a crazy little thing called love ( first love )


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How you meet. 

Nights out (smut) 

He cheats on you with another girl   part 2

Dog days (smut) 

Home is where the heart is (smut)

Something great 


Never in a million years (smut)

All mixed up

Is it too late now to say sorry (smut) 

Just the way you are (smut)

Dancing queen 

First day of forever (smut) 

Caught (smut)

Crazy little thing called (love Smut) -full version 

Crazy little thing called love (aka complicated) -sneek peak 

Something you can’t fake (smut)

Three (smut)

Wedding series: part one (the proposal)  Part two (the wedding)


How harry would be in bed  


Green eyed monster 


Prompts*: (list 1, list 2, list 3, list 4)

“I’m not even sorry.” 

“So, it was you.” 

“Are you still awake…?”

“That’s irrational.”

“Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”/ “I shouldn’t be in love with you.” 

“You’re such a bitch.”/”Don’t be fucking rude.”

“You made that way more sexual than it needed to be.”

“Are you jealous?”

“You’re a virgin?”

“You always this quite?”

“Drop the attitude.”

“The skirt is supposed to be this short”


*** Recommended Thai movie ***

“A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” or “First love” is a 2010 Thai romantic comedy film starring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul. The story depicts love in the eye of young people who first experience it and how it affects their lives and their inspirations. More information click

the signs as i’ve experienced them

aries: the definition of a fuckboy but they actually have a soul. literally don’t give two shits about the haters and are some of the most loyal friends i’ve ever encountered. have very sudden growth periods. super dedicated to anything they put their mind to. ALSO OH MY GOD SO GOOD WITH THE TONGUE 

taurus: very eccentric, don’t really know how to deal with emotions. get flustered easily but it’s kinda cute. dreamy demeanor. will ignore the hell out of u if u fuck them over. are lowkey terrified of everything but will probs never admit that as they have some weird element of ego tied into that. 

gemini: really chill people when u get to know them but will scare the shit out of u for like six years if u don’t approach them. do not fucking piss them off as they will butcher yo ass with their tongue and hang u up for the rest of the world to see. probably has daddy issues. writers. really physically attractive and everybody is intimidated as fuck by it. dumb as hell in terms of love and will flirt with you incessantly. REALLY FUCKIN GOOD WITH THEIR HANDS LIKE DAMN. 

cancer: big hearts. fuckin adorable little water signs that are likely drowning in a puddle of their own tears. do not know how to fucking flirt to save their lives. their laughs are kooky as hell and i love it. probably smoke weed. u either love ‘em or want to kill them or are in some poorly balanced inbetween.

leo: okay y’all needa settle down a bit. fragile fuckin egos if i’ve ever seen ‘em and react hardcore if u piss them off. pretty over the top with everything. but damn, are some of the most hopelessly romantic motherfuckers i’ve met. will treat you like a fucking god(dess) if u let them. not super good at social cues tbh. good friends to have if u need to be validated. need quality time. 

virgo: y’all are lowkey hoes and give no fucks about it and it’s fucking great omfg. despite that, they maintain an endearing innocence and can be childish af when things don’t go their way but will love u until the end of time. great taste in music. super fucking smart but don’t show it off too often. 

libra: jesus christ okay i love u guys. super understanding and will always try to see all sides of a situation. probably have been through a lot. aren’t afraid to call u on ur shit and are lowkey emotional shawtys that are still trying to find themselves. make really wonderful parents. get crazy excited over little shit and it’s fucking adorable. 

scorpio: don’t fuck with these hoes unless u know urself first. will expose the parts of urself that u didn’t want to see. super gnarly in fights and will love u until the end of time. pretty standoffish and need time alone when emotionally unstable. keep themselves in amazing shape. are the loneliest fucks i know; be kind to them always. are probably in great shape (physically.)

sagittarius: craziest mofos out there. abandon all emotions before going into a situation and can be super impulsive. funny as fuck and always seem to be on another level. push themselves to the limit and usually forget to give themselves a break. ambitious and can get shit done when they need to. 

capricorn: talk about a ride or die. y’all are loyal to the grave and are incredible friends. until u get fucked over. will probably make ur enemies’ life a living hell, sometimes over-the-top about it. can be v athletic. good writers/artists. really interested in spirituality and the ethereal realms. u guys know what to do in bed and flirt hard af. also so fucking funny oh my god. 

aquarius: amazing friends. probably hate u. easily excitable. space cadets 4 life. rly good with animals and love food but probably restrict their eating habits in one way or another. a paradox in that they are fucking driven as hell to get shit done but give zero fucks at the same time. lowkey kinky af. want to kiss everyone. 

pisces: emotional shawtys through and through. physically attractive as hell. not good at romantic relationships. won’t forget about u for a million years. keep their friends close but will push u the fuck away if they get scared. insecure and just want u to stick around. 

Ok look I’m just gonna put this out there…Sokka was the oldest male in the Southern Water Tribe, right? That’s why he was the warrior and all that jazz. Katara grew up with a bunch of old women and girls and little boys. So when Aang came along and subsequently showed interest in her, yeah, I’m not surprised they had a thing. But even if they did love each other, he was her first love. Many would call that a childish love, especially considering he was probably her first romantic love interest. 

Then comes along Zuko, someone she had to hate right off the bat because he was a lil crazy (I mean, understandably) and chasing them around the world, trying to kidnap her friend/possible romantic love interest. But then things change. We see that change in the show. And when the two of them are stuck in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, we see her attitude towards him change rapidly. Because now she’s gotten out of her childhood home and has been places and met people and learned that not everything is as simple as it once seemed. So here’s this guy that she previously hated, now opening up to her and actually trying to be a decent person. He suddenly does a 180, shattering that fragile trust she had gained in him. And it sucks.

But then Zuko goes through his metamorphosis. And Katara experiences a supreme amount of loss and struggle. She herself realizes that not every person’s history is black and white (shoutout to you, Hama). I’m sure there are tons of examples, but I’m too tired to find and list them.

ANYWAY, when Zuko comes back, apparently a changed man, it’s not surprising that she’s skeptical. She gave him the chance to prove himself before, and he failed. But then he does prove himself a thousand times over. And Katara has the life experience to understand how significant that is. 

Aang is a great guy, but he’s so straight. He never really wavers in his character or morality, at least not to the extent that Zuko does. Katara helps Aang in so many ways with her kindness and strength and generosity. But to me it just seemed so one-sided (again, I’m sure there are examples that counter that, but overall it just seemed one-sided). The fact that Katara is able to find it in herself to forgive Zuko, and the fact that Zuko is deserving of forgiveness, and the fact that they help each other grow, is monumental.

Potter Family - Chamber of Secrets

* The Philosopher’s Stone

*Ron spending time with Harry at his home in Godric’s Hollow*

Ron: Your home is amazing! Your mom’s cooking is amazing! Your father is sooo cool and your uncle is funny. I wish I was living with you.
Harry: You know, my parents really like you. Momma even said you can stay with us for the rest of the summer. If you want and your mother say “yes”.
Ron: Are you kidding?! Even if my mom say no, I will stay!
James: Hey, boys!
Harry: Hi, dad.
Ron: Morning, Mr Potter.
James: What are you doing inside? It’s such a beautiful day!
Sirius: *appearing in the living room* We should play quidditch!
James: Perfect idea, Padfoot. Are Moony and Wormtail coming?
Sirius: They should be here any minute.
Harry: I thought mom forbade you to play quidditch when she’s not home?
Sirius: Well, mom’s not here so she can’t see if we break one of her rules.
James: Also Remus and Peter will be with us.
Sirius: Remus is the responsible one so Lily wouldn’t be mad at us.
Harry: Are uncle Remus and uncle Peter going to play with us?
James & Sirius: *burst into laugh*
Sirius: They’re as terrible as your mother on broomstick.
James: Don’t tell her that. She just agreed to Sirius living with us. We’re not gonna make her regret.
Sirius: I’ll play with Harry and, Ron, you’ll be in one team with James.
James: We’re gonna totally win this! Right, Ron?
Ron: Yes!!
Sirius: Let’s go then!

*later that day*

Lily: What have I told you about playing quidditch when I’m not home?
James & Sirius: To never ever play quidditch when you’re not home.
Lily: And what have you done today?
James & Sirius: Played quidditch when you weren’t home.
Lily: And what have you learned today?
James & Sirius: That rules were set for a reason.
Lily: And?
James & Sirius: That you were right.
Lily: You’re cleaning after dinner.
Ron: But my arm is okay, Mrs Potter!
Harry: *touches Ron’s arm*
Lily: I doubt it, Ron. You’re lucky we don’t have to come to St Mungo. One healer is living under this roof.
James: You always know what to do, honey!
Sirius: We would be dead for long time now if it wasn’t you.
Lily: Still no desserts for you.
Siurius: Fuck!
Lily: You just lost your dessert tomorrow!
Sirius: Evans!
Lily: Rule number four: don’t swear in front of the children,
James: Potter, Padfoot. She’s Lily Potter!

*Platform 9 and ¾*

Lily: Where’s Harry? He should be here now! He came with the Weasleys and Molly is there but I can’t see my son.
Sirius: He’s probably on the train now. It leaves in four minutes.
Lily: He would have said goodbay!
Sirius: He’s 12, Lily.
Lily: So what, Black?
James: *hugging his wife* Padfoot’s right, Lily. Harry’s on the train now and he’s probably talking to his friends. He can’t always be seen by his mother side. You want to make him like Malfoy?

*letter from McGonagall*

Lily: HE DID WHAT???
James: He flied Arthur’s car to school.
James: Crashed Arthur’s car on the Whomping Willow.
Sirius: Calm down, Evans. He just had some fun. Why we hadn’t ever done something such spectacular like Harry, Prongs?
James: I don’t know but we definitely should do something! Maybe even get our own muggle machine!
Sirius: Yes! And made it fly!!
Lily: After my dead body!

*letters to Harry*

1) Dear son.
I am very disappointed by your behaviour. How could you do this to Molly and Arthur? Have you heard Arthur Weasley is facing an inquiry at work? And thats because you stole his car! You could have waited for us and we would have found a way to get you and Ronald SAFETLY to Hogwarts.
I hope you will follow the rules from now on. Don’t do stupid things, Harry or we seriously think about your further education at Hogwarts.
I love you, Harry.

2) Harry!
That was awesome!! Mom’s a little angry but she’ll forget soon. I’m so proud of you! I couldn’t have came up with such amazing idea! Fly a muggle car to Hogwarts! That’s what I call a big entrance! My blood!
Keep having fun, son!
Love ya,

*Harry’s first quidditch game on 2nd year*

James: GO HARRY!
James & Sirius: HARRY! HARRY! HARRY!
Lucius Malfoy: Can you both be quiet for a minute? Here are people who want to actually watch the game and not hear your stupid screams.
James: You’re just jealous ‘cause your son suck at quidditch.
Lily: James!!
Lucius Malfoy: Draco is way better than your son, Potter. I bet he’s just as arrogant as you.
Sirius: So, Malfoy, I hadn’t seen Draco playing last year when Harry was. Was your son sick?
Lily: Oh, and Lucius, I’ve heard you bought new broomsticks to Slytherin team! How generous of you! Now they can hide their lack of talent behind their Nimbuses. Your son is already doing this.
Sirius: Lily, that was epic!
Lily: *shrug her shoulders* GO HARRY!!!

*end of the game*

Gilderoy Lockhart: Not to worry, Harry. I will fix that arm of yours straightaway!
Harry: Not you.
Gilderoy Lockhart: Boy doesn’t know what he’s saying. This won’t hurt a bit.
Lily: Step back from my son!
Gilderoy Lockhart: Calm down, Mrs Potter. I had been fixing broken bones before. I know a spell for that.
Lily: I’m a mediwizard! I think I know better than you!
Gilderoy Lockhart: Brackium Emendo! *spell goes wrong* Well, that can sometimes happen…but the point is…you can no longer feel any pain, and, very clearly, the bones are not broken.
Hagrid: Broken? There’s no bones left!
James: Shh, Lily. *hugs his wife tightly* Madam Pomfrey will fix this.
Sirius: She’s gonna kill him.
James: That’s normal for her. Touch Harry and she’ll make a war because of that.
Harry: Mom?
Lily: Harry, shh, everything’s gonna be alright. C’mon, let’s get you to Madam Pomfrey. Hagrid, can you help?
Hagrid: Sure, Lils.
James: I love how she care about our son.
Sirius: She would have killed YOU if that means Harry’s safe.
James: I know, Padfoot. She’s great.


Lily: I’m so happy you’re with us, Ron!
Ron: *with mouth full of pudding* Me too, Mrs Potter. It’s delicious!
Lily: I’ll get you more.
Sirius: Harry, we need to tell you something, right Prongs?
James: Yeah, but only if he was nice.
Sirius: Only if he broke few rules!
Harry: What? Something happened?
Lily: *walking to the dining room* Your dad and Sirius are in love, Harry.
James & Sirius: WHAT? NO!
Sirius: We’re gonna start business together.
James: We want to open new broomstick shop on Diagon Alley since the last one gone bankrupted.
Lily: Finally! I assume you’re gonna actually work, right boys?
James: Excuse me! We were working really hard on Sirius’s room!
Sirius: We work hard every day, Lily!
Lily: So, Black, how long are you planning to stay with us?
Sirius: I can’t talk to you right now, Lily. Haven’t you heard about our new business?
Harry: I think it’s a great idea, mom.
Lily: Oh, Harry, I know.
Remus: *appearing* Sorry, I’m late!
Harry: Uncle Remus! Merry Christmas!
Remus: Hi, Harry! I’ve heard you won the latest match against Slytherin! Congratulations! Are you okay now? Sirius told me about that accident.
Ron: Our new teacher made Mrs Potter really angry.
Harry: We’re gonna go upstairs now!
Ron: But my pudding!
Ron: Wow, your mom can scream really loud.
Harry: I know. She usualy scream at uncle Sirius and dad. But Lockhart…noone ever made my mom angry like that.
Ron: Well, Harry, he made your bones disappear!

*Hermione got petrified*

Lily: We need to get Harry back home, James. He’s not safe at Hogwarts anymore.
James: Shh, Lily. Dumbledore got it under control…
Lily: Oh, really? What about all those petrified kids?
James: Never doubt in anything Dumbledore’s doing. Besides, those petrifies kids are all muggleborn. Harry’s not. He’s safe there.
Lily: That didin’t make me feel any better. I’m still woried about him.
James: I know, love, I know. *kiss his wife forehead*
Lily: I hope Hermione will be okay soon.

*few days after Hermione got petrified*

Dear Severus,
I’ve heard about those attacks on muggleborn students. If you need any help with protecting the school, feel free to let me know. We, I, James, Sirius and Remus, are willing to help anytime. Please. be careful.
Also, can you keep an eye on Harry? I’m really worried something will happen to him.
Always your friend,

*Ginny got taken to the Chamber of Secrets*

Molly: *cries*
Lily: Shh, Molly *hugs her* She’ll be alright. We’ll find her, I promise.
Arthur: How the hell could you lose one of your students?! You should protect the children! That’s your job! And now, because of you, my daughter is in danger!
McGonagall: I assure you, Arthur, we’re doing everything we can to find your daughter.
James: You don’t even know where the Chamber is!

*few moments later*

Lily: Harry, oh my God *hugs him tightly and looks at his bruises* Why you can’t keep yourself out of trouble?
Harry: Mom, I knew where the Chamber was, I could open it! We couldn’t left Ginny to die.
James: I’m proud of you, son, but, please, promise to not scare us like that anymore.
Harry: Okay.
Lily: My little hero.
Sirius: *runs through the door* WHERE IS HE??? WHERE’S MY GODSON??
James: Padfoot?
Harry: *confused* Thanks, uncle Sirius? I’m actually alright.
Lily: Give me my son back, Black.
Sirius: He’s like my son too.
James: But you’re not his father.
Sirius: I know. But sometimes I feel like I am. I practically raised him up with you two.
Lily: *hugs Harry one more time tightly* See, Harry? Thats what happens when you’re breaking the rules - Sirius Black gets emotional.
James: Well, well, well, Padfoot, who knows you could love someone more than yourself?

*Dobby’s scene*

Harry: Mr. Malfoy! I have something of yours.
Lucius Malfoy: Mine? I don’t know what you’re talking about. *shoves the diary into Dobby’s face*
Lily: I think you know, Malfoy.
James:  Didin’t you slipped it into Ginny Weasley’s cauldron that day in Diagon Alley, hm?
Sirius: Busted.
Lucius Malfoy: Prove it! Dobby! Dobby, come!
Dobby: Master has given Dobby a sock. Master has presented Dobby with clothes. Dobby is… free!
Lucius Malfoy:  What? I didn’t –
Harry: *smiles widely*
Lily: *place hands on her son’s shoulders with smile*
Lucius Malfoy: You’ve lost me my servant!
Dobby: You shall not harm the Potters!
Lucius Malfoy: Mark my words, Harry Potter. You’ll meet the sticky end. You’re just like your parents. You’re all fools!
Dobby: Harry Potter freed Dobby! How can Dobby ever repay him?
Harry: Promise me something.
Dobby: Anything, sir.
Harry: Never try to save my life again.
Lily: What are you going to do now, Dobby?
Dobby: Dobby doesn’t know, Lily Potter. Maybe Dobby will find a job.
Lily: You can live with us. We actually have one free room downstairs. It can be yours.
Dobby: Dobby could have have a family? *sobs* Dobby never had a family before!
Lily: We’d love to.
Dobby: Lily Potter is so generous! But Dobby needs to find his own way.
Lily: Well, if you say so. You’re always welcome in our home. There’s always gonna be a place for you.
James: See, Harry? That’s why I love your mom.
Harry: I know, dad. We all love her.
Sirius: See, Harry? That’s why I was forced to listen about Lily Evans everyday for years.
James: Oh, shut up, Padfoot.

how could i stop loving you massively over? like why am i so in love with you , i forget to think about anything going around except you.
Is this love or is this called craziness?
do you feel the same? like do you think pretty constantly about me ? like do you love me as much as i love you ? like do you feel it deeply in your viens?
it doesn’t matter! the main thing and most important thing is a true love from your heart to mine ! even if it’s a little , even if it’s boring! i want it ! The first thing i want is love,
second , i want you
third , i want you to know that you are the only one , till i die.


‎كيف يمكنني التوقف عن حبك بهذا الكمّ الكبير؟ لما انا غارقةٌ فيك الى هذا الحد؟ الى ان اتغاضى وانسى التفكير بأي شيٍ سواك
‎اهو حبٌ هذا ام جنون؟
‎هل تشعر بالمثل؟ أَ تُفكر تفكيراً جمّاً مُتواصلاً؟ وكأنك تحبني مثل ان تشعر بحبي ، بالعمق في عروق دمك؟
‎لايهمني! كل مايهمني هو ان اشعر بحب حقيقي منك، من قلبك الى قلبي! و ان كان قليلا وان كان مملاً! اريده.. اريد الحب اولاً
‎وثانياً انت جميعك
‎ثالثاً ان تعلم انك انت الوحيد الى يوم دُفاني.

SET LIST: Queen + Adam Lambert Europe & UK 2017 Tour
  1. We Wil Rock You (Intro)
  2. Hammer To Fall 
  3. Stone Cold Crazy
  4. Another One Bites The Dust
  5. Tie Your Mother Down
  6. Fat Bottom Girls
  7. Killer Queen
  8. Don’t Stop Me Now
  9. Bicycle Race 
  10. I’m in Love with my Car (Roger)
  11. Get Down Make Love
  12. I Want It All
  13. Love Of My Life (Brian)
  14. Somebody To Love
  15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  16. Drum Battle 
  17. Under Pressure
  18. I Want To Break Free 
  19. Whataya Want From Me
  20. Take My Breath Away (Intro) 
  21. Who Wants To Live Forever
  22. Guitar Solo (Brian)
  23. Radio Gaga
  24. Bohemian Rhapsody
  25. Freddie’s Sing Along
  26. We Will Rock You
  27. We Are The Champions

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Todobaku for the ask prompt

  • Who made the first move;
    todoroki, probably (lets be real bakugou would be too stubborn about it)
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first;
    again, probably todoroki,,, bakugou would get all pissy and then later on come back and be like “whatever i love you too”
  • How often they fight;
    literally they get into petty arguments every day. not one day passes where they dont make little comments that spiral gjfkdh,,, they always make up before it gets too crazy tho
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon;
    bakugou big spoon, always. its a pride thing
  • What their nicknames are for each other;
    we all know bakugou’s for todoroki (icyhot, half’n’half, etc) but sometimes todoroki calls bakugou like. something real simple like sweetie or yknow general pet names and bakugou Explodes
  • Whose the better cook;
    no questions asked its bakugou. he grew up cooking for himself while todoroki had those fancy chefs to cook
  • Their song;
    uhh,,, probably something like cooler than me by mike posner tbh theyre very love hate with a touch more love  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Who remembers their anniversaries;
    both, but todoroki is more meticulous abt it (like, marking calenders and setting reminders on his phone) 
  • Their favorite thing to do together;
    probably go out on like exploration walks yknow? like wandering the town, visiting little hole-in-the-wall places 
  • Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship;
    this is a stupid question but bakugou is more bossy/aggressive if thats what it means
  • How they would get engaged;
    todoroki would probably decide “enough is enough” and make a plan to propose,,, out on a walk, mid evening, he wants it to be romantic (but bakugou probably found the ring before he could propose and be like “yo whats this” and the plan goes to shit fdgkhlj)
  • What their wedding would be like;
    mostly their friends, bakugous parents and todorokis Good family show up but its basically all the 1-A kids (and probably aizawa lets be real.) not super formal but a little more traditional for todoroki’s sake, Lots of reds and golds for decoration. bakugou was in charge of food so it’s all like, fancy gourmet shit (and spicy lmao)… todoroki cries 
  • How many kids they’ll have;
    i can’t see them as the super parental types but i can’t imagine them married without some bratty little girl with bakugou’s hair bossing todoroki around gfdljkf… more pets than kids tbh

//Love is Just Love//

A playlist for this MattFoggy wedding AU

Drops of Jupiter - Train // At Last - Etta James // Your Song - Elton John // Islands - The XX // Toothpaste Kisses - The Maccabees // Midnight City - M83 // Somebody to You - The Vamps // Never Tear Us Apart - INXS // First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes // Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen // No Control - One Direction


(Wedding invitation made by this amazing girl)

And another one. Hope you’re not gonna unfollow me because of neverending tags but I feel little bit guilty when I don’t do these things where my tumblr crushes tagged me hahah. (And also I’m bored soooo).

@rearviewmirror10, @louder-than-love and @burden-in-my-hand tagged to put my music on shuffle and then list the first 15 songs. Thank you, gals <3

1. Purple Rain - Prince
2. Alive - Pearl Jam
3. Head Creeps - Alice In Chains
4. Peacoat - Stone Temple Pilots
5. Theme From New York, New York - Frank Sinatra
6. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
7. Moth  - Audioslave
8. The Caterpillar - The Cure
9. Majesty - Ghost
10. Into The Void - Nine Inch Nails

EDIT: Shiat 5 more, okay :D

11. Make Me Wanna Die - Pretty Reckless
12. Fortune Faded - RHCP
13. It’s Coming After - Second Coming with Layne
14. Iron Moon - Fit For An Autopsy
15. Like It Or Not - Stroy

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The Zodiac Signs as PENTATONIX songs with lyrics
  • Aries: Cracked (A head like steel and a soul of gold, and a heart that's made of glass)
  • Taurus: Can't Sleep Love (Kissin'in the moonlight, movies on a late night)
  • Gemini: Misbehavin' (Oh but I know that I can be wild sometimes, but I never lie)
  • Cancer: Water (Timid heart, hide my scars, make me stronger)
  • Leo: Ref (Maybe I got just a little too much pride to let you back into my life)
  • Virgo: First Things First (First things first, you need love, humility)
  • Libra: New Year's Day (Hear me when I say let's kiss the past away)
  • Scorpio: If I Ever Fall In Love (If I say that I could be your one and only, promise that you'll never leave me lonely)
  • Sagittarius: Na Na Na (You might call it crazy, how I'm acting lately, skipping through the sky)
  • Capricorn: Sing (Don't let 'em bring you down, you know what I'm talking 'bout)
  • Aquarius: Light In The Hallway (Count your blessings every day, it makes the monsters go away)
  • Pisces: Rose Gold (The story of our lives couldn't fit in only black and white)

anonymous asked:

At what point in the series do you think Brian fell in love with Justin and when do you think Brian realized he was in love?

Oh, Nonny. You had to go there. After I showed such remarkable restraint on my last ask, you had to ask the question guaranteed to make me ramble on for a century with all my thoughts, feelings, and theories. Very well. You asked for it. :D

Now, this is a really interesting question to think about and actually somewhat challenging to answer, because Brian genuinely didn’t believe in love. He couldn’t even conceptualize it. So while he may have been feeling all these emotions toward Justin that people generally associate with falling in love, Brian himself wouldn’t have recognized it as love even if it bit him on the ass (which, come to think of it, I’m sure Justin did).

My short answer is this: I think the first time we witnessed a true spark of love from Brian was during 1x07, and it built steadily all throughout the first season, and by the end of 1x17 he was absolutely in love. Now, that’s not to say he always accepted those feelings, or acted in a way that somebody generally would when they’re in love, because, come on, he’s Brian Kinney. As for when he actually realized it? I’d place it at prom, and one specific instance at prom, but I’m going to put that below the cut because believe me, I will ramble. However, we all know what happens at prom, and following those events, Brian tried to drown out the idea of being in love from his mind, mainly with drugs, liquor, and plenty of sex. But by the end of 2x02, I believe we’ve reached the point where Brian can’t deny to himself that he’s in love with Justin, even if he won’t use those exact words.

So, that’s the short answer. If you want the long answer, complete with pictures and a nearly episode by episode description of Brian falling in love with the incredible Justin Taylor, let’s hop along under the cut.

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Some of the songs on the playlist include: - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen -"Amy" by Green Day -"Sarah Smiles" by P!ATD -"For the First Time" by The Script -"I'm A Believer" by The Monkees -"I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles -"Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley(cause he's a meme boi) And other songs that are important to your relationship, i.e. first slow dance, song that played during first kiss, etc. ~💍

I love this sooooo much (also Sarah Smiles is a quality fucking song)


For those fools rushed in.


I Choose You - Sara Bareilles / Us - Regina Spektor / The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson / 1, 2, 3, 4 - Plain White T’s / Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley / La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong / Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers / Make You Feel My Love - Adele / Come Home - OneRepublic / Burn With You - Lea Michele / Bound to You - Christina Aguilera / Elephant Love Melody - Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and Jamie Allen / XO - Beyonce / My Girl - The Temptations / Faithfully - Journey / We Found Love - Rihanna ft Calvin Harris / The Words - Christina Perri / Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran / All of Me - John Legend / The Way You Look Tonight - Bing Crosby & Dixie Lee / Unconditionally - Katy Perry / Something I Need - OneRepublic / Crazy in Love - Beyonce / My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson / Happily - One Direction / New Romantics - Taylor Swift / Still Into You - Paramore / Daydreamin’ - Ariana Grande / You Make My Dreams Come True - Hall and Oates / I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons / Gone Gone Gone - Philip Philips / Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon / Poison & Wine - The Civil Wars / I See the Light - Tangled / Come What May - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman / I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz / Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley / Falling Slowly - Once Cast / Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s / Marry Me - Train / True Love’s Kiss - Amy Adams & James Marsden / Love on Top - Beyonce / You and I - Ingrid Michaelson / Once Upon a Dream - Mary Costa & Bill Shirley / I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner / Mine - Taylor Swift / Fix You - Coldplay / For the First Time - The Script / The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga / So This is Love - Ilene Woods & Mike Douglas / True Love - Mark Isham / Catch Me - Demi Lovato / Teenage Dream - Katy Perry / Your Love is My Drug - Ke$ha / Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen / Look After You - The Fray / Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran / It’s All Coming Back - Celine Dion / Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie / Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye / All You Need is Love - The Beatles / Bright Lights and Cityscapes - Sara Bareilles / Can’t Help Falling in Love - Twenty One Pilots

Preference #17--Kinks

Riker: He really loves to be on top. To be the dominant. He adores tying your wrists to the headboard or holding them over your head with one hand. Driving you crazy when you can’t touch him. That only turns him on more.
He loves when Halloween rolls around and the two of you get to put on personality and costume and do the deed.

Ellington: In the bedroom, he loves when you take control. Frankly, he just loves being able to watch your breasts bounce. He loves your boobs, just in general. Can’t keep his hands or mouth or tongue off of them for long.
He also loves it when you refer to him as a different person. Calling him “sir” mostly. He goes crazy for it.
In fact, you haven’t used his name in the bedroom since you first became active.

Rocky: One thing that he can’t get enough of is taking you off guard. Most of the time, he’ll just come up behind you and stand closer than humanly possible. Often he’ll kiss your neck, rub himself against you a little bit, and then you would end up giving in to him.
In bed, he can’t get enough of you running your hands though his hair. That, and hearing you purr. He always says that he prefers that over hearing moans.

Ross: One word. Morning. Well two words. Morning and moaning. What Ross refers to as the “Double M” and it’s his two favorite things.
He adores waking you up with pressing his bare, hard erection against your sleeping body. Usually your thighs.
Then, when he has you awake he just begins. Normally by giving you pleasure to heat you up. Hearing you moan heats him up.
Then, he pulls you on on top of him. He calls it the best wake up call in the world.

Ryland: He loves doing it pretty much any place you shouldn’t be. His bed kink, is not doing it on a bed.
Walls, counters, bathrooms, back of the car, anywhere he can find that you shouldn’t do it, turns him on.
The best place, is the water. He loves sticking his hand in your bathing suit. Even when people are around. That makes him even more aroused really.

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Teenagers (2)

Grace is cutting an avocado in the kitchen, “What?”

Anna yells back, “Not you, the other one!”

This makes Grace nervous, what could she possibly need exclusively Hannah for? But Grace trusts her wife. After all, she’s the only human she would ever consider sharing her life with. Ever.

“An, she’s out on the back patio. Do you want a glass of wat—“ 

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1978 Fender Telecaster

Most famous appearance: Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Live Aid, 1985)
Arguably the most familiar of Brian’s ‘other’ electrics, this stock Tele is used when Crazy Little Thing Called Love is played live. The song was first performed in Dublin on 22 November 1979 and is a mainstay of the set.

BM: “I honestly can’t remember where it came from… On the road, if I was was in LA, if there was time and it was a nice day, I’d go down to Guitar Center to play around with guitars, find something I could fall in love with. But normally I was too busy, so I think what happened was that I just asked someone to go get me a couple of Teles.

“Changing guitars mid-song is fine if you rehearse. It’s like a handshake, you have to know where the other guy’s hand is going to be. I’d give him one guitar and he’d give me the other with the strap taut and you’d sort of leap into it. It’s a procedure that you learn and that’s how I do it. It’s pretty foolproof, unless you lose your nerve and panic!”

Please, Stay - [4/4] [Requested]

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Heyy babe I literally just read all of ur prefs and imagines! THEY’RE SO GOOD(: Do u mind doing a pref where ur giving up on the relationship but he convinces u to stay?<3 thanks doll


Hey love! Thank you so much for reading all of them that’s a lot of time and effort and I have no idea why you’re spending it on me. I’m sorry that it took me so long to do this; thank you for being so patient my love! 

link to my masterlist - x


Daddy Ashton

You and Ashton had been together for quite a long time. You were comfortable with each other, enough to the point where your relatives started asking about your future - a wedding, children. Of course you wanted that, you just weren’t sure you wanted that with Ashton. He didn’t currently have a stable career, or a stable life, and you were both very young for being in such a serious relationship. Your mother had advised you walk away from him a long time ago; she was of the opinion that a girl your age should be experimenting, instead of tying herself down to one bloke. 

You’d been contemplating splitting up for a while, as much as you hated to admit it. Ashton worked a lot, and was hardly ever home, and sometimes he would invite you out with him just so you could spend some time together but it always felt like you were just intruding, like you weren’t really welcome anymore. What had become your safe haven was now slowly deteriorating into something else. It felt like you had no other option but to leave. 

You loved Ash, but it was time for the both of you to be happy, he didn’t need to be burdened with a girl at home and you certainly didn’t need to be burdened with a guy who couldn’t drop everything to be with you when you needed him. 

It was time. 

You packed a bag while Ashton was away at the studio in the afternoon. He wouldn’t be home until late - he was never until late. You knew it was a low move, to leave while he wasn’t there, but you were afraid if he saw you leave, he’d convince you to stay. You knew he wouldn’t want you to go. You’d been on the phone with your best mate all afternoon; she was offering you a place to stay for a while, considering you’d sold your flat when you moved in with Ashton a few months ago.

You couldn’t fit all of your things into two bags, and you knew you’d be sending your friend back to get the rest. You wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of seeing him anymore. 

You took a deep breath, looking around the apartment that you’d called home. You used to yell at Ashton for always leaving the dishes out on the counter when they belonged in the dishwasher. Your date nights on the couch almost always consisted of at least one argument, either over the actual film or what film you both wanted to watch. Usually, those arguments ended in make-out sessions that lasted at least half the length of the film, so it never really mattered anyway. Your bathroom upstairs, where you took baths whenever you’d had a particularly stressful day at uni, and Ashton would always come home to find you, and cheekily slip himself in behind you and hold you close and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. 

It’d been a wild ride together, and you were scared to leave. Your entire comfort rested with this boy, and leaving him opened up a completely altered universe. No more date nights, no more kisses, no more sleepy morning sex and celebratory pancakes, no more dinners with his family and no more of his love to run to whenever you were feeling down. You felt so lost, saying goodbye to him and all that you ever were together. It didn’t feel comfortable. It felt wrong.

You took a deep sigh, lugging your two bags out into the boot of your car, but walking back in to leave a note and the key under the doormat.


Forgive me for not saying goodbye before I left. I know it’s cowardly; but I couldn’t bear to see your face. I love you, truly, I do. And, maybe, in this future, we could work, but right now, we both know this isn’t what we need. You have your band, your life, to focus on. I have uni, and my mum’s right, we should be experiencing, messing around with other people, we’re too young to be so tied down like this. 

I’m sorry for leaving like this, without even saying anything. I know I should’ve. Maybe sometime in a few years when you’re not so busy anymore we can have a coffee together. 

I love you, Ash, and I will always treasure everything we had. But it’s time to go now. 

My key is under the doormat. 

All My Love,



You drove away from your his house, wondering if you made the right choice or not. Surely it couldn’t hurt to spend some time apart. It didn’t have to be forever, but Ashton was far too busy with his work to focus on a girl right now. And he deserved to give a girl his utmost attention, and that girl deserved every bit of it. 

You deleted his number from your phone, but that didn’t really do anything, you still had it memorised by heart. 

He’d called seventeen times that night. He left eight voicemails, and twenty-two text messages. You counted them, but never read them. 

You only saw them flitter past on your phone’s notifications, some of them were too long to read, but some of them were a simple few words. 

Please, Stay. 

The words brought tears to your eyes and you contemplated running right back into his arms, right back to him. You would tell him you were an idiot, a blind, foolish, idiot, and you were nothing without him. You were meant to be together, and you loved him, and would stick with him through his crazy schedule. 

Please, Stay. 

Two little words had so much affect on me. 

You tried to stay unfazed, and for the most part, you succeeded, except for that you knew you were only lying to yourself. 

Please, Stay. 


Micheal - 

You dated in secondary school. People walked by you holding hands, smiled and whispered, ‘Aww.’ They called it puppy love. Of course, you were young then, and defiant. It wasn’t puppy love to you, it was the real thing. You were always the one for him. He was the one for you.

You broke up before he left for his first tour away. He kissed you on the forehead at the airport, eyes red and puffy as he tried to hold back tears. 

“I love you,” He whispered. “I’m sorry." 

You shook your head, pushed him away and towards the gate. 

"The world needs you,” You told him. “Go." 

You reunited after a while, when he’d come home. He promised that you could stay together, that this time it would work out. You believed every word he said, mostly because you wanted to believe you could last as well. 

You knew deep down you couldn’t.

When people back home found out you were together again, they laughed. They didn’t believe you, going back to this silly love that you had when you were young. Your mum told you that that was probably the stupidest decision you could ever make; young loves never last. They’re not meant to. 

You held onto him anyways, grasped onto him as he whispered to you that they were wrong - that you were going to prove them all wrong. 

It had worked for a while, but even you came to the realisation that, maybe, they were right. It wasn’t exactly easy when you had two different opinions flying at you constantly, and no way of knowing which one was correct. People laughed at your relationship; they didn’t take you two seriously. They thought you were two teenagers caught up in the past, unable to move on from what you thought was comfortable. Maybe they were right. Maybe you were just holding on to every ounce of your history with Michael, even though it was all withered down now. 

You started a bath, just to clear your thoughts. Michael was still at the studio, and you wanted to talk to him about it first before you made any rash decisions. It only seemed fair. 

You twiddled your fingers together under the warm comfort of the water, rising vapour up to the windows and mirrors of your bathroom. It wasn’t long before Michael was home, calling out your name as you heard the sound of keys dropping on the floor and an explicit exclamation.

"In here!” You called out, smiling at the boy who’d stolen you heart back in secondary school. You really did love him. It wasn’t a question of if you loved him or not. It was a question if it was still right to hold on to this, when when every single force in the universe said no. 

“(Y/N)?” He poked his head in here, smiling at the sight of you in the bath. “You’re bathing. You never bathe.” You looked at him funny, laughing at what he said, watching as he recalled and blushed. “I mean, of course you bathe and stuff, just not like, in the actual bath." 

"It’s warm,” You shrugged. “Wanna join me?" 

"Sure.” There was a lock of mischief on his face as he stripped of his clothes, teasing you as he did, and trying gracefully to slide in behind you, although failing horrendously. He pulled you in close to him, squeezing you almost, and pressing a kiss to the sides of your temples. “You only take a bath whenever you’re stressed.” He pointed out. “What’s going on?”

“I was just thinking.” You stated, voice barely above a whisper. You had no idea how to start a conversation like this. You didn’t want to hurt Michael, you loved him, but you couldn’t help but think everyone else was right. 

“About?” He pressed distracting kisses all along your neck. 

“Us.” You said honestly. 

“What about us?” He seemed a little more attentive now than he was just a second ago. He pressed one last kiss to your skin before waiting for your answer; this was serious now. 

“I, um, I don’t know…” You twiddled with your fingers. “Nobody takes us seriously, Mike." 

"Babe, I’ve told you, let them talk. They don’t know anything about us.” He nuzzled his neck into your shoulder. “You can’t listen to that, okay?" 

"I can’t help it,” You whined. “Everyone’s telling me to leave you. Don’t you remember how my mum laughed when I told her we were back together? She laughed, Mike!” You paused, but Michael didn’t say anything in response. His hands travelled up and down your arms. “I don’t know, it’s just…what if they’re right. What if we are just two teenagers trying to hold on to the past?” 

"We’re not,” He muttered. “We’re in love. It’s different." 

Puppy love.” You whispered the two words that you and Michael had vowed so long ago to never say aloud to each other. Back in secondary school, people would always tell you that’s what it was - just puppy love. It was meaningless, and imaginary. You’d move on from him, look back and laugh at all the mistakes you’d made. You and Michael swore that you would never call what you had puppy love, because that’s exactly what it wasn’t. You really had hopelessly fallen for each other, but you were far too young for anyone to take you seriously. Apparently, you’re still far to young. 

Michael wordlessly got out of the bath, wrapping a towel around his waist and looking at you with the most pained expression you’d ever seen him wear. 

"Don’t say that,” He said. “Don’t lie.” He left the room, leaving you to your own thoughts. You hadn’t meant to offend him. But maybe you were just looking for excuses to split up, when there were all the reasons in the world to stay together. 

Later on that night, with you pulled tightly against Michael’s chest, he whispered two words into your ear in his dreamlike state, that he probably didn’t mean for you to hear. 

“Please, stay.


Clamu - 

People warned you about him. They told you he was no good. That’d he only break your heart and leave. They based that on his appearance of course, because a boy dressed in all black and covered head to toe in tattoos could never mean well, not for you. Your mother hated him, your father despised him. You weren’t allowed to come to dinner if you were bringing him. 

"He’s in a band, for God’s sake,” Your mother exhaled. “What kind of job is that?" 

Even his best mates warned you about him, being in a band with him. They didn’t think Calum was stable enough to handle a girlfriend; he’d never really even had a serious relationship in all the many years they’d known him. He wasn’t the relationship sort of guy, and that’s why they were so worried for you when you started dating. 

He spent a lot of time elsewhere, instead of with you. He always claimed it was because he was busy, but the you couldn’t help but wonder if he was with another girl. He had a pretty solid fanbase, meaning that he had groupies as well. You never wanted to pester him, simply because you didn’t want to make him angry. 

But you sat on the couch that night, twiddling your thumbs as you looked at the picture someone had sent you of a girl in your boyfriend’s lap, with his head fallen back in laughter and the girl kissing his neck, leaving her mark. 

You were trying to see if it was photoshopped. 

Every bone in your body told you to pack a bag and leave. Every fibre of your being asked you what you were doing still with him. If you couldn’t trust him, whether he was cheating or not, there was no reason to stay. Your friends had told you this a million times. 

You stayed because you loved him, because he was every bit of a gentleman to you. He kissed you when he got home, he sang you to sleep whenever you had a nightmare, he held your hand and pulled you close to him whenever you walked out in public, and whispered words of love into your ear. 

You had your fights, some more lethal than others, but overall, you loved each other. 

But he had been distant lately, and this picture showing up had a sort of convenience to it. He was hardly ever home, always busy whenever you tried to call or text him, pissed off whenever you asked where he was at 2 in the morning. 

“Working.” He’d always said. 

You wondered what he must tell those girls. Maybe they know he’s not single. Maybe they know about you, and they just don’t care. 

Your head pounded at the thought of Calum with another girl, and tears trickled down your cheeks. 

“You were right, mum.” You muttered to yourself, flipping through the various pictures of Calum with that other girl. 

Within the hour, every trace of you was gone from the flat. Every article of clothing, every useless trinket that Calum told you to throw away when you moved in but you just couldn’t bear to, every remininsce that you were ever here - gone. 

You rolled your bags out to your car, and that’s when you were unexpectedly met with Calum’s car pulling up in the walk. He seemed to notice what you were doing, and parked right behind you, rushing out of his car and running to you. 

“What are you doing,” He growled. 

“I’m leaving.” You looked away from him, as he tried to pry the bags from your hand. 

“You’re not.” 

“I am,” You countered. “Stop this, Cal, come on. Let me go.” You tugged the bag out of his hand and tossed it in the backseat of your car. 

“You’re not going anywhere.” 

“You don’t get to decide that, now, do you?” 

He didn’t say anything in response, he just got your bags from the car to pull them back into the flat. 

“You can’t make me stay, Calum!” You yelled. 

He paused. 

He couldn’t make you stay; surely, he knew that. You cringed at the furious expression on his face and he threw your bags on the driveway again. 

“Fine then. Go.” He walked back inside the flat, slamming the door behind him. You heard the crash of something breaking and screaming, and you winced instantaneously. 

You swallowed the lump in your throat as you replaced the bags in your car.  As if the sky picked up on your emotions, rain started to fall down as you loaded your car and left, the memories of you and Calum falling to pieces behind you. 

You didn’t hear much of him until later on. You didn’t really talk with his bandmates anymore, despite how close with them you were when you and Calum were dating. Rumours flew all around that Calum was with a different girl every night, that he was this untameable hurricane, and he barely even ate or went to band practice anymore. 

You ignored them, they were only rumours after all. Calum was free now, he could do whatever he wanted to do in his spare time, he didn’t have to think about you anymore. He didn’t have to cheat. Your mum thanked every deity of every religion when you told her you’d left him.

“You finally came to your senses!” She exclaimed. “I have no idea why you stayed with him for so long. He was a waste of space, if you ask me.” 

You hadn’t asked her. 

You still missed him, and your spontaneous late night trips out to nowhere, just to see what there is to see. You missed the little dance he did when he was at the stove making pancakes in the mornings. His bright smile as he woke you up with a kiss and pulled you close to him. Your mates told you it was just you adjusting to life without him, but you couldn’t help but feel a little bit emptier without him around.  

It was nearing Christmas, and you were out shopping for gifts, when you ran into a familiar face. 

"Hey! (Y/N)!” Luke cheered as he pulled you in for a hug.  

“Hey, Luke.” You noticed suddenly that Luke wasn’t alone; he’d pulled his girlfriend along with him. She was just as cute as ever, and it’d been a while since you talked to her so you caught up for a while before Luke inevitably brought up The Topic. 

“Listen, (Y/N), about Calum…" 

"Save, it Luke.” You smiled. “I don’t want to know, I don’t want anything to do with him." 

"He never cheated.” He said. “I just, I just want you to know that. He never cheated. He wouldn’t do that to you. He had his moments, but, he…he wouldn’t do that.” Luke scratched behind his neck as he sheepishly explained to you. 

“Thanks, Luke, but…that doesn’t change anything,” You muttered. 

You didn’t want to press The Topic any longer, so you quickly left before Luke could defend his best friend any longer. You appreciated what he was trying to do, but you and Calum were done with. You’d wasted enough time on him already. 

“I miss you.” The words formed behind you, and at first you dismissed them and continued on with your window shopping. “I really do. Please.” You looked around you, confused, when you saw him standing there behind you, a small poinsettia in hand.

“Calum.” You stated. You tried to look anywhere else but him, but your eyes failed you, and found their way back to him again. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “I took advantage of you, I, I didn’t appreciate you, God, I’m so sorry. I never thought you’d leave.” 

"Funny how I did." 

”(Y/N), please. I’m sorry.“ 

"What do you want, Calum? For me to come running back into your arms like there was nothing wrong with us in the first place? Calum, you were never even home! Millions of pictures flew around with you and other girls and what the hell was I supposed to think?" 

"You were supposed to think that I would never do that. You were supposed to know that I loved you, and after all the shit I put you through, you still loved me, too." 


"I got you this.” He muttered. “I know you like Christmasy things, and, um…" 

"I don’t think I should be accepting anything from you." 

"Why not? Because we broke up?" 

"Yes, Calum, because we broke up. What are you even trying to do here?" 

"I’m trying to make it better,” He sighed, exasperated. “I just want you back." 

You shook your head. ”I have to go.” 

"No, wait. Please, just, stay. For a moment. Just, let me apologise, with a coffee, at least.” He rushed to find an excuse. “Please, (Y/N), please, stay." 



You and Luke made a deal. 

The second he left for tour, your relationship was off. 

It was a pretty harsh deal to make, and a pretty hard one to keep, but you were determined. You loved Luke, and you loved and cherished every second that you shared together, but you, plain and simply, did not believe a long distance relationship could ever work. It was too hard, with time zones and trust issues and the fact that you can’t physically see the other person. It would eat you alive. 

So, you and Luke made a deal back when you realised the inevitable event of him leaving for the world. You would break up. His bandmates seemed appalled by this decision you made, because how could you ever make a deal with someone that you were going to break up? How could you ever promise the end to your relationship? As unconventional as it seemed, it worked for the two of you. 

Until it became all too real. 

You sat in the terminal with him, barely touching each other, just staring off at anything but the person next to them. 

"Will you two just talk to each other for fuck’s sake?” Michael exclaimed. “You can’t just sit there and pretend like nothing’s happening." 

"We can try.” You shrugged, and Luke mumbled in agreement. 

“Not even healthy,” Calum muttered under his breath. It wasn’t. You should’ve talked to him a long time ago, and you had a thousand chances to. Before you left, in the car on the way to the airport, walking towards the gate, when you first sat down five minutes ago. You had hardly spoken more than a word to each other. 

“Why are you so set on breaking up, anyways?” Ashton asked. “Just stay together." 

"Not that simple.” Luke muttered in response. 

Silence enveloped over the five of you again and you wordlessly pulled out your phone, set on playing a game, when Luke sighed loudly and pulled your phone away, tugging you towards an isolated hallway. 

“We have to talk,” He said. “We can’t not talk." 

"We can try.” You repeated. 

“(Y/N),” He sighed. 

“We made a deal.” You stated. “We have to go through with it." 

"Why?” He asked. “I mean, is that what you really wanted? You want to just go through with it because we said we would?" 

"Luke, it’s not that simple. I told you, long distance relationships, they never work. It starts with a few missed calls, and suddenly, we never even speak anymore. And we make plans for seeing each other but it never works because I’m too busy here and you’re too busy travelling there.” You shook your head. “No." 

"You sound like you’re speaking from experience,” He muttered. 

“I just don’t want either of us to get hurt." 

"You’re hurting us now.”

“For the best, though,” You countered. “I love you, Luke, I love you so much, and, that’s why we have to say goodbye. You don’t need me to tie you down when you’re on the road. I mean, enjoy your groupies, Luke." 

He shook his head, crinkling his nose in disgust. “Don’t say that.” 

"I’m serious, though. You should enjoy being single. We can talk when you get back, but for now, it’s just too hard. That’s why we’re breaking up. It’s just better this way." 

"It doesn’t feel like it is." 

"I know.” You wrapped your arms around him, pressing your forehead into his neck. 

His aeroplane was called, and you pulled away from the embrace only to be pulled back in for another kiss. 

“Let’s stay together,” He whispered against your lips. “I know we promised, but if we’re guaranteed to not make it in a long distance relationship I at least want to try to prove you wrong.” He smiled. “Please, stay." 


luke’s was really short and simple and i’m sorry

thank you so much for being so patient, love! I’m so sorry it takes me forever to write things!