a darker shade of black

anonymous asked:

Yes, but I think he really just wanted to know wtf that girl was saying it for, he's allowed to wonder why. One can disagree with something wrong while still wishing to know what started the beef. I have no problem at all with you sticking up for black women of a darker shade. No problem what so ever girl, I'm just trying to shed light on why I think the argument lost touch once you seemed hypocritical.

This is not the first time I have went in on people like this. It’s just so funny their woke faves can do no wrong, but I tell people to fuck off after trying to explain it to them the first time, and I’m a “fake woke” blogger. Cardi B. probably got her shit from me and other womanists and didn’t give us credit. So I don’t know what people are talking about on here. Am I problematic on how I defend myself? Yes, I am. And I need to work on it. But until then, I’m not going to keep being denied my anger as well as other people’s feelings and not lash out. Calling someone a “nigger” when I’m also a nigger is not oppressive. Calling someone jiggaboo, monkey, ape, and coon are all things I would get called by. I don’t get called a “burnt roach” so why would I call anyone that? It’s just not comparable.