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Interview Excerpt- 7th Sea RPG

Q: Like many people, my concept of historical sword fighting mostly comes from pop culture, and I know my knowledge is built on a lot of myths. What are the most common myths you’ve encountered?

Samantha: The first is a strange myth that medieval swords weren’t actually sharpened much, or were mostly bludgeoning tools.

We know that medieval and Renaissance swords were very sharp, partly from surviving museum examples, through forensic evidence of damage to deceased fighters, and via documentation from the period. Also, feders—the sword-like tools that historical fencing schools used to train safely—are strangely-shaped so that they can simulate the weight, balance and other characteristics of a fully-sharpened sword. Essentially, there’s no sense in carrying around a 3 foot long blade if one isn’t going to use it as a blade!

Below: Examples of the bizarrely-shaped historical sports weapon known as the ‘feder’, designed to simulate the weight, balance and motion of a sharpened steel sword. Despite very few remaining physical examples, federn were the standard training and tournament weapon of fencing competitions during the German Rennaissance, and remained in use well into the 18th century.[1]


Another myth many people love to hold onto is the idea that ‘swords were extremely heavy’. They weren’t. The average weight of any actively-used sword throughout the Middle Ages was a mere 1-3 pounds. Most single-handed arming swords were around 1 pound in weight, even Viking swords! In the case of Viking swords, they were secondary weapons, mainly used for cutting at exposed areas, not used for smashing into wooden shields (that’s what other shields and axes were for..!)

The later weapon, the longsword, averaged around 2-3 pounds in weight. The rapier was heavier than most people think and was around the same weight as a longsword, but the since it was a single-handed tool the weight was distributed more close to the hilt, allowing freer movement of its long, narrow blade.

Larger two-handed swords gained popularity in war and for ceremonial use from the 16th-17th centuries, and their size varied depending on different, specialised functions. Swords used in dueling tended to be smaller than those employed to hew through large groups of enemies at a time (such as the famous montante, from the Iberian Peninsula). Two handed ‘schlachtschwert‘ (battle swords) were very large but still dynamic and well-balanced. Their great size made them well-suited for ceremonial use. Even ‘bearing’ swords, extremely large swords used only in parades to impress onlookers from great distance, were built to fighting-sword standards. Surviving examples of bearing swords are excellent examples of craftsmanship, and like battle swords, are only around 6-8 pounds. However a modern misunderstanding about the context of such weapons contributes to the myth of the oversized, overly-heavy medieval sword.

The good guide to debunking such myths is to remember that a tool is made to be useful, and in a fight, any excess weight will slow you down. Weapons and armour-makers intelligently designed their equipment to be as strong, lightweight and efficient as possible.

[1] Roger Norling, ‘A Call to Arms!’ 4 July 2012

If you want to hear me talk about 17th-century pirates, European weapons, the differences between a trained swordsman and a rough n’ tumble fighter, how to create believable combat in tabletop RPGs, and my take on That Duel in the Princess Bride, check out the rest of my interview here!

What is 7th Sea?

7th Sea is a tabletop roleplaying game of swashbuckling and intrigue, exploration and adventure, taking place on the continent of Theah, a land of magic and mystery inspired by our own Europe.

Players take the roles of heroes thrown into global conspiracies and sinister plots, exploring ancient ruins of a race long-vanished and protecting the rightful kings and queens of Theah from murderous villains. Find out more here!

For some reason I’m watching “The Real Exorcist” starring Bob Larson and I’m reminded why people hate him so much. A man from Nigeria came to him and told him that he had been having dreams where he was eating a meal with his deceased grandmother and Larson is like DEMON OH MY IT HAS TO BE AN EVIL DEMON THOSE AFRICAN DEMONS ARE A DOOZY. Give me a break. Then he basically assaults this poor guy in the name of “healing” him.
While I do believe in possession I recognize that it is very rare and often hard to identify. The fact that Larson can supposedly find 3-5 possessed people per episode within a certain area would be laughable if it wasn’t so exploitative.



And the weird thing is that the same thing happened yesterday and I didn’t touch it then either and nobody even uses that shower i’m deceased 

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Kristian Im sorry to bother you but I feel terrible my cat was poisoned and she was already deceased when I found her this morning i feel horrible i feel like angela :(

omfg YOU ARE NO BOTHER 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 this is the absolute worst and I am so sorry anon ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Asmat ancestor skull for sale!

This bizarre tribal human skull was decorated by the Asmat peoples of New Guinea! While they are famous for their headhunting, this particular item is not a trophy skull. It is a contemporary “Ancestor Skull” - the skull of a deceased relative, exhumed in an effort to strengthen their spiritual connection and call forth spiritual guidance and protection.

Contact BuySkulls@gmail.com for alternative payment arrangements or additional information! This specimen can be shipped worldwide, anywhere the ownership of human osteology is legal. Buy it now on www.SkullStore.ca or in-store Friday-Sunday (12-6pm) at 1193 Weston rd, Toronto.


CSI: S01Ep09 - Unfriendly Skies
No blood. No saliva.
Nick: What about prints?
Well, suede leather’s a tough gig. It’s too porous.

Nick: Hey. Are you losing your touch there, Einstein?
(He picks up the photos of the deceased’s back and holds it up to the back of the suede jacket.)
Coroner’s photos of the dead guy’s back. Multiple horseshoe-shaped bruises. Those are definitely shoeprints.

Greg: Yeah. Looks like somebody stomped on your dead guy.

Headcanons about the Newtina Wedding

Graves gives Tina away in place of her deceased father, Theseus is Newt’s best man, Queenie and Jacob provide the food. The Niffler gets a place of honour in the ceremony because if not for its escape, the happy couple would never have had a conversation. It gets a special piece of jewellery as a present. To prevent the Niffler from getting distracted, everyone is told not to wear anything shiny and the table settings are all wooden. (In any case, Tina and Newt think the guests’ presence is more important than whether they show up wearing jewellery.)

The humans are of course unaware that Dougal had already foreseen this happy day, but Newt isn’t too surprised at his sudden appearance swiping some of Queenie and Jacob’s desserts. Everyone comments on what great dads Newt and Jacob would make as they deal with Dougal.

(The Graves and Jakueenie bits are inspired by other headcanons I saw previously.)

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As a fic writer, I was very interested in your post about Jewish characters in the DCTV universe! If it's not too much trouble, could you maybe list the canonically Jewish characters who have appeared in the show so far, whether they are Jewish in the comics or not? Christmas is approaching in one of my fics and I don't want to write characters as celebrating the wrong holiday by mistake! D:

Of course! Sadly we only have a few canonical ones:

-Martin stein

-Al rothstein (deceased)

-Rory Regan

-felicity smoak

-Ray Palmer (although he’s never stated it outright he is Jewish in the comics)

-in some continuities Barry Allen is Jewish

-Clark Kent

It’s really early in the morning so I probably forgot some people who are Jewish in the comics, so I apologize!

Trans musician Cash Askew among 36 killed in Oakland warehouse fire
Three transgender women are feared dead in an Oakland warehouse fire and other LGBTQ artists and partygoers are listed among the missing.

Authorities confirmed that at least 36 people died after a fire broke out in an Oakland warehouse-turned-artists’ community Friday night. Some of the victims are believed to be members of the LGBTQ community. Transgender musician Cash Askew, 22, of dream-pop band Them Are Us Too was one of 11 victims identified by authorities as of Monday morning. According to Scout Wolfcave, founder of the Trans Assistance Project, two other trans women are also feared among the deceased: Feral Pines and Em Bohlka. The other victims named at this time are David Cline, 24; Nick Gomez-Hall, 25; Sara Hoda, 30; Travis Hough, 35; Donna Kellogg, 32; and Brandon Chase Wittenauer, 32. Other LGBTQ artists and attendees are still missing, and CNN reports that members of the transgender community are assisting law enforcement in identifying victims. The Trans Assistance Project is raising funds to help with the funeral expenses of trans women who died in the fire. By the time crews stopped working Sunday night due to safety concerns, 36 bodies had been removed from the wreckage. Oakland Batt. Chief Melinda Drayton told ABC 7 that they had searched approximately 70 percent of the building and crews were anxious to continue searching despite the risk. While authorities expect the death toll to rise, they said they didn’t know when they’d be able to re-enter the building, which was starting to lean, on Monday. No survivors have so far been found inside the building. That fact, combined with a list of people still unaccounted for, has some preparing for the possibility that their friends and loved ones didn’t make it out alive. “It just doesn’t seem that that’s a fire that’s survivable,” Southern California artist Anneke Hiatt told CNN, “so the reality, I think for a lot of us, is beginning to set in.” In the wake of the tragedy, members of queer and creative communities are saying, “It could have been us.” Spaces like the converted warehouse known as the Ghost Ship have long served as a refuge for artists on the margins…

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NAME :  arya stark
AGE :   17-21
SPECIES :   warg / skinwalker 
GENDER :   female
ORIENTATION :   demisexual biromantic
PROFESSION :   former assassin / spy/detective/dogsitter for hire


   short + lean verging on underweight 
HAIR :   black + dark chestnut brown in the sun
EYES :   grey.
SKIN :    tan
HEIGHT :   5′3


  stark descendent
SIBLINGS :   robb ( deceased ) jon ( missing; presumed dead ) sansa ( missing ) bran ( missing; presumed dead ) rickon ( missing; presumed dead )
PARENTS :   eddard stark ( deceased ) catelyn stark nee tully ( deceased )
ANY PETS? :   yes  [ X ]   ||   no  [  ]  


  surprisingly strong despite her stature, but relies more on speed and wit as well as using opponents’ weight against them. is capable of ‘warging’ into other animals, typically canines. 
SPEED :   very quick, particularly because of ability to analyze surroundings for best escape route. mentally quick as well, and has profound knowledge of poisons, antidotes, and human anatomy.


   arctic blue, forest green, stark grey
SMELLS :  pine, snow, steel, petrol, baked bread, fur, horse, leather
FOOD : wild game
DRINKS :   water
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? :   yes  [  ]   ||   rarely   [  ]   ||    no  [  ]
FAVORITES :   a nice forest trail, people watching, animals


SMOKES ? :  
yes  [  ]   ||   no  [  ]   ||   occasionally  [ X ]
DRUGS ? :   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ X ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRIVER LICENSE ? :   yes  [ X ]   ||   no  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ?   no  [  ]   ||   yes  [ ]   ||   almost/detained  [ X ]


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Guys, stop asking about Phil's deceased friend. Please respect their family!

Not just Phil. Respect Phil, N and everyone involved.

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imagine you're sitting at the airport just minding your own damn business and then SUDDENLY you have a gottamn flock of atleti players in suits walking by, with their spanish lisps and ripped bodies looking like fuckign models........ I'd die I'm dead just thinking about it honestly phuck me

BYE ME WHTHFJDSM my soul would actually leave my body like if i saw an atleti player i would be deceased tbh

Remember that doctor who episode with the clock people and the doctor was like “you hear that clock ticking bc there’s no motherfucking clock in here”

well that shit just happened to me ok I do not have a clock and I just now after the most terrifying few moments of my LIFE remembered that I got a lucky cat in Chinatown that makes a ticking sound I am deceased

   It was strange sitting at the Ravenclaw table this year, the small group of friends she’d accumulated over the past six years now absent. Some deceased as a result of the war, the rest dropping out or transferred to other wizarding schools. Really, she should have made more an effort to connect with other Ravenclaws when she had the chance, before she had to start all over again at square one.

   Sheila had been chatting with a few students in the years below her, discussing how they were all coping, what classes they were looking forward to… But they had all turned back to each other, babbling excitedly about the year to come. So there she sat, staring off whilst the contents of her plate went almost unnoticed and started to grow cold. 

   Inadvertantly, however, she’d found herself staring at someone on another table when she came back to Earth. Cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she quickly looked back down into her plate, hoping whoever she’d been staring at wouldn’t pay her much mind.

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NAME :  dinah laurel lance
AGE :   27-33
SPECIES :   meta human
GENDER :   female
ORIENTATION :   bisexual biromantic
PROFESSION :   vigilante 


  curvy, muscled/toned, wide hips
HAIR :   blonde
EYES :   blue
SKIN :    pale
HEIGHT :   5′7


 no biological family but the birds of prey and arrow fam are her family
SIBLINGS :   n/a
PARENTS :   both deceased
ANY PETS? :   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ X ]  


  she is trained in multiple forms of martial arts, including but not limited to; judo, karv maga, muay thai, boxing, jujitsu, dragon style kung fu and amazonian fighting style, and is considered one of the best in the world.
SPEED :   in an attack, Dinah is quick to dive in and surprise her opponent. Although trained to be efficient, she isn’t as quick as some opponents but has the fortitude to take damage and shrug it off. 


   lavender purple, blue, black and yellow. 
SMELLS :  freshly washed sheets, engine grease, caramel, coffee, leather.
FOOD : cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries, celery sticks w/ hummus, fruit salad
DRINKS :   coffee, white wines, smoothies
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES? :   yes  [ ]   ||   rarely   [  ]   ||    no  [  ]
FAVORITES : sparring, riding/working on her bike, flowers


SMOKES ? :  
yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ X  ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRUGS ? :   yes  [  ]   ||   no  [ X ]   ||   occasionally  [  ]
DRIVER LICENSE ? :   yes  [ X ]   ||   no  [  ]
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ?   no  [  ]   ||   yes  [ X ]   ||   almost/detained  [  ]


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