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I'd like to know what the original names of Undertaker, Finnian, Agni, and Snake were. Is Earl Ciel, Sebastian's first contracted human? Why did Soma decide to save Agni's life? Does the manga explain about Snake's life before he joined Noah's Circus?

Phew! Ok, but give me a moment. On my phone, so I can’t see your ask while I’m typing my reply. Will have to post a partial reply and then edit it….

Undertaker – I think he’s really the Cedric K. Ros-(something) mentioned as the father of Vincent (and Frances) on the earl’s family tree…. This would mean he had been a reaper for some time and had already abandoned the post before siring these children… as odd as it sounds.

Agni – was given that name by Soma, right? No idea what his name was originally, but he was (I think) from a family long-associated with a religious order of Hinduism – he was in the religious caste in Bengal. It should have led to the life of an ascetic, but he rebelled and had become a lush and a lech. Since he was being put to death, his behavior had reached a serious low point; he had fallen into a life of debauchery and crime. Prince Soma saved Agni because he saw potential in him to be useful. That’s about the extent of the reason given….

Finny – who knows. The research facility simply labeled him S-12, since he was the twelfth of who knows how many test subjects. He knows at least some German, though that could be simply from being at that facility for who knows how long. Either that… or German might have been his original language, and the researchers spoke something else (English would be my guess, since Sebastian had to teach him to read/write but didn’t have to teach him how to *speak* English), so he was slowly losing his German. Since the earl was *surprised* that Finny spoke/understood German, I’m now thinking it was his first language, and that the research facility might have been elsewhere…. If that’s the case, then he probably had a German name (if he ever had a real name at all).

Snake – The circus troupe named him Snake, right? It’s entirely possible his parents never named him…. There’s been no real account of his life before joining the troupe… other than that he hadn’t been accepted anywhere or by anyone until the circus troupe came along? I *vaguely* recall something about a freak show that was less-than-kind to him. Perhaps he had once been abused/neglected as a freak show attraction, like caged…. But this could just be in my head, IDK.


Regarding Sebastian, no; I don’t think it’s his first contract. His last contract had been some time before, apparently. The comment about dancing the Viennese Waltz suggests he was active in Austria sometime after 1750 (but a good deal before 1886, since he was apparently sleeping when the earl summoned him). There’s a good chance he had a contract with either a Hapsburg or someone with strong connections to them (in order to attend dances at Schönbrunn Palace). I’d be interested to know more about that “stint”… and what his given name might have been then. Before that? I haven’t a clue. The manga hasn’t given any other clues to his activities before this contract, not that I’ve noticed anyway.


Thanks for the asks!