a definition

like here’s the thing.

there are plenty of “autistic things” that allistic people also do.

however, there’s a higher likelihood of autistic people doing those things because they’re autistic, and autistic people will more likely have a large group of “autistic things,” whereas allistic people probably only have a few.

please if you’re allistic stop commenting like “i don’t think that’s an autistic thing, i do that too” on posts that talk specifically about autism. they are autistic things when autistic people do them.

“Sometimes, I think I accomplish more with my fists than with my law firm. Sometimes, I don’t really care. All I know is that the Kitchen’s quiet tonight … and that’s good.”

death defying acts - a Matt Murdock fanmix → [ listen ]

01. kasabian - explodes | 02. the civil wars - devil’s backbone | 03. angus & julia stone - death defying acts | 04. the black keys - turn blue | 05. florence + the machine - seven devils | 06. east india youth - looking for someone | 07. sia - elastic heart | 08. cherry ghost - my god betrays | 09. blue foundation - eyes on fire | 10. kasabian - underdog | bonus. daniel barenboim - frédéric chopin: nocturne no.1 in b flat minor, op.9 no.1


i have thought this exact thought about so many burgers before. legit there is a burger i ate like three years ago that i still think about and sort of hum mariah carey and boyz II men’s “one sweet day” about…

Hey, guys, I just want to note that you cannot, actually, balance out “hurry the fuck up and post” with “no pressure.”

And as I have said before, I am probably the most transparent writer in fandom, since I say what I’m writing and how much I’m writing when I’m writing and if I have an ETA, I say as much.  I’ve also been pretty clear about the fact that I’m a full time graduate student, that it’s the end of the semester, and that I am currently writing final papers for school.  I don’t appreciate getting ordered to post something that doesn’t currently exist.  (For that matter, I don’t appreciate getting ordered to post something that does exist, since under normal circumstances (like Wake or Gambit) I write a chapter ahead, but with concept writing I post as I go.)

Please remember that fan writers do this in their free time and without pay.  While I appreciate that people like what I write and would like to have more of it, and as a reader, I understand what it’s like to want to know what happens next, being yelled at is not going to produce it any faster or, indeed, at all.