a day with glyn

Join us for a Lego build event at Bluecoat this Saturday.

Full programme below.

Saturday 18th June 2016
Bluecoat Centre for the Arts, 10.30am – 5.00pm

STATE OF THE CITY:  Who Cares? We Care. 

Local people throughout Merseyside working for BIG change

Purpose and Objectives of Day

·      Bringing people from throughout the region together for informal conversations about the state of their communities and local environment.

·      Exploring opportunities for individuals, communities and organisations to work together to initiate change.

·      Coming together to agree to support each other to develop three key actions throughout the year.

Making it happen

Bluecoat       Rachel Goodsall  Partnerships Coordinator

Reception flyers etc.Susan Spibey David Massey (David also sets up a tab at the cafe and deals with expenses )

Hosts/ membership Glyn Marsden,  Trevor Skempton, Dai Gwynn

Conversation  facilitators  Tracy Martin  Clare Bonetree, Eileen Willshaw, 

Note takers Frank Kennedy, Paul Jones, Jemima Dalton, 

10.30 am - 4.00 pm – Lego,  Build Your Plac,  Every body Welcome    Maria Killick, Ian Wroot   

Music  Gathering Sounds, Looking For Clues, making tunes   Phil Newton

10.30 am –- Getting To Know Your Neighbours, Simon & Jean welcome supported for activity by Tracy and Clare Performance Space  

11.00 am,  Conversation Sessions: Community Planning and Participation·      

Planning – is it worth it? Neighbourhood Planning, Localism, , Conservation Areas  Tracy Martin facilitator Paul Jones note taker Performance Space

·      Linking the Region – Transport From Feet to Flight, Accessibility Clare Bonetree facilitator, Jemima Dalton note taker in the Sandon Room      

Dead Boring or Living Spaces For The Future? Historic Parks, Cemeteries and Open Spaces Assets of Community Value Eileen Willshaw faciliator Frank Kennedy note taker in the Library 

1.00-1.45 am,  Its Your Space.  First come first served, sign up at reception for a slot to chat about your community action.  Simon, Jean, note takers and facilitators organise morning notes and summarise and display for 2pm

2.00- 2.15pm – Summary of Morning Conversations Performance Space Simon

2.15- 5.pm Who Listens?  – and how do we get heard? 

Breakout groups discussing the things we REALLY want - turning ideas into action. 

Identifying and agreeing the three key actions which will make a BIG change and which we can develop within our communities and organisations throughout the year

occupation of rooms by breakout groups to be decided 2.15 note takers as morning, take notes to performance space for 4.30 Final

4.30 Simon plus groups Report Active  Way forward