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Pet Store (Newt x Reader) AU

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Request:  Can I request Newt Scamander X Reader AU where the reader works at a pet shop and Newt goes there everyday. He can’t tell whether or not it’s because of the reader or the animals. The reader’s coworkers make up a plan to get them together. Really fluffy please. Sorry if it’s confusing.  - Anon

I had too many ideas I had to post this today


All the coworkers are my actual friends irl

Bevin:  Sarcastic and lonely manager

Lauren:  Crazy about animals.  Reader’s best friend.

Brady:  Just a guy that needed money.  Cashier.

Christian:  Cashier.

Blake:  Short and dumb.

Not very fluffy sOrry

You were the co-manager of a local pet store in America/England.  You were the person that would walk around and make sure everything’s running smoothly and the employees are doing their job correctly. That’s because one time Brady dumped a whole bottle full of alcohol into a fish tank in hopes it would lower their stress when people tap on the glass.  Yeah, they all died.

Lately you’ve all been noticing the same man coming into the store often, whether it was to purchase another pet and food, or just look around.  According to cashiers Brady and Christian, his name is Newton.  He had beautiful curly cinnamon-colored hair, lots of little freckles spotting his face, and a blush that even made the stony-faced manager Bevin smile.  Yes, you had a slight crush on the man.  All your coworkers picked up on that rather quickly.  Everyone was talking about it at your next totally important meeting that involved you all sitting in the storage room in a circle eating ice cream.

“Good lord just talk to him already!  It’s pretty obvious he likes you too.  I swear half the time he comes in here it’s just to see you, Y/N,” said Bevin.

“Yeah, one time he was checking out and I saw him turn around and look at you where you were standing by the reptiles,” Christian added.

“Instead of me checking him out, he was checking you out,” Brady said.  “Heh, see what I did there?

“Your cashier humor makes me sick,” Blake said shaking his head in utter disapproval.

“Yeah Brady, shut up.  No one asked you to speak,” said Lauren, chucking a spoonful of ice cream at his face.  “I ship Y/N and Newton even more than Dean Winchester and myself.  And that’s saying something.”

“Look, I don’t know a thing about the guy other than the fact that he’s really cute,” you finally spoke up.

Lauren shot up and shoved her entire container of ice cream down onto Brady’s head like a helmet (he had no reaction whatsoever).  “I will not have it!” she exclaimed loudly, aiming her spoon at you from across the room.  “We shall get you two together if it’s the last thing we do!”

“Yeah.  This–er–dark and depressing Y/N is really getting old.  You could use a boyfriend.  *cough* And a life *cough*,” Bevin said in such a Bevin-like way, always having to have a smart remark at the end of almost every sentence.

“I’ll try and talk to Newton the next time he comes in here,” Christian offered.

“So will I,” Brady added, ice cream container still on his head and covering his face.

Lauren looked over at him and tore the container off his head, ice cream dripping down his face, and threw it into the corner.  “Fine.  Just please don’t dump a bottle of vodka on him!”

“Still haven’t forgiven for that incident, huh?”  Blake spoke, arms crossed.

“He murdered my best friends, the Great Value fishies!”

“I didn’t know fish were susceptible to alcohol poisoning!” Brady tried to defend himself.

“WELL IT’S PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS!”  Lauren screamed and tackled Brady to the floor.

**Time skip to the next day brought to you by the guy at Petco that told me and Lauren all about his floppy-eared rabbit that runs around the house for no reason**

Newt was indeed at the store around noon to buy rabbit feed, where he ran into Lauren.  She looked him up and down silently and then ran off to find you where you were speaking to Bevin in your shared office..

**Newt’s POV**

What was that all about?  I don’t know.  Gosh, I hope I see that lady again today.  The employee with the lovely H/C hair, E/C eyes… Oh, who am I to get all excited?  I don’t even know her name yet!

**Normal POV**

When Newt got the rabbit feed, he went up to the checkout to purchase it.  He was a bit sad that he didn’t see you there today. but he walked up to the register.  Christian was the one checking him out.

“You’re here a lot, aren’t you?” Christian said to Newt.

Newt looked up, surprised he actually talked to him.  “What?  Oh, yes.  I, uh, love animals.”

Just then when you saw Newt on the security cameras in your office, you walked out purposely, and said something about packages to Brady who was standing next to Christian at the second register.  Newt looked at you with admiration, but then his gaze when back to normal as soon as you left.

“Got a thing for Y/N, don’t you?” said Christian.


He pointed to where you walked in.  “Her.  You stare at her every time you come in here,” Christian answered.

Newt blushed.  “Uh…”

Brady jumped in the conversation.  “Ya know, you guys would be real cute couple.  Y/N’s a single pringle and she’s ready to mingle.  Your name’s Newton, right?”

He nodded, but really slightly.  “Er.. yes, b-but most people call me Newt…”

“Okay, well, Newt, you gotta talk to her.  It actually pains me to see you look at her that way everyyy singllle dayyy,” Brady dragged out.

“How do I know she won’t reject me???”

“Trust me, she won’t.  At our last meeting she wouldn’t shut up about how cute you were,” Christian replied.


“Yes!  Y/N, get out here!”  Brady said loudly, and you and Bevin and Lauren walked out of the manager’s office.  Great, the whole gang was here, which only made Newt more intimidated.

You walked over to where Newt was across the counter.  “Newton, right?” you said.

His cheeks tinted pink. “Y-yes, Miss Y/N.  But please call me Newt, everyone does.”

You giggled.  “Just Y/N’s fine, Newt.”

There were a few seconds of silence, neither of you knew what to say next.  Lauren leaned across the counter.  “Newt.  This is the part where you ask her on a date,” she said in a fake-whisper, clearly loud enough so that everyone else could hear.

“Right…,” Newt said and Lauren clapped her hands happily.  “Y/N… would you like to go on a date with me?”  he asked, sounding more confident.

You grinned.  “Yes!  Wait…” you then realized you had the graveyard shift too.  “Hey, Bevin, can I have the rest of the day off?” you asked her.

Bevin looked at you with a ‘seriously that is ridiculous how could you ever think of such a thing face’.  “Fine,” she groaned.  “You two adorable lovebirds have fun,” she said, actually sounding happy for once.

“Great!” you exclaimed, and walked around the corner to where Newt was and walked out with him, chatting it up.

Blake came out from the storage room.  “Ah, true love is a beautiful thing.”

Bevin looked at him disgusted, and then turned around to face Lauren, Christian, and Blake.  “GET BACK TO WORK, ALL OF YOU!  I DON’T SIT HERE ALL DAY TO SEE YOU GUYS LOOK LIKE PROUD PARENTS AT Y/N FINDING A BOYFRIEND.”

They all looked at her terrified and scampered off to their designated work areas.  

Bevin walked back into her office, slumped down on a chair, and sighed.  “I wanna boyfriend…,” she said and began to quietly cry and opened another container of ice cream.

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

Birthday Boy!

Ivar had a wonderful day out for his first birthday. We went to Petco AND Wilco, where he got to pick out some toys and treats. I gave him a 20-minute-long belly rub/brushing, then we spent three hours at the dog park so he could play around with his friends.

Ivar impresses me unceasingly with his ability to remain calm and collected in public spaces, and while he’s made it clear that he isn’t a fan of being petted by strangers, he’s still willing and eager to take treats from them while we’re in dog-friendly establishments.

Furthermore, Ivar engaged in play at the park today with an Akita, who’s owner exclaimed that “She never plays so happily with any of the others! She’s like a completely different dog with him!”

Thereafter, Ivar astonished even me by letting a couple of kids (maybe 9, 10 years old?) play with and pet him, even if it was only briefly so. He apparently thinks that children are human puppies.

On the way home, I thought of stopping at Dairy Queen for a free ice cream for him, but Ivar was so tired that he fell asleep sprawled across the back seat. I gave him his toy (the “egg” Jolly Ball) when he went back into the containment, and he played with that for a while before crashing in the dog house. I think he’ll be sleeping straight through the night! This big boy is the love of my life. 


// ooc but I know nearly everyone in the kingsman family loves dogs sooo. Her birthday is actually tomorrow but since tomorrow is Mother’s Day we celebrated today. She went for a car ride, went to petco, had dinner at lazy dog, enjoyed her favorite peanut butter dog cake from her favorite dog bakery, and got spoiled with a new bed, treats, and toys. She’s 8 now :O .. also yes my dog is my life

anonymous asked:

Do you practice 3 hours a day (that is your goal, right?) every day or do you take days off sometimes? My goal is 3 hours a day and I can't take a day off without beating myself up for it.

I’ve been practicing every day, but on the days that I socialize or go look at ferrets and skinks at petco, I might not be able to play for three hours.
the way I see it, it’s self-care. allowing myself to take breaks from practicing is a sign that I actually value my mental health, so usually it’s good.

derriere-extraordinare  asked:

i have been doing pa training with my sdit since july, and he is almost perfect everywhere except petco. we've only trained there a few times, but every time he's very distracted and distressed; his body is rigid and he ignores almost every command. it's more than willfulness; he's obviously anxious there. should i give up training at petco since it seems to be such a stressful place for him? and when he gets like this, what can i do to keep his attention and calm him down?

One thing that you could try is doing a very short only a few minute(Or less) trip into Petco then leave and reward him don’t make him do anything but walk into and out of the store. Try to keep it short enough he doesn’t get stressed. Then gradually increase the time as he gets more comfortable there. Do this over a period of days not hours.  

Does this happen at other pet stores or only Petco? This may be something you should have a professional trainer look at especially if it becomes a problem at other stores. Another thing that would be interesting to try but may not be possible is if you’re close enough to try another Petco see if you get the same reaction there but at least try to find another pet store to try to see if it’s a pet store thing or just that specific location. I think you should strive to try and make him more comfortable in Petco but it may be something to wait on if you have other places that work to train.

I hope some of that can help. 


things that are Actually my favourite:

  • please don,t beeb beeb because i,m sleep …. car
  • yard sard/yale sale signs
  • right lane must right left/left lane must left lane signs
  • back foot open rub rub 7 days shop
  • petco lies & fish
  • any computer error where the error message itself messes up and just displays like one plaintive little word
  • when animals do that thing where their tongue pokes out

I’m dog-sitting Romeo again.

We went into town today and he wore his enormous muzzle while we were out and about. The guy pumping our gas at the Shell station asked politely about it, so I explained that Romeo was utilized as a guard dog by his previous owner, who lived homeless out of his car. “Romeo was encouraged to act aggressively. He wears the muzzle for liability reasons. I still don’t know or understand all of his triggers, and would rather be safe than sorry.” The young man nodded in understanding, and wished a good day. 

Later, we were walking around Petco when a woman saw Romeo and grinned widely at him. “I used to have a giant mal just like him!” she swooned, and I allowed Romeo to approach her. She didn’t seem bothered by the fact that he wore a muzzle at all as he leaned against her side to receive attention.

Back in the parking lot, a mother and two kids were leaving the craft store adjacent to Petco, and the kid asked his mother why the doggy was wearing a “mask” on his face. The mother casually explained that it was for the dog’s safety, so he wouldn’t bite people or other dogs. I was impressed that she stressed the fact that it was for the dog’s safety. 

We saw a lot of people today on our outing, and not a single one gave us a snide remark or dirty look because of the muzzle Romeo wore. I have expressed in the past that this region of the country generally seems better-educated on basic dog etiquette, but even still - I was very impressed with today’s events and am a very happy foster mom! 

Another great day at Petco today. We missed a shipment of crickets last week Tuesday, meaning that by Thursday we were completely drained of crickets, mealworms, roaches, and anything remotely buggy. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if the Petsmart across the street didn’t miss their shipment from the same supplier as well. We are also the only large Petstores in this half of the state, with people driving 4 hours easily to get supplies.

For the first few days people were understanding. Stores run out of things, and hey, there’s another petstore across the street. We even recommended that they go to our “rival”. But by the 3rd bug-less day people were up in arms.

“How can you be out of crickets?! Dont you breed them in the back?!” Um no

“Why don’t you just order more? Shipping takes like 2 days max. Just lazy.” lol no 2 WEEKS minimum

“Well, I’ll just go to PETSMART because they actually care about ME and my BUSINESS!!!” K, they were out before us so… See ya

And my personal favorite:

“You’re trying to kill my lizard! I know you are! You don’t even care, do you?! She’s just going to die because of YOU!” I actually had to go sit down and process that for a while. Like what??

I’m usually an understanding person and really do like my job, but seriously? The real kicker was when we got in our next shipment the following TUESDAY (4 days without those fucking crickets) every. single. person. wanted 100 crickets to stock up. So guess what happens when everyone buys large quantities of crickets? We run out. So by Wednesday we were out again.

Basically two weeks without crickets.

As I’m writing this its a Monday, the day before our blessed cricket shipment. All I can do is count down the hours.

Ps. Threatening to take your business to the ~other petstore~ because we’re out of stock is just silly. We’re not actually rivals. We carry different items and both have a different focus. Also, I’m the saltwater specialist. Do you think I’m going to cry if you buy crickets from someone other than myself? No. And yelling at me isn’t going to make me magically barf up some crickets.

TL;DR- Petco and Petsmart went cricket-less for two weeks, people rioted, accused us of trying to kill people’s lizards. Cricket order finally came and everyone bought crickets by the hundreds on the first day. Ran out of crickets again for the week.