a day late oh well i got dis

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(beep beep) hi! I got technician, protector and go-getter which i suppose fits me quite well! it's very early in the morning here, hope you're having a nice day :)

hey Meike!! I’m sorry this is so late haha

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Sunflowers At Night

This is a short “side story” to Sugaru Miaki (Fafoo)’s new book, The Place You Called From, which was posted online alongside its release.

This story doesn’t have much to do with the book and pretty much stands on its own. It takes place in the same town with an overlapping timeframe, but is focused on side characters. The stories have some connection, but nothing should constitute as actual spoilers - it’s a publicly-posted story without any spoiler warnings. Thus, I’m posting it before the book.

(Also, there are some passing mentions of suicide.)

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