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In exactly 4 days, Net Neutrality will be put on a stand and voted upon by our Senate. Guys, have you been spreading the word? Have you been telling people on platforms other than Tumblr? Your teachers, classmates, family, coworkers, and friends?

I cannot stretch how important this is. Life without the Internet is not necessarily something that will kill me—I was a kid without using it everyday, all the time. But my worry—my problem—is that if this ends, what happens next? Do any of you know that our EPA chairman is AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION? Donald J. Trump is doing so much behind the scenes that it’s sickening. If Net Neutrality is taken away, then that will be the gateway to provide so much worser things than the fate of the Internet.

Guys. No matter where you are

Where you’ve come from

You all must realize the United States president is undoing so much good from Obama and even the presidents before him.

4 days. Make it count.


Who said Jack can’t be an anime character without his green hair?

*deep sigh* I wasn’t able to make the gif more high quality for you guys, I am so so sorry, at least now the gif is cropped properly and actually shows the beginning part.

Oh well, hope you guys aren’t annoyed that I posted this like 2 times before ^^;

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that's some kinda lucky human shield (this referring to the breakup with the murderer ex bf) he's pretty lucky to get married to an amazing tortoise.

*You guys are sweet!  I’m going to have to shove my phone in his face when he gets off work and tell him he’s lucky.  

When I was writing the human shield part, I asked him what he remembered from it, and he was like, “I just remember thinking it was hilarious.  I forgot he thought we were together.  That didn’t happen until… what?  A year later?”

Me:  “Yeah, but that was a pivotal moment.  From that point on, instead of sitting across from you, I was sitting beside you!”

Him: “It wasn’t a moment.  You thought I was gay.”

Me: “I didn’t say I liked you when I sat next to you.  I just thought you and Derek were together!”

Another fun fact while I’m on this story is that my hubs hated me when we first met.  He was sitting by himself, so I sat across from him and tried to strike up a conversation.  He looked down at his plate and refused to talk to me… and I just kept talking.  Every day, he’d sit somewhere else at lunch, and every day, I’d move to sit across from him and my friends would join us.  I’d even eat food (fried okra specifically) off his plate without asking.  I knew he was purposely ignoring me because he talked to other people–just not me.  So, my entertainment came out of seeing how long it would take before he finally told me to fuck off.  One day, he caved while I was talking about video games and actually started responding.  

I asked him later why he ignored me for so long, and he said, “I thought you were on drugs.  Goth girl, dating an obvious stoner (the murdering ex), hanging out with the trouble-makers… seemed obvious, and I don’t want anything to do with an idiot on drugs.  But I was wrong about you.”

Another fun fact is that I reconfirmed the details of the murdering ex, and it turns out he stabbed a guy multiple times, enraged while he was both drunk and high.

sat down with the birds today for a bit and cracked out some bird seed between meetings in uni, the swan still did a bit of nibbling my hands but it only ever seemed to raise its wings/do threatening posture when other birds were coming over? i think theyre all starting to recognise me now (ive known those canada geese since they were babies in summer! theyre very sweet)

i cant wait to get more proper swan/duck feed for them all, they go crazy for that stuff and i havent had the chance to sit down with them yet w that food

i think i get some funny looks from people going by as i sit with a relatively calm swan taking food from me


Summary: Sometimes you learn that you are never meant to fit in. Ten people find out that there is something that makes them unique, but they need to learn how to control their powers and trust others in order to go back to normal. What would happen when the road suddenly changes? 
Genre: Supernatural!AU
Pairing: Kim Junmyeon/Reader;; Oh Sehun/Reader
Note: This is inspired by the pathcode teasers and EXODUS album.

Part I:  “That one moment felt like eternity.”.

Baekhyun can’t seem to remember the moment he started to take an interest in energy –what a scenery or a person could portray through their actions and expressions. However, later on in his life he realizes that his love for auras comes from the fact that he can control energy as he pleases. With violet eyes whenever his powers are fueled, he can seem to show energy in the shape of light and use it to his advantage, as long as he reads his spell books.

Part II:  “Make a decision.  Time is wasting.” 

The fire that radiated from his personality in the form of passion and sweet laughter was far from normal. The energy that burnt from Chanyeol’s chest was an uncontrollable desire to destroy everything that was around him, constantly being in the news without people knowing so when he creates the biggest fires around the city. As it turns out, he is able to cause so much destruction…but he is a sweet guy, so he tries to stop himself and control his powers. Would he be able to do it? 

Part III:  “No matter how much I think about it, oh, it’s you.” 

Not that anyone would ask…but the mysterious guy around the campus has a secret beneath himself. His shaking eyes and nervous smile show that behind his body, there is something that shines between. Junmyeon isn’t very fond of the idea of death, mainly because he feeds himself off of people’s souls and he faces the life of an immortal being. Yet, he won’t ever accept he is a supernatural creature and when he is asked, he will still deny it. After all, no one is proud of transforming into an Ethereal monster.

Part IV:  “Whatever I do, I can’t turn things back.” 

It was almost unbelievable that the ever so sweet and caring rich boy named Zhang Yixing could be so dangerous. Some said his dulcet smirk was the cause of people’s death or his quick mind when it came to business, but he never even knew he could kill someone by simply thinking about it. It was a talent to be used with extreme care…but it was absolutely useless, someone as caring as Yixing couldn’t kill anyone…right? 

Part V:  “Though we don’t know the end…though we can’t go back…” 

People know about a thing or two about Do Kyungsoo around the neighborhood, but they fail to notice how dangerous he is. With his quick mind and the effect of finding materials in about everything around him, he could easily create weapons in order to destroy his enemies. However, his mind has the power of deciding who could harm whichever weapon he had created. It’s better to get in Kyungsoo’s side, as it seems… 

Part VI:  “My words are forgotten black.” 

The chaotic forces of the universe were something that not even scientists could understand –the disasters that happened could go from small to big in the matter of seconds and if only they knew that Kim Jongin, former actor that used to be very famous, was capable of controlling the disasters around him…creating and terminating everything he wanted, perhaps everyone would be saved. Yet, Jongin doesn’t know the depth of his powers. 

Part VII:  “Two eyes tightly shut.”

It was known that Kim Minseok was intelligent and really talented, but after hiding himself in his own little world of egocentrism, he forgot how powerful he could be. His mind could understand the matters of life perfectly well and even so, he could control everyone around him. Perhaps, the only mind that he can’t seem to understand is his.

Part VIII:  “A dreamy voice rings out, who knows?” 

Jongdae with powers was one of the biggest threats that the world could find, much more when he could possess bodies. From getting to know secrets that he never knew to actually making people he disliked do something ridiculous, Jongdae just likes to have fun with his supernatural powers and doesn’t care that much. They are there to be used, after all. 

Part IX:  “Make the darkness fall, bring her to me.” 

Sehun was never meant to be a supernatural creature, yet, falling in love with one of them had led him to a lifetime of confusion. Nevertheless, he can’t seem to remember who was the person that had caused him to have the power that he possessed. The brief memories of her soft voice and fleeting caresses have him missing someone he doesn’t quite know. 

Part X:  “If only I can see you at the end of the horizon.” 

When the story gets to an ending and all forces unite.


In today’s radio show, Taemin said he will adjust the dance a bit, so let’s wait for the upgrade version of choreography soon!!!