a critter that floats

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did Dylan have a swimming pool? kinda looks like it from the pics of his house from bird's eye view.

Yes, the Klebold home has a swimming pool. Dylan didn’t like to swim in it so much because living in such a rural, wild area, there would often be dead critters floating around in the pool so it would have to be regularly cleaned out with a net.  Dylan’s dad liked to swim routinely and it probably was beneficial when he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.


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Inuyasha’s eyebrows shot up to his hairline before finally finding their familiar position, crashing together in a suspicious glare.

Sango had appeared like a cloud of smoke, falling next to him unceremoniously.

“…Can I help you?” His voice was guarded, cautious and unsure.


His glare intensified, morphing into something more of a pout.

She breathed out a heavy sigh and then let herself fall back, her shoulders meeting the soft brush of the grass, her hair fanning out beneath her.

Inuyasha scratched his ear. The sound of the midnight river critters continued their song. Fireflies floated around them like bright tiny dancers.

It wasn’t until she sighed again that a mass of white slivery hair tossed in her direction, “What’s eating you??”

Her hands came up to press against her face and she groaned.

“What is it?!” Inuyasha hollered, the fireflies fleeting from them.

She held her silence with a far-away look.

“Is it Miroku?!” Inuyasha jumped up to his feet, “Did that lech do something to you?!” His golden eyes flashed murder. He was already making his way up the bank of the river when Sango’s hand wrapped around his robe’s pant leg and yanked hard.

He blinked from his spot on the ground where he had fallen and mused, just how strong is this girl.

“Just stay here.” She whispered into the humidity of the summer night.

“But you’re acting weird-“

“It’s okay.”

“It’s NOT okay-“


He grunted, maneuvering into his criss-cross spot back on the ground, his hands shooting into his sleeves, and glowered. “What?”

“Are we friends?”

It was his turn to answer her question with silence. The grasshoppers chirped.

“Wasn’t I just about to beat up the monk for you?” 

Sango smiled.


For zilleniose and oreramar!


Dakore looked down to where the water moccasin had sunk it’s fangs into her foot, unseen despite her best efforts.

She could feel the venom course in her veins, her chest tighten, her throat begin to close and-

Was that… was that the sound of….a sheep?

The absurdity of that sound broke Dakore out of her nightmare and she sat up in bed.

She looked for reassurance to the dreamcatcher her pen pal in Manitoba, Sylvia, had sent her.

There was a sheep caught in its strands.  

More accurately, a tiny sheep that could fit her hand, with black wool and the littlest curved horns, was caught in her dreamcatcher.

Really, if she was going to be completely accurate, there was a tiny sheep caught in her dreamcatcher who was attended by a man floating alongside with brown hair and what looked like buttwings.

The little sheep bleated, but it was so tiny that instead of a baa, it was more of a meep sound.

“ m͝e̴ep͠ ”

“Look, I’m going as fast as I can; my fingers keep getting stuck too, you know.”

“ me̷ee͢eep̴ .”

“Hey man, this is all your fault. This is like what, the fifth time this month?”

“ m͘e̡ep̢ ”

“‘I am a helpless tiny bundle of love?’ Did Mabel teach you that? She did didn’t she?”

“ m̛e͡e͟e͟ee͢ep”

The floating man looked down to see Dakore staring at the two of them. He glared at the sheep and sighed.

“Of course you were giving a nightmare to someone with the Sight, because this night couldn’t get any better.”


Dakore’s voice stuck in her throat and she tried again. "That critter gave me the snake nightmare.”

“Yup,” the floating man said as his fingers once again got tangled in the strings that Sylvia had woven on the willow hoop. He looked at her expectantly for a minute, and Dakore got the feeling from him that he wanted nothing more than to spend twenty minutes explaining who he was and why he and the sheep were here, if only she would ask.

Dakore was way too zonked to do that.

What she did do, however, was stand up on her bed, to reach the dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling.  Her hands went through the floating man, eliciting sputters from him, and went to the little sheep.

As gently as she could, she closed her right hand around the sheep, and with the other pried open the strings holding him there. Dakore pulled him out and once he was free opened her hand again.

Instead of flying out to the man, to her surprise he stayed on her hand and began to butt his head between her fingers, rubbing his horns against her index finger and thumb and purring.

Dakore was pretty sure sheep didn’t purr, but then again, they usually weren’t only three inches tall and she was still pretty sleepy so whatever.

“I…I…I owe you a f͢a̧v̢o͝r̀,” the man managed to finally spit out, like the words were completely repugnant to him.

“Nah you don’t,” Dakore absently said as she dared to begin petting the small sheep. His wool was amazingly soft and he purred harder.

“Yes I do I-look doesn’t any of this strike you as kind of strange?”

Dakore didn’t look up from giving the sheep pets. “Nope.”

“I’m a demon!”

“Okay, that’s cool I guess.”

“I am A͝ĺc͡or! T͟h҉e Dre͘a͞m͡b͠e̷nde̴r?͠ ͝Eat͢er͏ of ̵S҉o͢u҉l͝s, R̕ul͏e̡r of̛ Nig̀h͘t͜ma͞re͘s̨?”

Dakore shrugged. 

“What’s his name?” she asked, pointing to the sheep in her hand.

“Fluffernutter, but seriously, how are you not freaking the fuck out?”

“I’ll probably freak out after I have my first cup of coffee,” Dakore replied and was rewarded with the sight of Alcor’s jaw dropping wide, revealing double rows of fangs inside.

Finally, he managed to say, “Look, you did me a favor and now I ow͞è you one in return.”

“Can’t really think of anything right now,” Dakore said. She really wanted to go back to sleep; her alarm was going to go off in a few hours.

“I can’t! Not until I repay you….that’s, kind of how this demon thing works.”

Fluffernutter rolled over onto his back in her hands, showing his stomach and wiggling his tiny legs in the air and Dakore had an idea.

“Can I see Fluffernutter again? If….if he’s okay with it?”

“That’s it?”

Dakore scowled at him. “Wow, that’s kind of rude to say.”

Alcor looked at her for a minute and even through the haze of sleepiness, Dakore could feel the danger rolling off of him. For a second she was back in her dream again, the venom, the inability to breathe….

Then he laughed and broke the mood.

“Sure, that works. Have fun you two.”

As suddenly as he crashed into her life he was gone, though now the room smelt like pine trees for some reason. 

Fluffernutter looked at her.

“ m̵ee͜ee͝ep̀?̶”

"I need to go to sleep, but let me take that dreamcatcher down so you can come in….um, no more nightmares tonight, right?”

“ me̶ee͢p”

"Okay cool.”

Once a month for the rest of Dakore’s life, she had horrible nightmares of snakes biting her, squeezing the life out of her.

And every time she woke up smiling to see her tiny friend waiting for her at the foot of her bed.