a cumberbatch of cookies

froofie  asked:

6 characters/people: Me,@conversationswithjohnlock​, Benedict Cumberbatch, Spock, Miles McGayTreeFrog, Cookie Monster

CURSE YOUR CUNNING!!! This actually hurt my brain @froofie

do the sexy love™ with: Benedict
sacrifice myself for: @conversationswithjohnlock
kick: Miles
take to prom: Froofie
abandon in jurassic park: Spock
push off a bridge: Cookie Monster

To choose these, I had to start with the worst fates and who would be most likely to survive them! Cookie Monster can survive a fall, and Spock could logic his way safely out of JP (though I’d much rather shag him tbh, but Benedict would politely offer the T-Rex some tea, and that won’t do at all (short arms) so he’d get eaten and I’d feel all guilty). Miles deserves a kick for being that fucking cute out of my presence where I cannot witness it firsthand. The others are fairly self-explanatory. ;)

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I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this but...

Tom kinda does this thing in interviews with his mates…

Where he just…

well he just kinda…

yeah… like his mates are talking to the interviewer, but tom…

he just kinda stares at his mates…

sometimes chris stares back because they’re kindred spirits of course, but like..

yeah, i’m done.

Dear Media,

Please stop painting us to be Sophie hating, rabid Cumberbitches. We don’t hate her and most of us aren’t Cumberbitches, but Cumber Collective or even Cumberbatch Cookies. Please stop painting us in a negative light just because one of our favorite actors is getting married. We couldn’t be happier for him and can’t wait to see the adorable little Cumberbabies.

Thank You

The Benedict Cumberbatch Fandom

Please stop circulating photos with *uncensored* Christopher Cumberbatch in them

Please, Cumber Cookies. As a member of the Cumber Collective, it really is your duty respect the person/couple behind your fandom. Yes, we get it.  I’m sure Christopher is the cutest little rascal and he has the best gene pool of the century - next to any of the Tatum kids, of course. However, it was Sophie’s and Benedict’s direct request and wish that photos of their child shouldn’t be made public. Give Chris the chance to be a kid and not objectified by every media outlet known to human kind. They were protected by the law in the UK (a legislature demanding protection for minors from the paparazzi) but they aren’t in the US where these laws just aren’t taken into action.

It’s really just a matter of common courtesy. We have a duty to uphold so, y’know, uphold it. A true fan would recognise that this is the couple’s sole wish and respect that! 

Anyway, Fangirlmaterial out, I’ll show myself to the door… and close it too if you prefer it closed.

Edit: Someone kindly messaged me about how Benedict and Sophie never directly asked for Triple C’s (I’m sorry, that’s just the cutest nickname ever) photos be kept under wraps. For clarification, I read something out of context in a tumblr post and should clarify that it was a spokesperson speaking on behalf of the couple who said this. Apologies for the misunderstanding. IIRC the person addressed the public requesting that the family’s privacy be respected in terms of their child. Sorry guys (will show myself out, again)

Edit 2: For the record, in terms of these requests coming directly from the pair, nothing was actually an official public statement… merely just quiet and barely-reported news from them. 

To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

[Prompted from this post about a coma!Lock AU]

John, you have to come quickly. It’s Mr. Holmes. He’s… He’s woken up. He’s asking for you by name. I just.. Come quickly.

Dr. Watson had no words to make sense of this. Sherlock had been in a coma for almost three years. Three years. The likelihood he would ever wake up had declined day by day. Hid older brother had stopped coming to see him regularly. His friends didn’t send flowers anymore. No one seemed to be awkwardly stunned anymore when they found John in his room reading detective novels out loud to a comatose man.

John rounded the corner with a rabid intensity. Sherlock was asking for him. This man, who John knew hardly anything about, wanted John next to him. A knot tightened in John’s stomach; what could Sherlock’s brain have possibly interpreted his daily presence as? Hopefully nothing too detrimental.

As he came to the doorway muffled shouting could be heard. His body came to an involuntary halt.
“John, I want John! I need to know what shape the flat is in! Mrs. Hudson must be worried sick. I need John to know I wasn’t dead. WHERE’S JOHN?!”
A bewildered nurse’s voice came softly “Sir, he’s on his way. I’m sure he’ll understand your questions. He’ll be here soon, I promise. Just calm down, please.”

As the doorknob turned beneath his trembling fingers, the click of the latch, a click of recognition came from inside John’s brain too. He’d never heard Sherlock’s voice but yet he knew it was Sherlock yelling; he’d never seen Sherlock move but his eyes were instantly drawn to the tall, lanky man who paced the floor before him.

His voice cracked with anxious terror “Sher-Sherlock. I’m here. I’m here.”