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I FINALLY took the time out to take some quality photographs of some of my  work to add to my portfolio. Still thinking about making prints, but if any of these pieces resonates with you please reblog in hopes it may touch someone else. That’s what we’re here for anyways, spread the love. Bless.

IG: p.firmy

cutthroat-cutiepie  asked:

what are the 3-4 dress up games that you recommend?

OK the best dressup sites are: 

Rinmaru Games

These ones are very customizable in terms of hair, eyes, expressions, etc. Most of these games have a very ‘anime’ art style, so do keep that in mind! The downsides are that the clothing is not usually very customizable with the exception of these ones

Azalea’s Dolls

The art style for these is amazing and you usually get a pretty good degree of customization. They also have lots of established universe-like games, like character creators inspired by Star Wars or DC. These are also good because in a lot of the games, you can add multiple characters to a scene. The downside is they don’t have a lot of options if you want to do something like natural hair  or variations in body type.

Doll Divine

Very customizable - the art for these is usually pretty good but the style does vary a lot based on the game. For example, one of them is a regency-era portrait creator, which is very different in art style than, say, their gemsona maker (which, by the way, is excellent). Usually a lot of options, and their superhero creator is also fantastic.

Missangest Games

LOTS of variety in hair, skin tones, and clothing. You can also give your characters robot limbs in most of them, which is great. The art is very ‘anime’, and the poses can be a little odd, but you get a lot of customization if you’re making an OC and want them to look a specific way.