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Together // Spencer Reid

A/N — I’m back ahaha and with 11 followers that makes me very happy. Anyways, here’s some Spencer fluff™ for you guys. Also, this still has Derek in, so it’s probably based in the earlier seasons. Maybe 5/6?

- Blue x

Requested: Nope! My brain threw this at me

Warnings: Really cute Spencer

Summary: Spencer loves her, he knows that, so why not ask her to move in?

— Spencer’s POV —

It was hard, very hard, for someone like me to ask someone like her to move in with me.

I mean, she was like an angel. She was my everything and I wanted to wake up next to her everyday, see that smile, I wanted to roll over in my bed to meet her eyes with mine and feel the nervousness go away.

It was just asking her that was the problem. So, as any other person would, I asked the man who would know exactly what to do in a situation like this…

Derek Morgan.

“Hey, uh, Morgan, can I ask you something?” I say, voice shaking just from the thought of asking her such a big question.

This was big for us, we’d been together about a year and a half so moving in together is a big step.

“Course you can kid, what’s up?” He asks me, smile brighter than ever, happy I can confide in him.

“Statistically, 54 percent of all first marriages between 1990 and 1994 began with unmarried cohabitation. So, how do I ask Y/N to move in with me? I mean, it’s a hard question you know?” I list, probably speaking to fast for him to find it coherent, but I tried.

“Ok, kid, just slow down. You want her to move in with you?” He asks, the coffee in his hand letting out steam as we speak.

Even just standing in the bullpens kitchen, my heart was racing.

This was such a big thing, and my mind couldn’t stop racing. What if I was going the wrong way about things?, what if this was the wrong thing to do in general? - so many things were terrifying, but in turn I would do anything to keep her by my side as long as I could.

“Well I think that’s what I trying to say, yeah. Yeah I think I do.” I say, hand running through my tussled hair and tugging the ends slightly.

“Wow! Well done boy genius! You’ll do great. Just sit her down, and tell her everything you want to tell her, it’s not like she’ll say no.” He says, smile painted across his face like a fine art canvas.

“Ok. Yeah, ok I’ll try that tonight. Thanks Morgan.” I say, before pouring the heaps of sugar into my tea, and walking back to my desk, the thought of waking up to her in the morning still playing on my mind.

“Hey, kid?” I hear from behind me, as I sit in front of the heaps of files as only me and Morgan are left.

“Yeah?” I reply, hearing his questioning tone.

“Does that also mean you wanna marry her eventually?” He asks, smile never fading as before.

“Um, I think so, maybe, probably.” I stutter, not needing a bigger question than the one on my mind right now.

And as Morgan left for the night, she appears, and it’s like everything around me stops.

To me, she isn’t just any FBI agent, she’s like an angel cast down on earth. She’s like the detective to my murder case, and I couldn’t wish for anyone else to be with. The smile I wear like a badge everyday, it’s all down to her and her perfections.

To her, her whole being was imperfections riddled throughout her body, but to me - she was perfect, and I couldn’t get anyone better than her.

“Hey Spence! Just you?” She kindly asks me, sitting on the space on the edge of my desk and kissing my cheek with her soft, plump lips as chills run down my spine.

I can’t stop my hands shaking, my mind racing and my heart skipping so many beats I feel like I’ll pass out.

“Yeah, they, uh, they all went for some dinner. Thought I’d wait around for you and get this stuff done.” I say, stumbling over my words, thinking of what Morgan said.

I can hear his voice in my head, his calming words, ‘tell her everything you want to tell her, it’s not like she’ll say no’

“Why didn’t you go? You don’t have to wait for me Spence, don’t let me get in the way.” She says, placing to files from where she works downstairs onto Emily’s desk.

“Because I need to ask you something, uh, yeah I do. Ha.” I splutter out, a nervous, breathy laugh leaving my body as I look down and play with my hands, avoiding the dreaded eye contact.

“Spence, you know you can ask me anything, what’s up?” She questions, concern written in her furrowed eye brows.

How can someone with such a loving heart be with someone like me? I always wondered what I did to deserve someone like her.

“Ok, so I’ve been thinking. And 18.5% of couples cohabitate due to financial reasons, but I don’t want to do that, y’know? I wanna live with you because the thought of waking up with you every morning is what makes me smile more. And I’ve also noticed that I feel happier with you. And-“ I say, throwing out words faster than a machine.

“Spencer, slow down, what the hell are you asking me?” She asks me, more confused that I’d ever seen her.

“Y/N, will you move in with me?” I say, after taking a deep breath to rethink everything I’d told her.

“Spence, course I will!” She says, standing up to meet my eyes, as I look down into hers and interlace our fingers, landing a kiss onto her lips gently.

“Well then, looks like you’re stuck with me and my facts.” I laugh, smile bigger than ever before.

“I’ll be stuck with you and your facts anyday, Spence.” She laughs, kissing me again, my heart still beating faster than it ever had, all because I had her.

So I made a compilation of my favourite semi-overlooked vines, enjoy

TV show writer: Yes, we killed *insert favourite character here* off, but it was better for the storyline and it’s taken the current characters to where they are now and-


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