a day in the clouds

My Wife

Give me both of your dear hands!

Behold me with your loving look!

However our fate  turns,

give me both of your dear hands

- around us stand the sheltering house walls -

and we have our innermost happiness.

Let me say softly in your ear,

let it be secret like a prayer,

let it continue to eternal days

like a silver cloud-wagon

carried in the wonderland of the soul:

I am yours, and you - and you are mine.

I have such a weird aesthetic… Like, I like alternative rock and classical music. I wear a LOT of black, but I accessorize with flower crowns. I am obsessed with dark, dreary, rainy days, but I also love soft puffy clouds. My favorite color schemes are black and pastels. I am so very much in love with stars and galaxies, but pretty little flowers and plants are good too.


23/03/17 ♡ 9/100 days of productivity

Well, today is my last full day at Daisy Lodge - and I did some studying this morning! It’s been a bad day with fatigue, but I’ve been doing well :) The clouds on the right are from when I was flying home from England - they were so gorgeous, I couldn’t not include them!! Hope you’re all having a great day ♡  


Photos of the day - March 23, 2017

A huge cloud of smoke with fire billows from the site of an ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, near the city of Balakiya, Kharkiv area, Ukraine; a polar bear cub Quintana explores her enclosure at the Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich; flowers left by a member of the public outside New Scotland Yard in central London, a contingent of the guard of honor of the three services of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) take part in a grand military parade held in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad; visitors at at the Leipzig Book Fair in Leipzig, Germany. These are some of the photos of the day. (AP/EPA/Getty/Reuters/Zuma)

Photo credits: Pavlo Pakhomenko/EPA, Christian Bruna/EPA, Will Oliver/EPA, Xinhua via ZUMA Wire, Filip Singer/EPA

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Brothers || Date Masamune {SLBP}

Genre: Fluff
Character: Date Masamune
Summarry: You and Lord Masamune is finally getting married! But, something was troubling on his mind before the wedding ceremony starts! What will Lord Kojuro and Lord Shigezane do to help him?
Author’s Note: I just love their bonds so much! <3 That’s why I decide to make a fic based on their bonds. Hope you like it! ^^

“Hey, Kojuro. Don’t you think this situation is getting dangerous?” Shigezane whispered.

Kojuro let out a small laugh and reply “Ah, yes, I guess…”

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anonymous asked:

This is my wish to you: COMFORT on difficult days. SMILES when sadness intrudes. RAINBOWS to follow the clouds. LAUGHTER to kiss your lips. HUGS when spirits lag. SUNSETS to warm your heart. FRIENDSHIPS to brighten your being. BEAUTY for your eyes to see. FRIENDSHIPS to brighten your being. FAITH so that you can believe. CONFIDENCE for when you doubt. PATIENCE to accept the truth. COURAGE to know yourself. And finally, LOVE to complete your life.

I started crying while reading this. Thank you so much anon. Feel free to message me any time