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I love how Marlene’s like “umm didn’t we deal with the NAT club already?!”

uM no Marlene???? Like who were they spying on? Why? Why was Garret killed? What did he know? What about the note that said ‘April Rose has Proof’? Why was Ian such a creepy weirdo? What was the deal with his death? Why was Melissa so afraid of people finding the tapes? Why did Spencer catch her destroying evidence? What was Jenna’s involvement?? Was Charlotte involved too?

Sorry, but the NAT club has played a major role throughout the whole series, and now it’s literally been pushed under the rug and forgotten about? Good work.

no offense but my least favorite trope ever is “popular girl with the seemingly perfect life and perfect but blockhead boyfriend and perfect but vapid friends but actually inside that’s not really the person she wants to be and she feels so pressured to put on this persona but then one day she meets a loner intellectual boy and they become close and she realizes that she doesn’t have to pretend, she can be herself and so she breaks up with her boyfriend and stops hanging out with those friends and gets together with the loner boy” like fuck outta her with that shit first of all loner boys ain’t shit and if you’re going to have a girl realize that she’s not being her true self, make her come to that realization on her own not with the help of some weirdo who has no friends because he’s creepy as shit and can’t go two seconds without being a condescending asshole. second of all some girls fucking like being the head cheerleader some girls like getting dressed up with makeup some girls like shopping and gossiping and doing each other’s nails and to make it so that the only girls who truly like that stuff are the vapid best friends and the heroine of the story, who’s deep and actually has a brain, hates that kind of stuff and would rather spend all her time reading hemingway and smoking cigarettes with loner boy is stupid as fuck and also kind of misogynistic anyway if we could just kill that trope that’d be great

  i will NEVER understand the logic when it comes to callout culture, there are certain things it’s good for; calling out thieves, warning against scam, and creepy weirdos, but doing it because someone has a different opinion from you, writes a character a certain way you don’t like, etc is just petty and makes you the bitch.  seeing people turn into a hate mob when stuff like this goes down is what disgusts me.  if the roleplay community on here was ever once like it was before, then people need a serious attitude adjustment, and need to get over their entitled asses.  this is supposed to be fun, not draining, or a way to bully people.

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Why do you think that most of the fans hate Jonsa? It's like with Sophie's commentary it got worse. Even if the don't get together in the end, it's not like they have no chemistry or strong feelings for each other. When he was with Jon they smile, they didn't feel that away for ages, I really don't understand why people can't see that

I don’t think most fans do - I think most people that watch the show or read the books don’t really give a damn who ends up with who, as long as their favourites end the series alive. The good thing about both the show and the books is that neither are really a conducive environment for the ‘ship wars’ you see in other narrative media. 

There’s a small group of people who are very ardently against Jon/Sansa, but those tend to be only the most devout S*nS*n, J*nAr*a, or Pet*rS*nsa shippers - but even then, most people within those groups don’t really give a damn. You get small groups of really petty people within any kind of group - but most of them are thoroughly decent people who are happy that season 6 gave the Jon/Sansa tag more material, because they know that it doesn’t really matter. 

It’s that small group of people that make it seem like a lot of people are happy about Sophie’s comments, but again, away from Tumblr, most people know that none of the actors have either any influence over or any real knowledge about the upcoming season; despite its reputation, reddit tends to be the best place for post-SDCC discussion, as it has a much longer memory than Tumblr.  I think most people also recognise that Sophie loves Sansa, but prefers filming the darker aspects of her character (I can’t recall if she’s read the latest book, but I know she read all of Sansa’s earlier chapters, and that’s where her love of Sansa’s darker material probably comes from), so she prefers talking about Petyr and Ramsay and jealousy as opposed to Jon and reclaiming her home. That’s just her opinion, and it’s fine, but of course the small amount of Antis are going to run with it and ignore the good stuff she’s said about Jon and Sansa’s relationship. 

And pretty much everyone has a selective memory when it comes to stuff they don’t like. They don’t want to acknowledge how happy Sansa makes Jon (and vice versa) because they don’t like the ship, and I don’t want to remember anything positive Petyr has ever done because he’s a creepy weirdo who sexually abuses Sansa and actively contributes to the oppression of young women so …. we’re all biased in our own ways I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯