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Mother Base baes [Happy Birthday, Jenny aka reve-noire!]


I just want to be the girl you think about every so often… when you catch the sunrise, leave the bed empty, walk through trails alone. I want to haunt your mind. I want you to make your way through life only to occasionally pause, out of breath – because you’ve remembered the weight of missing me, and who I was back when I was yours.
—  Jenn Carmen

aoba is so cute.

aoba is so fucking cute.

how the fuck do the boyfriends deal with aoba. how are they capable of living life normally with aoba, all i’d ever be able to do is just stare at him all day and admire how damn cute he is. he is way too fucking cute for his own good. is it even possible to be this cute. what the fuck.

The only way I want Grey’s Anatomy to end now is with a flashback to the pilot episode and you see Meredith faint because she was so nervous about her first day and you realize this entire show was just a dream she had while she was unconscious picturing her life within the hospital. And then she wakes up and continues on in her first day as an intern and everyone is alive and living peacefully.

“…fear is one of the great motivators. Fearing that you’re going to fk up. Fearing that you’re not going to do well. But I think also the fear of death. The fear knowing that you’re not always going to be here. When you’re 20 and you’ve got your whole fking life ahead of you, and who knows what the fk is going to happen, but now, this age that I am now, I do genuinely start to think about it, like, your days are numbered, like get it out there. Get something, leave something for your kids that they know what the fk you’re about and some of these principles. Try to put something out there in the world.”

- Jon Bernthal 

Creepypasta #644: Marooned

Story length: Medium

John was the first. One misstep and the grey cloud enveloped him. He screamed and thrashed but there was nothing we could do. He lay dead on the jungle floor, covered in thousands of tiny welts. Killer bees, just one more thing to watch out for on this island.

After he died we started hearing the strange sounds coming from the jungle at night.

The next day a machete came flying out of the trees into Jenn’s forehead. Our collective horror only grew when we found the tripwire she’d sprung, lying limply across the path.

There was something else out there besides us. Other intelligent life. And it wanted us dead.

Armand fell through a pile of palm leaves into a pit of sharpened bamboo. Alastair stepped into a snare and flew into coils of barbed wire hidden in the underbrush. Now there’s only us three left, and as we sit around the fire I hear the sorrowful inhuman cries coming from all around.

They’re coming now - John’s face is a porous wasp’s nest, thousands of them crawling on him and buzzing all around. The machete juts from Jenn’s face as she lumbers toward us. Armand is already rotting away, bamboo stakes still protruding from his torso and pierced eye. Alistair’s bloody entrails are spilling out. There are others too, I don’t recognize: a man with a caved-in head, a woman with a giant jagged slice down her body, children missing their arms.

I knew there was something else out there. I don’t know what kind of island this is we’ve been marooned on. But I know now even the dead get lonely.

Credits to: the_itch

“My whole life is burning away" - Fort McMurray homes on fire, gas station blows up
10 Fort McMurray neighbourhoods are under mandatory evacuation; fire jumps Highway 63

Homes have begun to burn in Fort McMurray as residents flee for safety from a blaze that’s doubled in size within a day.

“My whole life is burning away,” said Jenn Tremblett, who has left for Edmonton. “My home is in Gregoire (Fort McMurray neighbourhood) so it may be gone soon.

“My family is trying to get out of town.”

Tremblett said the community of Beacon Hill is on fire, after a nearby Shell gas station blew up.

“It’s very bad,” she said.

Fire officials have extended the evacuation order to 10 communities in the city, including Beacon Hill, Abasand, Waterways, Draper, Saline Creek, Grayling Terrace, downtown, Thickwood, Wood Buffalo and Dickinsfield. 

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hello its me here 

so this year one of dan and phil’s videos are nominated for a teen award! i know its all very exciting stuff but i feel like we need more people voting 

we are up against some pretty big videos including:

  • Alfie Deyes “Pointless Blog" & Ariana Grande - Ariana Does My Makeup
  • Prank vs. Prank & Jack and Finn Harries “Jacksgap” - Twin Teleport Prank
  • Troye Sivan & Tyler Oakley - The “Boyfriend” Tag
  • Lohanthony, Jack Baran “Thatsojack", Andrew Lowe, Jenn McAllister “Jennxpenn", & Rebecca Black - Fab Five in Real Life

so they are really big videos. yes 

so here is the voting link : http://www.teenchoiceawards.com/signin.aspx

its quick and easy to sign up and to vote!!

have a nice day and lets win this !!!1!!

Movie Night with Sam

You had been dating Sam for only 12 days, and this was your first time hanging out with all of the guys. Sam is the kind of guy that wants to keep his friends when he has a girlfriend. It was couple’s movie night, Trevor had Jenn, Kian had Andrea while Connor, Ricky and JC had each other.

When you got to his house, you were thrown back by everyone being in their pajamas. You were unaware of this being a pajama party.

“Oh I didn’t know I was supposed to wear pajamas.” You say as your cheeks blush with embarrassment.

“That’s not a problem, Casey, I’ve got some you can borrow.”

When you walk into the living room wearing a pair of Sam’s sweats that drag on the floor and one of his shirts, you are surprised to find that you and Sam have secured a spot on the couch.

“My clothes look better on you, than on me” Sam says as he grabs your waist and puts you on his lap.

 "Well movie time. Let’s watch Silver Linings Playbook.“ Ricky says as he puts in the movie.

You pay very little attention to the movie because all you can think about is being in such close proximity to Sam. Sam also isn’t paying much attention to the movie, as you two are cuddling under a blanket.

You wake up and look around. There is no one around, just Sam who you seem to be laying on top of on the couch. You think about getting up and leaving, but you decide that this is far too comfortable to leave so you snuggle up closer to Sam and fall right back asleep. You’ve never slept better than when you slept in his arms. This was the first night you ever "slept” together, and nearly every night after that one of you would sneak into the other’s house so you could sleep together again, because sleeping without him just didn’t feel right.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! That’s the last of the requests so send in some more!

So I hit 1.5k a few days ago and here’s my follow forever 💁 Here’s some of the people that I’m so happy I met and I love their blogs so much😊

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Priya - y'all run an amazing blog obviously. & I love talking to you in the group message!

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