a day to not remember


Jikook Star AU- “Our walls are really thin and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?” 8/?

its currently 1am, im tipsy, and i didnt have the heart for angst so here is a filler ish part idk whats going on tbh but enjoy!!!1!1!!

sometimes im too excited about some stuff and i want to talk about it but in the end i just shut up bc i know nobody wants to listen to this. but i have it piled up inside me and if someone eventually asks it justs overflows and you end up under a pile of my stupid mumble. aaaah??????

I’m still alive! Hooray moving with a week’s notice. 🙄

All the love to @musamortem for this beauty, it makes my kitchen more hobbit appropriate

hi this is my awful child, i’ve had him for forty years.
please excuse this over-simplified bio.

━━━ is that ( danny woods )? i think i saw the ( twenty-seven ) year old ( cismale ) ( gravedigger ) in the town square earlier. the ( aaron johnson ) lookalike could be described as ( dynamic ), but also be considered ( unambitious ). i heard someone in town say ( he ) was the town’s ( oddball ), but only time can tell if that’s true or not !

(TW : general violence, child abuse, parental death, substance abuse, mental illness/trauma, murder… )

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