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love is in the air


Can we take a moment to realize that Zhan Zheng Xi is such a great friend? I didn’t realize how many times he worries about Jian Yi, takes care of him or shows affection until I made this compilation. Now I’m fucked up, lmao.

He really really loves Jian Yi.

Day 7 of Billdip week! ‘Tis the the final day of our glorious reign.

Anyway, Today’s theme was Anything you want! And since I love Deerper so much but missed monster falls, I had to make up for it.  I hope everyone had a lovely week of drawing and writing, and thanks GravityFaller for setting this up. 

I remember the day he abandonned me. I couldn’t help but to scream out that love was dumb until I couldn’t even beleive myself anymore. All I could hear was the echo of your voice saying that it’s too late and prayed to become deaf. As the days went, I had you in every part of my daily life. I had you in my favourite coffee that you hated. But I kept drinking it, since it wore the same colour as your eyes. You were also present in my iphone with all the saved texts. You were in my closet with that dress you bought me for that christmas that you skipped. Then everything around me suddenly appeared dim and numb. It became contagious and made me sick. And now I can’t stop staring at the calendar to see if today is April first and just a bad April fools joke. But it seems that 4 months have long gone and so are you.
—  //APRIL FOOLS// //M.N// mimimoto119

61/100 days of productivity

Typed up my econ notes (since I’ve been slacking off and not doing it after class lately) and printed them off! Now I’m a step closer to studying for my midterm.

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I used to tell you how much I didn’t want to lose you. I didn’t realize it wasn’t a matter of want, turns out I couldn’t lose you… I can’t lose you.

Too bad I already did.

—  I knew losing you wasn’t an option but now it’s too late

Aqua Appreciation Week - Day 2 - favorite sad scene

Taking that first step back and realizing where I had been standing all along, I think this was one of the first places I actually started to cry during BBS.

Chain of Memories was my first Kingdom Hearts game, and so it’s always been with me even though I’ve never finished it properly. My first memories of the series come from standing in front of this castle and trying to solve its mysteries.

Even though by the end of BBS, I knew everything there was to know already, seeing all the pieces fall into place for myself at last absolutely broke my heart.

I was right back where I started.

What you don’t know is that I still giggle–fourteen months after you broke up with me– whenever I tell people stories about you. Stories about how we were as a couple and how we were as friends. You also don’t know that not a day passed without you popping in my head. I wanted to talk to you so bad even if it meant relapsing of feelings possible for me. I don’t really care anymore. It happens. It will happen. And I am done. I am done getting hung up on you. I am done telling stories about you to people who constantly remind me that all I am holding on to are fading memories of a person who does not exist anymore and a love that  is long gone. I am done losing sleep and getting consumed by the unnecessary thoughts of you and your lingering ghost.

You will probably never know any of this, but I am done. I am done fighting for a love that will never be good enough for you.

—  is this good bye?

I’m Fine.

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Primeval: Abby/Connor. Post Series. Warnings: Temporary amnesia, mild angst, and suggestive themes. 

I’m late to the party and deep in shipper hell, but no one cares so here have some fic?

“Everyone needs a day off.”

It seemed to be the phrase of choice the past few days, Abby thought. Nearly every single person she’d come across had said it, and she supposed they had a point. Between field work and a virus affecting several of the animals in the menagerie, she had been running herself a bit ragged.

Although that didn’t necessarily mean she would heed their words, just concede the point; not even when Lester threatened to order her home for at least one day of rest.

Not until Connor said it, at any rate. He’d placed his hands on her shoulders, thumbs rubbing soothing little half circles against her skin. Then he’d nodded his head, encouraging her, and smiled. His cheek dimpled and she knew she couldn’t say no. She never could when he smiled like that.

“Fine,” she had sighed, pretending to make a show of it. His smile had widened and she’d returned it.

The following morning found her in one of Connor’s old tees and not much else, while he thumped around the flat trying to get ready. Abby passed him a thermos full of coffee as he headed out the door, kissing his cheek as she did so. She thought she felt a bit like an old fashioned housewife.

“You know,” Connor drawled as his eyes swept over her legs, “I clearly made a mistake with this day off business.”

“That so?”

He nodded, looking slightly pained. “Should’ve told Lester I was taking the day off as well. Didn’t know I’d have to say goodbye this vision though, did I?” With that Connor leaned in to kiss her properly.

Abby had no doubt he would ditch work, but then they’d get an angry call from Lester and there would probably be yelling, and she really wasn’t in the mood for that. So, she gave Connor another quick peck and then started to gently shove him out the door.

“Tell you what,” she said once he was outside, fumbling with his things. “Maybe I’ll be wearing even less when you get home later. If you like?”

She didn’t wait for a reply, instead shutting the door on his googly eyed face and laughing as she leaned against the frame. Abby was actually quite looking forward to having the flat all to herself.

A proper day off.

* * *

She was never taking a day off again. Not ever. Abby repeated that mantra to herself, a silent promise as she raced to the ARC, running stop lights as her palms grew sweaty on the steering wheel.

The car skidded into the parking garage, and she slammed on the breaks as she flung open the door. She left it running and she stumbled into the lift, willing it to move faster. There were voices calling after her, concerned, but she ignored them as she raced to the infirmary.

A guard blocked her way. She was half ready to jam the heel of her palm into his chin, when someone laid a hand on her shoulder, and a familiar voice called her name. She whirled around to find Becker looking at her worriedly, his brows knit tightly together.

“Where is he?”

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Ok but here’s a serious question fam, would Kevin have a hidden/soft Irish accent?

Like ok hear me out fam, I know we all love Neil having accents from being on the run and blending in and all that ( all A+ would recommend if you haven’t seen them yet) but like

Kevin’s mom is Irish? (Scottish? No pretty sure it’s Irish? Idk it’s late but here we go) and she was doing her thesis or whatever in Japan when she co created exy and she didn’t die until Kevin was like 10 or something (that’s probably wrong but oh well) which means he would have lived with her and picked up her accent.

Then the Ravens made him get rid of it because ~uniformity~ (jokes is cause they’re a cult) so he stopped using it

Now imagine it’s his like 4th year at Palmetto and they’ve been through everything and they’re a happy little family so Kevin starts to let his guard down a little and get comfortable with them and just enjoy himself and there all just up late one night (team movie night duh) and he’s all soft and sleepy and someone gets up to get a drink and he asks them to bring him one and everyone just stops because since when does Kevin have an accent? Like what? And he doesn’t even realize and everyone dies because wtf that’s hot and he gets more comfortable with it slipping out but it’s pretty soft from years of disuse/living in the U.S.

Point is Kevin Day has a god damn accent that comes out when he’s sleepy or excited or really mad and not keeping it in check and y'all can take this from my cold dead hands

tbh I don’t really care what’s going on. Yeah sure coco has very similar things to the book of life but really when have people ever cared about my culture? Plus with all this negative feedback from a 2 minute trailer it’s more than likely not going to go so well. But whatever, next time a movie comes out about my culture I guess I’ll just sit down and let it fly by.