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Last year in one day we had like 14 fights, 3 mosh pits (no one would go to class), a stolen security bike, a trash can set on fire, and possible a police car was stolen


Probably The X-Kids At Lunch:


OKAY SO. I was thinking earlier about, (lets say that the kids had to pay for food at the school, just for this thing):


- He eats like three lunches in one hour.

-. Doesn’t stop getting food.

- He will take anyone’s left overs, even without asking

- Builds shit out of whatever is on the table like a child, and will sling-shot food at Warren


- He just eats a lot like a normal teenager

- Usually starts a food fight between him and Peter that sometimes ends with Warren diving or being drug across the table

- He sits next to Jean and gets upset inwardly when he can’t

- Is quiet mostly unless he’s arguing with someone

Jubilee and Jean:

- Are the only sane ones at the table besides Kurt

- They actually can go through a lunch WITHOUT throwing something

- Jean usually ends up having to calm the guys down

- They try to sit next to Kurt because at least that’s one side of them that isn’t in danger


- Can’t even afford food

- He brings like half a gallon of milk and a bag of Doritos

- He ALWAYS sits next to Kurt. Don’t think he won’t shove you out of the way to get beside the boy.

- Halfway through the lunch they ask where the fuck his food is.

“I don’t have money!”

“I thought you made a shit ton!?”

“That’s reserved.”

- The team just sort of tosses food at him

- Kurt buys him a lunch because he can’t stand the sorry excuse of a meal Warren has. Warren then feels terrible but eats it anyway

- He is usually the one to start a yelling match with the guys, or even attempt to start a mosh-pit with Peter

- One day he decided to be responsible and actually bring something for himself. That something was a box of Cheez-its, a Monster, and an orange that he ate with a spoon


- He makes sure that Warren and everyone else is properly fed.

- He usually wants more, but will never get up and get seconds. He feels too selfish

- He really shouldn’t spend so much money feeding his twenty year old boyfriend, but he does it anyway

- Scott shoved into him on accident one time when he scooted quickly away from Peter, and caused Kurt to spill his drink all over himself. (Warren then proceeded to throw the entire half-gallon of milk at Scott with out the lid on- getting the two kicked out of the dinning hall)

- He is the one to break up the mini-fights between the team

- He eats everything he gets. You’ll never see him throw food away


- She is always in on the pranks and arguments with the guys

- She acts more like them than the other girls

- Doesn’t actually eat a lot, and usually gives her food to Warren

- She is the one to smack a tray of food by throwing her hands up and sending it flying



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Saeran, V, and RFA reactions to MC taking them to an all day music festival and MC gets super into the sets where theres moshing and crowd surfing and gets all sorts of hurt but is totally okay with it (once while at a concert i got a nosebleed cause someone pushed me while trying to get closer to the band and i was like whoops and had to lick blood off my hands and then during the next set it started bleeding again when someone crowd surfing hit my nose with their foot, i love concerts so much)


  • when he sees MC crowd surfing he just sort of shuts down for .2 seconds
  • holy shit mc 
  • he sees MC laughing and cheering along, plus MC had told him they adored when this kinda thing happened? plus he can tell MC is living the dream since it’s not just crowdsurfing madness- it’s them crowdsurfing
  • he cheers along and goes with the flow, and when MC is back down, they’re looking…. p bad actually
  • the next day there’s bruises everywhere. somehow yoosung split his lip and didn’t even notice. MC has a 40% chance of having a bruised rib
  • it’s pretty clear MC enjoyed it more than him, but. but. he didn’t think he’d love it- but after actually going, he kinda really liked it???


  • out of her zone
  • very very much out of her zone, mind you
  • she agreed because a music festival sounds lovely right???? maybe some acoustic guitar played by a cute girl and then some sort of silly up-and-coming boyband will sing a bit right??????????
  • she didn’t prepare for this
  • it’s not that she’s scared (god knows she can burst out of the crowd and leave any moment if she so wanted) but she’s so lost
  • MC is dancing like they’re one with the crowd- holy shit a person just passed over her head- and they’re having the time of their life
  • one moment she looks away and suddenly MC is bleeding out of their nose but keep going??
  • w h a t  i s  g o i n g   o n 


  • uuuuh yes please?
  • listen,,, he’s a bad boy. he was one. he used to be what the kids call “a street boy”. he knows about these things. these used to be his habitat. it’s his natural state
  • … or so he’d like to think lmao
  • it has been a while- it’s no lie he used to love these as a teen- but it’s been so long? he kinda forgot how wild these things could get?
  • before he knows it, he’s in the moshpit, about everyone has elbowed him and he’s sure he’s elbowed everyone, he hasn’t lost MC by sheer luck, and MC seems to be unstoppable
  • he knows that he’ll bruise like a peach after this- and MC will probably be out of commission the next day- but y’know what? fuck it it’s been too long. he’s gonna enjoy


  • wh
  • what is going on today here in this fine day in which he wants to know what is going on-
  • his bodyguards are chuckling. they’re spread around, wearing normal clothes to mix in, keeping a close eye on him
  • it’s for protecting him, sure, but that ain’t stopping them from laughing their asses off when Jumin just stands there, wide eyed, as the crowd violently moves 
  • MC would usually tease him a bit but- oh! they’re up there! on the crowd! on top of them! being pushed his way!
  • he reacts at last moment to keep MC crowdsurfing- all he catches are the faint words “this is amazing, jumin!” and a blurry sight of MC’s face with a nosebleed and wide smile
  • he has so many questions


  • hmmmmmmmm
  • pros: MC is having fun. the music is cool. the lights are cool and he can feel the energy in the atmosphere
  • cons: there’s so much fucking people. he’s sure someone tried to choke him and he didn’t notice. he’s been elbowed more times than he can count
  • but of course once he sees MC so happy and energized all the slight pain leaves his body
  • he and MC stick close- mostly because he doesn’t want for them to get separated in the huge crowd, and also because he loves seeing them smile
  • the day after, he almost regrets waking up. holy crap everything hurts. he didn’t even know people could be elbowed in the places he feels he was elbowed in- but the bruises don’t lie


  • tbh…………………………………..
  • he probably doesn’t stay for that
  • it’s not like he’s being petty or anything- it’s just, loud noises, crowds, constant pushing and touching
  • yeah
  • not his thing at all
  • he does chuckle quite a bit when MC walks in after the whole ordeal and is just grunting and whining because they’re so battered and bruised and ouch saeran get the damn ice pack


  • also not much of a mosh pit man
  • he does stick around- he just doesn’t really get into the action- but he can just tell MC is having a great time
  • he takes some photos (quite a feat with his vision and the lights, but he’s a pro) so he and MC can look at them later
  • he apologizes so much for not joining MC but it’s like no bb don’t apologize for that please that’s not something bad you didn’t do anything bad
Common Misconception: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

I made a post like this last year, but it has been a year, and I’ve gathered many more followers of this blog since. In addition, I’ve seen mistaken posts about it from other people on the site, so I figured it would be important to point them out. Please spread this to dispel the misconception.

Misconception: (1) Rosh Hashanah is a simply happy day, then you have (2) 10 days of repentance to ask for forgiveness before you are (3) judged on Yom Kippur.

Explanation: 1) You say in the prayers for Rosh Hashanah “on Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed.” As is explained in many places, Rosh Hashanah is the day of judgement. Not just an individual judgement, but also a general judgement of the entire world. The general judgement of the world is explained in kabbalah to mean that G-d sits and evaluates all of creation, and based on the actions of his creations, decides whether or not to continue the creation. If he decides to stop, then everything reverts to nothingness as if it never was. Al Pi Kabbalah, On the night of Rosh Hashanah, the flow of G-dly light that sustains the world stops, as it were. The entire existence runs on fumes until the sounding of the Shofar on Rosh Hashanah morning. For this reason, Rosh Hashanah is a solemn day, a very severe day, and in a lot of ways, a very scary day. The Rosh Hashanah prayers are all about trying to arouse in G-d the will to continue the creation, and not to let it revert to nothingness. As such, it is actually the custom of many to fast and pray in teshuvah on Erev Rosh Hashanah.

2) the “10 Days of Repentance” are not the days when you are supposed to first seek forgiveness and repent, no. Those are the days when you have a chance to try and Undo what was written down on Rosh Hashanah. Think of it as being on Probation. You’re already in deep trouble if you haven’t done anything before then, and you have to try to put on your best behavior in order to undo the sentence. What should you do to prevent that? Do your repentance NOW, before Rosh Hashanah, and then you’ll never get the bad sentence, and you’ll never be put on probation in the first place.

3) There is a saying of the sages, “Where a Ba'al teshuva (penitent) stands, not even a completely righteous person (who has never sinned) can stand.” The level that a person can reach through teshuva is tremendous, and without comparison (if you want to look for a greater explanation, i’ll try to get around to offering a better one, bli neder, or you can look in Derech Mitzvosecha, the chapter titled “Vidui and Teshuva”). The first Yom Kippur was when the Jews were in the Desert, in the Torah. The jews were given the Torah on the 6th of Sivan, and 40 days later, on the 17th of Tamuz, they sinned with the Golden Calf. G-d became angry with them and Moshe went up to the mountain to try to avoid a disaster, and avoided it by 40 days later, on Rosh Chodesh Elul. Then Moshe went back up to the mountain for another 40 days, to obtain the second tablets. All the while, the jewish people were repenting, a very high level of teshuva, and on Yom Kippur, they reached beyond even where they were before… and on Yom Kippur, they received the second Tablets from G-d, a sign that they had been completely forgiven (for something has horrible as actual idol worship right after all the revelations at the giving of the Torah)- and that’s what we celebrate on Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur isn’t a day of judgement. It’s a day of forgiveness. The single most auspicious day of the entire year for forgiveness. If so, why don’t we eat? There is an old saying “On Tisha B'Av, who can eat? On Yom Kippur, who needs to eat?!” - that is, we are at such a high level, the level of ba'alei teshuva, that we are higher than the angels. As such, we are completely removed from physicality, food and otherwise, and are surrounded only by joy, and the feeling of closeness to G-d. And so joyful that you’re supposed to say Kiddush Levana (the blessing of the moon, which we say once a month, which has to be said specifically in a state of joy and happiness) right after Yom Kippur, and many even will do Kiddush Levana before they break their fast. Why are we so joyful then? Because we know that despite everything, we’ve been forgiven.

You should all be written down for a good and sweet year, and on Yom Kippur, sealed for blessing and happiness, and you should lack nothing.

Aharon Ephraim