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Wouldn’t normally post this here cause Dan and Phil are my dirty little secret pleasure watch. hahaha.

but this was my favourite live show so far and I know nobody cares about other people’s opinions but here goes-

I love how honest Dan is in this live show. I always wondered how he felt about some parts of the Phandom just destroying comments sections of every video he mentions  and all the fans- hanging on to his every action. He also asks about liking many youtubers and dan and phil at the same time. It was a great question… especially seeing how the genre, sense of humour and video styles are very different. Gullible fans. tiring group chat shoutouts, fear of commitments (same)  etc.

The pressure of living up to being entertaining, the nails. 

He did not talk about his fave character in Avatar…fml. 

The youtube terms and conditions drama. He was calm,collected, and amazing as always. He explains things really well. I suppose because he is articulate in the live shows but he really does great explanations. He would’ve made a good lawyer but he’s a great youtuber.

I like when he talks about things he likes and not what the majority asks for. You deliver what the masses need….not what they want. Do I like Frank Ocean? Not my thing…. or maybe it is….IDK… but would I want Dan to tell me about it? Yes! Have I seen the great British bake off…nope… but it is nice to know about stuff. I like seeing people talking about their passions.

All of the koala feels. I loved it. 

Personally, I would love him talking about philosophy more. Not just the existential crisis brand thing but like epistemology and ethics? Kant? Plato? I am sure he has interesting opinions…. Existence of God…. greater purpose?
Of course not everyone’s cuppa tea, tho. 

White privilege, paradigms, and gender biases and stereotypes etc.

Staying hydrated!   

It was refreshing to see him after such a long time! These live shows just let us glimpse into what it would be like to know Dan Howell. To hold a conversation with him.

This broadcast, especially felt a bit more real.

Some people said he was especially sassy. I don’t think he was rude…at all! He beautifully shifted a little bit from the brand and persona he has established. He spoke about the upcoming videos and the process. He was sassy and great and still polite and sweet.

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I think it basically sums me up. Red hair, freckles, dorky sweater, socks/shorts combo, cuppa hot tea and, of course, my baby by my side.