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The FBI Faked an Entire Field of Forensic Science
For more stories like this, like Slate on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. The Washington Post published a story so horrifying this weekend that it would

“‘Of 28 examiners with the FBI Laboratory’s microscopic hair comparison unit, 26 overstated forensic matches in ways that favored prosecutors in more than 95 percent of the 268 trials reviewed so far.’ The shameful, horrifying errors were uncovered in a massive, three-year review by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Innocence Project. Following revelations published in recent years, the two groups are helping the government with the country’s largest ever post-conviction review of questioned forensic evidence.

Chillingly, as the Post continues, ‘the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death.’ Of these defendants, 14 have already been executed or died in prison.”

Let this sink in for a minute.

Rebecca Sugar keeps on saying the Zircon’s are in danger and i get more fearful each time

When I was younger I thought that all married couples had to have birthdays close together bc my parents and both sets of my grandparents have birthdays within a week of their spouse’s.

On a completely unrelated note my birthday is two days apart from Raúl Esparza’s

Rb if it hurts your heart that

Barba’s first episode is also Rita’s first episode

Don’t Look Back (ACOTAR AU) - Part 17

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Nesta woke with a jolt. It took a bone piercing scream and a ground shaking bang for Nesta to rush out of bed on uneven legs, ripping the lamp out of the plug socket. She held it steady in front of her as she forced her legs to move through the darkness, muscle memory taking her over obstacles and through the landing to the source – Feyre’s room.

Fear was denounced as utterly and completely foreign as Nesta surged forward, adrenaline streaming through her veins.She slammed the door open without hesitation, ready to swing at the intruder, only to find her fiancé on his knees, groaning in what only seemed to be pain as he held his crotch, rocking back and forth.

Don’t you dare fucking touch me,” roared her little sister. Through the darkness, the moonlight from the window being the only help to sight, Feyre had backed herself into the corner of her room and Nesta was trying to put the pieces together but they struggled to fit. Until it dawned on her. 

Nesta’s eyes met Feyre’s. The sheer amount of unfiltered revulsion that Nesta read from them made her nearly choke on rage. The lamp in her hand felt solid, she ripped off the lamp shade for good measure, weighing it in her palm as a sickening silence in the room settled.

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A lawyer’s first job is to try to prevent his client from doing something that may come back to bite him. A lawyer’s second job is to prevent his client from getting bitten.
—  Barry Pollack, the attorney and president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers told NPR’s Carrie Johnson while Johnson was reporting her story, “Trump Violating Lawyers’ First Rule For Clients: Keep Your Mouth Shut.”

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okay so since like 90% of the bob cast has at least guest starred in shows like criminal minds and the law and order franchise (and blue bloods obviously), could you do some headcanons for a police and lawyers au?

  • dick is the newly appointed commanding officer of the 506th precinct, and he’s really trying to settle into his new job. he doesn’t have to get used to the station, since he was a sergeant here before being promoted, but learning to be in charge is… a different sort of experience.
  • his detectives don’t make things easy for him. guarnere takes too many risks in the field. toye is seemingly unstoppable. welsh is having a secret romance with a pretty female lawyer and keeps trying to fight suspects. webster is reluctant to do anything that isn’t desk work. the only one who isn’t giving dick grief in his new job is sergeant lipton, who’s levelheaded and helpful as ever.
  • the day he gets his promotion, the rest of the precinct drags dick out to a bar to celebrate. he doesn’t drink, but while there an drunken man literally falls into his lap. dick does the man a favor and drives him home, dropping him off in front of an impressively large mansion on the wealthy side of town.
  • the next day, he meets with the DA about a case, and is stunned to come face-to-face with a very hungover version of his friend from the night before.
  • this is how dick meets lewis nixon.
  • nix is also a newly appointed DA, but he is dangerously good at his job. he’s sharp, quickthinking, and formerly worked as an undercover officer. it’s not long before he and dick hit it off.
  • meanwhile, the rest of the precinct is busy with their own cases.
  • guarnere and toye are on the trail of a gang of bank robbers. they know that three members of the group (muck, malarkey, and penkala) go in, hold up the bank, and clean it out before jumping in the car with their getaway driver (luz). frustratingly, the robbers wear gaudy halloween masks, keeping them from getting a good look at their faces.
  • they try to stake out the bank. while bill is posing as a bank security guard, joe is supposed to be providing backup from outside. he sees the robbers go in – however, he fixates on their getaway car. he makes a reckless choice, and tries to get the jump on their driver.
  • this apparently entails climbing in the back of the car, sneaking up on luz, and holding a weapon to his head.
  • so luz panics and grabs the gun. in the scuffle, joe accidentally gets shot in the leg.
  • there’s a moment of panic. george is screaming. joe is screaming. someone inside the bank is screaming. and then joe passes out from blood loss.
  • that’s how george luz kidnaps a police officer.
  • he doesn’t mean to drive away, but he just sort of PANICS. now his friends have been left high and dry, he’s driving around with an unconscious cop, and all he really wanted was an excuse to drive like a maniac. he didn’t ask for this.
  • so, he does what anybody carting around a guy with a severe injury would do, and he takes joe to doc roe.
  • gene roe is luz’s college buddy. he is neither an actual doctor nor a criminal, but he is a damn good defense attorney, and luz has a sneaking suspicion he’s going to be needing one of those soon. roe also knows a lot about first aid, which toye’s definitely gonna need.
  • joe winds up getting nursed back to health by the criminal he’s trying to catch. (he’s disturbed both by how good looking luz is and how annoying he is. jeez, the guy won’t let him get a moment’s rest. his mouth is basically a torture device. joe is more into it than he wants to be.)
  • the terrible trio are in custody. george knows he has to get away, and he also knows that joe will rat him out. he’s a police officer, it’s sort of his job.
  • he figures he’s already in deep, so he may as well run with it.
  • if there’s one thing george luz is good at, besides driving at insanely fast speeds and getting himself into screwy situations, it’s hiding. the only challenge now is going off the grid while he has a very pissed off, injured cop handcuffed in his passenger seat.
  • neither one of them asked for a road trip, but they’re sure getting one anyway.
  • the trio get arrested. roe winds up being hired as their defense attorney. he’s at the precinct a lot, which is how he becomes acquainted with babe heffron, the 506th’s civilian administrator.
  • babe is spunky, sarcastic, relentlessly optimistic, and quick to befriend roe once he starts talking to him. it’s hard not to get sucked in by babe, and roe begins finding excuse to come around the station that don’t have anything to do with his poor clients.
  • meanwhile, the other detectives have their own issues.
  • their suspects won’t leave them alone.
  • webster is leading the investigation into a series of cat burglaries. the cases are baffling mostly because no one can figure out how the crook is doing it. he’s somehow getting into sealed off, heavily surveiled rooms, stealing the most expensive thing there, and escaping without leaving a trace.
  • it doesn’t help that he’s literally being TAUNTED by his criminal.
  • he keeps calling him, taunting him about sticking to his desk, staying out of the field, and not being able to catch him. it’s the most infuriating thing in the world. 
  • more than once, webster has wound up in loud, back-and-forth arguments with his criminal. no matter how long he keeps him on the line, all calls are traced back to cell towers in various countries. his perp is clearly a tech genius, and knows an uncomfortable amount about webster.
  • webster isn’t sure what he’s going to do when he finally catches this guy – cuff him or kill him. (both options sound incredibly satisfying)
  • finally, ron speirs is on the run for murder.
  • this is a bad thing; mostly because he didn’t do it. he knows he’s being framed. the problem is, he doesn’t have any evidence to prove it, and his… less than sparkling reputation doesn’t speak to his credit.
  • so he’s hiding from pretty much everyone – his enemies, law enforcement, even his friends. he doesn’t have anyone to turn to.
  • so he takes a gamble, and contacts the detective who helped his buddy grant deal with some people trying to hurt him a few years back. he still has carwood lipton’s phone number; he gets a disposable phone, and gives him a call.
  • now lip finds himself roped into speirs’ one-man quest to clear his name, and get some revenge while he’s at it. he’s not sure exactly what’s going on… but, well, he’ll do what he can to help.
  • so one detective is missing, one is being taunted by his criminal, one is aiding a murder suspect, a drunk DA is passed out in the chief’s office, and their civilian administrator is definitely hitting on the defense lawyer what’s more, the three bank robbers in the cells don’t seem deterred by their predicament at all. they keep bumming cigarettes off the guards, loudly singing 80s pop songs, and somebody used his one phone call to order pizza.
  • overall, winters’s first week on the job is going well.