a detective in the tardis

Quotes that fit a little too well together
  • The Doctor: What am I supposed to do with a ringing phone?
  • Dean: I don't know, maybe pick up the phone and tell us that a ranging psycopath was dropping by!
  • Sherlock: I'm not a psycopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do you research.
  • Castiel: Then again 94% of all psycopaths think they're sane.

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John was very quiet when Sherlock came back from Bart’s, He just sat and stared while he idly fondled a book that the detective had seen from time to time. It was a foolish fantasy book so Sherlock had deleted it multiple times.
Still Sherlock hated it when his doctor did not come to life as he usually did when Sherlock strode in the door. The detective’s forehead wrinkled, “John?”
The bloggers head snapped up with a small gasp.”Huh?….Yes, what have you got?”
Sherlock observed his beloved friend, his eyes narrowing, “Someone has died.” he stated confidently.
John swallowed hard,”He wasn’t murdered, Sherlock, you wouldn’t be interested.” He looked back down at the book he fondled.
“Family member.” Another deduction.
“Not…really. Never met the man actually.” He looked at the cover that had the most ridiculous title. What importance could be in a book called ‘Thud!’?
John got up and carefully shelved the book then turned and embraced Sherlock, shaking slightly in the detectives embrace. “But if Terry Pratchett and his books never existed I would never lived long enough to walk into the lab at Bart’s one January 29th.”
Sherlock blinked in confusion and simply held the man he loved. Later he made tea without being asked and later still…long after John had wearily made his way to bed. Sherlock drifted over to the shelf and tentatively pulled the book off the shelf. Perhaps there was something worthwhile in them after all.
(RIP Sir Terry Pratchett)

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“Another profound change came to the Doctor’s life with the arrival of someone completely unique: River Song. She’s an archaeologist, time traveller, TARDIS pilot, detective, and the Doctor’s future wife. Or is it past wife? Marriage is so complicated!” - Alex Kingston, narrating Farewell To Matt Smith [x]

Professor River Song.Archeologist. 

River Song..Lovely name <3

8 years ago we’ve met the most genıous,strongest character ever..The Queen of Doctor Who..The Child of the Tardis,The Dotor’s Wife,Melody Pond,Detective Melody Malone,Mels Zucker and my favorite character ever…I love her storyline so much..Happy anniversary sweetie :)

Thank you steven Moffat to gave her us 

Jack- Miss.Fisher what are you doing?
Phryne- Come on Jack, let’s play Doctor.

A little mashup edit of my two favorite shows