a cumberbatch of cookies


‘Are these the only scales you have, Mrs H?’ you asked, picking up the old brass ones that needed to be balanced correctly.

She chuckled as you put them on the table. ‘Of course not, dear,’ she said, but there was no mistaking the nostalgic grin on her face. ‘I didn’t even know I still had them.’

‘Wanna use them?’ you asked, moving to get the butter. ‘I mean, scales are scales, right? Might add extra character to them.’

‘Doesn’t that mean that they’re going to be terrible cookies?’

You shrugged dismissively, putting the butter on one side of the scales. ‘They will be if we don’t find the weights.’

Mrs Hudson moved towards one of the cupboards and pulled out a bag. It seemed to stretch slightly under the strain of its contents before she put them on the table.

‘At least they’re easier to reset each time,’ you said, moving to pull a brass weight out of the bag. ‘Shall we start before the guys get here?’

‘They’ll think we’re their own personal bakery at this rate.’

‘As long as it’s not their housekeeper,’ you joked, grinning at her as you moved to check the recipe.

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I don't know if anyone else has picked up on this but...

Tom kinda does this thing in interviews with his mates…

Where he just…

well he just kinda…

yeah… like his mates are talking to the interviewer, but tom…

he just kinda stares at his mates…

sometimes chris stares back because they’re kindred spirits of course, but like..

yeah, i’m done.

DreamWorks was my first (& only) job outta college. I interned twice in school and had amazing opportunities to learn and meet some incredible humans - so when I graduated, even though I wanted to return someday, I was mostly just thankful. Two weeks after graduation, they called. They wanted me back.

And I stuck around. It’s been over 5 years since I first (nervously) arrived at the studio for my interview. It’s been over 5 years since my hiring manager asked me, “What’s your favorite DreamWorks movie?” and I instantly lost ALL my chill and excitedly squeaked, “HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON.”

Over the last 5 years, I have deeply felt our collective triumphs and failures. I have celebrated and mourned wholeheartedly along with this family, my family. I have had the privilege of befriending some of the smartest, most talented and creative people in the business. I’ve gotten to do some of the coolest, randomest things (figure out how to send cookie dough to a celebrity, interview benedict cumberbatch for a tumblr q&a, wear the Belt character costume, perform the penguin shake, post from backstage at Cannes, use a FAX MACHINE, etc.) but I think one of the biggest honors I’ve had in my time at DreamWorks Animation has been participating in some of the BEST fan communities ever. When I get to work on things like Dragons or Voltron that have communities of fans that feel like family, that set the internet figuratively on fire with excitement, my job becomes so ridiculously fun. I’ve really enjoyed geeking out with you, lurking quietly (haha) between movies or season drops, and even meeting a few of you in person.

I don’t really know where my career path takes me from here. I know my time at the studio is limited given the Comcast acquisition, but there’s still a possibility I’ll get to work on DWA films from the Universal side. (What ELSE am I going to do with the vast archive of dragon information sitting in my brain??) It’s all still kind of up in the air right now. So I wanted to take a moment to be thankful to you guys for everything. I am incredibly fond of you, and admire your creativity and passion. It’s people like you that keep these movies alive, and make places like tumblr such crazy fun to hang out in.

  • Me before Sherlock: Who is this Bumblebee Cabbagepatch?
  • Me: *Watches all 3 seasons on Netflix* *buys merch* *constantly quotes Sherlock* *Reads the entire collection of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes* *Sees all movies/shows with all involved Sherlock cast members*
  • Someone: Who is this Benedict Cumberpatch?
  • Me: It's Benedict CumberBATCH! Batch, as in, a batch of freshly baked Christmas murder cookies, you peasant!