a criminal lawyer


Look here, Shimada. Read all you want in that lil binder o yours, but ain’t nothin gonna tell ya bout Jesse McCree cept the man himself.  

…so what if jesse chose prison

A lawyer’s first job is to try to prevent his client from doing something that may come back to bite him. A lawyer’s second job is to prevent his client from getting bitten.
—  Barry Pollack, the attorney and president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers told NPR’s Carrie Johnson while Johnson was reporting her story, “Trump Violating Lawyers’ First Rule For Clients: Keep Your Mouth Shut.”

Better Call Saul Season 3: ‘Mugshot’ Official Teaser

Picture says it all. Csers think it’s romantic and ok and sexy to ask your partner to stop drinking and for him to completely ignore you and continue to get drunk.

Not to mention Emma is terrier of Hook being upset with her. Why? Because last time she upset him he tried to kill her family. No wonder the girl is desperate to cater to all his whims going so far as to pretend she loves him and wants to marry him. Did you all see how she looks? She looks like a corpse. Compare s1 Emma with s6 and be honest on how awful she looks since she started dating her abusive boyfriend.

Someone is setting up these kids shipping cs to end up in abusive relationships. If you don’t know what to do in life become a family or criminal lawyer. All these poor fuckers that think cs is romantic will need one by the time you finish law school.

me applying for a job as a criminal lawyer

interviewer: Have you had any experience in this job?

me:  I have seen all the episodes of How to Get Away with Murder

Criminal Minds: Court Case

The team were all sat, in the courtroom, waiting for Reid. Suddenly, the doors opened and there he was. He was wearing a suit and handcuffs. His hand was still bandaged up from the cut. Reid was sat down and his handcuffs were removed. He turned to face his team.

“Eyes front” demanded the Judge. “Court is now in session”. Reid turned to face the judge. He could feel his eyes start to water. Stay strong. “Does the prosecution have an opening statement?”

A youngish looking female arose from her chair. “We do, your Honor”. She walked over to where they jury were. “This man claims to have been drugged while in Mexico” she began, as she pointed at Reid. “Who do I use the word ‘claimed’, you may ask?”. She walked over to Reid. “Because this man was found in possession of Class A drugs with intent to distribute”. Suddenly, the defence lawyer shot up.

“Objection!” she shouted. “This is just a rumour”. The judge waved his hand.

“I’ll allow it”.

“Fine” huffed the defence lawyer.

The prosecution smiled. “But this man is also here because, the person who he was meeting up with was found murdered”. She walked back over to her seat. “Oh” she continued. “And his DNA was all over the place, even on the murder weapon”.

Reid turned to his defence lawyer. “But, I swear Fiona, I didn’t kill her”.

Fiona stood up, and walked up to the jury. “My client has been wrongly accused of both charges”. “And today, you will get the truth”.

“Anything else?” asked the Judge.

“Not at the moment, your Honor”.

“Prosecution, your first witness please”.

The young girl stood up once more. “Well, considering there’s, really, only one witness, I would like to call…Agent Spencer Reid to the stand”. Reid stood up and walked over to the stand. He was given a book and told to pledge the oath.

“I, Dr Spencer Reid, swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God”.

“Is it true that you travelled to Mexico, unofficially?”. Reid nodded his head.

“Yes…and it was a stupid thing to do”.

“Well…so was murdering Nadia Ramos”.

“But…but I didn’t do that”.

“How can you be so sure?”. “I mean, you can’t remember anything”. Reid looked down.

“Because he doesn’t do things like that” shouted Garcia as, she leapt up from her seat.

“Order in my court,” the judge demanded. JJ grabbed Garcia’s hand and pulled her back down. The judge turned to the young girl.

“No further questions, your Honor”.

Now, it was Fiona’s turn. She knew Reid was innocent but how could she prove it?

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Thoughts on the 2017 Budget


In Jamaica, “tax” is a bad word and is synonymous with pain, disappointment and high prices. When prices go up in Jamaica they almost never come down, which explains the wrath that people feel upon the announcement of the 2017/2018 budget recently. It is reasoned that “Those who are angry now, will be happy in December” but let’s see how plausible that argument is.

Tax Increases

The new budget stipulates increases in motor vehicle licensing and registration fees, fuels, liquor, tobacco, general insurance (Non-human related insurance eg. motor vehicle, property insurance) and group health insurance. Funds from the NHT will be used to also plug the loss of income caused by the tax break. These increases will capture revenue from persons that don’t pay taxes on their income like taxi drivers, vendors, businesses in the informal economy (including criminals) and professionals like lawyers and doctors with private practices that understate their earnings to minimize taxation. It’s key to note that this category comprises the vast majority of the working population like most Third World countries. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to implement a tax that affects this bracket of persons that does not also affect persons who are outside of this bracket so the good suffers for the bad in this scenario. Goods with ‘inelastic demand’ or goods that will be purchased regardless of the price are key areas in gaining a guaranteed increase in earnings needed to secure confidence in the desired results that the IMF wants to see.

External image
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The 1.5 Million Tax Break and Growth

Economic Growth is an increase in spending, consumption, production and investing reflected the increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of a country. It’s key to note that those who earn below 1.5 Million consists of more than 70% of the country’s work force. Statistically, this portion of the work force also spends most of their income and saves the least, which means that each additional dollar held by this group will be spent back into the economy.

When Paul no longer pays income tax, it means instead of buying $100 phone credit from Digicel, he’ll buy $200 to talk to Maxine a bit longer and instead of buying one patty from Tastees ($150), he will buy one for his mother as well ($300). Tastees and Digicel will now earn more revenue due to Paul’s increased spending, allowing these companies to establish new branches in different parishes, export to new markets, pay dividends to shareholders, buy new technology and to employ new staff. Paul’s children will also get more lunch money which they will spend on snacks and other cheap, fast trading goods. Paul will now finally get a chance to buy shares in NCB. The fact that this new spending pattern is being practiced by most of the population and not just Paul and his children means that it will have a compounding domino effect across all sectors.

Digicel will hire Jamaicans that were once unemployed and spend more money with Jamaican marketing firms for advertising while Tastees will buy more beef and spices from Jamaican farmers to supply their new branches. NCB will use the funds from Paul’s shares to give capital to small businesses and hire staff. This explains the “multiplier effect” in economics and is the driving force of growth reflected in an increase in GDP. Therefore, the multiplied spending by a multiplied number of persons will create a far higher rate of revenue than the loss from increased taxes. This is a possible explanation of PSOJ’s (Private Sector Organization of Jamaica) endorsement of the 2017 tax package. Separately, there is a reduction in student loan interest rates in order to ease the tightening of the incomes of young professionals. Cheaper loan rates facilitate more spending on the needs and wants of the professional which drives the multiplier effect even further. An example of the multiplier effect can be seen in the 2% Growth driven by the 1M Tax Break in 2016.


All over the World, countries that partner with the IMF experience taxes and budget cuts in order to meet targets and to balance budgetary shortfalls. The truth is that in a perfect World there wouldn’t be any new taxes for Jamaica to disrupt the momentum from the 1M tax break from 2016. However, there has to be a balancing act between growing the fragile economy and pleasing the IMF, which contrary to popular belief, are not one and the same. The IMF is not responsible for the growth of an economy rather the IMF’s objective is to get their money back with interest. Thus it is the private sector’s performance and the steady hand of a prudent government with business friendly policies that achieves growth in countries across the World.