a damn wizard

can we please just talk about how terrifying a dark hufflepuff would be? 

they’re patient and hard-working, nothing would be premature or rushed instead they will happily wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, whether that would be in weeks or years. they wouldn’t play down their enemies abilities for their own comfortability, they’d look at them straight in the eyes, they wouldn’t show off with what they could do but would do whatever they deemed to be needed at the appropriate time. they would honestly belief in what they were doing was the right thing for others so the ends would justify the means. completely loyal to their cause with no interest in personal gain. they wouldn’t be reasoned with, brought, or bullied into relenting. a dark hufflepuff would be one of the most dangerous radicals there could be. 

the signs as Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain

ARIES: goth girl that never smiles. has no friends for some reason?? probably sleeps in a coffin. theres bones all over the house oh my god they are everywhere. “I can see dead people.” jokes

TAURUS: “uHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” s-s-s-s-stuttering mess. shy apparently? constantly bullied. also has no friends?? looks like they’re 9. im in pain just typing this

GEMINI: owns every bee and bee movie paraphernalia. will fix ur computer w/ a smile like a damn wizard. works at gamestop. has a cellar full of honey all their kitchen cupboards are nothing but jars of honey.

CANCER: doesn’t know any insult other than FUCKASS. all they watch is romcoms and literally does nothing else. 

LEO: probably owns a fursuit. fervently stalks couples displayed on their shipping wall and screams I SHIP IT when something happens. has no character outside of being friends with sagittarius

VIRGO: boring mom friend. in fact has already adopted u, they’re ur New Mom and cancer is ur new sibling. wearing ugly clothes? WILL make u an entire wardrobe without ur knowing to Surprise u

LIBRA: licks everything. doesn’t kno what personal space is. have they licked u yet? here they come dude u Cannot Escape. if they arent Licky McGee they’re eating a bowl of Red Chalk Cereal every hour

SCORPIO: either a helpless “i-it’s not that i like u, b-baka!” tsundere or the Violent School Bully Trope. there’s no inbetween my guy.

SAGITTARIUS: they live in a constant state of sweat. all they do is stand there have have sweat gush forth from their body. their friends are gone they vanished amidst the Sweat Lake, they’re the lonely island in the middle of the Sweat Ocean

CAPRICORN: Jared Leto’s The Joker™. 

AQUARIUS: sometimes on a moonless night… if u listen hard enough u can hear the distant cries of wwehs and nyehs softly on the salty sea breeze

PISCES: i can be your angle or yuor devil. owns a cuttlefish farm where homegrown GMO free cuttlefish are carefully handpicked from cuttle trees. distinct lack of fish puns

I’m listening to ttazz after 59 and ??????????? let me talk about this for a second since it was addressed by the mcelroys and had a lot of missing context to these interpretations. 

folks the reason taako’s ethnicity is important to be mexican (and I mean specifically mestizo mexican) isn’t because justin named his god damn wizard after tacos. in fact his name has zero to do with why I interpret him as mestizo. the reason is that part of taako’s arc is to invent in this world the concept of tacos, which is a traditionally mexican style dish. this was explicitly stated to be part of taako’s development from episode 1. 

it’s not that big of a deal (under these circumstances, imo, but correct me if I’m wrong) that a mestizo character is named after mexican food, taako’s a vain character and in the context of the story I can completely see him naming a dish after himself. what is a big deal is having someone outside of that ethnicity invent something from a culture that doesn’t belong to them. that’s honestly worse than having mestizo characters named after latinx food. 

[don’t comment on this if you aren’t latinx, ok to rb for everyone | this post has been edited to be more culturally appropriate] 

pineappleoracle  asked:

i love all your ocs pls do tell about the new ones?

I tell u about one the i really got into developing and AAAAAH

Fansk is known as the Space Pirate/Fashion Queen and also Coran’s Auntie. She was close friends with Coran’s Mother who is dubbed as Dazzling Mova by her and they were part of the same band. her species design is based on spiders, their ‘hair’ on their heads isn’t actually hair but web silk, which is hella tough. They species are known for having this special ability if skilled enough singing, the frequency charges quintessence power. So like bards and Fansk is the Ultimate BARD.

She is deadly and a Fashion Icon, her whole crew are dressed to kill (really influenced Coran in that area ;>). If they’re going down, they’re gonna go down in STYLE!

she demands to be called Auntie by the gang when Coran introduces them to her.



The Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a smattering of low-rise cottages hidden in the coastal forests of Bahia near a mid-sized bay where Senhor Cardoso’s martial arts students like to practice a fusion of defensive magic and capoeira (often to an audience of wide-eyed first-years), and build soaring sand castles to pass the time. Wands were introduced by immigrants and have grown in popularity with the diversification of the student body; however, the use of focal objects and organic magic still remain prominent. Students dress in demure robes throughout the year, and break out their flashiest clothing for Carnival during which there is an unofficial competition for the most creative clothing enchantments (glitter-burst charms are common, as are colour-shifting spells although they do tend to backfire and turn clothes an ugly medley of brown and vomit-yellow if the fabric doesn’t take well to enchantments).

1000. Fleur and Viktor attended Harry's wedding. Before the reception ended, the three champions gathered behind the tent with champagne and privately toasted to Cedric's memory.

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Here There Be Gerblins Part 1: TAZ Pre-Finale Relisten Recap
  • I’m doing the uncut version.  Pray for me.
  • Travis has his entire character and backstory locked and loaded prior to the pilot.  Justin has come up with the name Taako.  Both of these things are equally ridiculous in completely different ways.
    • BONUS:  Justin: “I’m playing a wizard and his name is spelled T-A-A-K-O.”  Travis: “So like… Tae… Tae-koh?”  Justin:  “Well, I mean, it’s-”  Griffin: “Is your wizard named… are you naming your god damn wizard Taco?”
  • Travis describes Magnus’s stats as “everything’s twenties across the board, plus twenties on all of his skill checks, and he has a magic sword that kills people in one hit” and the fact that this is NOT ACTUALLY THAT FAR OFF FROM CURRENT MAGNUS is absolutely wild
  • Taako was originally an acolyte of Oghma, god of wizardly shit. That tidbit got dusted real fast, probably for the best.
  • Clint actually says that Merle being a good dancer is a character trait in this episode.  In the Legato/Voidfish loop Clint studies interpretive jazz dance at the conservatory.  Good job Clint
  • Motion to make points of inspiration being fucking useless into an IPRE meme even though that doesn’t make any sense.
  • When Clint remarks about his inexperience with D&D Travis actually says, word for word, “I honestly believe that dad is going to be the best one at this game. I mean skill, you gotta roll your dice and not blow it.”  Holy shit does this particular tune change.  Poor Clint and his cursed rolls.
  • Clint describes some no-bakes that Justin made and Griffin says he should be the one DMing the game.  Clint McElroy superhero campaign for next arc confirmed?

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7 Moments In ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ That Still Make Us Howl And Clap And Buy Land And Go To Sleep

Almost 80 years later, this film classic still gets us hooting and slapping and purchasing and dozing!

1. When the color kicks in: No one who’s seen The Wizard Of Oz will forget their first time watching vibrant Technicolor bloom across the screen when Dorothy finds herself in Oz. Even watching today, it’s impossible not to start screaming and applauding and bidding on tracts of Alaskan hinterland and nodding off as she takes her first steps into that fantastic land.

2. When Dorothy oils the Tin Man: The chemistry between those two still pops off the celluloid, and watching their first scene together, we just can’t help but let loose awful window-rattling whoops as we frantically bat our palms together and pour our inheritance into acre after acre of worthless property and then promptly lie facedown and faint dead away. No matter how many times you watch it, it still has that effect!

3. When the trees start hurling apples: As soon as that first apple is hurled, we’re already hoarse from the involuntary animal cries tearing out of our throats. The callouses on our palms have been torn back open from blow after blow after blow, and we’re tearing splinters out of the floorboards with our knees as we clap and howl and writhe. We sound like an a cappella group freaking out on salvia. Not only that, but we’ve also bought up every foreclosed farm we can get our hands on and capped it off by plunging deep into a dreamless void we’ll have to claw our way back out of if we ever want to escape.

4. When the flying monkeys show up: If you ever see us snoozing on the floor of the bank, clutching dozens of land titles to our chests in throbbing pink palms or hear our guttural roars wafting out of long-vacant lots, chances are we just caught a few frames of flying monkeys. That’s really all it takes.

5. When the real wizard is revealed: The moment when Dorothy & co. reveal the man behind the curtain is a stone-cold classic, and just like it must have for audiences in 1939, it never fails to start us screeching and windmilling our arms and bowing and mortgaging our homes and burying documents and discovering inner stillness and getting shot by rifles and overheating and sinking. If anything, watching it with modern eyes just makes us buy land and sprint and pulsate and crawl under our bed and pass water and declare bankruptcy all the more! Any Oz fan knows the feeling well!

6. Whenever Toto’s on screen: No one put this better than the late, great Roger Ebert in his Wizard Of Oz retrospective: “Whenever Toto comes trotting on by, I find myself having fallen fully asleep, and yet I’m shrieking and shrieking so hard that my head freely whips around on my limp body. It’s not long until my hands begin pouring every cent I’ve got into deeds for uncultivated French hills, stopping only long enough to slam into each other over and over and over, the dry thwack of flesh on flesh commingling with my increasingly ragged yelps and yawps, and god help me, but I’m not stopping till Toto’s long gone!”

7. When Dorothy sees her family again: Gets us loud, thrashing, prosperous, and comatose Every. Damn. Time.