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Kansas man shoots two Indian men he thought were Middle Eastern, killing one of them

  • On Wednesday, a suspect allegedly shouted “get out of my country” before opening fire at two Indian men at a bar in Olathe, Kansas.
  • Adam Purinton, 51, reportedly targeted two Indian men — Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani — before shooting his third victim at Austin’s Bar and Grill. 
  • Kuchibhotla died from the shooting. Purinton was charged with first-degree murder for the death of Kuchibhotla, and was also charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder.
  • Ian Grillot, the third victim, was shot after trying to stop Purinton from his shooting rampage, according to Kansas City Star
  • Purinton then ran from the scene to an Applebee’s in Clinton, Mo., where he told a bartender he had killed two Middle Eastern men. Read more (2/24/17 9:13 AM)

3 men charged with hate crimes in shooting of transgender woman Deeniquia Dodds

  • A Washington, D.C., grand jury indicted three men — Jalonte Little, Monte T. Johnson and Cyheme Hall — in connection with the killing of 22-year-old Deeniquia Dodds, a black transgender woman, the Washington Post reported. 
  • Dodds was shot during a robbery on July 4 and died nine days later in the hospital.
  • Little, Johnson and Hall were charged in a robbery conspiracy and for first-degree felony murder that prosecutors in the indictment say was motivated by Dodds’ gender identity. Read more. (3/11/17, 12:56 PM)

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Woman kills boyfriend by forcing him to drink bleach, prosecutors say
Authorities say Yasmine Elder, 26, laughed when she was told her boyfriend might die from injuries. An autopsy revealed he suffered chemical burns to his esophagus and stomach.

“Yasmine Elder was charged with first-degree murder in the gruesome death of Darius Ellis, a killing prosecutors say was spurred by a heated argument that turned physical.

The two were sitting in a van shortly after Elder got off work early Monday from her job at an area bakery when the couple got into an argument. As the dispute turned physical, Elder — who authorities say weighed about 77 pounds more than her boyfriend — allegedly climbed on top of Ellis and grabbed him by his dreadlocks to gain control of him. Ellis, 26, was lying between the bucket seats at that time.

“The defendant placed her knee on the victim to hold him down,” Cook County assistant state’s attorney Joseph Carlson said during Elder’s bond hearing Thursday. “There was a bottle of bleach inside the van; the defendant and victim struggled with the bottle. The defendant then poured the bleach on the victim’s face, dousing him, and causing the bleach to go down his throat.”

Elder eventually got off Ellis and left the van. Ellis drove himself to the apartment of a friend, where he told multiple witnesses Elder poured bleach down his throat. Ellis collapsed on the landing of his friend’s apartment building and began to foam at the mouth.

He was rushed to the hospital, but died hours later from his injuries. An autopsy revealed Ellis had a bruise and abrasions to his left cheek and bruises to his head and back as well as chemical burns to his stomach and esophagus. Tests of the contents of the man’s stomach revealed his pH levels — the measure of concentration of hydrogen in the body — were between 12 and 13. Normal pH levels are 5 to 6.

Carlson said after the ambulance left, the witnesses walked to the victim’s family home to let them know what happened. One of the witnesses saw Elder walking near the home and confronted her about the injuries sustained by the victim.

The witness told investigators Elder admitted to pouring bleach on her boyfriend. She “then laughed at the witness when she was informed that the victim might die,” Carlson said.

Elder was arrested later Monday. At the time of her arrest, she had an injury to her hand consistent with a bleach burn.”

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Do you mind explaining the differences of first,second, and third degree murder?

First degree murder is killing with intent and also therefore premeditated murder. Second degree murder is killing but with the intent to harm, at the very least. For example, shooting somebody in the arm and as a result they bleed to death or beating somebody up and as a result, they die. Another example of third degree murder is a non-planned murder which is not committed in the “heat of the moment.” Third degree is killing as a result of negligence. For example, drunk driving, or child neglect.

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The Klansman who murdered a black man in NYC just got his charges upped to First Degree Murder as Terrorism, from 2nd (!) degree hate crime murder. Calls to the DA office works, gang. They run for office like everyone else, and you should track whos a shit and who ain't. Elections this November.

Get active on local shit, those people control tons of shit.

Jay Z, Weinstein Company to Make Trayvon Martin Film and Documentary Series (EXCLUSIVE)
Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and the Weinstein Company are partnering on an ambitious series of film and television projects about Trayvon Martin, Variety has learned.
By Justin Kroll, Brent Lang

The indie label and the rap icon won a heated bidding war for the rights to two books — “Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It” and “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin.” The 2012 shooting of the 17-year-old Martin sparked a national debate about racial profiling and inequities of the criminal justice system that brought about the Black Lives Matter movement. The African-American high school student was killed by George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old mixed race Hispanic man, who was a member of the neighborhood watch in his Florida community. He claimed he shot Martin, who was unarmed, in self defense after the two became involved in a physical altercation. Zimmerman’s acquittal on a second-degree murder charge inspired protests around the country.

“Suspicion Nation” is by Lisa Bloom and recounts her experience covering the trial for NBC. She looks at the mistakes made by prosecutors that caused them to lose what she describes as a “winnable case.” “Rest in Power” is by Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. It tells a more personal story, looking at Martin’s childhood and the aftermath of his death.

The plan is to make a six-part docu-series with Jay Z producing as part of a first-look deal he signed with the studio last September. The indie studio will also develop a narrative feature film. The Weinstein Company earned critical raves for “Fruitvale Station,” another true story, about the death of Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man who was killed in 2009 by a BART police officer.

The Weinstein Company confirmed the deal, but declined to offer comment.

There were several other studios interested in the project, including Fox Searchlight, Universal on behalf of Will Packer, and Ted Field. The Weinstein Company closed the deal last week. TWC honchos Harvey Weinstein and David Glasser had a marathon meeting on Oscar weekend in their Los Angeles office with Jay Z and Martin’s parents. They made it clear that they were most concerned with seeing their son’s life and legacy honored.

The authors were represented by Jan Miller and Lacy Lynch of Dupree Miller & Associates. Glasser, Weinstein, and Jay Z brokered the deal for the company.

  • First degree: You planned it out beforehand and then killed someone (example: many murder cases in drama and fiction)
  • Second degree: You didn't necessarily plan it, but you definitely meant to kill the person. (examples: armed robbbery, bar fight resulting in death, drive-by shooting, gang fights, etc etc etc)
  • Voluntary manslaughter: You didn't necessarily mean to kill them beforehand or have any real need to kill them, but you lost your shit and did. Also called a "crime of passion" murder, or third degree murder. (example: person A learns that person B is cheating on them with person C so in the moment of this discovery they're filled with rage and kill person B, C, or both. Also see: The Warfstache Affair.)
  • Involuntary manslaughter: You didn't mean to kill the person at all and were aware of what you were doing but you were an idiot and caused someone else's death (examples: DUI, vehicular manslaughter, criminal negligence, unsafe working conditions resulting in death, etc)
  • a disclaimer however that I do not have a law degree nor any sort of legal voice, but only did research for the sake of writing and helping others with their terminology should they not know the different classifications of homicide according to U.S. law
  • Erik & Lyle Menendez’s defense. 

After being charged with first-degree murder in the Aug. 20, 1989, for the killings of their father, defense lawyers say they acted out of fear for their lives. Three days after Lyle Menendez had threatened to disclose years of sexual abuse by his father. They say Jose Menendez sexually molested his older son from the ages of 6 to 8 and his younger son from the ages of 6 to 18.The brothers are claiming self-defense in the same manner that battered wives have successfully argued that killings of abusive husbands are justified even at a moment when they are not under physical attack.

Serial killer Edmund Kemper developed a fixation on pain and death from a very early age. As a child, young Edmund would often steal his sisters dolls and mutilate them, cutting off their heads and hands (he would repeat this symbolic behavior with his coed victims). From age 10 Kemper would also play a macarbe game with his younger sister where she would tie Edmund to a chair and pretend to throw gas pellets at him - Edmund would thrash and scream as he stimulated dying slowly in a prison gas chamber.

When he was found guilty on eight counts of first-degree murder in 1973, the presiding judge asked Kemper what he felt an appropriate punishment would be. Kemper immediately responded “death by torture”.

youtube in 8 months

For the first time in 2 weeks, a Youtuber has commited first degree murder. This time, it was GamerPastaPie, a 5 Million Subscriber Let’s Play channel. You vaguely remember watching a Slender Playthrough of his in 2013. The day after Youtube suspends his channel, videos like “SJW Brigade accuses GamerPastaPie of MURDER!?!?! #DramaAlert #PastaPieGate” and “Why I Stand With GamerPastaPie and against Censorship” begin burrowing out from underground like rabbits. You have gotten used to this, and decide to check out the controversy on Twitter. You begin to see everyone that made a collab video with GamerPastaPie bend themselves backwards to give him a big pat on the back and fervently deny the fact the fact he killed that young man. “Keep up the good videos, Pasta, and don’t let Andrew Burgundy’s haters drag you down. :)”, a 2 hour old tweet by fellow Let’s Player and verified user SpaceRayGaming. A few days pass, Keemstar and Scarce both get a bit richer, and an apology obviously written by his PR guys pops on Twitter. Around a week later, after seeing a let’s play of Rocket League from the newly unsuspended GamerPastaPie pop up in your feed, you catch a video in the corner of your eye, “Why PervertParade23 did NOT fuck a dead goat”.  You stare aghast at your screen. The cycle begins to start anew.


America’s Youngest Killers
Curtis and Catherine Jones

In 1999, Curtis and Catherine Jones at the time were youngest people charged with first degree murder. They pled guilty to second degree murder and served 18 years.

On the 6th of January 1999 in Florida,  the Jones siblings shot dead their fathers girlfriend, Sonya Speights. Their original plan also involved shooting their father and another relative living at the address, however after the shooting they hid in the woods, where police caught them the next day.

Media at first claimed the shooting to be about jealousy, the kids didn’t get as much attention as Sonya but this was far from the truth. In actual fact, the kids endured a string of abuse by the other relative living with them. Welfare new of the abuse yet did nothing and so did both their father and Sonya, they also shrugged it off.

The relative was convicted of sexually assaulting his girlfriends daughter in 1993, he moved in to the Jones home and even shared a room with Curtis. Catherine also claimed he would masterbate watching her shower.

In 2015, Curtis and Catherine Jones were released from prison