a different kind of shine

Akko’s eyes lit up in awe at the beautiful night sky. In this field, far from any artificial light, the stars shone brighter than ever, casting the illusion that it was just as bright as it would be during the day. But while Akko was so fascinated by the night sky, Diana had her eye on a different kind of star - one that shined brighter than all the rest.

Dianakko Week 2017 - Day 1 - Astrology/Stars

Stars in His Eyes

Summary: Once every week, Dan and Phil sneak out of their houses to go stargazing together. Tonight is Dan’s birthday, and Phil has something planned for that, of course.

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: sickly sweet fluff (FINALLY HANNAH, DAMN IT)

Warnings: a bit of swearing, that’s pretty much it

A/N: This is honestly so disgustingly fluffy, wtf. Writing fluff isn’t really my forte or my preference, but I figure I’d make it up to you guys for all of the angst I’ve been dousing you all with in my past few fics, so here you go!

for cam.

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You mentioned 50's nostalgia during the 80's. Can I get some love for the tragically overlooked "Strange Invaders" (1983)?

I love “Strange Invaders.” Absolutely! Fun fact: the script was written by Oscar winner Bill Condon, as in Dreamgirls and Chicago

“Strange Invaders” is a direct response to the atomic horror/alien paranoia movies of the 1950s. This is interesting to me because it seems that all great American film genres are created unintentionally, and are often only obvious in retrospect: the film noir, for example, was a genre that didn’t even have a name until a decade after the movies were finished. The atomic horror and paranoia movie was the same: it was only obvious as a genre in retrospect. At the time, it was seen as just another kind of horror movie, like a continuation of the Universal movies of the 1930s, but one that was state of the art, used atomic age anxieties. Remember: from the 1950s to the early 1980s, the most popular movie monster and horror star was Frankenstein and Boris Karloff.

"Strange Invaders” is one of my favorite sub-genres, which is “the small town where people are aliens in disguise.” I always figured the reason this genre of movie was big is 1) the influence of the Twilight Zone, but also because 2) screenwriters are often small town people who move to LA or New York to become screenwriters, so one of the scariest things they can imagine is going back. 

 I’ve actually spent some time wondering what the reverse of this movie would be. I mean, it’s a movie about how small towns, to outsiders, seem insular, creepy, and trapped in time. I liked this movie a lot, but I’ve never had that view of small town life. 

A reverse version (a small town person who goes to the city and finds it alienating, cruel, faceless, and impersonal) would be something like the novel Legion of Space, a scifi novel where earth is conquered by advanced aliens, but because they are overly civilized types who view humans as brutal and warlike, they hire humans to become their armed forces to fight for them, the way the Romans hired barbarians to fight other barbarians. 

On the one hand, earthmen are needed, but on the other hand, they’re despised as primitive backwoodsmen by a culture they have to fight for, and sometimes feel they don’t have a stake in. The aliens give earthmen comments like “it’s great we liberated you earth barbarians by admitting you into the empire from your savage societies” and “is this your pritimitive tribal earth god?” A story like that would put everyone into the shoes of rural people.

Did you know that “Strange Invaders” was up for a few Razzie awards? I really don’t like the Razzies, because they’re a herd mentality punishing a certain kind of movie that tries to be audacious and unique, and is misunderstood for that reason: after all, Stanley Kubrick was nominated for Worst Director for The Shining, and why? Because it was a different kind of movie than the usual tense thriller – they dogpiled on it because they just didn’t get it, and didn’t want to meet the movie on its own terms. Of the big Razzie winners, Showgirls is getting a long overdue critical appraisal and now got a release on the Criterion Collection, Ishtar is now acknowledged as being an ahead of its time and effective comedy, and while I don’t think Heaven’s Gate was a good movie, I think people are starting to realize that it was a very unique one that’s worth seeing.

The Razzie awards are a kind of meanness that is directed at members of the herd that are weak and limping. It’s a mob sentiment that’s anti-art. 

Bite me Two (Benjamin x Reader)

I hope you like this one like the first part! I loved writing this and I especially loved writing the dream! Let me know if this story deserves a third part! Enjoy! (sorry for any sort of mistakes!)

Word count: 1,706

“(Y/N)…” You heard him calling for you. You walked across a path, surrounded by beautiful flowers which bloomed in different kind of colors. The sun was shining on the blue sky so brightly, not a single cloud was to be seen. You kept walking to his soft voice that spoke your name so often. “I’m here my love.” He said. “Come here.” And then you saw him. Standing in the middle of a huge meadow, his hand stretched out for yours. He smiled happily as he saw you approaching.

“Benjamin!” You called out joyfully and ran to him, his strong arms welcomed you in a tight and secured hug. Butterflies fluttered in your stomach as your chests were pressed against each other and you felt so much love spreading in every part of your body. You nested your face in the crook of his delicate neck and took in his wonderful scent. After a time, he pulled away and put your face between his hands. “Look at yourself!” He said with adoration in his eyes. “You look gorgeous!”

You smiled at his compliment and rewarded him with sweet kisses on his lips. “I love you.” You responded. He took you hand and kissed your knuckles carefully. “I love you, too.” He replied. Then, he laid his hands on your belly and gave it a gentle stroke. “And I love her.”

Confused, your eyes went down to your stomach and widened as you saw the baby bump. You hadn’t even realized it on your way. “I’m pregnant?” You asked. Benjamin nodded his head.

“Yes you are.” For a moment, you had no idea how to react but then you caressed your baby bump carefully and earned a tiny kick from your unborn child. “But you’re more than that.” Benjamin indicated.

“What do you mean?” You asked as your eyes meet his again. No words escaped his mouth, he only lifted up your hand to reveal the diamond ring on your finger. “We’re married.” You spoke. It sounded more like a question than a statement. On the one hand, you were beyond happy but on the other hand also very confused. When did this all happen? Somehow, you couldn’t remember your wedding or the night you tried for a baby.

“I told you forever.” Benjamin said before everything around you became blurry. “And this is forever.”


As you slowly opened your eyes from your deep slumber, you felt nothing but dizzy. The constant pain in your body was unbearable and it felt like that every part of your body consisted of heavy stones. Rubbing your eyes, you tried to stand up. A little bit did you smile because of the dream you had. You were pregnant with Benjamin’s child and married to him. How beautiful. It was something you really wanted in the future.

 When your vision became clear, you took in your surroundings. You were in Benjamin’s bedroom. But something was strange. Why the hell did you see everything more detailed? More precisely, why did you see everything in HD?

And there was another thing you felt very confused about. You laid your hand between your chest, but felt no heart beat. You were horrified for a second but then everything made sense. With heavy steps, you went towards the huge mirror that belonged to your lover and observed your reflection. You looked different, very different. More alive. Your skin seemed to glow and you looked more feminine than before. And your eyes didn’t own your usual eye color, no they were bloody red instead. “I’m a vampire.” You whispered.

Seconds after, you remembered everything. How you asked Benjamin to change you, how he declined at first but agreed after you insisted, the immense pain you felt after he dug his fangs into your skin.

Suddenly, your throat burned horribly and you felt nothing but an unimaginable thirst for blood. A growl escaped your lips, you tried to hold yourself back for a moment. Unfortunately, it was impossible.

Somebody knocked on the door and came in without your approve. “(Y/N)?” Your boyfriend asked. “Benjamin!” You gasped, holding on your throat. He rushed to you and wrapped his arms around your body. “Thirsty…I’m so thirsty…” You chocked out between heavy gasps. Benjamin put a gentle kiss on your head.

“I know, love.” He soothed you. Never in your life had you felt so desperate. You always wondered how your sister Bella and Benjamin must have felt when it came to drinking blood. Now you knew.

“I will take you to hunting, (Y/N).” Benjamin said and grabbed your hands, intertwining your fingers. “But after that, you’ll have a serious conversation with your sister.”

“Why?” You asked.

“She knows, (Y/N).”


After you and Benjamin went hunting –of course it was animal blood, you’d never dare to take someone’s life for your thirst- you felt better and the burning in your throat disappeared. Nevertheless, you were nervous about confronting Bella. You knew she wouldn’t be pleased about your decision to become a vampire and you also prepared yourself for her screaming at you.

The more you approached the little cabin in the woods, the more fear you felt. You can do this, (Y/N). You tried to cheer yourself up. Benjamin stood next to you, squeezed your hand lightly to show you that he was there for you and going to support you. “Here we go…” You mumbled and knocked on the wooden door. Luckily, Edward opened it and welcomed you with a slight smile, stepping aside so you two could enter his home.

Bella was already waiting for you guys, her arms were crossed over her chest and she wore an annoyed and angry expression on her face. “Good evening, Bella.” Benjamin greeted her politely. But Bella didn’t respond anything. Also as you said hello to her. She kept staring at you and made you uncomfortable under her gaze. You wished she would speak or even scream at you but neither of that happened. She just stood there with no words escaping her mouth.

“Say something, Bella.” You begged and glanced at her. She inhaled and exhaled deeply before she finally spoke.

“How can you do this?” She tried to control her rage but you knew that she was going to explode soon. You looked at the boy next to you before you turned back to your sister.

“I love him, Bella.” You answered.  Bella snorted at your response. “Pah… You sure do love him.” You became mad. How could she underestimate your feelings for your boyfriend? She knew how strongly you felt for Benjamin. You spent every night together with talking and she also gave you advices about how you could conquer Benjamin’s heart. Would you ever made this choice if you wouldn’t have feelings for him? And after all this she had the guts to accuse you not to have feelings for your boyfriend.

“I do!” You said determined. “I do love him!”

“The hell you do!” She screamed back, making you flinch. Edward had to hold her tight against his body so she wouldn’t attack you. “How could you do this to me? How?!”

Tears were brimming your eyes as you saw the hatred in Bella’s eyes. You really thought she would understand after what she had experienced. She wanted Edward to turn her under the same circumstances, because she loved him. At least, she should have understood your decision.

“Bella, please, do understand.” Your vision was now blurred from the many tears in your eyes.

“Why did you not talk to me before you made your choice?” She felt betrayed and disappointed because you did this behind her back without telling her. It was a case which should have been discussed with your family members before the choice would be made.

“And what about Dad?” She kept going. “What will you tell him, huh? I’m sorry Dad, but I can’t stay here with you anymore because I’m a fucking vampire? God, (Y/N)! I left him because I trusted you!”

You let out a heavy sob and buried your face into Benjamin’s chest. “Shh… It’s okay, love. I’m here.”

“I’m very disappointed in you guys. Especially you, Benjamin.” Bella continued speaking, her voice was shaking terribly and she was going to cry any second. “You should have held her back and say no, why did you not hold her back?”

Benjamin glanced at your older sister with guilt. He knew he should have, but the thought of having you forever by his side was so alluring to him.

Edward spoke something in Bella’s ear and she calmed down after a second. She wiped away her tears and cleared her throat. “I hope you’re satisfied with your choice, (Y/N). I really hope you won’t regret this. You could have had a normal life without hiding but you chose this life. I hope you’re satisfied.”

She left the room and you guys behind. Edward excused himself and claimed that it was the best way for you to leave and calm down. You said goodbye to him and went back to Benjamin’s apartment.

“She was angry, you know?” Benjamin tried to cheer you up. “She knows how you feel. She is the only one who understands you the most.”

You nodded with your head. “I know she does. But it only hurt so much when she underestimated my love for you Benny.” You rested your head on Benjamin’s shoulder.

“It will be hard for her at first, but she will accept it.” He stroked your hair lovingly.

“I just want to live with you for the rest of my life.” You said with honesty reflecting your eyes. “I want my own Edward.”

“And here he is.” Benjamin chuckled, pointing at himself. “Here I am. Forever by your side.”

A small laugh escaped your mouth as you leaned closer to press your lips gently onto his and stole a long and sweet kiss. “I want to marry you and have a baby girl as in my dream.” Now Benjamin was the one who laughed. The idea of founding a family sounded perfect to him.

“Whatever you want, my love. We have all the time. Forever.

You kissed him again.


Opinions (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“We can’t keep doing this anymore” you yelled.

“Why not? We love each other, that’s what should matter. Not their stupid opinons!” Alec screamed back.

“Their opinions mean everything Alec. You and I both know that, we knew when we first started dated6, this it wasn’t going to last forever.” You shouted. “A warlock and shadowhunter don’t belong together in the eyes of The Clave. It goes against everything in this world and what people believe in.”

“What I did believed in at one point but not now, not after I fell in love with you” Alec said while looking at you with tears in his eyes. You needed to end this now, you couldn’t just ruin his life by being with him any longer. It needed to be over.

“Just stop loving me” You yelled once again. Thank the angel that most of the institute was gone out on missions because if not the whole place would be woke up from yours guys screaming match.

“I just can’t stop loving you” Alec said barely above a whisper.

“Well try” you said picking up your stuff from the ground and quickly leaving the institute, never bothering to look back. Isabelle came rushing into the room right after you left. As she heard the racket you guys were making.

“Alec” She said as she saw her older brother siting on his bed crying into his hands. She rushed over to him, not knowing at the time she would spend the rest of the night holding him to make sure he was going to be alright with his broken heart.



  The door open and it showed your older brother Magnus Bane.

“Y/N” He said with a shock tone, looking at the sight in front of him. Here in front of him was you, his baby sister looking like a mess. You had tears running down your face and were soaked from the rain that started to fall on your way over here. He quickly pulled you inside and made you sit on the couch while he ran to get some towels and dry clothes so you could change.

“Here go get change” He offer as he handed you the clothes. One snap of your finger and a quick bluff of purple smoke and you were changed. Magnus kinda stood back for a second it wasn’t like you to use magic when it wasn’t needed. It shocked him a bit but he didn’t say anything but he knew something was wrong.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” Magnus said as he looked at you. He knew you better then anyone and he could tell that you were holding back tears with everything you have. He also knew you like being the strong one that wouldn’t ever shed a tear in front of someone. You collapse into his arms busting into tears. Letting all your emotions come out. He ran his fingers through your purple hair, the colour of your hair was your warlock unique feature. It was one of Alec’s favourite things about you.

“We broke up” You let out through sobs. Magnus face quickly turns red from anger

“Tell me what do I have to do to make that young shadowhunter pay for breaking my little sister heart” He said with envy in his voice.

“Do nothing, I’m the one that broke up with him. I’m the one that shatter his heart.” You said quietly as you lay back onto the couch. Magnus face turn into a compete look of shocked, weren’t you into love with this boy he thought. Then it hit him.

“You did this for his reputation didn’t you?” Magnus asked

“Yes, its better this way. He can live his life happy with another shadowhunter that the Clave approves of. He can grow old with them where he can’t with me.” You said as you stood up.

“Did you ever think he doesn’t care what The Clave thinks? Or did that not cross your mind” Magnus replied as he also stood up.

“Obviously I thought of that. He doesn’t care but I do. I care how he treated and he not going to be treated badly because he loves me” You yelled.

“You don’t want him to be treated badly but isn’t that what you are doing right now since you broke his heart?” Magnus yelled back. You rolled your eyes and headed towards your room that you had at Magnus place. You knew he was right, you broke his heart you’re the one that hurter him. You did something that you swore you were never do. You would live the rest of your life knowing this. You could fall in love like this again you thought maybe in twenty years or so you could forget about Alec Lightwood.


 “Isabelle someone by the name of Bane is here to see you” Max said as he walked into his older brother bedroom where his siblings were to. Isabelle quickly stood up “Stay here” she said as she made her way out of the room going to see the visitor.As she walked into the main room she notice it wasn’t the Bane she was hoping for.

“What are you doing here Magnus?” Isabelle asked with disgust in her voice. She couldn’t stand to see her brother hurt and looking at Magnus reminded her of the person that hurt him.

“I came to see how your brother was holding up” Magnus answered.

“Why would you care? Are you going to go back home and laugh about this with her? About how she broke Alec’s heart because it’s not funny at all.” Izzy said.

“No th-” Magnus went to speak but Izzy cut him off.

“You know you warlocks think that you can go all around the world falling in love with who ever you want because you guys will live forever probably having tons of lovers in your lifetime. Not even thinking about what it would do to the people that you guys fall in love with.” Izzy shouted at Magnus.

“You would just SHUT UP AND LET ME SPEAK” Magnus screamed. Everyone eyes now fell on the two of them standing in the middle of the room. But with one harsh glare from Izzy everyone turned back to what they were doing not even playing attention to the two them fighting anymore.

“I came here to talk to you, not to fight with you. I wanted to try and come up with a plan to make Alec and Y/N get back together.”

“Come up with a plan?” Izzy laughed “It’s your sister fault that we are in this mess. If you want them to get back together that’s all up to you” Izzy finish as she walked away.


 “I can’t believe that you convinced me to come here” you said as you stood by your brother at his club Pandemonium. This scene wasn’t really your type and being here right after your break up didn’t help.

“What can I say I know my way with words”

“Are you sure you didn’t put a spell on me”

“I’m sure but if it came down to it I probably would of” Magnus said with a smile.

You laugh at him then made your way toward the bar. You order your drink then look around the club. There were so many different kinds of downworlders here but something shined that caught your eye. It was backs of shadowhunters with their swords. You quickly walked up to them to see what they were doing here.

“Many people won’t be to happy when they find out shadowhunters are here” You spoke as you stood behind them.  They turned around and it just happened to be Jace, Izzy, Clary and Alec.

“I don’t think they will care if we don’t hurt them” Jace said “Anyway where is that demon that your brother told us to come get”

“I have no idea what your talking about so that question for him” You said as you pointed towards him in back. In that moment it was like a lightbulb went off in Isabelle head.

“Come Jace and Clary let’s go asked him, Stay here Alec” she said grabbing the two and leaving. Not even giving Alec enough time to answer. Alec looked down at you. You could tell that he haven’t slept in days from the bags under his eyes. Also that he have been crying since his eyes were bloodshot. You would of looked the same if it wasn’t for your magic, times like this you were thankful for it.

“Did you set this up?” He asked

“Yes because I wanted to talk to the person who heart I broke a few days” you rolled your eyes. What a dumb question you thought.

“Do you miss me?” Alec asked his voice just above a whisper. Looking at him he seems so weak and broken. It broke your heart since you knew it was your fault.

“Beyond but Alec it doesn’t-” You went to say but he cut you off

“Just stop with the bullshit Y/N, who cares about what other thinks. Were in love that’s what matter. I want to be with you till I died and you need to understand that The Clave can shove it for all I care”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to ruined your life”

“The only way you ruined my life is not being with me” He said. Finally he wrapped his arms around you. Man did it ever feel good being back in his arms.

“Now let’s go see my brother and thank him for this” You said as you guys walked. Who cares if you were a warlock in love with a shadowhunter at least you were happy.

Discord and Fluttershy, a Family?!!!!( book announced)

On Equestrian Daily a new 32 page book will be released in April 2017 and it involves Discord and Fluttershy and their relationship! Description: Everypony has a different kind of family! Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have new baby Flurry Heart, and Princess Celestia has her sister Luna. Rarity is close with her sister, and Apple Jack’s family is HUGE! And Discord, of course, has Fluttershy as his family. Wait, what?! —————— Yes that is the description! Will we see more fluttercord hints? I hope so!

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God like. You are way too pretty? Style? On point. Hair? On point? Make-up (ESPECIALLY eyebrows)? On point. Can you please?? Teach me how to be so pretty? What make-up products do you use? Your face is so flawlesssss

o////o oh my gosh, Nonny, PLS! I am but a small bean who has gotten sorta decent at painting my face. I thank you though for all your extremely kind compliments!

I could give you some tips if you’d like actually! If you have any specific questions, let me know and I’ll get to those first. As for what I use, I will actually link them below! You can get pretty much everyone on/from Sephora (: these are in no particular order!

 Liquid FoundationMAKE UP FOR EVERUltra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

This foundation is AMAZING! It’s got great coverage and best of all, it doesn’t feel heavy or cakey on my face which is really lovely. My freckles still show underneath it but it covers any blemishes or imperfections I want to cover. I use a beauty blender to apply.

Powder Foundation: bareMineralsBAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation

I use this after liquid foundation, concealer and contour to seal the look! Really nice to use if I’m just doing a quick makeup look as well with no liquid foundation. It’s got build able coverage. I used this brush to apply it

Contour and HighlightertarteTarteist™ PRO Glow Highlight & Contour Palette

Okay, I was garbage at contouring before this palette. I’m not saying I’m the best, but I can at least get something started now! It has a cream based contour and also powder and both formulas are amazing! They blend well and to be honest, the whole palette smells delicious lol! There are four highlighters in there as well which lets you go from lightly dusted to a soaking wet look (my preferred method ;D) I use this brush to contour with and then blend the rest out with a beauty blender. I used a Smashbox Fan brush to apply the Highlighter.

EyelinerKat Von D Tattoo Liner

Listen to me right now. If you buy nothing else from this list, BUY THIS FUCKING EYELINER. IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m not even being dramatic. It’s the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used and I’m kicking myself because it took me so long to finally purchase it. My eyeliner game changed for the better once I started using this bad boy. T^T fuck, I love it so much. It does NOT. COME. OFF. (unless you’re really rubbing at it with a makeup wipe/soap and water) I’ve spent three hours at the gym sweating my ass off and that shit didn’t smudge even A LITTLE.

EyeshadowKat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

I use this eyeshadow palette every single time I do my makeup. You couldn’t really see it in the last photo I posted because I was washed out (I did that on purpose, it’s called art people, GOD! XD) but you can create so many looks with this palette AND it’s super great if you’re a beginner with eyeshadows like I was when I first got it. I used a Bare Minerals blending brush for EVERYTHING on this palette because they’re so blendable :3. I use a bunch of others as well though so if you want more options, let me know!

Concealerbare Minerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

I really love this concealer because it’s very creamy and blends very well! I also have and use the NARS concealer which does nOT FUCK AROUND, but if you’re on a budget, this one works great too!

PrimerbareMinerals Prime Time™ Foundation Primer

Primer is a really important step in your beauty routine if you plan on wearing your makeup for a long period of time. Bare Minerals has all kinds too, like ones that brighten up your skin and even help with oil control if you have oily skin! Feels nice and light on the face :3

EyebrowsAnastasia Beverly HillsDIPBROW™ Pomade

Really, this is what you guys wanted from me T^T this right here! GATHER AROUND KIDDOS, LET ME TELL YOU OF MY LORD AND SAVIOR, ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS! This brand has got to be the leading makeup company when it comes to Eyebrows. You can’t tell me any different. I’ve used them all too! I’ve found the Pomade works best for the look I like to achieve. However! It’s a very heavy product and it’ll take some practice if you’re not used to working with a Pomade. If you want to start with something less intimidating, I suggest the brow definer! If you want something a little softer, their brow powder may be a great place to start! Browse the products and see what speaks to you! They are all great and be sure to refer to the colour chart to see what colour you need (: it’s on ABH Sephora page! I also clean the edges of my brows with concealer afterwards which changed my whole eyebrow experience lol. I just used an angled eyeliner brush to clean up and then a small eyeshadow brush to blend out the concealer.

Eyeshadow PrimerSmashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

I used to think eyeshadow primer was a waste of time and money but fuck past me. She was dumb and had to learn the hard way. Eyeshadow primer makes a world of fucking different if you’re going for long wear or just don’t want that shit to move. I know me personally, my eyelids are hooded and so the eyeshadow would rub off in the crease and I would look like a hot mess. That doesn’t happen anymore with this stuff. Bless you Smashbox.

Setting SprayUrban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray

holy fuck, just buy this, okay? You’ll never be the same and also your makeup will never, ever budge. They have a bunch of different kinds but I use this one to eliminate that fucking shine. Get out of here. Unless you’re the highlighter I put on, I DON’T WANT THE SHINE lmfao

Lips: I…I can’t even link everything, okay? That would take forever. Look up Tarte Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kat Von D, Jeffree Star and Colourpop just TO GET YOU STARTED. All of those have amazing liquid lipsticks which is all I wear anymore, let’s be real. If you have questions about a specific brand, like how long it lasts and how it feels on the lips, things like that, let me know and I’ll give you my honest review :3 In that photo though, I was wearing tarte Tarteist™ Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade Birthday Suit.

GO FORTH MY MAKEUP BABY! This is what I used on my face today and that’s just some of the stuff I’ve used/own, so if you want more recommendations, I’ve got you! Any questions you may have, send them my way! Happy to help.



A realm of primordial chaos… Who knew it would be so… empty…? I walk this world in search of exit, but I cannot even find the door I first entered through. Every step I take, every drop of my soul screams as it burns. I do not belong here… No, nothing belongs here. The chaos eats away at the remnants of the light that holds my existence together, like a blackhole tearing a star apart to consume it… But I have to hold on. I must endure. 

I was born with a purpose. A purpose I am proud to serve. I was entrusted with a great mission… And only I can fulfill it. Without it, I… I would have no reason to exist. I must exist, because I want to exist. Because… because I am… important… 

How many suns and moons have risen and fallen since I’ve been imprisoned here in solitude? What happened to the world of the shattered El? I do not know… But now… my senses are… slowly becoming dull and numb… My memory… hazy. Why… am I here…? I was… created by… I must… do something…? …Who… am I? Everything… is becoming dimmer… 

I wilt away like a lonely flower in the middle of a barren desert, forgotten by everyone, and remembered by no one. Eventually the sand of time will bury what’s left of me, and it will be as if I had never existed. Even if I disappear, nothing will change… The thought alone surprisingly calmed me. In the sea of nothingness, I slowly closed my eyes. 

Maybe withering away is the only exit out of here…

It was then when I heard someone calling out my… …Name? Yes, my name. I had a name… I have a name. And someone remembered me… After all this time… I am remembered. I was not… forgotten. I am still… needed… somewhere. I must… answer that call. I must get out of here.

I searched for the sound, struggling to remember the familiar melody I had heard in my earliest memory. I grew desperate; before the song ends, I must find its source, before I am lost in this labyrinth forever. When I turned around, there it was, the beacon of my salvation, shining against the darkness and becknoning me to my destiny. I looked upon it like it was the very first sun that had risen to break the long spell of lightless winter. 

I am returning… to the place where I belong.

I shut my eyes to brace myself for the blinding light that broke into the rift. It’s been so long… I almost forgot how the realm of existence felt. Soft breeze gently caressed my skin, and I realized I was free from my eternal prison. I opened my eyes and what came into my view was… an unexpected sight: in the middle of a lush green forest, a red-haired boy stood before me. He either didn’t notice my arrival, or was expecting its exact moment that he did not see the reason to turn around to face me.

He did not utter a word but I instinctively knew who he was, and so, I knelt.

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Kissing- Tsumugu & Chisaki >< Couldn't help it, I liked your fic of their first kiss

Title: the future at our fingertips
A/N: Will probably consolidate these on fanfiction.net later.  Anyhow, hope I lived up to your expectations! XD


Chisaki has grown up knowing the shine of Ena all her life, the silvery sheen it casts over skin when the light hits it a certain way.  It looks different on Tsumugu—his skin darker, not porcelain like hers, and she finds herself studying him as they amble through Shioshishio.

She can sense his heartbeat through his fingertips, entwined with hers, and she wonders if it’s faster because of their proximity or because they’re in the city he has dreamed of seeing for so long.  Knowing Tsumugu, it’s probably a combination of both.

They reach her house, finally, and although Chisaki isn’t used to seeing Tsumugu nervous—hasn’t ever recalled a time, really—she senses a slight uncertainty in his voice when he asks, “What have you told them about me, exactly?”

“Only good things, I promise,” Chisaki smiles, squeezing his hand.

Tsumugu presses his lips together and nods.  He starts to untangle their fingers, ready to meet her parents properly, and Chisaki feels a burst of pride.  There is so much spread out before them, a whole future she’d never considered because she was too embroiled in the past, but now it opens before her, shimmering and wide.

Midway, Tsumugu seems to reconsider and turns back to her, fingers threading through her hair, mouth angling towards hers.  She smiles against his lips.

This is a different kind of shining. Tsumugu’s touch leaves sparkles in its wake, her skin tingling as the pads of his thumbs trace patterns over her cheeks.

“For luck,” he says when they break apart, and though she has never felt short of breath underwater before, thanks to her Ena, she feels a little dizzy now.

A fish darts between them.  Tsumugu laughs and Chisaki begins to laugh too, and then her mother is opening the door and wondering, “Well, aren’t you going to come in?” and Chisaki watches Tsumugu’s skin gleam and thinks, so this is what happiness feels like.

SHINee is SHINee precisely because of these five men. Their weaknesses alone are made stronger through each other. Sure, not every member is as good a singer, actor, rapper, dancer, entertainer, as the next, but that’s what makes them SHINee. If they all had six star voices, they would not be SHINee; if they all acted charismatically, they would not be SHINee. Their weaknesses become their strong points to produce the irreplaceable SHINee. Each member is as important as the next. Simply changing one member or one skill set will produce another sound; another effect; another group that is not our lovable SHINee.

So don’t compare members within the group. Value and cherish each for their own personal colour. 

SHINee would not be SHINee without these five shining men.

GQ (October 2016) | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: I also interviewed Minho in 2010. I’ve changed a lot since then
I’ve changed a lot as well. That was 2 years since debut. Compared to that time, I’ve experienced a lot of things and also have mentally become mature.

Q: What kind of experience?
Minho: Not only my work experience, but also my daily life. Even from a really small thing like dinner… But if I point out significant thing, it’s concert last week. There would be a lot to put it in details.

Q: Do you like to dwell on things?
Minho: I think a lot. I’m the type who picks out which ones were good and which ones were bad based on my standard.  

Q: How did you sum up your experiences between 2010 and now?
Minho: I felt that there were things I thought of vaguely from debut, and I started to come up with realization from that. I wonder if the image I show to the people I’m comfortable with can make me become close to public. That is my real image, yet I’m still in fear until now. I wondered if I should tone it down a bit. Since I suddenly came up with realization, there were times when I started to discover myself a bit more.

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Chlorine Summer

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Other Characters: Sam

Summary: It was a summer you would never forget, for the rest of your life

Warnings: Mentions of smut, small mention of alcoholism, and a nice bit of fluff with an angsty finish (yes this is a warning)

Word count: 2.2k

Prompt:  Miss Missing You by Fall Out Boy

A/N: This is my submission for the second part of the lovely ladies @faith-in-dean and @for-the-love-of-dean July Saints and Sinners challenge! (I hope I made it!) A big thank you to my lovely friend Amanda @for-the-love-of-dean for beta-ing this XOXO (I’m sorry!)
An additional HUGE thank you goes out to my cohort and just all around amazing friend @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for this whole idea. It would not have been possible without that brain storming XO<3
This is set in s3/4. I hope you enjoy! Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I love you guys out there <33

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It was a perfect summer day when you had first laid eyes on him. Tired of the sweltering heat in your house you decided to come down to the community pool to cool off while yours was being worked on. He was all of 21 years old and hard to miss, standing out like a sore thumb amongst the other pool patrons. Miles of golden freckled skin covering a torso you wanted to just sink your teeth into practically short circuited your brain as you looked on from your lounge chair. He looked so normal, while looking completely out of place at the same time, and you couldn’t stop yourself from staring.

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[Seek Magazine Vol. 3 Special Interview]

Q: The stupidest(?) person in SHINee?

(Onew, Minho and Key chose Taemin)

Key: Taemin has many stories, I won’t say!
Taemin: During the last concert in Yoyogi, I forgot to take my pants off. (laughs)
Jonghyun: Before Taemin even realized it, we have all noticed it.
Key: I was too busy at that time so I didn’t notice it.
Taemin: I lose my things frequently. I myself know that.
Jonghyun: That situation has already happened to Taemin many times.
Minho: Taemin is always reminding himself. “Don’t do this” “Must take note!” but in the end, things always progress in the opposite direction. He will say “Definitely will not happen again” and end up making the same mistake next time. (laughs)
Taemin: Yes (nods seriously)
Onew: This is Taemin’s charisma. Ah~ our SHINee is really made up of 5 different kinds of people being put together.

(Taemin chose Key)

Taemin: Recently, Key has been losing his things often.
Onew: Lost the handphone recently right.
Jonghyun: Indeed true that Key has been losing his things recently. Forgetful chap!

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normanikordei: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our miniature big sister 🌻 I cannot express the love that I have for you and how much you truly mean to me. I have always had you to turn to in times that I felt hopeless. I have been shown nothing but loyalty and sisterhood from you. I probably said this in your last birthday message but you’re the brightest ray that has the power to shine through all darkness. I have to repeat myself because when I look at you it’s clearly proven to be true. I believe that it takes a special kind of person to make that possible. You have lifted me up and have always made sure that I was taken care of and heard. God’s love shines through you so brightly. I can’t imagine not having you throughout these chapters of our lives. You are not just that sweet girl that I was placed in a girl group with. You are the reason I am able to turn the worst situation into the best. You are the one that I climb into the bunk with on tour anytime I feel homesick. You’re the voice that I hear say “Mama everything will be fine”. You’re also the blame for me splurging on cookies past midnight but I’m not complaining. I thank you for always making me feel safe. I thank you for truly loving me for all that I am. You’re such a beautiful soul. You’ll forever be my tiny big sister. I’m so sorry for writing this super late but this time difference has your girl all kinds of 🙊 up lol. Continue to shine beautiful girl. I love you so very much. @allybrookeofficial #23