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after 10 trillion years later, I have finally finished a simple task.

anyway, I gonna be printing these as holographic stickers at the end of the month! aaahhh I'm very excited! 

Eventually I will make Bethany, Caver and Sebastien. Maybe male and female hawke??? I’m not a really big fan of the defaults, plus I’m not really sure what class I would draw (maybe them dressed in the red housecoat??) but yeah def gonna be printing these guys ` v`


It would be super awesome if people wouldn’t say nasty things about elven body-types, and I don’t just mean because the games offer three other races that you can play if you want a different shape. Elves aren’t humans, but there are real humans who have those body-shapes. Some of them are healthy and some of them are not, and those are both great reasons to not refer to eating disorders when talking about elves.            

Chasing the shadow || Part II

Summary: Your quiet life quickly get complicated
Words: 1712
Warnings: none
Author: Cass

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La guardò, con la certezza assoluta di essersi innamorato. La strinse a sé a la baciò, chiedendosi come fosse mai stato possibile avere avuto la fortuna di trovarla

Nicholas Sparks

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  • Me: The stars are beautiful tonight.
  • You: Yeah.
  • Me: You know who else is beautiful?
  • You: /Blushes/
  • Me: Idols who are healthy and happy with their life and who are loved and appreciated by their fans regardless of who they are behind the glamorous image they created for themselves.
  • You: Tru bro.
Avvarian Marriage

Disclaimer: All of this is completely canonical knowledge. Nothing headcanoned, there are sources for it and I’ve gathered from every source that I could. This includes: Codices (A Good Marriage), Dragon AGE RPG (Blood in Ferelden: Where Eagles Lair P.78, Dragon Age Core Rulebook), In-Game Dialogue (Jaws of Hakkon). Nothing is headcanon and nothing is taken from an unreliable sources (i.e. Wikipedia).

I did promise it for all those interested. If you haven’t, you might want to also check out my Burials post. It includes Avvarian burial practices, as well as that of other races in Thedas. Also just for reference:

*Clan in this post means (family unit)

Basic Information

The first thing to be said about Avvarian Marriages is that they are not long or permanent. It is up to the couple to retain the marriage if they so wish, by completing the untying of knots at the end of their marriage cycle.

Because of these relatively brief unions and naming conventions, Avvar do not take or change last names like other human cultures.

Avvar do not often marry within their Holds, as Avvarian Holds are often made up of the Thane’s family and the clans of extended family members. In order to avoid this, they are more likely to marry Avvar from other, neighboring Holds.

Although it should be mentioned, that Avvarian Brides who are taken to a new Hold are expected to give up their ties to their old Hold for loyalty to their new home. This is due to the fact that even allied Holds can go to war with one another at any time, given a good reason. Because of this, most brides are met with scrutiny by their old Holds.

The Ceremonies

The First Ceremony: A Kidnapping

Courting starts with the kidnapping of a bride, though it never without the Hold’s or bride’s consent. The kidnapping is always partially arranged in advance by at least the elders of the target Hold and clan, and the one announcing intentions.

A groom who kidnaps a bride without first announcing intent or trying to wrongfully kidnap a bride without permission will be put to death and a blood feud started with the intruder’s Clan or Hold.

Before the kidnapping, the kidnapper may approach their bride-to-be directly and secure her help on the success of the kidnapping. On occasion, a bride-in-waiting may approach a man she wishes to be her husband, if she finds one she desires before another comes to her.

With permission given and a plan laid out, a warrior will prove himself by slipping into the Hold and securing his bride without detection. A warrior caught on his first try is beaten severely, but never to death. However, on his second try, if he is caught he is sentenced to death, usually by Hold Beast.

The Second Ceremony: A (Un)Tying of Knots

“Sounds like a good deal to me. See if you like living with your handsome new husband or wife once the bloom’s worn off.” ~A Good Marriage 

Once a bride has been kidnapped and taken to her husband’s Hold, they then participate in an Untying of Knots. The bride will tie knots in a piece of rope, she will then sing the hymn of a selected God while her husband unties the rope. For every knot he is able to untie, before the Bride finishes her song they will be married another year.

Once the number of years of marriage are up, the Avvar can perform the knot ritual once more or they can separate, there is no requirement for them to stay together if they do not wish it. Both bride and groom can be remarried to each other or to others at any time after the years allotted are up.

The Bride’s Influence

Despite the kidnapping of the Bride, the Bride has many times and chances to reject the union, giving her the most power when it comes to completing a Marriage Ceremony.

She is given a choice at the beginning, to give the groom permission to kidnap her. Should, for some reason, the kidnapper not heed her wishes, she can then do whatever she can to undermine his kidnapping. If he is caught, and was never given permission, he is immediately executed (see above).

Should the kidnapping succeed, either unrightfully or if she has second thoughts/wants a shorter marriage. The Bride is then able to influence and sabotage the Knot ritual. She can chose a shorter hymn, chant it at whatever speed she wishes, and tie the knots as tight a possible to make it harder on her husband-to-be. Though her husband-to-be can also choose to only untie as many knots (or untie none at all) as he wishes.

Non ti rispondono ai messaggi, però hanno il tempo di aggiornare le storie Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, di uscire con gli amici, farsi una partita a Monopoli e andare a trovare il fratello del nipote del cugino acquisito.
—  Chi ti ama ha sempre tempo per te. Il resto sono solo scuse.

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Oh thank God you're decent. CullenXMeredeth is abusive as shit. Like people go "Oh it's just the friends to enemies trope". No. It's putting an abuser with the person they've scarred for life and that's super not okay, buddy ole pal.

Absolutely. Its a flat out no from me, thanks.

I hear a lot about how it’s power play, and something about kink memes and blah blah blah (and nothing against the folk that write it, you do you boo). But it’s nothing other than abuse in my eyes. Cullen’s young, he’s extremely vulnerable and he’s suffering badly with PTSD and a chronic lyrium addiction, to which Meredith holds the keys (and we all already know she’s a complete psycho by the end of it ). To honestly think there is any kind of okay about the situation just makes me wig out.

I also think it’s very, very OOC for Curly. There is about zero chance of Cullen consenting to anything with Meredith - it’s his Knight Commander for heaven’s sake, and we all know how seriously he took his station and duties.