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This bit from BlindGossip :

“The sooner he gets his act together, the sooner he can get back to making music.”

What the fuck is that even?? the dude posted a pic of him at the studio 3 days ago?? he talks constantly about making music right now? HELL even in a contrived twitter spree he said he had an idea of what his next single was gonna be??!

The image they’re trying to push on him of a weak emotionally vulnerable boy is fucking disgusting


Hey guys! Sorry to interrupt the queued pics, but I have a bit of a PSA. :) 

I’m going to start working again for a little while starting on March 1. We’ve been debating about staying here in San Francisco and me commuting via The Precious or going to stay at Ethan’s place in Orange County for the duration and commuting by car. I’ve spent the last few days experimenting with flight times and whatnot (rather than hanging out online) and I think in the end it’ll just be easier to migrate to SoCal. Not that I really want to because…well…SoCal, ugh. :) BUT commuting by plane is a bit of a pain not so much in the flying part but rather in the “getting from LAX (or other, smaller airports in the area that I experimented with) to the studio” part, which depending on time of day can take almost as long as driving up from Orange County on top of flight time and requires me to keep a car down there (and pay for parking) because it’s a gigantic pain in the ass to lug a cello around on public transport. And even if that wasn’t the case, it’s also difficult to coordinate, schedule-wise, since I don’t exactly work 9-to-5. :) Plus, Ethan wants to surf, anyway. ;) And…Yeah, some beach time will be nice. :)

Sooooooo, tl;dr, this coming weekend we’ll be migrating. Which means that I’ll be incommunicado for a few days. I’ll hopefully fill the queue up with pics so you’ll hardly notice that I’m gone, but replies/asks/messages might go unanswered for a while and all that jazz. Just as they have the last four days or so. :)


Album of the day: The Unforgiving, the fifth studio album by Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation, released in 2011. The album was released alongside a comic book series and a series of short films, to encompass a concept story.

As of November 2012, the album reportedly sold 313 790 copies exclusively on the iTunes merch website. Metal Storm awarded the album third place on its best symphonic metal albums of 2011 list and seventh on the “biggest surprise” list. It was also awarded fifth place in Loudwire’s list of The Top 10 Rock Albums of 2011. Merlin Alderslade, from Metal Hammer, placed the album at ninth position in his top ten albums of 2011.

anonymous asked:

Hi! What are you studying in college? I hope you have a wonderful day and I love your blog! It brightens up my day!!

(I’m majoring in studio art, drawing. It’s okay it’s figure drawing and portraits with charcoal. Thank you for the compliment!!!)-kat

Get to know your followers and let them get to know you like the little SKAM-family we are! Answer the questions and then tag 5 people who you want to know more about!
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by @linneaxskam

I was tagged by the lovely Australian pixie @fairieswithoutwings Your positivity and kindness in this fandom is always so appreciated. XO

Name: Monique

Country: Canada

Date of birth: March 20th. In my 30s. I’m thinking of taking on the title of “Your SKAM big sister”. Haha.

Height: 5′2′’

Orientation: Straight unless you look like Shane from the L Word then I’m gay all day. 

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: I own a hot yoga studio. We just had our 5th anniversary this weekend. Pretty proud of the lovely, mindful, and inclusive community we’ve created in just 5 years.

Hobbies: Consuming youtube content, listening to podcasts, brunching with friends, going for a float (float tanks are my new addiction), yoga of course. Recently with my new found love of SKAM and this fandom I’ve reignited some creative outlets like writing and editing videos. So great to bring that back into my life.

Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking): Spring. (My birthday is the first day of spring so I think I’m a little biased) Taking off the layers from winter. Watching the cherry blossoms take over my city. Getting on my bike again. More hours of sunlight. All good things. 

Favourite book: I would have to say the book I’ve loved the longest is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Found it when I was probably 14 and I return to it every few years. 

Last song you listened to: Fall in Place by Bry. Thinking of doing an Isak X Even edit to it so I’ve been listening to it a lot. 

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Chai Latte with Soy Milk

How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: I’d say a 2 or 3. I only use it with grilled cheese and burgers usually. 

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 when Skam isn’t on. 4-5 when it is because Norway is a 9 hour time difference and OMG I can’t figure out when to sleep. 

Last thing you googled: e online couples poll (go vote for our soft boys!!)

Last message you sent someone: “Great!” Sent to my Dad. My parents were in town for a few days and they landed back in Calgary safe and sound.

Who do you think will be s4 main? Honestly I have no idea. I waiver every day. I think if I really had to choose I’d say Sana. Whoever it is I know I’ll have a heart attack when the trailer comes out and fall deeply in love with them throughout the season. 

Favourite Skam character: Oooh don’t let me choose between our soft boys. I think Isak often gets chosen partly because we saw more of his story line/perspective in season 3. Emotionally I think I connect more with Even though so I’m going to go with Even. 

Biggest not canon ship: I don’t have a big non canon ship from SKAM so I’ll say  Dan Howell and Phil Lester. Seriously it’s been 8 years I’ve been watching their videos and I’m still unsure what the real story is. Only time will tell. 

Best Skam quote: “You just need to be there for him. And when everything seems hopeless you need to take it one day at a time. And if one day becomes too much, then just take one hour at a time. And if an hour is too much, just take a minute at a time.” 
This hit me so hard when I first heard it and continues to be something that I think about almost daily. I find it so ironic Sonja said my favourite line because the week before I was so hating on her. 

Blog created: I first got on tumblr and created my blog in 2012. It started when I fell in love with Queer as Folk. It morphed into a Gallavich blog for a while and then I returned when Dan and Phil started creating more content in the last year. And then there was the fateful day, Nov 6/16, when I found my first GIF of Isak X Even and like they say, the rest is history.

How did you find out about Skam? A random GIF on tumblr that took me down a rabbit hole of the NRK site and a google translate window being opened. Like seriously I google translated the first 5 episodes myself until I found ShameTV’s translations. It was a crazy weekend.

Why did I choose my URL: It’s from one of my favourite scenes in Queer as Folk. Brian and Justin declaring their love for each other in their own unique way. Watch it here

Number of followers atm: 1036

I tag @rogueleader1987 @bonsoir-my-ass @cuteandtwisted (no pressure 💛)

@adrinettemonth Day 19 is Studio Ghibli AU!  Spirited Away sounded fun, so I attempted a screenshot redraw with my own style.  I hope you guys like it!  (I spent way too long on it, lololol)  XD