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fuck customers that come into the kitchen because they couldn't find a lid that fit their cup. it isn't like the other side doesn't have lids. my NEW TRAINEE messed up, sorry! no need to be snappy with me, im literally probably less than half your age. you're not allowed in my kitchen so get out before I force you out.

I am just drowning in the stevetony fluff this week. Look at me writing everything except my stonya3 fic. Yikes.

He could hear Natasha laughing when he shuffled into the kitchen. He had spent the night catching up on the sleep he had lost during his work binge the last couple days, so he knew he probably looked a mess. He had had enough sense last night to take a shower before bed, but he probably still looked like a bleary-eyed crazy person.

He dragged himself over the coffee maker and grunted when he saw it was empty.

“Sorry, Tony,” Clint says, holding what Tony is assuming to be the last cup of the last pot in his hand. “Didn’t think you were going to be up this early.”

Tony turned back to the coffee maker and let out a little whine that he knew probably sounded pretty pathetic, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He grumbled a bit to himself as he went about making another pot.

He had just finished setting everything up and was leaning back against the counter with his eyes closed when he heard Steve come back from his run. He let himself slouch a little further into the counter, listening to the noises going on around him. He rubbed his eye with his palm, trying to get rid of the gritty, feeling in them.

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AU+5HC: Katara never spills the beans to Azula that Zuko is in Ba Sing Se

Oh, man, this is an interesting ask. 

So, what happens is that Katara doesn’t go for a cup of tea (or at least not at the Jasmine Dragon). This means she doesn’t discover Zuko in the city,, which means she doesn’t go running into the palace to tell the Kyoshi Warriors, which means that Azula doesn’t find, which ends up meaning that she can’t recruit Zuko and Zuko doesn’t betray Iroh all because Katara didn’t enter the Jasmine Dragon in the first place. 

This really fucks up the timeline. Because, while Azula can still win thanks to the the Dai Li, Zuko is still in the Jasmine Dragon with no knowledge of this…until one day the Fire Nation comes marching through the streets and it’s revealed that not only has the Fire Nation taken over Ba Sing Se, but the Avatar is dead. 

And because Zuko wasn’t in the catacombs he doesn’t know abou the oasis water. And, because he doesn’t know about the oasis water, Zuko assumes that Avatar is dead, and with it all hope of ever returning home. 

So, this leaves us with one extremely conflicted, angry firebender who now blames Iroh for his failure. And Iroh’s all “BUT WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU EVEN GOING TO DO, NEPHEW!? YOU’RE KILLING YOURSELF!” 

Anyway, things go south for Zuko and he either gets brainwashed by the Dai Li and/or captured by Azula. 

If he survives though, Zuko will still eventually Aang but, this is a much more different Zuko who’s constantly brooding in a way that;s more reminiscent of the Zuko we see in AvacadoLove’s sequel to “Lose Yourself,” “Find Yourself.”

(P.S. Absolutely do NOT read “Lose Yourself” unless you want to spend the whole day being devastated, heartbroken, traumatized, and shocked…at least I found out about the sequel though. That made me feel better at least..

Holy fuck this fic though. After I got over it, I found it super intriguing though. Still, I was so glad to find a sequel…put my heart to rest.

Also do NOT read this fic in the middle of the night if you want to rest peacefully.)

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This isn't mean to be criticism on your artwork, but my person au with the florist/baker, I think the baker would be Hanzo because baking takes precise measurements, timing, and you have to be cautious when decorating, but also express creativity! Then you have McCree, a total earth dude. Always dirty and wiping his hands off on his jeans, but he cares for the flowers and even sings to them sometimes cause he's very warm hearted. Anyway, that's just me! I'm curious what you think of this!

you know, that’s a very good point! I like the idea of Hanzo squinting at measuring cups to make sure everything is perfect- and don’t get him started on icing, he’d do that forever just to make sure it looked Perfect. And just picturing mccree singing to flowers makes me happy- i can just imagine hanzo walking into the florist shop and having to like. stop and just listen to that pretty voice before he did his flower shopping haha

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'didn’t follow or visit the account'. Uh, that's bs and you know it. You said you dm'd the person. Ring a bell? You might want to look through your posts to familiarise yourself with what you have said, given your obvious memory loss.

Yeah I didn’t never in the history of ever go the Instagram account called bs_no. I was describing my general fandom experience. So like I hang out on twitter and follow certain accounts and there are some accounts I don’t literally follow but I visit them regularly to see what they are tweeting. Same with other social media platforms. My social media activity didn’t include following the account or visiting it to see if it had posted anything new that day or any general interest in checking up on the account to see what it was up to. I don’t like those sorts of accounts. They really aren’t my cup of tea. I did message the account once when ppl said it was me. I shared the deets right here on Tumblr! I also looked at it a few times when I saw it discussed. You can parse my words any way you like but I used the English language properly to describe my behavior.
For example, in the morning I workout/yoga (or hit snooze), shower, have coffee, check up on things on SM, have a smoothie, get my kids off to school and go to work. I don’t watch tv in the mornings. It’s true. I don’t watch tv in the mornings. Have I ever watched tv in the mornings? Yes! Maybe two or three times this year. Did I lie when I said I don’t watch tv in the mornings? Nope. It’s not my general routine or interest.
You just misread it. There is no lie.

Jonerys AUs 1/100: Coffeeshop

Jon doesn’t know exactly when he got addicted to coffee, but now he can be found in the same coffeeshop every afternoon after his classes get out, studying and whiling away the hours until he can call his younger sister Arya.
Dany has just transferred to a new college and doesn’t know anyone yet-but she finds work in the on campus coffeeshop and uses it as an excuse to meet new people. The most intriguing by far is the boy who always grabs the corner booth and orders the same thing every day, without fail-a caramel macchiato.
Jon doesn’t understand why the new barista keeps going out of her way to be friendly to him, or why she always doodles dragons on the side of his cup when there aren’t many people in line-but she’s kind of cute and he doesn’t really mind that much. Why hasn’t he seen her around before?

“One caramel macchiato for Jon Stark.”
He turns the cup in spite of himself, curious to see what she managed to draw today. It varies from day to day-sometimes it’s just a faint outline of a dragon, other times there will be two or three crouched around the sides of the lid. Once, on a particularly slow afternoon, she managed to draw a pretty convincing Smaug from the Hobbit movies. He doesn’t know why she only does dragons; he’s never gotten to ask her.
Dany waves at him as she goes back behind the counter and pulls out her book-it’s a particularly slow day, even though classes got out a couple of hours ago.
He closes his own textbook and pulls out a spare sheet of scratch paper. He’s nowhere near as good as she is but he manages to scribble out the barest sketch of a wolf-his family symbol, from the days long, long ago when they were still lords and ladies (nobility of the sword, his father would say). At the bottom he writes in small printing ‘why only dragons?’
He drops it on the counter as he leaves. Dany doesn’t pick it up right away; she just waves as he lets the door swing closed behind him, but out of the corner of his eye he sees her pick up the sheet of paper and smiles as she reads it.

*Yup, 99 (+) more are on their way! This one wasn’t actually one of the originals-I wanted to make one but I didn’t have my Book of AUs so I just made a really easy one.
I will be taking recommendations so long as the universes are different (for example I’m not looking for twenty different kinds of neighbor AUs)

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Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips about lunging? A haflinger I ride is super stiff (especially on his right side) and right now I'm focussing on just getting him to relax instead of bucking and pulling away while lunging. But I don't know how to make him engage his core and step underneath himself once he's ready to do some real lunge work. I do use poles at a walk already though and intend to use them in trot too once he's finally calm enough to focus on things like that.

Usually my answer to horses bucking and pulling on the lunge line is to jettison the lunge line and free lunge them until they have learned how to behave all by themselves, but that is largely because I’ve never had formal line lungeing instruction, and also because if a horse pulls hard on me, they’ll pull my collarbone out of joint. This is also only an option if you have a fenced lunge ring; plus free lungeing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

I’m going to assume that free lungeing isn’t the solution here, particularly because you say he’s stiff, which could definitely be behind his bucking and his leaning. Leaning to the outside makes me think that he’s relying on the lunge line to an extent for balance, and that will only be corrected as he gets stronger and more flexible. 

When I’m working with a horse who rushes, whether in hand, on the lunge, under saddle, wherever, I like to take them all the way down to a walk. Walking work is easier on you, because you have more time to see what’s going on and more time to correct them, and both easier and harder on the horse, because they aren’t needing to run to stay on top of their feet, but they also can’t use momentum to propel themselves through an awkward spot. From what you’ve said, I imagine that you’re already doing a lot of walking work, which is great. Also, please forgive me if you know much of what I’m about to say, but I think going through the anatomy and the physics of how a horse’s body works is useful when it comes to figuring out how to improve their movement.

So to get the horse engaging their core and stepping underneath themselves on a circle, they need to bend through their bodies. Bending through the neck is relatively easy - horses can achieve the most flexion at the point where their neck and their thorax meet - but bending through their back is harder, as there’s not much room for lateral flexion in the spine. They can increase bend through their trunk by rotating their ribcage as well - you see this on small circles, when the ribs to the inside kind of contract and the ribs on the outside open up. The motion of their limbs also contributes to the degree of bend. For any sort of bending/sideways movement, there are two types of motion of the limbs: abduction and adduction. Abduction is the term used when the horse steps out to the side with a leg, away from its body. Adduction refers to the horse bringing a leg across the centre of its body, towards its centre of mass. When we talk about horses stepping underneath themselves, we are talking about adduction.

When a horse travels on a circle, ideally they should be bent through the body. This means that the inside hind needs to step up and underneath the horse to support its weight. The adductor muscles in the hind leg are the ones that run from the pelvis to the inside of the femur and tibia - the adductor, the gracilis, sartorius and medial semimembranosus (i.e. the semimembranosus on the inside of the leg). (There’s a nice little FB post on the gracilis here.)

Picture lifted from the Science of Motion website, but no idea what book they originally took it from. The adductor muscle itself is sort of buried in the middle of all the other muscles.

Showing the location of the semimembranosus and the gracilis from behind.

Anyway, when a horse adducts its hind leg, these muscles contract to pull it across the body. Effectively, any sort of work that encourages the horse to step sideways and underneath itself will strengthen these muscles, such as leg yielding. Since I am awful at lateral work, I will add some tags at the end of this for people who actually know what they’re talking about with lateral work, and will focus instead on what I do myself.

So Abba does not like adducting her hind legs one little bit, which is presumably tied to the lump and divot of muscle in her one haunch. With her what I’ve done is an exercise which I picked up from Buck Brannaman’s 7 Clinics and was then re-taught by my trainer. Basically, while the horse is walking a calm controlled circle around you, every so often you roll the hind end over. By that I mean you walk to the hip and the horse makes a much smaller circle around you, which means they are now being compelled to step much more deeply beneath themselves with that inside hind. Abba being Abba, she takes as many small steps as she possibly can, sort of shuffling her hind end sideways, before she gives up and does the hard work of bringing the inside hind forward and across her outside hind. I filmed this today, so will tag you in the video once it uploads. 

At first, as soon as you get one step of adduction, you reward the horse for that and then let them go out on the bigger circle once more, but as they get better at it, then you can ask for more steps where the horse is crossing over with that inside hind. Ideally, though, you want to get to a point where you don’t need to roll the hind end over and away from you to get the horse consistently adducting that inside hind. Also, whilst I start out with it at the walk, you can entirely progress with this to the trot. 

This is the main exercise I’ve used with Abba to get her stepping up and underneath herself with that hind leg. Another one that I’ve used from time to time is really very similar, it just involves laying out a flask-shaped or even just triangular grid of poles, and then leading or riding the horse in, and asking them to turn around within the triangle/bottom part of the flask. The deeper into the corners they go, the further underneath themselves they need to step in order to make the bend they need to get out of the corner again. The challenge here is that they cannot step outside the poles. Abba likes to cheat on this one as well, by going deep into only one corner and cutting off the other one. 

Ground poles and cavaletti are fantastic for getting the horse to start using themselves properly, particularly when you string several of them together in a row. You can do a series of ground poles raised on alternate ends, so that as the horse goes through them they have to alternate between really engaging the protractor muscles on each side. Protraction is the forward movement of the limb, and again, the protractor muscles in the haunches and hind limbs are involved in allowing the horse to step up and underneath itself. Strengthening these muscles (the tensor fascia lata, the quadriceps and the digital extensors) increases the horse’s ability to track up, and this is where polework is so good, because the horse has really got to use the protractor muscles to get the hind limbs up to clear the poles. 

Original image from Gillian Higgins’ Horses Inside Out. The digital extensors are not labelled, but are the pink part running down the front of the gaskins.

I’d say that for improving the strength of the protractor muscles in the hind end you really can’t go wrong with poles. Start simple, with single poles spread out across your circle, build up from there. The more poles you string together, the harder it becomes. 

It’s also fun, when the horse is stronger and fitter, to vary the height and the distance of the poles, so that they have to figure out how to adjust their striding on the fly. I’ll sometimes give Abba say a ground pole, followed by two raised cavaletti, and then maybe another two ground poles, which last will have a shorter striding than the rest of the line. When first encountering these sorts of questions her answer was either to stand on the poles (a very bad answer, make sure they are wearing boots, in case the pole breaks beneath their weight), or to treat the two poles as a long jump. Now that she is stronger and better balanced, she is capable of shortening and going through them like her legs are pogo sticks, which is still not quite right, but a definite improvement.

Obviously, stretches will help as well, particularly the usual carrot stretches, but I imagine you are well aware of them!

One final lungeing solution: lunge on a slope, if there is one available. Encourage the horse to slow as they go down the slope, and keep them moving forward as they go up the slope. You can put poles along the lower part of the circle, for added effort. 

So those are the basic exercises I do with Abba to encourage her to use her hind end better. I’m going to tag @mievzar-equus for further and more sciencey input, plus @heartofhorselords and @clickerhorse, who know more about proper in-hand work than I do. I hope this is useful, and not too much of the same old, same old. And I shall get on with those videos as well.

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Can you please do a x reader with the P4 after the Sphere Hall concert.

Did someone say poly ship? <3

Although it makes you a little jealous to see all of your lovers interacting with their fans after a concert, that feeling is soon quelled. You’re the one who gets to spend the rest of the night with them. You’re the one who gets to spend the rest of your life with them.

After the last customer leaves and Bravat is officially closing up the music hall, you hurry over to congratulate your sweethearts. The kisses that you give are always in the same order: first Edgar, then Gregory, then Herman, and finally Lawrence. It’s absolutely adorable the different ways that they all return your kisses. Edgar is not shy about it at all, eagerly cupping your cheek and leaning in against your lips. Timid isn’t the word you’d use to describe Gregory, although he’s much softer in the way that he pushes the affection back to you. Herman is always a blushing mess, all tense shoulders and stiff lips as he tries his best to reciprocate your love. Lawrence seems perhaps unaffected, but his fingers are the ones brushing your hair back so he can return the kiss to your cheek.

A beaming smile forms fully across your face when the four of them wrap their arms around you. Being surrounded by all of the men you love, you feel safe and blessed and, most of all, content. “You boys were so perfect tonight,” you sigh, leaning back against Herman’s chest. “Every time I think I’ve seen the best of you, you somehow get even better!”

“Well, what do you expect?” Edgar grins as he starts to play with your hair. “When we have someone as amazing as you to think of, it’s only natural that we’ll shine so brightly. If we’re the stars, then you’re the sun that inspires us to shine as much as we can!”

“Oh, goodness, dear, don’t flatter me. I’ll start to get used to it.” You let out a giggle that shakes your shoulders, and reach over to adjust Gregory’s hood. While the lights are being dimmed now, having to perform under intense light as well as dancing is always a struggle for him. “Are you feeling okay, love?”

Almost as soon as you touch him, he’s quick to scoot closer and cuddle up to you. Gold eyes drift closed, and a smile plays on his painted lips. “As long as you’re here, I’m wonderful. Thank you for worrying, though.”

One of your arms finds its way around his waist protectively, and you lean back to give Herman a view of your best ‘cute face’. “You looked like you had so much fun, darling! And you got that part down that was giving you trouble!”

“I… did, didn’t I?” His face flushes when you say that, as if he wasn’t really aware that he nailed that part until you mentioned it. “Well… you were so good at encouraging me. So it wasn’t just me; it was us!”

It’s Lawrence who makes the next move, shifting so that he can lie his head in your lap. His fingers slowly wind around yours, lacing in and filling the spaces between. “It’s the truth. We bring out the best in each other. I believe I speak for us all when I say we’re lucky to have you.”

“Awwww…” How you wish more than anything that you have more arms and could hold them all at once. Instead you settle for letting their touches surround you, melting in against the four of them. “I’m lucky to have you boys, too. I love you all so much.”

After hearing a chorus of “I love you”s all back to you, you feel a hand on top of your head. There’s Bravat, pleasantly smiling as he always is, patting you kindly. “You’re all lucky to have each other, and I’m lucky to have you all. Look at the five of you – you’re all so radiant! What lovely, bright stars.” With that, he dims the flame of the lamp nearest to you all. “Rest in your love, now, and regain your luminescence. I’m proud of you all.”

As his footsteps fade into the distance, your eyes flutter shut. The last thing you hear is the thrum of all your loves’ voices, carrying you away into a peaceful, starry dream.

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Hello again! idk if you'll have any ideas but I'm trying to figure out some enrichment I can give my beardie in his tank. He's in a 75gal, so he has plenty of space, but he had MBD when he was a baby (he's perfectly healthy now!) so he kinda walks on his front elbows. He can climb but it's hard for him to grip onto things so I don't want to give him something too tall in case he slips - do you have any ideas? I'm a little stumped


Get some of these- they’re great for animals that can’t grip too well because they’re highly textured- and set them up at angles. They come with suuuuper strong suction cups so getting them to stick in the tank shouldn’t be a problem. You can have them gently ramping up and that’ll give him the opportunity to exercise, as well as a way to get higher without putting too much pressure on his elbows! They’re also really wide, so he can rest on them. 

I was super excited for Chile. I’m Puerto Rican, but Latin American pride and all that. Puerto Rico doesn’t have teams for World Cups or anything of the like, so my family and I just end up supporting any Latino teams.

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I've gone through all of the stages of grief and finally have come to terms with the 2CT. Your blog helped a lot with accepting the theory. I speak for those of us who did not support the theory but have come to accept it; so thank you for running a great and informative blog! Keep up the good work!

Aww, I’m very glad you came to terms with the 2CT! I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and it can’t be helped, but it was still a bit saddening to hear that some fans were leaving the fandom because of the 2CT (or even worse, harassed Yana on twitter). So yeah, I’m really happy that you didn’t drop the series!! :D

And thank you for your kind words<3<3

Have a nice day! (*´ω`*)♡