a detective in the tardis

with-ring-tardis-and-detective submitted:

John was very quiet when Sherlock came back from Bart’s, He just sat and stared while he idly fondled a book that the detective had seen from time to time. It was a foolish fantasy book so Sherlock had deleted it multiple times.
Still Sherlock hated it when his doctor did not come to life as he usually did when Sherlock strode in the door. The detective’s forehead wrinkled, “John?”
The bloggers head snapped up with a small gasp.”Huh?….Yes, what have you got?”
Sherlock observed his beloved friend, his eyes narrowing, “Someone has died.” he stated confidently.
John swallowed hard,”He wasn’t murdered, Sherlock, you wouldn’t be interested.” He looked back down at the book he fondled.
“Family member.” Another deduction.
“Not…really. Never met the man actually.” He looked at the cover that had the most ridiculous title. What importance could be in a book called ‘Thud!’?
John got up and carefully shelved the book then turned and embraced Sherlock, shaking slightly in the detectives embrace. “But if Terry Pratchett and his books never existed I would never lived long enough to walk into the lab at Bart’s one January 29th.”
Sherlock blinked in confusion and simply held the man he loved. Later he made tea without being asked and later still…long after John had wearily made his way to bed. Sherlock drifted over to the shelf and tentatively pulled the book off the shelf. Perhaps there was something worthwhile in them after all.
(RIP Sir Terry Pratchett)

T^T precious bbys~♥

Jack- Miss.Fisher what are you doing?
Phryne- Come on Jack, let’s play Doctor.

A little mashup edit of my two favorite shows


“Another profound change came to the Doctor’s life with the arrival of someone completely unique: River Song. She’s an archaeologist, time traveller, TARDIS pilot, detective, and the Doctor’s future wife. Or is it past wife? Marriage is so complicated!” - Alex Kingston, narrating Farewell To Matt Smith [x]

Professor River Song.Archeologist. 

River Song..Lovely name <3

8 years ago we’ve met the most genıous,strongest character ever..The Queen of Doctor Who..The Child of the Tardis,The Dotor’s Wife,Melody Pond,Detective Melody Malone,Mels Zucker and my favorite character ever…I love her storyline so much..Happy anniversary sweetie :)

Thank you steven Moffat to gave her us 

Welcomee to my first tumblr awards, this is very exciting for me

Rules and what you need to know:
  • mbf this idjit
  • Reblogs will count as entries not likes
  • Your blog has to be a fandom blog and every fandom is welcomed
  • Must reach 50 notes or this never happened, there will be one winner and one runner up
  • But if this gets more than 100 notes there will be not one but two runner-ups and i dont know if it gets a lot more then that there can be even three runner-ups
  • You have time till 4th of March and winners will be announced in 5th of March
  • Best url : the bow tie award
  • Best theme : the impala reward
  • Best posts : the baker street award
  • Best sidebar : the Winchester award
  • Best Sherlock : the consulting detective award
  • Best Doctor Who: the Tardis award
  • Best Supernatural: the team free will award
  • Best multifandom: the skull award
  • My personal favorite: the Elevens award
Winners will get:
  • Promos whenever you want 
  • Link on my sidebar (on a master post)
  • Follow from me if not already
  • Graphic announcing you’ve won
  • An invitation to my network (if you are sherlock, doctor who or supernatural blog)
  • My love and friendship eternally
Runner-ups will get:
  • Follow if not already
  • Graphic announcing you’ve won
  • Group promo
  • Link on my sidebar (on a master post)
  • My love and friendship eternally

Good luck, and may the odds be in your favor! (and never forget that i love every one of you)

Being in the SuperWhoLock fandom is really embarrassing.

On one hand, you got the people that make these amazing fanfictions, crossover gifs, fanart, etc.


What does Sir Terry mean to me?

My father died when I was 17and it was hard. He’d been the stay at home person and we were very close. I was intellectual unlike my siblings and my father liked it, he liked answering my never ending stream of questions and
later watching me as I went and found out answers for myself.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with Sir Terry by now.Well that is fairly easily said….EVERYTHING. I was still figuring out how to be an adult when my father died and after he was gone who did I invariably look to for wisdom in a very confusing world? Sir Terry Pratchett. Through the example of his characters I learned how to be an adult who actually sits down to think about ethics and morals and most importantly whether my actions mark me as a good person. Second thoughts…

Also when my world got darker, as it did for a number of years, his light became that much more important to me. Whenever I wanted to throw my hands up and give up on humanity as a whole, even my own, and start to think of ending my struggles with this life another Discworld book would come along and I would think, “Well, humanity can’t be that bad if we have produced such a wise man as THIS.”

Now, although my world is a MUCH brighter place there is a little spot in my mind that is scared about the next time I fall into that kind of darkness. But I think I will remember that HE didn’t go willingly or gently into the night and so neither should I. But I sure hope I finally get the chance to meet him there on the other side… and if I would truly have my wish it would be over drinks in the Mended Drum. Discworld would be heaven enough for me.


I’ve seen about a billion Follow Forevers on my dash in the last month and keep thinking to myself, man, I wanna fuckin’ do that. And not just to jump on the bandwagon but because I actually did a Follower Forever like a year ago and it was terrible. All of the links were messed up, plus I was too lazy to tag it/contact the people on the list. So basically like, five people saw it and I ended up deleting the whole thing. It was really quite sad. ANYWAY. I wanted to make a new one as an end-of-the-year treat. :) Mutuals are bolded!


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I love you all! Hope everyone has a fantastic New Year!

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Welcome to Corinne and Sara’s first ever tumblr awards! We thought because we both turn 16 within two days of each other, we should celebrate with all of you lovely followers, especially since Corinne is nearly at 1k!!

C A T E G O R I E S 

We’re giving our categories silly names because it’s our birthday and we can.

  • The Spacey Wacey Award - Best Doctor Who
  • The Consulting Detective Award - Best Sherlock
  • The TARDIS Award - Best Multifandom
  • The John Hamish Watson Award - Best URL
  • The Clara Oswald Award - Best Theme
  • The Molly Hooper Award - Best Sidebar
  • The Rory Williams Award - Best Icon
  • The Peter Capaldi Award - Best Overall
  • The Sherlock Holmes Award - Sara’s Favourite
  • The Amelia Pond Award - Corinne’s Favourite

R U L E S 

  • Must be following Corinne AND Sara 
  • Reblog this post! Do not like. You won’t get a party popper if you like this.
  • Fandom blogs only
  • Reblog by the 28th of February.
  • The Awards will be announced when we have the list of winners!
  • Must hit 50 notes, an initial runner up included for every 25 additional notes. (Please don’t let this fail.) 


  • Follow backs for all winners and runner ups! 
  • Solo promos for a month on request for all winners.
  • Best Overall will receive a spot on both of our updates tab
  • Each Favourite will receive a spot on their blog. (So Corinne’s favourite will get a spot on Corinne’s update tab, and Sara’s favourite will get a spot on Sara’s update tab!) 
  • Eternal Glory and fame for all.

Good luck to all who enter!