a decepção


mist and shadow
cloud and shade
all shall fade

all shall fade




helloooo !! so many of you guys have been asking for tips on how to study for o levels, so i made this !! sorry i didn’t have much time, hope this would suffice !! ☺️☺️ JC life is pretty tough, first week and i’m already struggling to stay afloat tbh HAHA. don’t take your secondary school life for granted guys!!!! hope this helps!! 💪🏼💪🏼

good luck on your o levels ❤️ miss you guys loads!!

also good luck for those receiving your a level results 🍀👍☺️


On this day in music history: February 18, 1987 - The single “Sign ‘O’ The Times” by Prince is released. Written and produced by Prince, it is the twenty seventh single release for the singer, songwriter and musician from Minneapolis, MN. The first single and title track from his ninth album, Prince writes the introspective “Sign 'O’ The Times” in early 1986. The musician reflects on numerous topics dominating the news at that time including poverty, drug abuse, gang violence, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and the AIDS crisis. He begins working on the track at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA on July 15, 1986, performing nearly all of the songs instrumentation on a Fairlight CMI synthesizer. Rather than programming his own sounds into the keyboard, Prince uses the stock settings already programmed in it. He also records his vocals at the studio, with engineer Susan Rogers setting up the board and a microphone for him in the control room. Prince then shows the engineer out of the room, locking the door behind him and tracking his vocals entirely on his own. “Sign” is initially slated to be part of his ambitious but aborted album projects “Dream Factory” and “Crystal Ball”. When those albums are shelved, the song becomes the title track and one of the main centerpieces for the double album that is released in their place. Released six weeks in advance of the “Sign 'O’ The Times” album, the song is backed with the non LP B-side “La, La, La, He, He, Hee” co-written with singer Sheena Easton. The picture sleeve for the single features photos of background singer and dancer Cat Glover on the front and back. Though when the record is first released, an erroneous rumor circulates saying that it is actually Prince in drag on the front covering his face with a large heart cutout. Cat is also featured on the back of the sleeve, holding one of Prince’s custom made “Cloud” guitars (first seen in “Purple Rain” and originally painted white) made by Minneapolis luthier David Husain (now resprayed a peach color). “Sign 'O’ The Times” spends three weeks at number one on the Billboard R&B singles chart beginning on April 11, 1987, peaking at number three on the Hot 100 on April 25, 1987.

We are so fucking lucky to have Beyoncé in our lives jus know that like mama dances in heels, gives us so many fuckin visuals, hits all her notes and then some, and gives it her ALL on stage 100% of the time and literally NOBODY else does that we take her for granted so much and she’s such a hard working person literally her only competition is herself she is so ahead of the game and she has inspired so many people around the world with her music and ALL of her albums are masterpieces like who the fuck can record 14 songs and 17 FUCKKN music videos in secrecy while on tour like how the fuck is that possible her work ethic is unreal and I TRULY believe she is the best of the best like no one will ever be able to do what she has done and she’s not even done yet