a crime so monstrous

My last word on Chicago Dyke March

Anti-Semitism is a very real and still very powerful bigotry that is pervasive throughout the world. it has caused some of the worlds greatest evils and if left unchecked will do so again; its reemergence from the shadows in Europe and America over the last two decades is one of the greatest crises of our generation.

It is for this exact reason that when I criticize the state of Israel and its supporters, I am very careful in my choice of language: I am an anti-Zionist. I oppose the militaristic imperialistic apartheid state of Israel and its continued belligerence against the Palestinian people, just as I believe any moral person, regardless of race or religion, has a duty to oppose any such state.

I do NOT conflate the state of Israel with the Jewish people as a whole, as to do so would be a monstrous crime against the Jewish people, a group that, even in the face of violent persecution has produced some of the greatest art and science the world has ever seen. Particularly in America the Jewish people have a centuries long legacy of social justice activism against racism (after African-Americans, Jewish Americans were the second most numerous ethnic group involved with the Civil Rights movement), imperialism, and colonialism. To pin the crimes of the Israeli government and its supporters (particularly in America) on the Jewish people would be a monstrous and violent libel, and I have no intention of doing so.

Do you know who do want to conflate the state of Israel with the Jewish people as a whole? Zionists, and their Evangelical right-wing supporters in America. Zionism is an ideology of hate and violence so far removed from the actual tenets of Judaism that attempts to conflate the two would be laughable were they not so often successful as carried out by Zionist-allied groups like A Wider Bridge.

NEVER conflate Judaism and the Jewish people with Zionism or the state of Israel, and never be misled into doing so by people with either anti-Semitic or pro-Zionist agendas.

True Crime (It’s A Hobby, I Swear)

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A/N: I love true crime, so the fact that Sam likes it too brought around this story.
Words: 673
Author: Fangless
Pairing: Sam x Reader

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Ok asking on anon bcs i don't really want a blog rate (i'm still in the middle of a blog revamp) but oooooohhh would u mind doing something based upon your Fave pairing OR fave book out of the six of crows duology? that would b cool

this will be sth (poemy rubbish) abt kaz x money, the truest otp out there :))

what was another cut, another boy unrecognisable to his own mother

red drops that get washed away, rubbed into the earth with an uncaring step

a shrug to smooth out the black coat, wild eyes and bared teeth

“we are all ruled by our demons. i’ve come to accept that fact.”

and when he smiles over the stacks of kruge it’s them that show their faces

and when nobody catches the bitterness of broken innocence in his eyes

it’s because who would dare look when catching his eye might mark you

necklaces, tie pins, pocketwatches, silk

he knows their price on the black market, knows the price of a human life

“when everyone knows you’re a monster you needn’t waste your time doing every monstrous thing.”

so he’ll settle for the crimes that pay well

sorry if this is poopy lol xx


A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner, a world-renowned author on his book about modern-day slavery, experienced the human-trafficking world first-hand, an advocate for human freedom, an anti-slavery abolitionist, my new hero, a really awesome guy–