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National Treasure 2 AU

Killian Jones is a historian who is known for finding the most difficult of history’s secrets and bending more than one country’s laws to bring them to light. After accidentally unearthing a lost journal from his ancestor, the British explorer Captain James Cook, he learns the treasure he’s been searching for since he was a little boy is right at his finger tips. But then his nemesis and fellow historian Arthur Pendgraon appears and puts Killian’s life long pursuit to a grinding halt with one accusation. With the help of his best friend, David Nolan, and older brother, Liam Jones, he will have to clear his ancestor’s name while racing against the clock to ensure the world’s greatest archeological find doesn’t fall into the hands of a corrupted historian. What Killian doesn’t know is that in diving into Captain Cook’s past, a part of his own will walk back into the present in the form of his ex-girlfriend and the woman he’s still in love with, Emma Swan. Because history is never really forgotten… is it?

A little birthday present to the House to my Wilson, @ive-always-been-a-pirate! I will write this story for you one day but in the mean time, have a little snippet I made for the special occasion of your birth. :) (small scene under the cut)

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Pronouns/Name Announcement

So a week ago, I asked for suggestions for my name, because it was causing me (a lot) of dysphoria and I was struggling, and I have come to the conclusion for my name: Nathan (Nate as a nickname). I appreciate all the names sent in, but I had to go with my gut, which was Nathan, also I, over the past couple of months, have come to another conclusion. I will be now using he/him pronouns, as well as they/them pronouns. If you wish to unfollow me, because I am no longer a sapphic blog, I understand, but my blog is still a safe space where nb people, gender questioning people, queer people, literally anyone, can come, ask questions, and feel valid, safe and welcome.