a derpy story

Tris: -looks back- KAT WHAT THE HELL-
Kat: Dunno. Huge mystery.
Kat: Dunno.
Kat: Why? It was just laying there.
Kat: It looked so lonely.

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You have a rather intimidating appearance. Has anyone been afraid of you before they really got to know you?

I’m…..not myself when I get angry, ever since the incident I don’t like talking about….Maybe I should explain the story, but when I feel like talking about it, I never even told Derpy the story. I think I should tell her first.


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Mod Elixer: Welp, turns out that I have to separate the part I wanted as one into two parts now, uugh... >.<

Well, other than that minor issue, I figured out how to organize the boxes for drawings so that it doesn’t clog up the dashboard as much, yay!~ I also had a total blast drawing these, even figured out a new, easier brush setting for my lineart!~ I really love drawing my Starswirl, huehehe!~ >w<

I find it amazing that in a lot of comics(professional or amateur) when
someone(usually the antagonist or protagonist) does something unexpected
to their ‘opposite’ the opposite asks, “How did you do that?” Then the
antagonist/protagonist tells them in detail. That has to be the
stupidest thing an antagonist/protagonist to do. Common sense should
tell the antagonist/protagonist to know reveal how they did what they
just did.
I want to avoid bad clichés like that in the telling of this story.

Dave the Babarian by Roy Macintosh

An unappreciated Disney toon that makes Family Guy even more shitty now! It’s Righteous time!

Jesus, people, I had that dream again. You know the one where the Kardashians were raping us out of our time and money again? Undermining that, Dave the Babarian is practically one of the funniest things Disney ever created. I’ll say it was certainly funnier than that show with the jaundice infected city. And again, it’s another cartoon in the 20th decade. That’s another blow to the late 90s, people. It only lasted a season and, thanks to the internet, I was angry at Disney. However, thanks to the internet, Youtube is the main source for all 40 episodes. I apologize Disney for all I’ve said before (especially for my Toy Story slash fic). With that said, what’s the deal?

Can somebody turn off my microwave please? Now, the story here is as simple as logging off Tumblr. We have Dave the Babarian starring Dave the Babarian. Now you may think, looking at Dave, he’s gonna be Schwarzenegger with Candace Flynn and Dot Warner. However, one thing makes this totally different and better on TV:

He’s the biggest pussy in the Middle Ages. He actually wanted to be a librarian that’s also a barber. Huh, I wonder what Nickelodeon actually means? Guess we’ll never know. I’ll say this, though, his cowardice gave me some of the best episodes in the show. Remember kids, if you’re a muscular guy, stay away from Florida. Learning this will make you detest America even more.

One down, people. With the others, there’s Princess Candy. Basically, imagine Candace Flynn that’s a good queen (first one, Disney) and is not representing a dark innuendo. She actually does more than Dave, not saying a lot, and I find her horse the better joke. That reminds me of a tragic story of Derpy Hooves and the can of fudge. But my favorite character is indeed Fang, or Dot Warner. She’s, ‘cuse me a sec, a cross between both Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm of The Flintstones. With her running gag with people confusing her for a monkey (Nope). Frankly, I thought she looked like the fusion of Icky Vicky and Fuu from Champloo.

Just imagine her with cartoony eyes. Then we have Uncle wizard Oswidge; one of the best Foxy Grandpas that ever existed. I’ll especially love his actor, Kevin Richardson, who also played the Boogie pimp. Give a round for this Darth Lazer, and his swinging ass tone, cause he’s basically badass in every role he has. 

“Once I commited to acting, this has been it.”

Then we have Faffy; he’s basically every other of Frank’s role. Lastly, we have our narrator. I actually find this one better than the one from Powerpuff girls. Both could be equally slick, but this narrator actually talks with the characters beside one episode. I’m just saying, why can’t the background people talk to their audience? Hell, Roy’s not even my full name. Then again, I do have to keep my identity a secret for the greater good. HEY, DIDN’T YOU ONCE HAVE A SEL- Sorry for that cut, I’ll whack him later. Continuing, I haven’t even given the main plot of the series. With Dave and the Gang, this here sums it up nicely.

There, except for the first one there. Remember kids, TV-G. With Dave the Babarian, it made The Flinstones look boring. BOO! I’m just saying, guys, in comparison Disney offered us something way funnier. My god, their villain is a fucking talking pig! I’ll say with this, he gave my best episode in the series. It’s where Dark Lord Chuckles the silly piggy (fucking brilliant) kidnaps the narrator and makes up his own episode. The Powerpuff Girls did this before, and both were hilariously awkward. When the new “The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy Will Destroy You All Variety Hour” (Bitch, genius!), this gave the 4th wall a branded definition. You thought Deadpool was a 4th wall breaker? He is Michael Jackson’s 2nd nose-job compared to this 30-min episode. Let’s just say I feel certain joy when we’re given something out of the norm.

“Jesus Vigoda, I daydreamed another internet reviewer made a bad joke for once.”

This show was pretty great, even if it was short lived. It’s weird because it lived long as much as the Buzz on Maggie and Cory in the House, but survived more than most of Disney’s real life shitcoms. When I say survive, I meant they received better treatment and are worthy of reruns. Seriously, fuck Montana! With what they gave, creator Doug Langdale certainly promised to actually try making us laugh and remember this fondly (except people are too simple with nostalgic tastes). Doug is now later working on the new Halloween movie, The Book of Life. Please people, watch this movie. It has a great setup, good design, and Guillermo Del Toro. That should be enough to give 'em their money!

And that’s just the fan art of what’s to come. As for Dave the Babarian, check it out on Youtube. I’ll definition show this more appreciation later on this month. This show was great, and I’ll continue to watch it illegally. I’m Roy Macintosh, love and peace, and I’m giving another point to Disney. YOU’RE NOT GONNA GIVE US WHY ON THE FAN ART ABOVE? Hey, I have to give them something besides this appreciation speech. Have a great day.

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Aww your so cute Aero! But back to the matter at hooves! Is your dad working at torchwood still?

Writer Note: The Warden that appears in this comic is not the same Warden that appears in Discorded Whooves/Torchwood.

In this story Derpy and Warden are married and have Aero, in Discorded Whooves, the relationship between Warden and Derpy has not been revealed yet, but I can promise you that it’s not romantic/sexual in nature, at all.


Doctor Whooves and Assistant: “Star Struck” Part 1