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Would you please post a pic of Finn? How's the little rascal's behavior been lately? #suckerforcutedoggies

he’s almost 6 months now and over 40 pounds. he has good days and bad, so we’re still taking him to obedience classes to work on his listening skills but he’s so damn stubborn sometimes. the main problem is his tendency to bite/nip (he no longer has his baby teeth so while i’m not riddled with bite marks, his bites tend to bruise so my arms look like i’ve been beaten tbh). it can get frustrating but we’re trying to get him to bite toys and not us. i hope one day it works lol our friend has a boxer/pitbull mix and he said the biting phase was also hard for them and took some time, so maybe it’s specifically a boxer thing, idk. 

he was pretty good yesterday and i think it’s just a matter of playing with him a LOT. he likes to fetch and play keep-away so we’ve been doing that with him more lately to get all his energy out. it seems to help. he can be very sweet and cute at least <3

i tried to get him to wear a Christmas sweater and he lasted for maybe 20 minutes before he ripped a hole in it, RIP Christmas sweater

  • Person B: </b> do you like me?<p/><b>Person A:</b> No<p/><b>Person B:</b> Then do you love me?<p/><b>Person A:</b> No<p/><b>Person B:</b> *leaves with tears on his/her eyes*<p/><b>Person A:</b> wait!<p/><b>Person B:</b> *Looks up, with hope reflected on the face and an upcoming smile*<p/><b>Person A:</b> I also don't care about you<p/></p>
six of crows as @wolfpupy tweets
  • kaz brekker: only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful
  • inej ghafa: some say love is a river, me i say things that make sense
  • jesper fahey: the biggest flaw of all my get rich quick schemes so far has been that they haven't gotten me rich quickly or even at all
  • nina zenik: i don't care if this offends you but once i get my long sparkling mermaid hair everyone else will basically become worthless
  • wylan van eck: watching everything go up in flames has made me rethink everything i thought i knew about lighting things on fire
  • matthias helvar: hope everyone is celebrating Give Money To Wolves Day
  • kuwei yul bo: other people, lately, have been saying so many things and i, myself, shouldn't have to hear or listen to it

[DL] 160126 iKON’s Vapp “Chanwoo’s Bday”

this was that unreleased video when they were doing vapp on chanu’s bday last year lol. i just want to share this to all fellow ikonics who want to watch it. i deleted the part when they showed chanu’s number so i guess it’s safe to share (?) however pls don’t reclaim as yours or repost/reupload without credit. thank you children ♡


Can we take a moment to realize that Zhan Zheng Xi is such a great friend? I didn’t realize how many times he worries about Jian Yi, takes care of him or shows affection until I made this compilation. Now I’m fucked up, lmao.

He really really loves Jian Yi.

isak and even are terrible at domesticity and we have to talk about it:

  • they use their lack of a washing machine as an excuse not to do laundry for a week, but even after they manage to drag it all the way up to their 4th floor apartment, isak refuses to wash his clothes. it’s a thinly-veiled excuse for him to wear even’s clothes, and though even whines about the never-ending unwashed piles of laundry, he can’t complain when he sees isak wrapped up warm and cozy in his hoodies.
  • they barely have furniture in their house until they start an impromptu game of hide and seek one day, and realize that it would be a lot easier to hide in a house that isn’t empty. they make a trip to ikea to actually buy all the tables and stools they’ve been neglecting, and drunken hide and seek is easier after that. it’s still kinda hopeless though, because they’re both so tall that their limbs stick out from all their hiding places. but getting found isn’t the worst thing, not when it’s by each other, not when the game ends with soft kisses pressed to softer cheeks.
  • i was talking to @dahlstrom about this and they don’t have plates! anywhere! honestly they eat pizza with napkins, and their use of paper plates could singlehandedly fuck up the environment. they have a box of cheap ikea plates, but honestly, isak lost it under all their mess and they keep forgetting to open it until they’re getting ready to eat, and who wants to set up dishes when even’s pasta smells so damn good and isak just wants to shove it in his mouth?? vilde finally buys them a set, but they forget to unpack that too, so five seconds before she comes over for their first official dinner party, they’re both scrambling to open the box, to show all their friends that they’re actually super responsible adults.
  • no one believes them.
  • the worst part about all of this is how easy it is. it’s easy to get used to waking up beside each other the morning, easy to get into the habit of teasingly calling out “honey i’m home” at the end of the day, easy to sync their morning routines so they know exactly how to get ready together without getting into each other’s way, and start every morning with a kiss. they’re both aware that this may be the honeymoon phase, and there’ll be a time when they’ll find each other’s habits downright annoying instead of adorable. but they’ll both take this while they can, because there’s no doubt at the end of the day that no matter how often they’ll fight, how many barbed words they throw at each other, they have their entire lives stretching ahead of them - together.

Regina Mills Appreciation Week
↳ Day 5: Favorite Platonic Relationship
Regal Believer   

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"I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE ANY MORE!" "I DON'T RECOGNIZE MY SELF!" That's in all caps because I see it as screamed. Can you do that for boyf friends sorry I'm so awkward and used to being able to hide behind anonymous but I've fallen in love with your writing lately. Only if you want to you don't have too

I FINALLY DID IT AH! So sorry it took me so long, I could go on about exams and all that shit but I’m sensing you will hopefully get the picture.
Regardless, thank you for the prompt/request!


It was a Saturday night and the boys were spending their time wisely - playing video games in Michael’s basement. They weren’t sure how long they had been in there but neither bothered to care.

Finally, after hours of waiting, Jeremy was released from hospital. After the eventful school day on Friday Michael had offered that Jeremy stay at his house that night to catch a break, and Jeremy whole
-heartedly agreed. As soon as they arrived home, Jeremy collapsed onto Michael’s bed and fell asleep, exhausted from all the questions he had received that day. Michael soon followed suit and before they knew it the two woke up at 3am on a Saturday morning.

Now, with nothing else to do, the boys were still playing video games. Eventually, the inevitable red with white text ‘GAME OVER’ flashed onto the screen, ending the particular match.

“Awe come on!” Michael complained, setting down the controller and flopping onto the beanbag behind him. Jeremy sat adjacent, frowning at the TV. “I thought we were finally gonna beat that one!”

“Y-Yeah…” Jeremy replied, still staring at the TV. After a few seconds passed, Michael sighed, hoisted himself upright and went to eject the disk from the console.

“Woah Michael, we were playing-”

“Not anymore,” he announced, returning the disk to its place on the shelf. “I wanna play something I know we can win.”

Before Jeremy could question him, Michael pushed an unknown disk into the slot and bounced back into his beanbag just in time to see the words ‘Apocalypse of the Damned’ appear on screen.

“Oh…” Said Jeremy in response.

“Come on dude,” Michael cheered, grabbing his controller off the floor and hitting play. “This one is no match for us.”


An hour later and Michael was seriously starting to worry about Jeremy. Not only had they not gotten past their usual warmup match but had been stuck in the same God damn area for 60 whole minutes. And Micheal knew something was up when Jeremy didn’t respond to his usual code words for 'Zombie, right behind you’ or 'Use the axe not the riffle for this one’ - the list went on. Eventually, he jammed down on the pause button and turned to face his best friend.

“Ok, what happened?” He demanded, snatching the controller from Jeremy’s hands.

“W-what?” Jeremy stuttered in response, completely oblivious to his best friend’s reasons for questioning.

“Something’s up, I can tell. You’re usually great at this game bro! Even better than me. But something’s off tonight.” Micheal shuffled closer and rest his head in his palms. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed.”

Jeremy shifted awkwardly on the beanbag, trying not to meet Michael’s gaze.

“I..I-it’s nothing really I just-”

“It’s the Squip isn’t it,” Michael said, instantly recognising the type of hesitation he was being given. For the past few hours Michael had tried to ask Jeremy about the Squip but all that he received was the same 'it was nothing’ stammer each time.

Jeremy looked up, something shifting in his demeanour.

“I don’t want to play this anymore.” He stated, slowly and every words feeling like a drop of venom.

“W-what?” Michael said in response.

Jeremy locked eyes with Michael and arched his back so that he was sitting upright. He spoke even clearer.

“I don’t want to play this anymore”

“Yo Jeremy, dude, calm down.” Michael started, reaching out to his best friend. But Jeremy flinched backwards, slapping Michael’s fingers away.

“D-don’t touch me tall ass!” He cried, falling off of the beanbag and into the floor. Instantly he recognised the words that he had spoken, covering his mouth with his spare hand. But Michael had already heard them.

“W…what did you just call me?” He stammered, slowly rising from the beanbag. Jeremy climbed off of the floor to meet him, stuttering an attempted apology.

“I didn’t mean- that’s not what I - fuck - Michael I, that- that wasn’t-”

“T-Tall ass?!” Michael cried, stepping away from Jeremy. “What the hell dude?”

“No Michael I-”

“What happened to you?” He questioned, louder this time. “What has he done to you Jer? Was it worth it? Making you popular but turning you into… this?”

“I don’t-”

“Dude I don’t know who you are anymore-”

“I DON’T EVEN RECOGNISE MYSELF!” Came Jeremy’s answer. Michael flinched at the sudden increase in volume, eyes flying up to meet his best friend’s. Jeremy’s bright blue eyes soon began to fill with tears as he slumped against the wall.

“He’s gone Michael… but he won’t go away…” he muttered, head flying into to his hair. “Everything I do, I can still hear that voice in the back of my mind telling me what I’m doing wrong, mirroring his exact words. And I do it! I listen to it, because that’s what I’ve been programmed to do.”


“And you know what the worst part is Michael? That voice isn’t even real! It’s inside my head, because it’s my voice. It’s me telling all those things. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT MICHAEL! I-”

Jeremy was interrupted by the sudden feeling of arms wrapping around his waist and pulling his close into Michael’s chest. The boy hung on tightly, head hidden in the crook of Jeremy’s tear-stricken neck. Soon, his hands lowered from his hair to return the hug and the two slowly slid against the wall onto the floor.

No words were spoken between the two, just the action of each other being there was enough. The soft hum of the console filled the basement, the smell of candy and Mountain Dew carried through the air.

Eventually, Michael spoke, breaking the silence.

“I don’t care what he told you Jeremy, but you will always be my player two and nothing will change that ok? We’ll fight this, and we’ll come through stronger.” He tightened the hug between them. “I’ll always be here for you Jer.”

The tall boy smiled, returning the pressure of the embrace. He couldn’t help the shift in his smile as he spoke:

“That’s what friends are for yeah?”

Michael’s expression wavered as he responded.

“Yeah… best friends.”

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Hey I don't know if you do requests or anything but I'm having a super shitty day because I found out my boss has been screwing me and my coworkers over and it's a super long story. And I know your art never fails to make me smile. If you could draw some like tuckington or grimmons or yorkolina or I don't care, I would feel a lot better. I love you so much and I'm sorry if this is bothersome or something but I just need to smile right now and you always make me smile. Thanks…

Sorry I didn’t answer this when it came in, I’ve been having kind of a shit time lately myself (and also suddenly left town for 5 days).

here. hope this helps

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Hello! I've been feeling kind of depressed lately and I was wondering if you could draw some inspirational soul friends to cheer me up. I love your artwork so much so even if you don't get to this ask, I am always happy to see your wonderful art

keep your head held high & know that you are always worth it! 

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( Hey, just wanted to ask mun: are you guys (you and @askconvan) alright? I know convan's mod has been having some problems recently (and I hope they're feeling better! I want them to take a break if they need to, to help their mental health!) but how are you? Its just that neither of you have updated in several days to a week (I might be wrong. I don't have a good grasp on time lol), and I was just worried! Don't feel pressured to update if youre ill or incapable to, (1/2)

I was just wondering! If you’re ill, I hope you feel better! Take care of yourselves ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)! ) (2/2)

yeah, we’re fine! ive just been a little busy as of late and haven’t really been on tumblr. @askconvan is doing alright; the both of us are just kinda busy. sorry about worrying you!

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B4 jaune please? we all know he can rock a dress

Jaune looks good in any and every dress 

(send me a character and an outfit)

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Do you think it's to late to start an undertale comic at this time? Or do you think it's to late since a lot of fans seem to have lost interest and only stick to already running comics but don'T look at any new content. Caus I really like your comic and you inspired me to make my own, but I have my doubts that it's anybodys going to read it, and I know I should draw for myself, but making a comic without readers is kind of saddening. Sorry for my english and have a good day!

undertale is rereleasing at the moment, so it seems like the perfect time to me! people will care if your ideas are good enough. that’s all there is to it. well, there’s a certain amount of strategy to it – an accessible blog, posting in the right tags, posting at the right times, things like that matter a lot. 

if you have goals, you have to shoot for them. if you’re determined enough, you have a shot. you have to be really committed but it can be really fun. you just have to ask yourself how much it’s worth to you, and how much time you’re willing to sink into it. how people will receive content is always a gamble in the end.

hope you have a great day too, and good luck!

 (fun fact: my life doesn't revolve around voltron, it’s just lance has been my focus lately, but WITH THE MANGA UPDATE AGGHHHH)

(okay crappy art but I did it in like 20min, here me out)

Hinata: I don't care if she has an owner, I’m keeping her.

Kenma: That’s called stealing.

Yama: So you don’t wanna keep her?

Kenma: Oh, no. We should keep her.

College AU where Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Kenma are roommates and very smol. So one day they find a lost cat and all agree to keep her.

BUT turns out she is a lost cat who happens to belong to Kuroo. He and his flatmates, Kageyama and Tsukishima, notice she’s missing and go crazy looking for her. Only to find her w/ some smol cute guys wearing cringe worthy gay shirts sweaters and coats. But there cute so… 

(I didn’t even try with Kuroo’s hair, also why the fuck does this 3min sketch look better than the 20min sketch??)

They ask for the cat back but flirt it up thinking the small bois will blush and stuff, but jokes on them. The smoll ones throw it back at them x10 harder

Kuroo Probably (to Kenma obvi): so I couldn’t help but notice your guys tops, you guys looking for someone?

Hinata, interrupting: nah, we got each other if we need anything.(he’s implying stuff)

All the tall guys thinking: holy shit ////

But they convince the small ones to exchange numbers so they could visit the cat (her name is Gato btw) which makes the boys a bit too happy

(Also I’m making Yama short to go with the theme, fucking fight me)

btws its Kuroo w/ Kenma, Tsukkiyama w/ Yamaguchi, Kegayama W/ Hinata