a dc comics adventure


Hm, the Justice League Action version of Poison Ivy’s design appears to draw elements from both the Batman: the Animated Series (hair and general costume aethetic) and the New Batman Adventures (skin-tone). I can dig it.

Liking the leaf-hat too, just the right side of silly for this character.

Also points for Harley showing up to act as assistant/henchfolk for Ivy, especially as Ivy’s plan hear doesn’t really benefit  Harley in any way besides helping her mate out with a scheme.

Some friends help you move a couch, others help you cover Gotham City in man-eating shubbery… admittedly so you can get your pets out of Gotham zoo, but mostly pal-age.

someone: *looks at another person*
everyone: that’s gay

A lot of people liked my first #StyleChallenge and asked me to do another one.. So here you are my Queen Harley!