a deezy

I got tagged my @musclesforeveryone

Name: Courtney

Nickname: too ridiculous to share lol. my bff calls me deezy tho

Gender: Female

starsign: Cancer

Height: 5′3 (and a very important ½ inch)

Sexuality: bi

Hogwarts house: I always have to take a quiz for this but I’m too lazy rn lol

Fav animal: dogs

Average hrs of sleep: abysmal 

Current time: 8:17am

Blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream trip: any warm beach with unlimited alcohol lol

Dream Job: If I could get paid to read fic all day, I would never complain again 👌😜

When I made my blog:this one is about a year old but I’ve been on tumblr for 5

Followers: 1800 give or take a few 

Account peak: not sure

Why i made a tumblr: I made this one to keep fitness stuff separate from fandom stuff but it kinda bleeds together because I’m just not capable of not reblogging Lana Parrilla 😍😂

Reason for url: it was my original goal. my goal has changed but my url hasn’t so people still recognize me haha. I might change it some point soon tho.🤔🤔