a day to remember 2009 tour

I thought this tshirt was long gone, but no!!

My mom sent me a parcel with a few things from home in Italy, as a birthday present and I was 100% sure that this tshirt was lost.


I clearly remember buying it at the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin, in 2007.

I was wearing it when I saw them in 2009 for the 21st Century tour.

Like. It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen this tshirt. And like, my mom and I hardly speak and yet she must have known that I fell back into the Green Day trashcan.


Day 4/30: Favorite twin moments

Okay I’m fucked :yaocry:

I thought I would choose the moments in which they do things synchronically, but that is nothing so special. We all see tons of moments like that through the years….

I remember that time when Bill talked about what he liked most about Tom in THTV 2015, the photoshoot back in 2009, the interview for Wetten Das in 2015, when Tom taught Bill how to play the guitar (and 150% failed…)… And all the times Tom sang Cotton Candy Sky to Bill in the last tour…

Oh just fuck it I can’t choose somebody helppppppp

I couldn’t see or feel anything except for love between them in those moments. They just need each other and then they would probably fight against the whole world if they want to.


Amazing gifs by @zwei-herzschlage, @herzbeben, @xfurimmerjetztx and people tagged in the gifs and the very owners (of ones which I don’t know who created them ;;;; )

The Voice

summary: Dan didn’t to hear a voice in his head, because that would mean he had a soulmate. Dan didn’t want love. For Dan, loving someone meant getting hurt. When he heard the voice for the first time, he tried to shut it out. Can he shut it out forever?
Genre: Lots of angst, some fluff and comfort, friends to lovers, soulmate AU
Warnings: None I think. Let me know if this needs warnings!
Word count: 2707
A/N: So this is my first phanfic. I wrote this months ago and decided that I didn’t like it, but I found this on my old laptop and I think it’s worth sharing it with you guys. Let me know what you think!

Dan was frightened. He tried to go over every person he’d met that day to find out who could be the stranger in his head, but he didn’t have a clue. He wasn’t sure he even wanted to know.

He didn’t want this. His parents had told him the story of when they heard each other for the first time. That special first time when they knew they’d found their soulmate.

Because that’s how life works, Dan was told. When you met your soulmate, you’d start having a connection. You’d feel different for a few hours. And then the real thing started: the voice. You’d be able to communicate with your soulmate using only your thoughts. It was magical.

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Hi Taylor.

I’m Mallory, we’ve never met. But I’m hoping someday that’ll change. I’ve been a huge fan for nearly 10yrs now. I discovered you the year Fearless was released. I first saw you at the Houston Rodeo in 2009 and it was incredible, I still have the ticket from that day. I also still remember the feeling of leaving the concert that night. I’ve been lucky enough to see you on every tour since and experience that feeling again and again.

The year I discovered you was the year after I lost my grandma. I had been so lost and with no one to lend a shoulder and just be there. But your music was. I found so much strength in your Fearless album and you alone. You just help me get through one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to go through in life.

I have two nieces who listen to your songs with me. Their 7, 4 & 2 and love to dance in the kitchen to Shake it Off. Thank you for being such an incredible role model for them. You’re so inspiring to kids of all ages and you use that platform to show them to be a good person. It makes me so happy knowing you’re the person my niece is obsessed with.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. Not only for me but every other fan out there. You’ve helped us all in so many ways. We’re all like a puzzle piece; Our stories are different but we’re all one. You’re the main puzzle piece in all of this. Without you some of us wouldn’t be here today.

I can’t wait to hear the new album and dance to every song on tour. I love you endlessly @taylorswift

Mallory 💕

Taylor!!! My name is Brenda. I’m a proud 29 yr old Swiftie! This is my family, who I have turned into some pretty big #Swifties too! I have been a fan since 2006. You have been such a big part of my life, and my families life as well!! I would only ever listen to your albums in my car, which turned my boyfriend and now husband into a pretty big fan. In 2008, my husband’s older brother was killed in Iraq, I remember driving in my car with him listening to your CD and singing together…and it really helped forget the pain of what happend. I have been to every concert that has come to Chicago with my Mom. It’s a another special bond we share that’s unbreakable! During your Fearless Tour, I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter Adrina. The very first time I felt her move, was at your concert! And True super fan was created that day! On my wedding day in 2009, my bridal party walked down the aisle to FEARLESS! My husband and I walked down the aisle for the first time to Love Story, and I only allowed your music to be played during dinner! I would play your album on my ipod for Adrina while she was in my belly, she was always so calm when I played it. Ever since then she’s loved you and looked up to you! I now have a 2 yr old boy named Rex, and he also loves you! His favorite song right now is Wildest Dreams! See taylorswift, you’ve been such as HUGE part of my life and continue to be! I hope we get the chance to meet you some day! We love you and are so proud of how far you’ve come!! Thank you for being you!!!! taylorswift

When you’re having a bad day

Remember that all of the following things actually happened. Taylor Alison Swift did them. All of them.

  • She walks up to fans who are wearing a Taylor Swift T-shirt to talk to them.
  • She met fans at the T-Party every night of the Fearless and Speak Now Tours
  • She did the same thing at the Red Tour, now named Club Red.
  • She held a 13 hour meet and greet.
  • She ordered pizzas for all the fans who were waiting outside her hotel in London in 2009.
  • She took the kids who starred in her Mine video to a toy store to have a private shopping spree.
  • She sends handpainted guitars to ill fans.
  • She visited several ill fans in hospital and brightened up their hard times.
  • She promised an ill fan she would take him to the ACM Awards and did that.
  • She fullfilled Jalene’s final wish when surprising her with a FaceTime call.
  • She surprised several fans on Ellen.
  • She donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville to open the Taylor Swift Education Center
  • She surprised operationgena at her Bridal Shower, brought tons of gifts and later invited her to speech at the Billboard Women in Music awards.
  • She invited a group of fans into her Nashville house to have dinner after the Red Webchat Announcement in 2012.
  • She invited 5 x 89 fans into her houses, made them cookies and played them the masterpiece that is 1989 more than a month before it came out.
  • She takes the time to stalk us on Tumblr and Instagram to have a glimpse into our life, interacts with us, gives us advice, jokes with us and makes our days.
  • She flew jacobxswift and his family to NY to see her perform and meet her, because she basically wanted them to be best friends.
  • She had Tree track down heldyourpride, swiftbat17  and stay-beautiful-lovex3 at award shows to meet them
  • She gave nevergooutofstyle break up advice in the best way possible
  • She asked a crowd of fans where sineadmurray was and had Tree look for her, because she knew Sinead had been camping all night at BBC Radio 1.
  • She sent several fans a box full of Christmas gifts, all personally chosen for every particular person, accompanied by handwritten notes explaining why she thought this was perfect for them.
  • She did this again for Valentine’s day.
  • She suprised breakrinalikeapromise and her son Leyton by showing up at their door with Christmas gifts.
  • She added a $1989 check to thatcheshirecatsmile’s package so she could pay off her student loans.
  • She invited bae-tay and her family into her house for Valentine’s day and made them lunch.
  • She gave a fan a $90 for her birthday when meeting her at Central Park.
  • She recognized this-sick-swift in a crowd of fans at the Brits. 
  • She took the time to write every. single. person. a long and personal response on Instagram after receiving a book full of letters at a meet and greet.
  • She is donating the proceeds of Welcome To New York to the NYC public schools.
  • She recognized handhearts13 at the Kenny Chesney concert.
  • She gave a heartbreakingly beautiful response to worldoftayswift‘s story about being bullied.
  • She had a bunch of fans star and dance in her Shake It Off video.
  • She sincerely thanked us for nearly every award she’s won.
  • She is who she is.

Taylor Alison Swift, ladies and gents. Remember this, smile and be thankful for her existence.

this is an appreciation post for a band called the maine

On August 5, 2016 I attended the Vans Warped Tour in San Diego, CA. The band I was most excited to see was a band called The Maine. 

Upon arriving to Qualcomm Stadium, there was already a large crowd waiting at the gate, and I saw people holding signs advertising the stage times of different bands. I didn’t think much of this since I’d been to Warped Tour before and knew that bands wanted exposure, but what caught me off guard were the people holding the signs. It was them. The Maine. Well, 4 out of 5 members of The Maine – John was nowhere to be found. I stood there in disbelief, but there was no mistaking Pat’s long brown hair. I’m pretty sure I was awkwardly standing there staring at them because I didn’t know how to approach them. After getting over the initial shock I asked Garrett and Jared for a picture. They informed us that they were selling two CD’s for $5, and I am now a proud owner of American Candy and Covers. I wanted a picture with Pat and Kennedy, but they were busy talking to other fans, and I didn’t want to disturb them or awkwardly wait. If you’ve never been “starstruck” then my dumbfoundedness probably comes off as silly to you. But I just thought that with a fan base of their size that they wouldn’t want to be out in the crowds for fear of being trampled by fan girls. 

At this point, the gates had opened up and I found my way over to The Maine’s merch tent because I was contemplating buying one of their hats but wanted to try it on first. When I approached the tent I was, once again, taken by surprise. John O’ Callaghan, lead singer of The Maine, was talking to and taking pictures with fans. The cool thing about meeting band members not during a meet in greet or signing is that there is less pressure to move quickly. If they’re not pressed for time, then you can have an actual conversation with them, and that’s exactly what people were doing. A short line had formed, and though only a few people were ahead of us, the line was moving slowly since people were spending quality time with him. Their manager (or someone? not sure who he was?) told the people in line that they’d have to cut off the line a few people ahead of us, as John had somewhere he had to be at 11:15. I was sad at first because I had come so close to meeting John, getting a picture with him, and letting him know how much his music means to me, but I wasn’t discouraged because I knew the band was having a meet and greet at 3pm.

Franz and I walked around the parking lot, filled up our water bottles, and checked out the other booths. We eventually circled the lot and ended up back at The Maine’s tent. Though it was probably past 11:15, John was still there meeting fans. The same manager guy tried to cut off the line again, but Franz and I hovered near him and the manager guy let us take a picture with him. Our interaction with him was a lot shorter compared to the people who were able to meet him earlier. I hugged him, asked John for a picture, took a picture of my boyfriend with him, said thank you, and left. As we walked away, I thought about how incredible it must be to have lines of people waiting to meet you. If I had people waiting in line to meet me, I wouldn’t want to say no or turn people away either. How can you do that to people who support you and your craft?

3pm was The Maine’s meet and greet, and their tent was adorned with a banner that said, “why would you pay money to meet a human being?”. Franz and I were one of the first few people in line. When it was my turn, I went down the line to give each of them a hug. John said “hi again” when I hugged him. I was pleasantly surprised that he remembered me. It’s a good feeling to be acknowledged by someone who means a lot to you. I taught the band how to do my sorority’s hand sign, and we all did the pose for the picture. As I was leaving, I heard John say, “Tri Delta” and it sounded as if he was saying it again so he could remember it or at least make sense of it. To me, this means that they genuinely care about and are interested in knowing their fans.

5:50pm was The Maine’s performance time. This was my 5th time seeing them live, but my first time seeing them almost at golden hour. It was different and invigorating. Not only does their music sound great live, but each band member’s stage presence was energizing. Their energy was contagious; the crowd reciprocated it – people were dancing, jumping, screaming and singing, even moshing. I got to hear my favorite song off of American Candy, “Diet Soda Society”, and I loved that they sped up the pace. I loved how John danced during “Am I Pretty?”. I loved how they picked a guy from the crowd to sing part of “Girls Do What They Want”. It wasn’t just some guy singing with the lead singer. John actually stepped back and let the guy have the stage. I also loved that John told everyone to put their phones away during the last song. He said something to the effect of “we only have 3 and a half minutes left, make the most of it”, and it grounded me and actually made me be present. Their set was by far my favorite performance of the entire concert because it felt like a safe space to just let loose and have fun, and it was amazing to know every word they sung. 

I wish I could have told the band in person how much their music means to me. I had the opportunity to when I saw them at the beginning of Warped, but I couldn’t find the words or the time. So here I am, writing this post instead.

If I remember correctly, I started listening to The Maine in around 2008 when I was in middle school. The first time I saw them in concert was at the Strand in Huntington Beach with Meg and Dia. The second time was at Warped Tour 2009. The third time was at the Grove in Anaheim. This was after the release of Pioneer. “Some Days” was one of my favorite songs off of the album, and I swear at one point John was looking right at me as he sang. I was in the front row that night, and at the end of the show, I hoisted myself up on the barricade and reached forward to catch John’s guitar pick. The fourth time was their 2015 holiday show in San Diego, where they performed their “…And A Happy New Year” EP in its entirety. The fifth time was at Warped Tour 2016. The songs “We All Roll Along” and “Growing Up” got me through the tough time of leaving friends and graduating high school. The song “Some Days” inspires me to keep going. The song “Into Your Arms” was mine and an ex-boyfriend’s song, and strangely enough, listening to that song helped me heal from that relationship. Their music inspires and refreshes me; they have songs for every type of mood I could ever be in – happy, sad, nostalgic, hopeful, etc.

If any of the band members stumble across this post, thank you for the hard work you’ve put into your music for the past 9 years. Music styles and tastes can change, but you are one of the only, if not the only, bands whose music I continue to love even though it’s evolved. In fact, I think your music has gotten progressively better even though it’s diverged from your first album. You are the only band/artist that I can say I 100% love the new material as much as your old music. After all these years, thank you for still creating songs that carry and offer so much meaning to the listener. Your music has gotten me through some gnarly times. Thank you for always putting on an amazing show and for putting smiles on your fans’ faces. Thank you for taking the time to interact with the people who support you, and thank you for staying humble. Thank you for being one of my favorite bands.

Also, here’s a vlog/montage I made from Warped Tour this year. :)

Over 9 years ago, I heard a song called Tim McGraw. I instantly fell in love with it. I loved the voice of the girl singing the song, so I had to know who it was. I found out it was a girl named Taylor Swift. Little did I know that you were going to change my life. In 2009, I had the honor of seeing you in concert on your first headlining tour. I can vividly remember every second of that night. I remember how happy you were when you looked at the crowd. I also remember falling asleep with a smile on my face because it was seriously the best night of my life. A lot has changed since 2009, but one thing that hasn’t changed is my love for you and your music. There have been so many days when I come home from school and I just feel like giving up, but then I listen to your music and everything is okay. You give me a reason to smile even on the darkest of days and I can never thank you enough for that.
Thanks for everything Taylor.
Love love love, Brittany.❤


Dear taylorswift​ ,

My name is Romina and I am a Switie since I heard Love Story for the first time back in 2009. I remember they played the Music video on a local TV channel - thinking about it now it was actually a miracle because after that day the didn´t aired any advert until July ´15 when there was a spot about the „1989 World Tour“! Anyways –the song was stuck in my head all day long and I kept humming the words I remembered. I searched for more of your songs and just fell in love with them. Sadly it wasnt possible for me to attend any of your concert before the 1989 Tour [ JUNE 19th and 20th aka THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE ] due to being too young to travel alone to another country or tests I had at school

I really want you to know that you changed my life to the better and I cant tell you how thankful I am actually are.You helped to get through days were I honestly didn´t know what to do with my life anymore. Those months when “Last kiss” , “All  too well “ and “Come back be here “ described my life were so painful and hard I couldnt imagine being okay again….but you helped to get over it.

Although I am trying to forget this awful time its pretty hard sometimes but I know when I sign in on tumblr there will be some advice you gave someone that´ll help me as well.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for being so brave and telling us your stories, bad experiences and other things you had to deal with by writing those songs that helped so many of us -  including me.

Btw I recently started to paint my nails like you can see in the pictures above.




HEY @taylorswift!! 

my name’s Delaney and being that it’s only 13 days until my 1989 show (!!!) I figured it was the perfect time to make a sappy post so here it goes

I’ve been a fan since Our Song came on the radio one day while I was in the car with my mom. I was 7 years old and, little did I know, but that one catchy country song was about to change my life forever. Soon after Our Song, I started listening to Picture to Burn and eventually the rest of your album. Then Fearless came out and I fell even more in love. I remember for Christmas 2009 (I would’ve been 9), my mom got me a bag with your first Rolling Stone cover on it. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, in the bag was a pair of tickets to you Fearless Tour show at the Amway Center in Orlando. On March 5, 2010, My mom and I went to the show and it was a magical experience. Around the time Fearless came out, you inspired me to start playing piano and I’ve played it ever since. A few months later when Speak Now came out, it became the first album I had ever bought with my own money. I loved (and still do) every song on the album, and it’s still my favorite all time album to this day. I then was lucky enough to get concert tickets to the Speak Now World Tour! I still remember when my grandma called me saying she had bought me tickets and I was jumping up and down screaming. I went to see the show at the Amway Center on June 4th 2011 and it’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. This was around the time I became a full time fangirl. I joined Taylor Connect, which eventually lead to tumblr when I was 12. Another awesome thing happened when I was 12 - Red came out! I was able to see you for the 3rd time in concert, this time from the pit! I went to the Tampa show on April 20, 2013 with my grandma. It was such a cool experience! Now, I’m 16 and I’m going to see you this Halloween at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for your 1989 Tour!

You have been such an inspiration to me and gotten me through so much. I suffer from a lot of anxiety and listening to your music is one of the few things that can make me feel better. Thank you for everything you have done for me. When I first started listening to your music as a 7 year-old, I never imagine that you would ever know I existed, let alone follow me on tumblr. Thank you so so so so much @taylorswift

You are beautiful inside and out and I love you with all my heart


I love you Taylor!❤😍

Hey Taylor!:)❤

I just want to take a moment to tell you how much you mean to me!✨
The first time I ever heard from you was in 2009. I was watching the german auditioning show called “Popstars Du & Ich” where you did a surprise performance for the candidates. I still remember sitting on the couch recording your performance! 😍 ( You were performing You Belong With Me :D) I was literally blown away! I just loved it! 2 years later when your third album Speak Now was released, you announced coming to Germany for the Speak Now Tour! I bought tickets with twopaperairplanes89 for the Concert in Oberhausen Germany! And I was so happy to finally see you live!!! The concert was 2 Days after my Birthday so the ticket was my Birthday present😍 I was so excited!!! We also did a Poster with glow sticks on it which was hard work putting them on there because they fell off all the time😂 The concert was AMAAZING!!! I was blown away!! Sadly I didn’t get picked for the T-Party because I wanted to meet you so bad :(( That was the very first time I saw you live! In 2012 you released RED 😍 I loved the album from the very first minute I listened to it!! JUST AMAZING!! Then you announced the RED Tour but only US Tour Dates so at first I was so sad that you weren’t coming back to Germany..😔 But in 2014 you announced European Tour Dates including Germany😍😍 I literally FREAKED OUT haha😱😄✨ So I bought tickets for the Concert in Berlin on February 7th 😍 I started planning for my outfit and bought tons of glow sticks haha😄 The concert was one of the best nights in my life!!! 😍 This night was magical!!! I got to meet your mom and I was so excited!!! The moment when you announced Ed Sheeran as you surprise guest I freaaked out again!! It was just amazing!! Sadly I didn’t get picked for Club RED 😔 I really really wanted to meet you!!! But for me it was already amazing seeing you live!!😍
Then you also released 1989!!😍 I was so excited for this album because I had this feeling that this Album was going to be epic! I remember sitting on my bed with my Taylor Shirt on and my bracelets waiting ‘til midnight to finally hear it!! And it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I was speechless😍 I had goosebumps while listening to it!!! This was the perfect way to end my Year 2014😊 Then you also announced the 1989 World Tour and that you are coming to Germany again and I immediately bought tickets for the 2 Shows in Cologne!!😍

So now we are here in 2015. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU IN COLOGNE ON JUNE 19TH&20TH!!! You were there for me through your music when no one else was!!! And I’m so thankful to be part of your Journey for the last 6 years!!😍 I really look up to you!!✨❤ I love you so much I hope that one day I get to meet you and I can tell you all this in person!!😘


I’ve been debating whether or not to write this post all day, but here I go. I’m so incredibly sad to hear about Christina Grimmie’s death. I’m still in a bit of shock, and denial too. I remember watching her do covers back in 2009 and subscribing immediately. Over the years, I watched her grow, both as a person and as an artist. I requested songs, I waited for every video, I was a part of the Q&A’s and the live shows. When she made it on the radio, on TV, on tour, I was there for it all. Honestly, she was part of growing up for me, and her being gone doesn’t seem real, but I know it is, and that’s so messed up. All my love and best wishes go to her family and friends. Rawwk on, frand.

HBB BUZZ | Bands That Should Reunite

By: Allison Lawrence, allisonbrooke93 and Laurel Finlayson, silverbliss

“To all of you that have supported us over the years- bought our music, come to shows, worn our t shirts, etc…We thank you. But our time as a band has come to an end. We will always love you guys.” THIS is one of the hardest things to listen to from a band. Break ups are apart of life. Not every band can be like The Rolling Stones, but a band breaking up feels like they’re breaking up wit YOU. It hurts, and I’ve cried several times over things like this. In a perfect world, all of the following bands would reunite despite the reasons they broke up.

Something Corporate

I missed the era to see “Punk Rock Princess played live, and I am so upset about that.

A Rocket To The Moon

I remember seeing Nick Santino solo for the first time, and he still played "Baby Blue Eyes.” I started crying. This band has been apart of me since 2009.

Sing It Loud

The mid 2000s had some really rad bands, Sing It Loud was one of them.

The Academy Is…

William Beckett is a solo musician now, and still touring. That is what keeps me going when I get sad about never seeing TAI live. But they were SO iconic of the scene back in their day, and are still so fucking good.

Boys Like Girls

Back in 2012, we thought BLG was over, but they came back with a new album and tour. Then completely disappeared again. They haven’t even come out and SAID “hey we are broken up for good this time.” It hurts.

The Starting Line

“The Best of Me” will always be an anthem.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers took the world by storm making four albums.Disney Channel skyrocket their careers are musicians, but in 2010 they  took a hiatus working on solo projects. 2012 they announced a 2013 Summer tour teasing at new music as The Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers announced they were breaking up at the end of 2013 due to creative differences.  A very sad day for the Jonas fandom. Nick and Joe are both back working to release music as solo artists. 

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance, throwing it back to the classic pop-punk/ “emo” musical stylings. Welcome to the Black Parade is a huge throw back to my high school days. MCR called it quits in 2013.