a creative mint

Creative Conversation Mints

You will need:

  • package of Altoids mints
  • white tea light
  • creativity sand

to make the sand: mix about a cup of sand with two drops of yellow food coloring and one drop of almond extract or oil. Add 2 tablespoons of sea salt and a teaspoon each of caraway and ground almonds. Place in a jar and shake to mix. Charge under the sun. 

Place the container of mints on a stable surface where they won’t get bumped into or knocked over. Place a white tea light on the lid. Sprinkle the creativity sand over the candle and the container, then light the wick. Kneel in front of the flame and repeat a phrase of your design that will serve as a power phrase. Frame the words as you would phrase for a sigil, for example, “I am witty”, “My words are interesting”, or “My thoughts are creative”. Say the phrase intently, repeat if necessary. Allow the candle to burn out; you do not have to stay focused the entire time, but you should ensure that your will is properly placed before walking away. 

Once the candle has burned out, toss it out and brush off the sand. Whenever you’re in need of witty or interesting conversation, pop a mint into your mouth and focus on your power phrase. By the time the mint dissolves, you’ll be teeming with interesting things to say! 

[BTS Scenario] Harmless

Hey guys! So I got inspired to write this little AU for the Daegu boys, it’s my first animals!au so I hope it’s okay :3 please enjoy and tell me what you think!

2429 words. Wolf AU.

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“You really can’t stay?” Y/N asks, a sliver of hope in her eyes. 

“I’m sorry, but I have to leave town tonight. Maybe next time?” Yoongi replies soothingly, face etched with apology.

“Meteor showers don’t happen every day you know, we’re lucky to even know the day this one is coming…” she looks away now, fingers fiddling with each other. Ah, the sulking starts, Yoongi sighs internally. It’s not that he doesn’t want to watch this rare event with Y/N, it’s just that he can’t. And he can’t even tell her why.

“I’ll be back soon and take you stargazing every night, I promise.” He reaches to hold her hand, unable to bear the air of disappointment around her.

She lets him, interlocking their fingers. “Okay,” she leans on Yoongi, savouring his warmth since she has to spend the next few nights without it. Y/N doesn’t even know why she’s so upset, he leaves every month, she should be used to it by now.

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This is the photo promt I got from @jonsa-creatives! Thank you for making me write modern AU! I took the photo with the ice cream, the yard sale and Kit with tie (so cute).

And I took the opportunity to have Arya in it again, and children, somehow I can’t picture adult Sansa but with children. And it got way longer than I planned.

Mint ice cream

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[BTS Scenario] Locked

Summary: Yoongi is pushed to lead Bangtan when their leader Jin was unexpectedly attacked and three other members are having trouble with similar incursions. Between rival gangs, potential usurpers and dissatisfied customers, one would think it is difficult for Bangtan to determine where the attacks came from, especially with only half their force available. Except Yoongi knows exactly who the culprit is and why this is happening. How does he know?
The answer is Y/N, the girl with a dark past and Yoongi’s heart. And also, she’s the daughter of the infamous dealer Yoongi may or may not have set the authorities on a few years ago. With her help.

Reading: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 4.5 | Part 5

3476 words. Yoongi x Y/N (she/her). Angst (A/N: I tried. Also, there are loveydovey bits but idk if it qualifies as fluff). Warnings: Implied sexual interactions. Implied passive abuse. Implied parental loss.

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“I’m going back to my own apartment today,” she insists, finally finding him in his office. He stiffens.

Yoongi has been trying to distract her into staying with him longer than usual but it’s been three days and he can’t use the “I’m going to miss you” excuse anymore.

“I can’t let you, Y/N…” Yoongi sighs, walking around his mahogany desk to stand in front of it. “Jimin.” He gestures to his right-hand and the redhead pops up next to her within a second, lightly holding her arm.

“What are you talking about, Yoongi? I have my own life in case you forgot, you can’t tell me what to do. We had a deal.” She takes a step towards him, escaping Jimin’s touch.

Yoongi stands still. Y/N is slowly getting irritated and he doesn’t want to aggravate it by showing a reaction.

“We had a deal. You let me do my thing, I let you do your thing, we stay together. This is not part of the–”

He glances at Jimin for backup before opening his mouth, noticing her posture coiled up like a snake ready to strike if given just one reason. And he’s about to give her that reason.

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[Monsta X Scenario] 감아 (Hold Me Tight)

I was inspired by Kama/Hold Me Tight (lyrics ver; MX ver) and once upon a bad day, I wrote some Kihyun fluff to feel better. And here we are. Hopefully you guys feel better too reading this, the song itself is just so warm to listen to on a bad day.

Anyway, hope you enjoy reading. And comment too if you want, always want to improve my writing! ^^

Fluff. 793 words. Kihyun x You.

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The sound of the door opening makes Kihyun turn away from the TV.

“You’re home!” Kihyun calls out brightly.

An low “hmm” is the only response he gets as you kick off your shoes forlornly and drop your bags with a dull thud.

Ah… This can only mean one thing,’ Kihyun thinks to himself.

“Bad day?”

“Hmm.” You walk to the kitchen, head down, not looking at him.

Kihyun sits up on his knees on the sofa, keeping his attention fully on you. “That bad, huh? Anything I can do, want help with anything?” He asks, already knowing your answer.

You shake your head silently, going behind the kitchen counter and start picking the ingredients and equipment you need to make yourself something to eat.

Kihyun turns back to the TV though every now and then he watches you from the corner of his eyes to make sure you’re OK.

He smiles to himself. Usually when people are upset they’d want to be pampered and doted on, but not you. You like to assert yourself to prove that you’re independent (mostly to yourself, Kihyun guesses) and that you can get through whatever obstacle you’re facing.

On these kind of days, he’s learnt to just sit and wait until you’ve gone through the motions and is ready to crash on the sofa next to him and cuddle.

A loud clattering followed by your exasperated scream shocks Kihyun. ’What actually happened today?!,’ his mind runs as he jumps out of the sofa yelling, “Babe, you okay?”

He reaches the kitchen in two leaps to find you sobbing into your knees in a corner. “Y/N?” he says softly, walking towards you, carefully avoiding the upturned bowl and broken eggs on the floor next to you.

You seem to be muttering unintelligible words through your sobs. Kihyun holds you close to get you to calm down.

I can’t do anything right, he manages to piece your words together. For a moment, his eyes flashes with anger thinking whoever made you this upset is going to pay when he finds out.

“No, no. If I recall correctly, you’re good at everything. We’re standing at 34:10 now, aren’t we?” He tries to joke, bringing in the little competitions you both always have against each other that you constantly win.

You don’t react, instead you just cry harder. He looks around helplessly, you’ve never been this broken up before.

“Okay, baby, let’s get you to rest, I’ll make you something,” he whispers to your ears as he helps you stand up with you leaning into his side. You shake your head, sobs receeding but tears still streaming.

While he thinks of what to do, you start to hiccup. His heart drops, and he thinks of the one thing he knows you love.

“눈을 감아,” he sings softly. “두 눈을 감아.” He notices you closing your eyes and your breathing slowly becoming even.

He positions you properly in front of his body to wrap your arms around his waist and he holds you in a warm hug. “허리에 팔을 감아.”

You rest your head against his chest, lulled by his heartbeat and his voice.

“나만 믿고 따라와.” He kisses your forehead before continuing to sing a low voice and taking slow steps around the kitchen to make you food.

The rest of the day is just a serenade of Kihyun’s love for you; him cooking with you warm against his chest, both of you sitting on the couch with the TV on and one arm around each other as you each alternate spoonfuls of food, and lying in the bed at night facing each other, falling asleep with him stroking your hair and you drawing figures on his shirt.

“Oh I think I should get a bonus point,” he says suddenly, as if remembering something.

You look up to him in confusion, already halfway in dreamland.

“I was the one who said we should buy the plastic bowls.”

He grins, referring to the time the two of you spent hours buying household items when first moving in together. The only reason you had went with his choice back then was because he had won at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Your twiddling fingers gives his chest a light smack, a small smile decorates your face.

“There’s that smile I’ve missed,” he says with a quiet laugh.

Blushing, you reply in a quiet voice, “Take two points, for singing to me. Thank you.” You smile serenely at him.

He tips your face gently to kiss you. “Love you too,” he smiles back, pulling your body closer to him.

You snuggle up to him, falling asleep within a second to the rhythm of his relaxed breathing and the warmth of his embrace.

[Optional Bias] Perfect

328 words.

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He’s perfect. Perfect in all ways. 

He’s good-looking and has a good job. He can cook and he can clean. He is patient and he is loving. In fact, he loves and cares for her so well that half the time she wonders what she had done to deserve this angel on earth. 

But while he is perfect, she is not. 

She’s young but her body is constantly tired. She’s bright, but her mind is either demotivated or full of worries and impossible thoughts. She’s loved, but all she can see is how much of a burden she is. 

She also loves, but too much to the point that it risks her getting hurt. And he’s the one she comes home to after a day’s battle with the world, he’s always been there to tend to her wounds.

If it weren’t for him, there would be no her. 

If he doesn’t cook meals and coax her to eat, she’d spend days subsisting on only water and snacks she’d find in the pantry when her mind clears enough to notice the grumbling of her stomach. 

If he doesn’t wrap her in his embrace at night and kiss her awake the next morning, she wouldn’t even know day from night and she would alternate between staring at the ceiling for hours on end to sleeping through days.

If he wasn’t there to hug her and remind her that it’s okay to feel bad but remember that her life is worth it, she might not even be there living and breathing next to him. 

He tells her to stay. Because while there are bad days, the good days are just around the corner. Trust him. 

On those days, when she’s sombre and quiet, he reminds her again to stay. Because he lives for the tinkling laughter and warm love she’s ready to offer when she wins over the dark thoughts and the good days come around again.

Please stay, trust me.