a culinary affair

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Fuck dude that looks amazing

IT WAS. IT WAS SO GOOD. I had roast eggplant & cherry tomatoes (with garlic and za’atar and a little bit of smoked hot paprika) last night and wanted to use up the leftovers, so I threw them in a pan with a splash of white wine and let it all reduce for a few minutes (just to warm and soften everything up so the bigger chunks wouldn’t break the omelette) and oh my god

Okay, so i always see the “white people don’t season their meat jokes” and I chuckle. Like, I’ll be honest, when it comes to hot stuff I am the white girl “it’s to spicy” stereotype to the max. I am damn wimp. Runny nose, eyes watering, can’t handle my shit whimp. I will own that. Those jokes aren’t hurting me. But like I always thought the “white people put nothing on their chicken” thing was an exaggeration for comic effect ya know? 

I just want to go ahead and apologize for how wrong I was right now. There are indeed people out there who don’t season their meat. At all. Nothing. Not even salt. No black pepper. No garlic. Just a plain baked skin less chicken breast. Not even sauce. No nothing. And they think it’s good! i don’t understand how anyone can live such a joyless life and I am sorry for doubting everyone who tried to open my eyes to this travesty. I was blind but I have seen the sad state of culinary affairs.