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Captain Cobra Swan + Hogwarts Houses

For my Captain Cobra Swan Secret Santa Giftee @cocohook38 <3

Pronouns/Name Announcement

So a week ago, I asked for suggestions for my name, because it was causing me (a lot) of dysphoria and I was struggling, and I have come to the conclusion for my name: Nathan (Nate as a nickname). I appreciate all the names sent in, but I had to go with my gut, which was Nathan, also I, over the past couple of months, have come to another conclusion. I will be now using he/him pronouns, as well as they/them pronouns. If you wish to unfollow me, because I am no longer a sapphic blog, I understand, but my blog is still a safe space where nb people, gender questioning people, queer people, literally anyone, can come, ask questions, and feel valid, safe and welcome. 


So, the way Emma met each of her potential love interests:

Neal: caught stealing a car from him that he turned out to have already stolen.

Regina: brought to her home by the son Emma gave up at birth and Regina adopted.

Hook: pulling him from under a pile of corpses whose murder he facilitated.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think only two of those really qualify as traditional rom-com meet cutes.