless but very content, you looked to see if Steve and Sam were still there. Luckily, they had left. You sighed in relief, resting your head on Peter’s shoulder.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter whispered, his hand rubbing your shoulder.


“If they come back, will you kiss me again?”

“Yeah,” You nodded. He laughed.

“Will you kiss me even if they don’t come back?” He asked with a cheeky smile. You laughed softly as you brought your hands back up to his cheeks.

“Do you even have to ask?”

fun facts! 

the theme for these two was about how they’re from different sides of the war so yves gets the nohrian rose, meanwhile yuki gets the hoshidan sakura

the yukives series was supposed to be based on seasons but then i realised i messed up by the time i finished the b support illustration LOL
as a result, the colour scheme ended up going from cool and unsaturated to symbolise their animosity between each other and slowly becoming more vibrant and colourful, symbolising their growing trust for each other.

slight difference in hue as well! yves gets more cool colours for her flowers while yuki gets warmer colours. :D

So, I’m in the Transformers fandom and I’ve been lately into Steven Universe, I really love and enjoy the show and  I don’t know if some one else has ever thought about this, but in my opinion sometimes I think they’re alike in some aspects.

They are ancient aliens that begun a war between different sides and for some reason they ended up on Earth

Steven is half alien just as Sari Sumdac from Transformers Animated, Sari is Cybertronian but her origins were on Earth

Just as gems can fus, Transformers can combine …

…and as Garnet said, when gems are a fusion, it’s like to be just one, as well Transformers think the same 

and what’s more beautiful, they can love <3 …

… and have a strong relationship

if  there’s any Transformers fan out there reading this, I really recomend you to watch Steven Universe <3 as well if you are a fan of Steven Universe, I invite you know about Transformers, they have comics, shows and other stuff <3 

3 AM - Mummers House
  • Simon: We both know that one of us will have to kill the other. That is the only way that this can end. We are on different sides of a bloody war, and we’ll have start fighting eventually. I mean, we’re always fighting. We’ve always fought. About everything. About nothing. Mainly with our words, but also with our fists, and wands. This has always been true. This has always been our destiny. Why, then, is all I want to do follow you around like a lost puppy? To prove to the world that you’re a monster? That is easy to see. Why then? Why do i just want to be near you?
  • Baz: What?
  • Simon: I sAid FUCCK yOU Baz!! ThaT is WHAT I SAIDD

I am so upset that somebody told me maybe Peter and Matt will never meet in MCU. Now peter got his own Homecoming movie but I still hear nothing from Matt’s season 3. Also maybe in Daredevil V5, Matt doesn’t remember Peter.

omg it’s killing me. This piece presents a possibility that Matt sent a message to MCU Matt (Charlie’s) through his dream to remind him don’t him ever forget Peter Parker, his best mate.

The new Daredevil V5 09 cover preview reminds me something. Does Matt in V5 remember Spidey is Peter Parker?? Killing me even harder because they do chose different sides in CILVIL WAR 2

Reboot Bayformers... or negate the "live action" of it all together.

Imagine a big-budget Transformers movie/franchise that was both action and explosion porn… AND a stellar plot…

Make the designs looks alien, yet still easily recognizable. Focus on the plights of the Cybertronians, not their occasional human companions. Humanize Megatron to some extent so that the audience can sympathize with the intent behind his original revolution; delve deeper into the different sides of the war– what it means to be an Autobot or Decepticon– on the individual level; take a look from Optimus’ perspective– the choices he’s made, the consequences, the sacrifices he has yet to give. Understand what makes troops loyal to each faction leader, find out why they fight. Hell, follow Starscream around he’s always up to something dastardly.

Let it sink in that this is HARD– war is HARD, these decisions are HARD… for everyone.

How will things play out in the grand scheme of things? Will there ever be a time when both factions have to team up? Will one or both of them split up into smaller factions over a disagreement or a dead leader? What will unearthed or thrown into the paths of our heros? Can there ever be working relations between the factions? What about neutral colonies? Can Cybertron be saved?

Then of course toss in a bunch of kickass action sequences. And I mean well-choreographed. Like distinguish the fighting styles and tactical advantages each side has. Cons are usually flyers, Bots are usually geounders, so take that into account. Most Autobots would not kill (particularly those who run with Prime, what with him always in their audial, fussing about “doing the right thing”) unless they absolutely had to. Take them to cool locations, even off-planet. Hell drag some humans along if you can manage.

That’s another thing. Make Transformers fun again– it can be sad and have hard times, but still make it fun and occasionally involve human kid characters. I think despite their flaws, TFA and TFP did well in this area– kickass but still for the kiddies. No sexy ladies leaning over bikes or posing near an explosion… (or being competent one minute and conveniently incompetent the next). None of that nonsense where the most explored and thus relatable human characters are grown adult men. (“But Sam was in high school” oh please even young kids can tell Shia’s character looks and behaves like 25-28 year old.)

You can lay on the heavy-handed stuff like they’ve done in all continuities– on-screen character death, mentions of war, rejection, generally frightening Decepticons, etc.– they can take it. What I can’t take is the lackluster washed-up and rehashed finished product the Bayformer movies have come out with.

I think the lore of Bayformers is pretty solid and stand-alone… but you wouldnt really know about it unless you read the comics and otger extra materials. And you can tell effort was put into a lot of those cgi parts, but it’s still difficult to determine what I am looking at when the ‘tronians are on screen. (“Is that a leg? A foot? An arm?? A torso?”) Not to mention the lack of respectful representation and lead roles for PoC and women.

*sigh* I just wish there was more to the Bay movies than explosions and grit and humans and death.

I don’t want to see Templar and Assassins in future games being so easily identified as devote supporters or either Allies or Axis for WW2. The first AC had you killing people from both sides of the crusade, leaving the faction-less to conduct their war. To make Templars Axis supporters like they did in the WW1 memories of AC:S made me feel that background lore would be lost. Seriously what if both Assassins and Templars different bureus supporting different sides? had civil wars over who they thought would be the better side? Would Assassins feel the Axis in teh beginning were right? Would the Templars support Allies only after America got involved? Where their alliances between Templar and Assassins when it was their country at stake?