a day in the life of you me at six

6' 3"

when you were born
the doctor said
how you’d be six foot three

from that day forth
i fantasized
of all the big you’d be

you’d touch the stars
with fingertips
all words of wisdom
from your lips

she didn’t lie
that you’d be
six feet: just you, your dad and me

that’s when we learnt
that you were really,
rather, very sick

something even a
six three can’t be
strong enough to fix

it was so fast
so cruel
so wrong
so soon to say goodbye

to our teeny tiny
giant hearted
lovely little

because I do believe
that all of you
was so much more
than me

though I understand
that giants need
a lot more room
to breathe

your fingers touch
the stars and I
realise my dream
came true

then cry for
not all dreams
happen the way
we want them to

I miss you every day // A.S

(a disclaimer: I am lucky enough to say I myself have never lost a child, I wrote this for people who have, and who have been unfortunate enough to experience such a trauma. I hope you each find your peace.)

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artist: fleetwood mac

what’s your gender? gold dust woman
describe yourself? not that funny
how do you feel? oh well
if you could go anywhere? everywhere
favorite mode of transportation? dreams
your best friend? angel
favorite time of day? isn’t it midnight
if your life was a tv show? walk a thin line
relationship status? hold me :^)
your fear? what’s the world coming to

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We used to love each other before. You used to trace my spine and lighten up my world with your smile. We were perfect back then, but everything was ruined. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to win you back. I just want to exhaust the remaining things about you, inside.
You know what, I still hate you after all those years. It’s been six years, to be exact. And every single day, I hate your existence. When there’s a time that I reminisce our past, it makes me feel sick. I don’t know what made me fell in love with you in the first place and how everything went from good to worse. You were the worst thing that ever happened to me.
I hate you for being so selfish and never tried to shut your mouth and let me win an argument. You didn’t hold my hand and stop me from leaving for that night. You just let me walk away and made me feel that you never loved me. You think only about your happiness, you never paid attention to my details. You never asked if I’m still happy, you think only about yourself.
I hate you for painting my world with your colors and made me used to love them. And now you were gone, it makes me insane because I see them every day. I tried to hide everything through smiles, but my eyes never stopped bleeding them. There’s no way I could escape because you planted flowers inside my chest and it continues to breathe your stupid name. I couldn’t breathe on my own.
I hate you for making me believe in your promises that you will stay, no matter what happens.
I hate you for being a part of my life, for scarring my heart with your love. You build walls around me with your kindest words and now that you were in love with someone else, I don’t know how to climb up, explore the world and start all over again. I’m afraid to jump on my own because you made me believe that fear won’t exist if you were here. I’m still afraid.
I hate you for making me in love with your favorite song. After six years, it’s still playing in my head.
I hate you, let me move on.
—  E.J. Cenita, A Letter For Someone I Hate The Most
You know what?

Fuck love. Really.

I used to suck dick for love. I used to spend hella dollars spoiling my man for love. I used to get up early, make pancakes, set the table for love. I used to shave my cooch every other day for love. I used to wear six in heels for love.

And those assholes I loved? Never did shit for me. They’d say a couple of pretty words, but it the end it was always “baby, I can’t make you that kind of priority in my life right now”. I became a broke-ass, undignified bitch, ‘cause of love.

So fuck love.

Want me to do that wifey shit for you? Gimme some damn money.



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  • day five: YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOUR ASKING ME TO CONFESS  // fave kink
  • day six: JEFFERSON HAS MY VOTE // fave trope/heacanon
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* Diane, 11:30 am, February 24. Entering the town of Twin Peaks, five miles South of the Canadian border, twelve miles West of the state line. I’ve never seen so many trees in my life. As W. C. Fields would say I’d rather be here then in Philadelphia. Fifty-four degrees on a slightly overcast day. Weatherman said rain. If you get paid that kind of money for being wrong sixty percent of the time it beat working. My mileage is 79,345. Gauge is on reserve. Riding on fumes here. I’ve got to tank up when I get into town. Remind me to tell you how much that is. Lunch was … uhh … six dollars and thirty-one cents at the … Lamplighter Inn, that’s on highway two near Lewis Fork. That was a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat, slice of cherry pie and a cup of coffee. Damn good food. Diane, if you ever get up this way that cherry pie is worth a stop. Okay. Looks like I’ll be meeting up with a ahh … Sheriff Harry S. Truman. Shouldn’t be to hard to remember that. That will be at the Calhoun Memorial Hospital. I guess we’re going to go up to intensive care and take a look at that girl that crawled down the railroad tracks off the mountain. I’m pretty sure I’ll be checking into a hotel. I’m sure the sheriff will be able to recommend a clean place, reasonably priced. That’s what I need, clean place, reasonably priced.
Oh Diane, I almost forgot. I got to find out what kind of trees these are. Their really something.
#happytwinpeaksday #twinpeaks #goodmorning #davidlynch #buenosdias

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Its inevitable, high school is gonna end, we are gonna move to different towns. We aren’t going to see these people everyday anymore, we have six months left together. Six more months of lunches 5 days a week at the same table in the same room in the same school. About 150, give or take a few, days until we graduate and leave this school forever. 4 years of our lives is done. And some people might think that this is a dark depressing thought, that in six months we will leave our best friends behind and move on to another part of our life story. But I think there is a difference between me and someone who thinks this is dark and depressing. You, who thinks this is a dark thought who doesn’t want to hear it, you are probably scared, terrified for the inevitable future that awaits you. And thats perfectly fine, be scared to leave your best friends, that fear is going to drive you to make the most out of these last six months together. Its going to make you want to go out and go to games, dress crazily for spirit weeks, not give a crap about what other people in the school think because you are enjoying yourself for the last time with these people. The difference is I am okay with me and my friends splitting up. I have seven best friends and we hang out all the time. I know that these people are going to be the ones I can count on, these people are going to be with me for the rest of my life, most likely the ones I want to have in my wedding. There is going to be distance put in between us and it will be hard to talk. Seven different people, seven different schedules, seven different towns, finding the time for everyone to talk will be so hard but I’m not worried. These are the people that I know I can count on, that will call me out when I’m lying and will help me through a bad day. I know that we might be able to talk everyday, and I think I’m okay with that because I know that these are the types of people that I don’t need to talk to everyday because  I know that they will always be there for me. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to talk to them, believe me I am, but it means that I will be okay if there comes a point where everyone is too busy to talk everyday. Now with all this being said, and how I am not scared, that doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of these six months, I will. I will enjoy every moment that we spend together, every lunch, every dinner at my house, every song played on my guitar in my room, every old movie watched together, every car ride blasting music. I’m going to love every minute of it, but I know that I will be okay when it comes to the point where all of that is just a memory. I will be okay when we all  leave, yes I will be heartbroken but I know that we will always find our ways back to each other.
I think more seniors need to understand this. People think when high school is over they end a book, they think of there life as a book series, but its not, its one long novel. High school is just a chapter in it, and just because the chapter is over doesn’t mean the main characters cease to exist. Yes new characters come into the story, but the main ones will always be there, maybe not like they were before, and maybe not in the next chapter, but they will come back into the story. It might be years down the line, but the people who are supposed to be in your life, have a way of coming back. These are your best friends, the people you meet in high school and if your lucky they will be there for the rest of your life.
—  Something I said during my religion class today
Gia Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "You scare the shit out of people so they can't see how scared you are."
  • Taurus: "And besides, you were the one that always had my heart, you know?"
  • Gemini: "Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live."
  • Cancer: "She was like a puppy. She was like... love me, love me, love me, love me... and I did. I did. I did right away. She was my lover. The only person I really loved."
  • Leo: "I'd tell them that you don't have to be anybody. Because I'd know that being somebody doesn't make you anybody anyway."
  • Virgo: "This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect."
  • Libra: "Dear book, this is another day in my life. A life is like a book. A book is like a box. A box has six sides. Inside and outside, so, how do you get to what's inside? How do you get what's inside, out? Once upon a time, there lived a very pretty girl, who lived in a beautiful box, and everybody loved her."
  • Scorpio: "You were the one, you were the only one, and you were amazing."
  • Sagittarius: "Because, if you let it be about you, then you're screwed, you know? So you have to stay separate from what's happening and you have to be somewhere else. But I don't know where that somewhere else is, you know? Or how to do that."
  • Capricorn: "Life and death, energy and peace. If I stop today it was still worth it. Even the terrible mistakes that I made and would have unmade if I could. The pains that have burned me and scarred my soul, it was worth it, for having been allowed to walk where I've walked, which was to hell on earth, heaven on earth, back again, into, under, far in between, through it, and above."
  • Aquarius: "I know, I know. Life is so disappointing. Here you are. You have arrived. You are here. This is your moment. What do you have? You have pain. You have everything. What do you have? You have nothing. Everything is right, or everything is wrong. It's disappointing, it's confusing. This is life. What can we do?"
  • Pisces: "You know what I think? I think there's a reason for everything. And I think that there's a plan for everyone. And I think that God has a big plan for me. Just not in this life."

anonymous asked:

Okay so I've seen you in the drug tag probably like 20 posts complaining about 3 days worth of pain killers. Like, figure it out yourself, go buy some off the street like the rest of us. I understand ranting ONE time, MAYBE two, but for reals my dude just suck it up. You can't get what you need. Get it somewhere else. Stop letting life kick you in the ass.

dude you cant get belladonna and opium suppositories on the street, nor can you get oxybutonin on the street nor can you get flomax on the street nor can you get the other six medications I needed post-surgery on the streets. shut the fuck up. and no its not three days worth I’m going to be in pain for months. And my actual doctor did end up prescribing it for me. So the complaining on my part did fucking work. Go fuck yourself. We already get it, you hate disabled people and believe we dont have a right to proper care. Literally, fuck yourself.

Hey Taylor! My name is Fathma. I’m a swiftie from Houston,TX. I just wanted to tell you how much “mean” means so much to me. I can relate so much to it that I have to listen to it everyday. It was actually one of the first few songs I’ve heard from you. It’s special to me, and I wanted to thank you for writing this beautiful masterpiece.

I’ve only seen you once, but it was the BEST day of my life. I wish I could relive that day everyday. I could not stop smiling for a long time. It all started when I finally won tickets a week before the show. It took me exactly six months to win tickets since my family couldn’t afford it. When I won, I won tickets + backstage tour. I was stoked!! On the day of the show, I went to school with a huge smile on my face. I aced that spanish test then left school early to get ready and go to the stadium. When I arrived to the ticket booth, I opened the envelope and only saw tickets. I was shocked not seeing the backstage passes. When the doors opened, I ran to Taylor Nation. I really wanted to take a cute father + daughter picture with my dad. After we took it, I saw kevin from TN. I talked to him about been wanting this day to come. I gave him a letter for you and then out of nowhere he gave me front row. He told me not scream so I held it in. I was sobbing. I couldnt believe it. I enjoyed the rest of the show & you kept noticing me in the crowd with my heart dress and light up sign. You pointed and looked at me with a smile. It was the best day. I’m glad I got to shake it off with you on a wednesday night. I needed this. Thank you. #1989TourHouston

Later on I sent you fanmail in August to your Nashville fanmail address. It arrived there but I dont know if you got it. It was an early birthday gift & a letter for you and taylor nation. I hope you got it.

Then you had a show in October for F1 Race. I wanted to go so badly. Austin is only three hours away from Houston but my family couldn’t afford it. I was offered a single ticket but I couldn’t go without an adult. I was upset that the one show you did in 2016 was three hours from me. Atleast I was there virtually through videos.

Lastly, I was recently invited to see you in my hometown Houston for the Superbowl Preshow party which is twenty minutes from me! Sad part is that I can’t go since both people attending must be 18+. I’m not 18 yet. I wish I could go. Maybe this is a sign? Who knows? I hope we can reunite soon Taylor.

I just want to thank you for everything. Even though I might not be able to see you soon, just know I will always be supporting you. Thank you for everything. I love you with all my heart. Sending you huge hugs from Houston!

xoxo fathma :)


Things Said/Heard on a Trip to New York, Sentence Starter Style
  • “Screw you. Stop talking.”
  • “Three cheers for poop?”
  • “I’m just letting all you motherfuckers know that I will be the last one standing.”
  • “I have been wanting to fight someone all day. Don’t test me.”
  • “This is the worst game of Uno I’ve ever played.”
  • “That’s because you are a loser.”
  • “I will shoot you six ways to shit lane.”
  • “I bet the scientists haven’t tried this yet.”
  • “What barf bag?”
  • “Wait, did you say ‘axes’ or ‘taxes?’”
  • “For once in my life I’ve done nothing wrong.”
  • “There’s a dictatorship in the basement.”
  • “I just get upset when they try to kill me.”
  • “The good news is I got some really good photos of him lying on the concrete in pain.”
  • “I didn’t even know where Mount Sinai Hospital was before yesterday, and now I’ve been to two of them.”
  • “Oh. So that’s what an appendix looks like.”
  • “Everyone needs a surgeon. I’m yours now.”
  • “I puked in Central Park and all I got was this lousy scar.”
  • “What are you fucking doing? Excuse my French.”
  • “Me, I just suck the tears right back into my skull, because I’m metal.”
  • “You just don’t want to check the mortality rates.”
  • “This seems a little bit illegal, but ok.”
  • “You don’t give your infant a live squirrel. That’s just not something that you do.”
  • “I feel like my body is sobbing for a vegetable right now.”
  • “Paul Revere banged metal for a living and was essentially useless.”
  • “I mean, you can spend 14 hours in a car, but you’ll only be sane for the first 12 or so.”
  • “Shh. I want to hear how my plant sounds.”
  • “See, that’s what I’m talking about with the insanity.”
  • “It’s just like they say: Time flies when you’re unconscious.”
  • “I don’t want to spend the last minutes of my life listening to Rush.”
  • “The world is my porkchop. I shall not want.”
Popcorn - Chris Evans x Reader

Prompt: Can you do “Did you really just throw popcorn at me” from the prompt list with Chris Evans please?
A/N: So this one isn’t that long, it’s only 5 words, but I liked writing this one - thanks for the request anon! (Also I just realised this is the first Chris Evans request I’ve had!!)

12 days of Ficmas - Day 5

Originally posted by amerlcachavez

It was just another Sunday in the Evans’ household. You and Mr Captain America himself, Chris Evans had been married for six months now. The two of you loved married life and spent every second you could together, just being in each other’s company.  

“Babe?” Chris called from the same spot on the sofa that he sat down in an hour and a half ago.
“Hm?” you replied, only half listening to whatever it was he was going to say.
“Can you come here a sec?” he poked his head up over the back of the sofa to give you the puppy dog eyes. “Please?” he added after a moment of silence from you.
“Chris, I’m a bit busy at the moment,” you responded gesturing to the dinner pots you were washing, “what’s up?”
“Just come here” he sighed.
“I’d be able to if you got off your arse and helped me out” you said, trying to get him to help out just once. He didn’t respond so you turned your back to him and continued washing up. Moments later, you felt something soft hit the back of your head.
“What the hell?” you asked yourself quietly, turning around to see a single, rather large piece of popcorn on the floor behind you. Chris was sat on the other side of the room, stifling his laughter.
“Did you just throw popcorn at me?!”
“Who, me?” Chris asked with just a hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“Oh, it’s on!” you taunted as you scooped up a handful of bubbles from the sink and began to run towards him.

“No, no, no! Babe, please!” Chris begged as you backed him into a corner, ready to wipe your handful of bubbles down the side of his face.
“What’s it worth to you?” you asked mischievously.
Chris stood there thinking for a moment before he responded “nothing” and grabbed the bubbles out of your hand. “Bet you didn’t see that one coming did you?” he raised an eyebrow and then winked at you.
“Actually,” you replied, “that’s exactly what I thought you would do.”

Chris was holding the bubbles right in front of your face. He stood there, gobsmacked. You used this opportunity to blow the bubbles directly at him. He didn’t know what had hit him until the moment you started running.
“Oh, hell no!” Chris shouted before giving chase. There wasn’t much space for running around so it wasn’t long before he caught up to you. Without giving it a second thought, he picked you up and put you over his shoulder.
“Chris, no!” you protested, knowing exactly what was going to happen next. “Put me down” you reached around and just managed to cover his eyes with your hand.
He removed your hand with ease and began walking towards the bedroom.

Opening the door with his foot, he chuckled victoriously.
“This isn’t over” you grinned.
“Oh, I believe it is” he said, throwing you down onto the bed. He stood, towering over you for a moment. “I love you” he whispered.

24 Days of Christmas: Baby Please Come Home *Steve Rogers x Reader*

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

Day Twenty-Three

Summary: Steve leaves for a mission, for six months to be exact. He comes home and you wake up Christmas morning to a Steve surprise. /Kinda songfic I just mention lyrics because the song seemed fitting./
Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Peter Parker and Nat (mentioned)

Note- I’d just like to say, Christmas is the worst time for me, from having no money to trying to buy presents for the most important people in my life. I hate how stressed I get, I’d like to say, that writing these have klept my mind off the stressfulness of Christmas. Although, don’t let me do this next year, this was just a different stress to focus on - Rosalee

Day Twenty-Two

You knew from the beginning that dating a superhero would be difficult, like every relationship it came with hardships, admittedly those hardships usually were far more gruelling than if you dated a normal person. From their work hours, to their injuries and possible, plausible death and the fact you are in constant harm’s way.

Despite all that, no one could really prepare you for the trials and tribulations you’d have when dating Captain America, or as you know him Steve Rogers. He is reckless, oblivious to the fact he can still die yet, does all the reckless shit anyway and at times the biggest, stubborn dick around. That what made Steve, Steve; his carelessness of his self and heroic values made him uniquely him in a way that made it impossible to be mad at him because no matter how many times you told him to think, to stop and really think his choices, it was engrained into him to act implosively.

You weren’t an Avenger, in fact, far from that type of job. You worked as a teacher’s assistant, teaching history, which really finalised your relationship; you like old things and people, Steve being no exception to that.

“But six months?” You asked with a hint of shock in your voice, sat crossed-legged on Steve’s bed as he packed a duffle bag that clearly wouldn’t be enough for six Goddamn months.

He didn’t look at you as he folded his clothes, “That’s what Nat said,” you made a small disapproving face that he caught as he glanced up. “What now?”

“Six months is a long time,” you begin, “what am I meant to do for half a year? Yes, half a year, that’s how long you’ll be gone!”

He chuckled and zipped up his bag, “Well, Bucky and Sam will still be knocking around; I told them both to check on you. Plus, Wanda is gonna be around, go see Laura Barton?” He gave a few suggestions as he smiled, he looked at your sad face and felt his chest tighten at that.

“I don’t want Bucky nor Sam checking on me, I see Wanda anyway and I hate the journey to the Barton’s without you, why is it sooo long?” You huff out and look at him; he sighs and sits on the edge of the bed looking at you.

“I wish, I could tell you but top secret stuff, only we superheroes can know.” You smiled lightly as he gave a soft smile, “I’ll miss you too, you know?”

“I know.”

He pulled you to him and kissed you gently, allowing his emotions to really convey how much he’ll miss you beside him, you wrapped your arms around his neck trying not to cry because Steve hated seeing you cry.

**2 Months**

“Y/N?” Bucky’s voice called through your apartment.

You called from the kitchen and he walked in to see you baking, you usually bake when you’re upset or feeling unwell, everyone knew that. Comfort baking was your speciality, you’d often bake Steve cookies during the time he was looking for Bucky and always ended up back at the start, it wouldn’t do much but fill his tummy but he loved your caring nature.

“And here I thought I was enough to lift your dampened spirits,” Bucky mock pouted as you shot him a confused look, he raised an eyebrow. “You bake when you’re upset, Steve told me, I thought me and Sam were doing great at temporary boyfriends.”

You chuckled at him and sighed, “I just miss him, a lot. I thought I was good at this, his whole schedule, him goin’ away and coming back. I guess I’m not.” You refuse to look at Bucky, “I hate not knowing what’s happening or if he’s okay, or what’s even going on. I feel so… lost, as cheesy as it is, lost without him.”

Bucky nodded along allowing you to rant to him, lord knows you have to hear him rant about how annoying Sam is, plus listen to his troubles. It’s what made you the perfect person for his best friend, the fact you cared just as deeply for him as Steve does.

“The apartment always feels so large without him, I guess it’s because he takes up so much space, he’s also really heavy handed. He never does anything quiet, it just feels really empty and scary without him, I didn’t know how much I depended on him.” You shrugged and looked at Bucky, “I always thought I was this independent woman of the 21st century but I’m not, I depend on his opinion and judgement, it’s just weird to be this long without it.”

Bucky nodded as you went back to baking, “I guess, that’s normal. He’s been part of your life for over two years; he’s been there for and with you, for the most part, to have that suddenly gone for an extended period is foreign now. You’re used to the routine of him.” He shrugged and you nodded in agreement, “He’ll be home before you know it, I promise.”

“That’s something you can’t promise me when it comes to Steven Rogers, he’s so reckless that he’s gonna come home in a casket.” You sighed gently, trying not to let that thought get to you, you always think the worse outcome when he leaves for missions.

Bucky scoffs, “Nah, he’s like a cockroach, he just won’t die. I’d know I’ve tried killing him, countless times actually! Threw him down an elevator shaft once, good times.” You pause and then chuckle silently at Bucky, who chuckled along with you, “it’s gonna take a lot to put him down. Plus, if he does, I’m bringing him back alive to punch him.”

**4 Months**

You only got a few updates here and there, Sam usually telling you what’s happening, even going above and beyond to tell you some secret stuff. Like how, the Intel they retrieved was false so they had to go deeper to find what they needed; only they had to interrogate an enemy to find the location what they need.

This was the officially the longest yourself and Steve had gone without contact, normally if he was away he was able to message you a few times, even call if lucky enough but this mission required no communication. It was torture, utter torture, you missed him and you knew he missed you but a part of you told yourself that he’s probably fine.

You sighed gently as you glanced at Sam, Wanda and Bucky, who had all come over to watch movies with you. You appreciated it; obviously, they’re your friends and want to make sure you’re okay. But you just wanted Steve; you wanted him beside you, not Bucky. You wanted him to make you laugh not Sam; you wanted Steve to ask if you wanted to go get lunch tomorrow, not Wanda. It was rude and selfish but that’s what you wanted.

**December 5 ½ Months**

It slowly dawned on you that Steve, probably, would miss Christmas. Your first Christmas since meeting Steve that you’d be alone, it was… odd to say the least. It didn’t feel like Christmas, not at all.

The snow’s comin’ down and you’re watching it fall, you sat on the window ledge staring at out of the glass watching the snowflakes flitter to the floor below, a huge part of you begging for Steve to come home. To see him exit the car and look up giving you a brief but heart beat skip worthy smile. Even with lots of people around, Sam and Wanda, Bucky along with Scott at times it felt empty and too cold. It just felt wrong.

You walked with Bucky around New York, Christmas shopping, he decided you needed out of the house especially with your Christmas break. He was right, you’d come to realise that Bucky had changed a lot since the first time you met, he wasn’t the paranoid, scared man. He was this smiling, sarcastic and funny man, it was nice. It was a good chance to bond.

You glance around at all the shops at Columbus Circle, hearing faint music playing, you walk over to see a group of carollers all dressed up in winter warmths. They’re singing Deck The Halls, you watched intently with a small group of on lookers, who all muttered the words along with them.

“It’s so Christmas-y,” Bucky smiled and placed both hands in his pockets and looked down at you, frowning as you just stared at the carollers, glancing up.

“But it’s not like Christmas at all, I remember when Steve was here,” you sighed and he Bucky slumped his shoulders, “all the fun we had last year. We sang along with carol, we drank the special Starbucks drinks, it was the best Christmas.” Bucky wrapped an arm around your shoulders pulling you away from the carollers and back to your home.


You watched as Bucky and Sam dragged the tree into your apartment, they decided you need to break out the decks, it looked too boring and you needed your Christmas spirit. You laughed when argued, Bucky saying a silver and red theme would be great, whilst Sam thought a white and red theme was better.

Wanda eventually showed up, helping with the decorating, laughing when Bucky tangled in all the lights you had. She used her powers to place the bulbuls on the tree, both Bucky and Sam watching in amazement as she done her thing; Wanda had a real eye for Christmas decorating.

You held a hot chocolate as you watched the pretty lights on the tree, watching them shine. They twinkles different colours, emulating the silver and white bulbuls around them, she added a few red as a splash of colour and it looked amazing. Bucky high-fived both Sam and Wanda, grinning at their handy work, you sipped the hot chocolate with a little sigh. He should be here with you, it was only a week left until Christmas and from what Sam had told you, you wouldn’t be seeing Steve till New Years. You sat down as Wanda order the guys to more hot chocolates and Christmas movie.

**Christmas Day Morning**

You asked for people to leave you alone all of Christmas Eve, deciding you’d like a day to wallow in self-pity over missing your boyfriend, you knew how pathetic you are. He’s gone for a few months and you can’t go on with life, it was stupid and pathetic but it was you, and you loved him a lot. Steve didn’t often have missions where he was required to be away for months on end, yet this time he was needed and although you supported him, you didn’t have to like it.

You lay in bed on Christmas morning, staring up at the ceiling in silence, a part of you hoped you’d wake up with him beside you but life is never so good. Instead, the bed was cold on his side, you didn’t bother wrapping the presents you had gotten him, and they were still in their amazon cardboard packages in the bottom of your closet.

You figured Bucky and Sam would visit at some point, you sat up with a small frown, wiping your cheeks not even knowing you were crying, as if you couldn’t be more pathetic. You pulled the covers off of yourself and walked down the hall to the kitchen, still in Steve’s shirt, which in theory should swamp you but in fact since he buys smaller sized; for no reason at all. The shirt barley grazed your bottom, you sighed as you flicked on the coffee pot.

“Can you make me one, thanks, love.” You jump high in the air and turn around, eyes wide as they dart for the imposing voice, only to see feet dangling off the edge of the sofa.

You frown was you still dreaming and you walk around the sofa to see Steve spread out with arms crossed as he sleepily smiled at you, pillow resting on his stomach. You were about to talk when all he did is extend his arms out to you, it was like a magnet because you ran forwards and fell on top of him, he chuckled as he encased you in a warm, much-needed hug.

“You’re home,” you say stunned into his neck and he nodded, running a hand through your hair scratching at your scalp with his blunt nails, you gripped his shirt tightly and snuggled into his warmth knees resting on his stomach as you basically curled around his head.

“I missed you,” he pulled you away and made you lay against him, wrapping arms around you and turning on the very small sofa to look at you. “I take it you missed me too?” He smiled brightly; you nodded as his fingers played with the hem of his shirt you wore.

Yourself and Steve stayed laid on the sofa, sharing small kisses and talking about random things, you told him about your bonding experiences with Bucky; despite being a cranky-sue (lol Julia). You were in a particular heated make out session, Steve hovering over you as he kissed you slowly, his tongue brushing against your own. His right hand holding your thigh which was hooked over his hip; his fingers squeezing against the soft flesh, you let out a soft whine as he moved his lips down across your jaw and neck.

“Okay, Y/N, we’re here to bring Christmas cheer; we brought little Spidey.” Bucky’s voice carried through the apartment as he entered, Sam behind, Peter following him with a bright grin, they frowned as it was silent in the apartment when you didn’t answer.

You looked up at Steve who pulled away, his shirt off and jeans unbuttoned, the shirt you were wearing was up just barley covering your breasts. You blushed as Steve peaked over the back of the sofa, both other men locked eyes with Steve who gave an embarrassed smile; he lifted a hand and waved.

“Hey, man, didn’t know you and Nat returned!” Peter grinned and waved back, “where’s Y/N?” Looking around as both Sam and Bucky chuckled at their friend.

You pulled your shirt down and peaked out under him, Peter’s smile started to fad you flushed with embarrassment, Peter’s own embarrassment of awkwardness shining through as you tried to make it less awkward. “Merry Christmas!”

“Oh, I’m sure it is, right Stevie?” Sam chuckled and crossed his arms over his chest; Steve blushed with a small smile and flipped his friends off who laughed at him. “I am hurt you didn’t call us, Steven. We’re your friends and we don’t even get a text saying you’re home, rude.”

Steve rolled his eyes and chuckled when you hid behind your hair at the sheer embarrassment of this moment, “Okay, three scrooges, I’ll call you later and we’ll hang out. I’d like to be with my girl for a while.”

Sam held his hands up and wrapped an arm around Peter, walking to the door as Bucky snickered still at the embarrassment of you both, “well, Merry Christmas to you both, remember to use a condom.” They left all chuckling as you slumped back down on the cushions covering your face, 

“Remind me to take their keys away next year,” Steve grinned pulling your hands away and peppering your face with kisses, causing you to smile and laugh wrapping your arms around his neck. “I’m never going on a mission that long again, I missed you like crazy.” 

“Leave for that long again, I’m tagging along!” He grinned and lent down to press his lips over yours, resuming what pent up over the months away. 

A knock brought Steve back up for air, “We still having dinner here, right? You’ll be done by four?” Bucky asked through the barrier! He sighed lightly and rolled his eyes.

(Idk, I tried to be funny but my humour is similar to my brothers and not alot of poeple find him funny, so if you didn’t laugh at how Bucky was in this… then I’m afraid you’ll hate my brother James. Almost Christmas. - Rosalee)

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Why I love him || Hansol

✦Word Count: 918

✦Genre: Fluff

✦Blurb: You’ve been dating Hansol for some time now, but you still can’t resist bragging about how great he is. [ Requested by anonymous ]

✦A/N: Y/F/N would be your friend’s name.(:

“Yeah, I know right!” You were on the phone with one of your friends, chatting away about anything and everything. However, there was one direction that the conversation continuously took, and that was towards Hansol. You and Hansol had been dating for over six months, but you couldn’t help giggling to your friends about every single detail of your love life. You would retell the same stories over and over again to your friends’ dismays. It was like they were practically dating him themselves, though you would smack them if they ever told you so.

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Listen, don’t let anyone tell you that fast I love yous in fic are unrealistic and never work out, okay?

My SO told me he loved me on our third date.  (To which I replied, ‘Uh.  Thank you?’…and like two days later tackled him and said it back–and by that I mean shouted it right in his face).

Six months later we were married.

So six hours, six days, six months, six years, whatever.  None of it is unrealistic.  Write it how you want it.  I can guarantee it’s probably happened in some capacity in real life.

Last year you told me that Christmas was your favorite season back when you were six years old. How you believed in Santa Claus and all his reindeers and factory elves every time you spotted a gift near your Christmas tree or inside your Santa sock.

But one day you learned that Santa wasn’t real because you caught your father sneak your gift under the Christmas tree. And that ruined all the joy and excitement that Christmas used to give you. The thing that people call the Christmas Spirit.

But you were lucky you know? Because I never believed in Santa as a kid because it was evident to me that he wasn’t real because what kind of person would have that kind of generosity? No one I thought.

And you promised me. You promised me that we’d meet this Christmas. And you didn’t. You actually came early. Three days early. Seeing you wearing a Santa hat as I opened the front door.

And we kissed under the mistletoe under a thousand stars under a moonlight and yet above everything including heaven because we were high in Christmas Spirit.

And I looked at you, and you’re real.
And you looked at me, and you’re six years old again.

—  Currently Listening To: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Michael Bublé