a crime!

“Jeff, from the beginning was quiet and withdrawn.  As he grew, he’d be gone for hours at a time, off in the woods doing who knows what and when he would come home, he’d just quietly go to his room and keep to himself.  He showed no interest in interacting with the family or others.  He tended to skulk around, like he was hiding something, like he was always fearful of getting caught…

There were times when I knew that Jeff was drunk, falling down drunk.  I knew it, but didn’t do anything about it, I ignored it–after all he was just sowing a few wild oats, even though he was much too young to be sowing anything.  David came to me once very upset saying he’d seen Jeff naked in bed with another boy–what was I to do, I told David to mind his own business and that he hadn’t seen any such thing.”

- Joyce Flint, Charles Klotsche’s The Silent Victims: The Aftermath of Failed Children on Their Mothers’ Lives 

“Hey PPA i’m back! So, who wants to shoot up a bank? :D”
I’ve been having a criminal way of thinking lately, so here’s a dumb AU where Jace, Connor, Jade, Sketch, and Zon-A led the PPA as a crime gang :’D

Commiting crimes in the name of Poth? Honestly idk I just wanted to draw Jace being a little shit XD
Just gonna tag the leaders if they wanna take part in this AU X'3
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Attack on Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby, August 2007

In the early hours of 11 August, Sophie Lancaster and Robert Maltby were attacked by a number of teenage boys, while walking through a park in Lancashire. 

Robert was knocked unconscious, and Sophie was kicked, stomped on, jumped on, and viciously beaten. After the attack, Police said that they were both beaten so badly that they could not tell the genders of the victims. Both Sophie and Robert were hospitalised as a result of the attack. Robert’s injuries left him in a coma with bleeding on the brain, which he gradually recovered from, but was left with lasting brain damage. Sophie’s injuries were much worse, however, and was in a coma indefinitely. Her family switched off her life support on 24 August, after doctors confirmed that she would never regain consciousness. 

5 teenage boys were arrested in connection with the attack, but only 2 were charged with murder. Brendan Harris and Ryan Herbert were sentenced to life imprisonment, for the murder of Sophie Lancaster. The other 3 boys were sentenced to several years jail time, for grievous bodily harm with intent.

In 2002, the childhood of 7 year old Hannah Milbrandt was turned upside down after she was informed by her parents that she was dying of leukaemia. However, both Hannah and her father Robert remained completely unaware that the entire situation was a hoax devised by her own mother, Teresa.

For nine months, her scheming mother and distraught father planned fundraisers for their ailing daughter and raised a substantial $31,000 for the family- which was entirely the result of generous donations from businesses and people within the local community. During this time, Teresa shaved Hannah’s head to keep up the facade, as well as constantly plying her with sleeping pills and taping bandages to various parts of her body. She claimed to concerned relatives and friends that the bandages hid “medical ports’ through which Hannah received treatment. Just under a year later, the whole plot was revealed after Hannah’s school teachers grew more suspicious. In 2003, both Teresa and Robert were imprisoned for 6.5 year and 5 years respectively for the charges of theft and child endangerment. 

Robert to this day maintains his innocence by asserting that he was completely unaware as his wife took charge of taking Hannah to all of her medical appointments. Hannah herself has since spoke of how falsely awaiting her own death has triggered periods of depression and suicidal thoughts but is doing her best to carry on with life. She has spoken of how her own mother ruined her life, but has also acknowledged her father’s innocence by stating that his conviction “weighs very heavy on my heart.” Robert had not allowed Hannah to testify on his behalf, and so instead she has spent many years trying to seek justice for him since his release from prison.


Dylann Roof on the 2016 Presidential Candidates

He shared his worry that Hillary Clinton would take the United States of America to war with Russia, but wants Trump to lose, because his supporters “might get mad and do something.”

“It’s all a lie,” he said of Trump, and stated that he would rather have had Bernie Sanders in office.

He stated that he has learned from newspapers, the internet, and radio that more riots are occurring, for instance, in Charlotte, in the Midwest, after Trump’s election, and more police shootings. He talked about how this is getting “way, way bad.” He cited the news story where an 11 year old white boy was beaten up, because he had voted for Trump in an elementary school election.

He told his dad not to believe all of Donald Trump’s promises now that he’s president.