a description of the stock art


Introducing the character of Yennefer brought with it the need to develop a look for her clothing from scratch. Choosing the color scheme was the simplest part, because all the many descriptions of her in the books made it clear that she always dressed in tasteful combinations of black and white. The books also gave enough information to reconstruct a general style for the sorceress. White shirts with lace trim, long black coats, black trousers or stockings, and highheels — all these elements suggest elegant attire that flatters Yennefer’s figure while accentuating her independent, strong-willed character. This was the starting point for the creation of several versions of the sorceress’ outfit that differed in terms of style and details.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Artbook


Since the previous batch sold out - thanks a lot to those who bought a copy! - and there have been people asking if there’s going to be a reprint: yes, there is going to be a reprint! 

The art book contains 22 full-page colour images with written descriptions briefly explaining the thought process and the ideas behind each design. 

The book costs 25 euros and it ships worldwide (shipping expenses depend on your location). Any future reprints are entirely dependent on the demand which means that I won’t stock these. Now is a rare chance to get this book!

 I’m currently also working on more designs and illustrations to gather material for a second book. This is a heads-up to those who already own the copy of the first book!

If you are interested, let me know by the end of August. Please not that I do not count “strong maybe” or “if the stars align correctly” as answers. “Pretty sure” is good enough. Do let me know if you’re absolutely certain you want one so I’ll know to put enough books aside. Thank you!

Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls

Description: Steve Rogers picks up the pencil again and you’re curious to see the object of his latest sketch.  (fluff)

Word Count: 652

Warnings: your teeth might rot out of your head

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$20/PWYW commissions!

Hey guys! Job search keeps improving and things are looking up, but I still need some quick money for student loan payments. tl;dr a check I’ve been expecting is late and I need to make up the difference 8′D So I’m bringing up this offer again! $20 is the flat rate I charge for a quickly-colored fullbody sketch! The examples below are a bit higher level of detail than the flat rate, but are a good example of what my style looks like these days.

The loan payments are thankfully a manageable size so just a couple commissions should be enough! I’m not doing limited slots though; I’ll just let you know what number in line you are . Once I’ve got your payment and commission details, you’ll be added to my queue! I can forecast about 2 weeks, if not sooner. (Due to some IRL hecticness, I still have to finish the previous batch of commissions, but those are nearing completion - thank you for your patience!!!)

Recent examples of my work! <3


Pretty much anything goes as far as subject matter, except for p.orn/N.SFW material. I reserve the right to reject any requests that make me uncomfortable for any reason (hate speech, personal squicks, etc.) 

I take payment in USD through PayPal only!

Like I mentioned above, a flat $20 will get you a quickly-colored fullbody sketch, but you’re free to send any amount and I’ll adjust the amount of detail accordingly. You’ll get at least a bust sketch in return! :) You can request more than a single character if you send $40+.

Payment and requests/references can be sent to carliemantel@gmail.com ! Visual references are awesome if you already have them, but if you don’t have any visuals (or don’t like drawing), descriptions accompanied by google-image-searched or stock references work too.

The examples above, and more of my art, can be found both on my main blog ghostfiish (tagged /carliedraws) and my art blog rainbowfiish. (feel free to reblog my art if you can’t afford a commission right now ;0)

Thanks for reading! Signal boosts appreciated <3

Things We Know About the Riddler from TheRiddlerSpeaks blog:

·         He considers himself the “information broker of Gotham”.

·         He’s fond of Harley Quinn to a certain extent, but finds her tiring and the company she keeps unsavory.

·         He finds Scarecrow insufferable.

·         His worst fear is losing his intelligence and thus making everything he’s worked for worthless.

·         He’s a coffee drinker (three milk, no sugar) who doesn’t like tea.

·         He can finish any newspaper puzzle in less than 20 minutes.

·         His favorite movies are Forbidden Planet and Dr. Strangelove, and his favorite actor is Peter Cushing, whom he sees as a role model.

·         He flat-out hates the Joker and his methods.

·         He used to love watching late-night horror movies, especially the Hammer Horror films.

·         He swears quite a bit when he’s frustrated or especially angry.

·         His morning routine consists of a copy of the Daily Planet and a large coffee.

·         His mother was a meek woman who often kowtowed to his abusive father and would insist he change his behavior to make his father happy.

·         He doesn’t at all hate people with genuine mental handicaps, reserving his ire for the proudly and willfully ignorant.

·         He considers Black Mask a decent cohort, if not a decent human being, but doesn’t think he has the proper flair that a rogue needs.

·         He has a great deal of respect for his henchgirls, trusts them to take care of themselves, and feels secure enough around them to poke fun at them in their presence.

·         He doesn’t consider killing an emotional endeavor, preferring to look at the bigger picture the death would be part of.

·         He’s thought about pursuing martial arts, but considers himself too old for it these days.

·         He used to be merely a petty thief, but dabbled in blackmail with important figures, one of whom killed himself under his influence

·         He has quite a bit of disdain for the Mad Hatter, thinking he’s a childish one-trick pony who takes the easy way out with his methods.

·         He dropped out of high school and never got a college education.

·         He’s published quite a few of his riddles and get annoyed at how many of these sites and books get the answers wrong.

·         He’s a history nerd who can quote several past rulers and philosophers.

·         He has the following qualifications for henches:

o   You have to have survived in the Gotham underworld for a minimum of four years (eight months for ex-Joker henches.)

o   You have to be able to shoot straight, knock a man unconscious, crack a safe, create and use basic explosives, and answer three out of five introductory riddles correctly.

o   You have to have at least somewhat stable mental health.

o   You have to have some intelligence and common sense with a healthy enough ego not to take remarks personally.

·         He jokes that his dream pet is a robotic spider with the brain of Albert Einstein.

·         He regards golf as “where testosterone goes to die”.

·         He used to use “the Fish” (in reference to Einstein’s logic puzzle) as shorthand for the answer that must be found, but had to stop after the girls started making “fish stick” jokes.

·         He hopes that after his death his brain will be preserved for a clone or robot body; if the brain is unsalvageable, he’s told his henchgirls where he wants his ashes scattered.

·         He did appreciate his secretaries while he was a private detective and is still fond enough of them to keep in touch.

·         He quit being a P.I. after he got bored and sick of not getting any more respect than he did as a criminal.

·         He’s more scared than he cares to admit of Poison Ivy and avoids her at all costs.

·         He gets his suits and masks from “Paul the crime tailor”; he has suits based on seven different basic designs and prefers black slacks because they show less blood.  He also prefers domino masks and three-piece suits.

·         He’d been working odd jobs at 19 years old and making money on the side winning crossword puzzle contests until he was blacklisted by the New York Times.  His first girlfriend convinced him he was better than the Minnesota education system and gave him his first access to someone else’s private records, which he sold for all the money he needed to get to Gotham.

·         He likes purple because it’s a royal color and green because it’s the color of ambiguity and tends to stimulate critical thought

·         He used to be a hardline atheist, but now is more of an agnostic.

·         He sees sex as an inevitable fact of life, but a pointless and pleasureless one; he subscribes to the “Tesla method” of keeping it from being a priority in his life.

·         He finds Victor Zsasz’s methods pretty genius in their own way.

·         He doesn’t like villain team-ups, viewing the clashing egos as a hindrance to accomplishing the task at hand.

·         He thinks the Baker Street Irregulars were an ingenious use of resources and considers them one of the best parts of the Holmes stories.  He looks down on Moriarty as a rarely-used plot device.

·         He doesn’t listen to music very much and sticks to classical on the rare occasions when he does.

·         He was subjected to chemical injections that gave him crippling migraines and a near-death experience under Lock-Up’s reign of terror and was too ill to attend the famous hearing.

·         He does enjoy travelling, though he rarely has the occasion, and went on a national tour outside of Gotham City during No Man’s Land.  He’s also “unashamedly a town mouse”.

·         He’s had his fair share of experiences with groupies and can spot them on sight.  He once hacked a database and put Condiment King at the top of a popularity poll just to see how many fangirls grouped to him at the Iceberg the next night.

·         He tends to mail back fan mail with grammatical corrections, commentary, and the occasional letter grade.

·         He claims to have written part of the Evil Overlord List and says that several of the points are impractical in real life.

·         He’s been inside The Pandora’s Box S&M club and didn’t think it was that shocking.

·         He’s a Leo—he doesn’t put much stock in astrology, but he finds horoscope descriptions fascinating in how broad and scam-like they are.

·         He thinks fetish gear is ridiculous.

·         He has a scar on his shoulder from Query.

·         He denies that his pursuit of Jessica from his “Joker’s Asylum” story ever happened.

·         He has no desire to get involved in any Gotham turf wars, preferring to wait until all the rogues kill each other and Batman off and rise to the top in their absence.

·         He does believe in multiple forms of intelligence, but believes that certain forms and applications are more valuable than others.

·         He doesn’t put much stock in modern art, especially interpretive dance and mime.

·         He despises the “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” riddle and feels similarly toward the riddles in The Hobbit.

·         He never sleeps with his henchgirls, considering them too close to himself in intellect and personality.

·         He has a thing for “striking brunettes”.

·         He’s a big grammar Nazi.

·         He’s “crazy good” at Tetris.

·         He regards loyalty as the greatest weakness a person can have and doesn’t think family is important.

·         He’s very sarcastic and is practically incapable of not taunting people, even when he’s in no position to be mouthing off.

·         He used to have a bit of a crush on Catwoman, but has become more disillusioned with her since the “incident in Rome”.

·         He doesn’t like being called “Mister”—he thinks honorifics are a bit pretentious.

·         He felt a bit sorry for Enigma, but was largely ambivalent to her, regarding her as more of an interesting case than any kind of valuable relationship.

·         He doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings.

anonymous asked:

hi!! if you don't mind, i kinda need some help. see, i plan on writing a story soon, and the love interest character i have in mind is a male yandere. cool, right? thing is. uh. i've never actually written or roleplayed a yandere before, and i'm afraid that instead of writing him like a proper yandere, i'll end up writing him like a stereotypical one, and that's not what i want. do you have any advice or resources on how to write a yandere type of character? itd be a big help!!!

It’s great that you have a yandere story planned - always good to see new writers approaching the subject!

Now, I’m far from a professional-level writer - I wouldn’t even call myself “good”, just “good enough for my purposes” - but maybe there are things I’ve thought of that are worth sharing, whether because they’re useful or because you won’t really find them elsewhere.

Hmm, let’s see…

Amy-sensei’s tips on writing a yandere character

This set of tips is going to be quite thought-heavy to act on, for the most part - the bit at the end after “other tips” is quick and easy, but everything above it is going to require a lot more thought than most other character creation guides you’ll run into. Feel free to skip ahead.

(Well, yandere stories tend to be almost entirely driven by the yandere character, after all, so it’s probably worthwhile.)


The most important thing to remember (and one of the easiest things to forget when writing about an insane character) is to think of your character as a mind. Your character isn’t just an appearance and a bundle of actions. Your character has perception. Your character has thoughts. Your character has thoughts about their own thoughts, which is often the fun part.

(You don’t have to write out the perceptions and thoughts directly - and it tends to be a bad idea unless you’re writing from their point-of-view - but they should show through in your character’s words and actions. Maybe they will say them outright, or lie a little (or a lot), or even just keep them to themselves. You’ll probably have different proportions of each, depending on what your character’s personality is like.)

Anyway, let’s look at how these might work with yandere.

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Two Dancers

Edgar Degas (French, Paris 1834–1917 Paris)

Date: 1873

Medium: Dark brown wash and white gouache on bright pink commercially coated wove paper, now faded to pale pink

Dimensions: 24 1/8 x 15 ½ in. (61.3 x 39.4 cm)

Credit Line: H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Bequest of Mrs. H. O. Havemeyer, 1929

Metropolitan Museum of Art - Accession Number: 29.100.187

See archive for more Degas:  HERE

Description from the Metropolitan Museum of Art: “This freely brushed drawing belongs to the stock of figure studies Degas executed in sepia wash on colored papers for his great rehearsal pictures of the mid-1870s. The dancers are posed to the left and right of the ballet master in The Dance Class (Musée d'Orsay, Paris), begun in 1873, and the one at right also appears, looking into a mirror, in the Metropolitan’s version of 1874 (1987.47.1).”

"Beautiful" Novi Stars bootleg review

I ordered some bootleg Novi Stars dolls from Taobao and they (among other things) arrived today, so being the awesome fucknerd I am, I decided to review them. Mostly because wow.

This was the stock photo I was given in the questionable shop I got them from:

The description said colours and clothes vary, so I ordered four. They were all, to my delight, different.

Before the dolls though, I noticed this box art:

WOW, Ari, you’re looking… Uhm. Sultry. I’m of good mind this is probably stolen fanart but I’ve no proof of that.

Though I have seen (and am actively looking for, btw) Novi Stars fakies with inset eyes like the real things, these just have similarly shaped heads and painted on eyes.

They seem slapped together with no sense of colour or coordination. The blue girl’s my fave simply because WOW, her colour scheme is charming.

The boxes are fairly sturdy for bootlegs, all but one having made it on cheap shipping from China intact but one. However, the dolls are just dropped loose in the boxes and the boxes don’t even have cello-tape on them to seal them in. Seriously. It feels like a silly thing to complain about but really!

The bodies are Barbie-type, so they’re much taller than the real things, with no articulation except a clicking mechanism in the knees. They bodies are clear with glitter and I thought it was kind of cool that you can see the clicky parts until I saw how shoddy they were. Two of the four didn’t work. One could click one position on both knees. The final could click one position on one knee. Here’s a photo of the last one.

My fave part is this Engrish on the box side:

I have a lovely doll, his name is “small cute”.
She has a pair of big eyes, round face,
A cherry small mouth, long legs,
wearing high heels, Walking creaked straight ring.
She has bright eyes, She is always smiling, with her,
My life becomes colorful, when my friends come,
You will say: ‘let us play the baby home",
This to me and my friends to add more fun.
Look! Are they devote oneself
heart and soul to help doll dressed!
Face a excited moment surprised,
They seem to see the children really live in general,
In front of my friends say! Come and play together!
Enjoy the new fashion, experience a new feeling.

So all in all, they’re… well, not that great. But far as amusing bootlegs go, I’m perfectly happy for the price I paid for them! I may even buy more for mapping out some of my more elaborate custom ideas (IE ones that take a dremel) before taking the full plunge.

Next time… maybe I’ll get to reviewing Mullet Clawd.

On Commission References

I’ve made a few replies to bigger posts before saying this exact same spiel but I think it warrants a standalone post of its own.

One of the most common questions I’m asked when doing commissions is, “What kind of references do you need?”

To the artist this seems like an almost no-brainer question, but I’d say that at least one out of five commissioners asks me this. And the short answer to this question?


All the references.

Actors/models/stock photos of people eating watermelon/criminal mugshots/whatever you can find that looks like your character, art done of them by you or other artists, written descriptions (RP profiles, story introductions, on the spot descriptions), MMO screenshots. Body type, eye color, visible scars/piercings/tattoos, freckles, acne, birthmarks, missing teeth, preferred hair style, jewelry, personality traits, hobbies, there is no such thing as too many references and too long of a description. If you stop to ask yourself, “Is this reference list too long?” the answer is NO IT IS NOT.

Unless you’re paying someone to specifically design the character for you using their own aesthetics and will be happy with whatever they come up with, an artist cannot have too many ideas to work with to make your character come to life as the little person living in your head. 

When I’m given something like just a WoW armory link (for example), I lack confidence because I don’t really know this character at all– I see them in a static generic pose with the generic expression and a low-poly in-game model. Do I draw them with a huge grin? Or are they more the scowly type? What color are their eyes? Is this their favorite in-character outfit, or did you just log out in your raiding gear? The result of this lack of confidence is a carefully neutral expression and a generic pose with a lot of guessed details (and also a lot of missing ones).

And that’s what sketch reviews are for, but the less an artist has to rework, the more confident and natural an image looks overall.


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Gamer’s Handbook of the Marvel Universe 1-4 by TSR (1988).  This series repackaged the art and character descriptions from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition (1985) for use with TSR’s Marvel Super Heroes role playing game.  The series featured great cover art by Jeffrey Butler and high-quality paper stock in 8 1/2′ x 11″ format that was a step up in quality from the original series.