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I'm curious to hear your thoughts on something I've been mulling over: Victor is, for the most part, friendly or ambivalent towards the other competitors in the GPF with one notable exception - J.J. He is uncharacteristically icy towards him, and other than J.J. being a bit obnoxious, I'm wondering what your thoughts are on why else that may be.

At the Rostelecom Cup Short Program, we do indeed see Victor being rather icy with JJ.

Just look at Victor’s face in that screencap. It’s very rare to see him react like that to anyone. 

But let’s put this into perspective of what just happened at Yuuri’s last competition in China.

Victor remembers Yuuri’s struggles at the Cup of China. He forced Yuuri not to listen to the cheering for the other competitors because of how much it got to him.

Now think about what JJ is saying to Yuuri at the Rostelecom Cup. “Hey, take those earplugs out. Did you HEAR that?? Your fellow competitor just landed a quad loop.”

Now, I don’t think JJ is doing this maliciously, but Victor isn’t going to care.

He’s going to care about how Yuuri will react to JJ drawing his attention to the success of other competitors.

JJ doesn’t catch on. He keeps going by drawing more and more attention to a jump that Yuuri can’t even do himself. (He can do a quad toe loop but not a quad loop.)

Victor shuts JJ down here. He downplays his own ability to do a jump that Yuuri can’t and discourages further conversation on the subject.

Victor’s reaction is basically: “I swear to god, if you send my boyfriend into a panic attack right now, you are going to regret the day you were born.”

7.3.17 // ✌🏻 Getting back into the grind with some notes for my Principles of Management unit and of course, a cup of tea. (It may or may not be my third for the day.) 

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My dream dog is a Newfoundlander, and I have a responsible breeder already picked out for when I have a big enough yard and a steady job, but I'm finding it hard to find much info on them. Opinions?

They are a relatively rare breed owing to their size, fur and drool, but I have known a few of them over the years.

These dogs are just… messy.

(Image Source)

They are big they seriously shed and they drool like a running tap, which essentially sticks that shed hair to every available surface like glue. This is a breed so fundamentally unsuitable for my personal lifestyle that I swiftly change the topic every time the boyfriend brings up that he wants one. Speaking of changing topics, lets look at them from a medical standpoint. You may want to make yourself a cup of tea, this will be a long post.

Hips are a major issue with this breed. The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ranks their hips, as a breed, as worse than the notorious German Shepherd. Worse again, symptoms of hip dysplasia are often aggravated by the increased size or weight of the animal, and this breeds is one of the largest ones. This causes pain and suffering. 25% of them are estimated to have dysplastic hips, with only 8% estimated to have ‘good’ hips.

Elbows are another weakness for this giant breed. Again around 20-25% of these dogs are estimated to be afflicted with elbow dysplasia. Some unfortunate individuals with have both elbow and hip dysplasia, leaving them without a good leg to stand on. Problems often develop by18 months of age, and will cause pain for the dog for the rest of its life.

Tears of the cranial cruciate ligament are also fairly common, due to sheer size and probably other orthopedic dodginess. If not treated surgically this will cause severe lameness and arthritis in the joint.

By the way, if you were wondering about the costs of these surgeries to patch up a Newfoundland skeleton, you’ll probably spend $2.5-3k on the dysplastic elbows, $2.5-3.5k per cruciate tear, and between $1.4k and $7k each side for the dysplasitc hips, depending whether they are diagnosed young, or so late that only a total hip replacement will help. Just so you know.

The consequences of leaving these conditions untreated is arthritis far sooner in the dog’s life than is fair. Some dogs will be unable to walk without daily medication from 4 years of age. Many will be put to sleep simply because their  mobility has become so impaired that they can no longer to doggy things.

Do you need a break? Because we’re not even halfway through yet.

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Personally, I have a thing against bad eyes. I can’t stand eyes that look painful, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. These poor dogs, as you probably have guessed, are prone to multiple eye conditions.

While they do get cataracts, 3rd eyelid gland prolapse and ectropion, the biggest one that concerns me is entropion. This means that the eyelids rolls inwards towards the eye. This means that instead of lovely, soft, moist conjunctiva touching the eyeball, you have prickly eyelashes or haired skin. These prickly hairs rub against the eyeball, constantly, and will cause pain, inflammation, corneal ulcers and secondary effects of healing them.

That’s just constant irritation and pain. It requires surgery to fix, again.

They also get subaortic stenosis (SAS) far too frequently.This heart condition is congenital, it’s present at birth but is often not apparent until 4+ months of age, just long enough to get that puppy well loved in a new home. While it can be managed with medication or heart surgery, only 25% of affected dogs live for more than 4 years. It can cause fainting and sudden death.

(Thanks Richard for picture)

That’s not a great disease to have running through the breed. If they don’t succumb to that heart disease young, they may also get dilated cardiomyopathy when they’re older. You know, because one heart disease wasn’t enough.

Also located under that shaggy mess of drool covered fur is another genetic disorder that can cause them to excrete cystine into their urine, resulting in urinary crystals or great big bladder stones that may require more surgery.

And of course these big, deep cheted dogs are a classic breed that gets Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV aka Bloat) which can happen without warning, leaving you with a choice of either major, expensive surgery or euthanasia.

Working towards the outside of this giant breed, their thick fur might look cute, it it takes maintenance. Prepare for everything you own to be liberally coated in dog hair.

They are also profuse droolers. Their flappy jowls produce some of the most drooly dogs I’ve been, often soaking their own chest fur.

Which brings me back to Hot Spots, (aka moist dermatitis). Persistently wet skin, especially on a thick coated breed that loves water like the newfoundland, A hot spot can be huge and they spread rapidly, sometimes affecting the whole neck. Because these dogs often have some degree of skin folding there, that makes the problem even worse. The same issue happens at the other end if they have diarrhea. And being in Australia, in Summer, when more people than usual take their dogs swimming, there is also a high risk of flystrike in that constantly wet fur with infected skin. Don’t think about that too much.

These dogs are far from being an ‘easy keeper’ and in my experience the estimates lifespan of 10-12 years that one often sees on the internet s a bit optimistic. I do know people who are addicted to this breed and just can’t live without one, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into and I would strongly recommend looking into pet insurance for this breed.

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Yuzuru Hanyu in 2014

“As one person, and as one skater, I feel lucky to have had so many experiences.” (via ice-kingfisher)  

Thank you, Yuzuru, for an amazing year filled with lots of memories. I can’t wait for what is in store for you in 2015. And please, get well soon! 

imaginarycircus replied to your photoset “The Rimroller™ is honestly the most romantic and thoughtful gift…”

I don’t think they have these cups in the US, but I’m fairly ignorant about this stuff.

Meaning no disrespect, but I echo @itsacpsideblog#you think I would just go and make a cute post about boys in love doing ice sport without RESEARCHING IT #what kind of obsessive anxiety-prone tumblr user do you think i am????

So to quote the 2017 USA Roll up the Rim rules: “TO PLAY: Commencing on or about February 1, 2017, guests at participating Tim Hortons locations in the U.S.A. may receive one specially marked M/L/XL cup  […] Not open to residents of Rhode Island, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska, Puerto Rico and where prohibited by law.”

There’s a shitton of Timmy’s in New York, but none, alas, in Massachusetts. (Or Rhode Island, fuck Rhode Island, apparently.) I suspect Holster would put it to use on roadies, since six of the twelve teams Samwell plays against are located in New York state. And during trips home, if he ever goes to Buffalo during Roll up the Rim season.

Wrong Loves My Company.

A/N: I don’t know what this is. I got this idea one day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I know this story may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if not that’s fine. But, I’m really excited about this series and I’m going on start part two today. I also have another series coming up called The After. So, don’t be surprised if I randomly post it. lol

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3656

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Make your own floral and herbal oils!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a recipe for an edible extract or an oil to use in cooking or baking! Be smart, and only use your oil in spells or as a perfume/supplement to your baths, etc.

What you’ll need:

~A mortar and pestle. Don’t fret if you don’t have these! You can use a spoon and a glass bowl, your fingers, etc. as a substitute.

~A cup of your chosen plant’s petals or leaves. Fresh is preferable, but dried works too. However, your oil may need to heat for longer, and you may need more than a cup of your ingredient for the smell to be strong.

~¾ths of a cup olive oil.

~A jar or glass container with a lid that’s heat-safe.

~A saucepan or pot, filled halfway with warm/heated water.

~Cheesecloth, or something else to strain the oil through.

~A tinted jar to store the final product in.

~Time and patience! (24 hours or more, depending on your discretion.)

This is a simple recipe that is great for a witch who can’t always have fresh ingredients like roses or lavender on hand, and it can be used in a lot of creative ways to infuse your daily life with your favorite scent! It also keeps for a long time, so if you have troubles storing your ingredients, perhaps working with oil might suit you better. Steps under the cut!

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The Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film Begins Filming

Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller mockingly made the announcement on Twitter that the Han Solo spin-off movie’s first day of production has begun along with the text “Han Shot First”. The film is apparently using the working title of “Star Wars: Red Cup” as a ‘Solo’ pun until an official title is chosen. 

Star Wars: Red Cup is slated for theaters on May 25, 2018.

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Is there sterek fics based on beauty and the beast gif set and kind of based on other disney stories like also cinderella? ☺️

Hey :)

Here are some fics based on Beauty and the Beast.

The Boy and the Beast by Dira Sudis (dsudis) | 116.6K

In which events in Beacon Hills go rather differently from the start, and a Beauty and the Beast (ish) story ensues. (Scott is not a teacup and no one sings about their feelings.)

Is this Disney or Kinky Porn? by DemiraWatson (orphan_account) | 3.2K

“Stiles go take the prince his cup of tea before it gets cold.” Lydia orders and Stiles may or may not lose his ever loving mind just slightly.

I AM THE FUCKING CUP OF TEA!” Okay so he loses it, big time.

tie your napkin ‘round your neck, cherie by magneticwave | 7.7K

Stiles has been a teapot for 3,308 days. // Scott skids into the door breathlessly and shouts, “THERE’S A GIRL IN THE CASTLE,” and promptly brains himself on one of the casserole dishes.

The One With The Scottish Wolf Lord by Stoney | 11.7K

The Hales are alive and a royal family in Scotland; Stiles is the waif sent to work in the kitchens, elevated to personal attendant/servant to the young Lord Hale. Who happens to be a wolf who can’t shift back. (Not without finding… *spoiler*)

the stranger by bibliosexual | 4.5K

At first Derek thinks there’s a teenage girl staggering around the woods on the estate, all coltish limbs and elegant fingers and delicate rose-pink lips, and his heart leaps into his throat. But then the stranger’s hood falls back to reveal a buzz cut and, when he turns around, the beginnings of an Adam’s apple.

The guy doesn’t scream when he lays eyes on Derek. Derek chooses to count that as a good sign.

“Shit, I’m hallucinating,” the guy mutters instead, and collapses in the snow.

Something There by 74days | 52.6K

There is a serial killer roaming the State, and two bodies are found in the Little Town of Beacon Hills. Visiting the city to discuss the case with the FBI, John Stilinski - the local sheriff - becomes involved in a deal that will save his town, but only if he sends back the first thing he sees when he returns from his trip. Thinking it will be something simple, he agrees… And is greeted by his youngest son, Stiles the moment he arrives home…


“If I Were a Cat”

Gouache on watercolor paper, 18" x 30"

About this piece:

I am a quiet and docile Himalayan cat who likes to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and may drink one more cup when I need to work at night.

This painting is done for Light Grey Art Lab’s “tobeyou” show and their 5th Year Anniversary! Recently, the gallery of Light Grey Art Lab has just expanded their spaces, there are tons of amazing artworks are exhibiting in the new gallery right now. If you are near by the Minneapolis area, you should definitely go and visit the gallery. 

Congratulation to Light Grey Art Lab! Thank you for including me in the show and let me have a chance to join your creative community in the past five years! Hope everyone having wonderful time at the opening reception. 

Have a nice weekends~


Black Bottomed Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake (dairy free, gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free)

Full Recipe:

Serves one 9" cake

* ¾ cup Pecans
* ¾ cup Walnuts
* ¼ cup Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (finely shredded works best)
* pinch of Sea Salt
* 3 Medjool Dates, pits removed
* 2 tablespoons Raw Cacao Powder (sub cocoa powder if you don’t have cacao)
* 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil

* ¾ cup Dark Chocolate Chips (use a brand that uses natural sweeteners, if you can)
* ¼ cup Coconut Oil
* ¾ cup Coconut Milk (canned)
* 3 tablespoons Raw Cacao Powder
* 1 teaspoon Vanilla

* 3 cups Cashews, soaked overnight
* 1½ cups Almond Milk (coconut milk works too)
* 2 tablespoons Vanilla (you may only need 1 tablespoon if your vanilla is strong)
* ½ cup + 3 tablespoons Maple Syrup, divided
* ¼ teaspoon Sea Salt
* 2 tablespoons Sunflower Lecithin
* 2 teaspoons Lemon Juice
* ⅓ cup Coconut Butter (softened)
* ¼ cup Coconut Oil, divided
* ⅓ cup Raw Cacao Powder

Daily Recipes - Simple Love Potion

Disclaimer: won’t force someone to love you, but will ease the way to exposing any love that may be present.


1 cup of milk

3 drops of vanilla extract

1 drop of rose or orange flavoring

½ teaspoon of coriander powder

2 teaspoons honey


  1. Put milk and honey into cauldron or pot/saucepan, keep at low heat.
  2. Give your intent to the coriander. It helps to hold it in your hand for a moment and speak to it.
  3. Add vanilla and flavoring with intent.
  4. Stir and heat until hot, but not boiling.
  5. Serve this to your lover/love interest. Its very nice to serve this in a drinking bowl or wide cup with a few fresh rose petals floating in it.