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off limits | 02 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words: 7,520
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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a/n: if you squint, you can see the beginnings of a plot haha!

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veritatem inquirendam [seek the truth] (frank castle)

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(original request: AU in which Frank is younger, and he and reader are college students. There’s a heated debate in class and everyone disagrees with Frank except the reader. After that, Frank starts paying more attention to the reader and hanging out with her after class, until he realizes he’s falling in love but she has no idea he is until her best friend tells her.)

(this is terrible i LOVE college frank i love this soft soft boy. what a nerd. i hate him. no warnings on this one except mentions of food and some sexism early in the story!!!)

(tagslist: @doct0rstrange, @caryled, @kurtwxgners, @atari-writes ! if i’ve forgotten you or you wanna be added to the tagslist, just send me a message!!! <3)

The professor is wrong. She knows it, but she can’t say it. You can’t say “you’re fucking wrong” in front of a classroom of fourty kids. Instead of speaking her mind, she bites her tongue and clicks the cap of her pen up and down, up and down, trying to tune out the professor’s voice.

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Truth or Dare?

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the avengers are playing truth or dare and the reader gets dared to give Bucky a lap dance since he’s never had one and the reader gets really embarrassed because she thinks he doesn’t like her since Bucky never really talks to her but he’s actually secretly in love with her?

Summary: Basically what the request its; you give Bucky a lap dance and you get embarrassed ;)

Warnings: Fluff and kinda angst ?

A/N: I love doing requests! Also, if I don’t get to yours right away it’s most likely because I’m busy with homework / I’m doing research for the request. I finished my homework for today so I have some free time hence why I’ve been basically bleeding these fanfictions. Enjoy!

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things i know about the states
  • Alabama - racist and homophobic. i think u like statues cuz you’ve got a giant fucking one called vulcan thats like what? 100,000 pounds?? ??? wow. very extra. 
  • Alaska - i only know one person from alaska but they’re a trump supporter going to art school so i imagine they aren’t having a great time. also my parents ditched me in illinois for a week to go there on vacation. lots of bears.
  • Arizona - irrational hatred of mexicans in the southern part. my pe coach from elementary school who is now a convicted pedophile loved it there. very hot but not humid. cacti. you serve rattlesnake and rabbit sausage and i was forced to sit and watch as my brother ate it just to spite me. 
  • Arkansas - like alabama but a lil better. you’ve got the whole southern hospitality thing goin’ on. you made it illegal for a rivers water level to rise above a bridge. how are y’all gonna enforce that? tell nature to stop?
  • California - very liberal but the three people i know who live there are hella conservative. suffocate them. do it for me. also pretty chill people but don’t take criticism well. gay
  • Colorado - nice weather. outdoorsy people. wyomings less racist cousin. lots of critters. nice people but no chill about skiing or snowboarding.
  • Connecticut - people go through ur state to get to other states. everyone i know from connecticut is not there now. 
  • Delaware - people go to ur state to shop since y’all don’t have a sales tax. ur really fucking flat. ur gonna be one of the first to go with rising sea levels. also no national parks??? 
  • Florida - my uncle worked on airplanes in miami for 50 years and hated it. you fucked us all. the only person i know from florida doesn’t believe in evolution. racists up north, gays in the south. disney world
  • Georgia - coca cola and the walking dead. people only care about atlanta. art hoes chill in savannah. had first college for women. for some reason ur not allowed to live on a boat for more than 30 days in a year??? ? why
  • Hawaii - you get a lot of tourists and they’re usually inadvertently racist. v liberal. the Most liberal in the country. screw california. lots of culture. good food. 
  • Idaho - potatoes. a made up word. ppl thought it was indian but it wasn’t. its gibberish. nice. a metric fuckton of gem stones.
  • Illinois -north is liberal. south is, according to my mom who grew up there, ‘the armpit of the rest of the state.’ her town was small & when it tried to start a kkk they couldn’t because people recognized their shoes. my grandma is 45 minutes away from the nearest walmart. 
  • Indiana - home to mike pence. crazy corn people. my mom’s bff lives there and she’s crazy but super sweet. inidana means ‘indian land’ but that obvs didn’t work out. also there’s a law against fishing with dynamite and guns?? ? 
  • Iowa - actually make more corn than indiana but don’t tell them. also make a fuckton of alcohol. ur name is mostly vowels which is gr8. also first female lawyer. ppl are typically nice, but also might shoot u
  • Kansas - contains the geographic center of the US. first woman mayor. my dad ditched me in illinois to pick up an RV in kansas. passionate about trucks. 
  • Kentucky - don’t go if u have allergies. to anything. horses and racism. also fried chicken. u aren’t allowed to throw eggs at public speakers or you could go to jail. lots of weird space shit. u built a town in a meteor crater which is cool.
  • Louisiana - people only care about jazz and the new orleans. lots of drunk ass college kids. humid af. sorry u have to live with that. u follow napoleon law instead of english common law like literally every other state. less racist than others but still kinda racist. 
  • Maine - might as well be canada. lotsa lobsters and trees. not allowed to keep christmas decorations up after the 14 of january?? only one syllable. people are chill. my dads friends own some islands up there. like small islands. chunks of rock really. they aren’t rich but they are usually drunk. 
  • Maryland - obsessed with ur flag and crabs. old bay on everything not just crabs. chocolate, popcorn, regular corn, potatoes. u need help. identity issues. north or south? who knows? they dont. also jousting is the state sport?? and ur judges wear red robes? called ‘america in miniature’ ur the only state with an official exercise and its…walking jfc
  • Massachusetts - will tell everyone they are from mass. ur not allowed to be cold because they have been Colder. ur state is too hot 4 them. lots of smart colleges, lots of dumb people. good hospitals and healthcare. v progressive. probably learned too much about them in 8th grade us history. first to legalize gay marriage A+
  • Michigan - the people i know from Michigan are incredibly salty about flint and pretty artistic/creative. lots of lakes. giant fucking lakes. literally named for an indian word that means ‘giant fucking lakes’ ur the only place in the gotdamn world with a floating post office. makes sense cuz ur mostly fucking lake. 
  • Minnesota - no one really knows what u do. you’d be like the quiet emo kid that sits in the back of the class and says nothing. ur really cold. you’ve got a lot of malls. and a lot of fucking lakes. not big lakes but like 11,000 itsy bitsy lakes. u look like swiss cheese. 
  • Mississippi - racist but getting better…at least you were. ur mostly known for your river. people spell the name of ur state for fun. for some reason you have a cactus plantation???? the worlds only cactus plantation??? ?? why 
  • Missouri - misery Missouri. u really fucking love fountains? only rome has more fountains than kansas city, missouri like? wow. you also have the arch which is great but also a lot of murder. also, a lot of caves which is awesome
  • Montana - mountainy af. do you even have cities? v cold. holds record for coldest temp in US (-70F) and largest snowflake. wow. also illegal to pretend to abuse an animal in front of a minor. nice. first woman in congress. very pretty state but no one lives there. 
  • Nebraska - hell state. flat. its so flat. my family was driving through nebraska??? and like?? your houses are like three miles apart. at a minimum? we drove three hours out of the way to look at fossils. but there weren’t any? and we passed like 16 houses maybe?
  • Nevada - desert trash children. literally just does not rain. las vegas is okay. i went and a homeless dude was telling dirty jokes for money. lots of homeless people. highest suicide rating of any state. i shot a machine gun and strange man came up to me and told me i was a good shot?? 
  • New Hampshire - republican cousin of vermont. lots of nature, which is ironic. very outdoorsy. entire state smells like pine trees. u only have 13 miles of ocean coastline which is v sad. sorry. also not legally required to wear a seat belt??? ur state motto is weirdly intense ‘live free or die’ yikes
  • New Jersey - interesting accent. hair gel up the wazoo on the men. lots of fucking diners. also the worlds biggest statue of a tooth??? ? why?  i know one boy from new jersey who came to college with only five white-wife beaters and two gym shorts. his name was Tony. 
  • New Mexico - arizonas nicer cousin. Not As Hot as you would expect. lots of cacti. super pretty architecture. desert aesthetic and aliens. ur lawmakers don’t get paid?? also ur capital is super cool and v old.
  • New York - ur all assholes but its okay because u have to deal with tourists. liberal and educated but not v nice. superiority complex sometimes. nyc has more people than 39 of the 50 us states. y’all are packed like rats. also lots of celebrities 
  • North Carolina - transphobic af. also u have a lot of sweet potatoes?? ur beaches are generally pretty crowded but can be nice. I have a friend that lives there now; she says the weather is v nice. v good at basketball. 
  • North Dakota - boring. for some reason its still legal to shoot an indian if they’re on horseback and ur in a covered wagon??? obsessed with buffalo. also very cold
  • Ohio - people only care about you around election time. ur flag isn’t a rectangle?? hipster trash. also its illegal to get a fish drunk?? ????? do people even fish in ohio? what is this
  • Oklahoma - u get a lot of tornadoes and most people don’t even care because you kind of suck. ironically u were the last state to declare xmas a legal holiday tho but i guess being first to go for lethal injection makes up for it. not even carrie underwood can save this state. 
  • Oregon - v liberal but to the point of being pretentious. great weather. the people are generally nice but also v weird?? I went and a guy was unironically riding down the street on a penny farthing? p sure everyone is high. also drivers have to yield to pedestrians….who are on the sidewalk??? 
  • Pennsylvania - ur a wannabe confederate state like?? get over it ur in the north pal. also u have the oldest continuously operating book shop in the US and maybe the world. u could have saved us but you didn’t. your weather is v inconsistent. not uncommon to see amish people on the side of a high way in their buggies. your sports fans are kinda scary
  • Rhode Island - smol. first state to stick it to britain. u really like tennis which is weird because ur windy af. first state to abolish death penalty. ur state motto is just the word ‘hope’??? also ur flag looks like a fifth graders art project but its nice?
  • South Carolina - crocodiles and beaches. my cousin and i went down and she made me play pokémon go with her except we were barefoot and it led us right to an 8 foot crocodile. also we found pickled pig parts in a sketchy gas station in a jar. not for sale. just there. also the anti-choice gory fetus signs on the side of the road are classy. 
  • South Dakota - better than north dakota. very pretty. giant fucking fossil named sue. lots of fossils in general. you like big rocks with faces carved onto them. u didn’t stop with the presidents; now ur making one for crazy horse (and it looks better). 
  • Tennessee - ur state is most referenced in a crappy pick up line. you’re to blame for mountain dew. most people only think of graceland and elvis which is fine cuz thats all you care about too. my friend went there and asked for chicken at a fast food restaurant but they didn’t have any and her phone broke. 
  • Texas - not as racist as people think, but still pretty racist. austin is v liberal but thats about it. you keep trying to secede (again) and its as funny as it is pathetic. have a huge bat colony - largest in the world, but they’re mexican freetail bats so u probably want to get rid of them. unironically wear cowboy hats. 
  • Utah - mormons like literally there are so many mormons that its the least diverse state in terms of religion. very pretty tho. ur state motto is just the word ‘industy’ ??? ?? ???? also u really like skiing and snowboarding. 
  • Vermont - v liberal. pure. also should probably be canadian since u make a lot of syrup. also home to ben and jerrys. very green and lots of critters. very pretty mountains. the people are really chill and probably annoyed ppl confuse vermont with new hampshire.
  • Virginia - u can’t drive. ur really competitive with marylanders but its kind of onesided?? u also donated land to build DC. weirdly specific hunting laws? no animals can be hunted on sundays except raccoons which can be hunted until 2 am??? why do u hunt raccoons? very political. lots of history. everyone is named james.
  • Washington - seattle is the only thing people think of unless they’ve seen twilight in which case: forks. very green and grey color scheme. named after the primero prez. home to starbucks like literally there is one on every corner. also u have an active volcano which is cool but it has killed people which isn’t
  • West Virginia - ur very racist but you don’t even try to hide it? u didn’t have a starbucks until 2003. You know coal isn’t coming back and you don’t know why trump thinks he can make it come back. But you voted for him anyway. 
  • Wisconsin - Cheese. v religious and not the loving god kind; very hellfire and brimstone. you have a hamburger hall of fame and u also tried to do the noahs ark theme park but im p sure that didn’t work out well. 
  • Wyoming - racist which is ironic since ur the equality state and also you’re obsessed with guns. yellowstone national park is p much the only reason people go there. you carry shotguns around with you for no good reason. 
Hitched (8/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: ff.net // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

(also @teamhook, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @lenfaz, @followbatb, @stardusted-nymph, @optomisticgirl, @xpumpkindumplingx​, and @spartanguard, thank you thank you thank you for reading and requesting tags!)

Note: This chapter was originally split up into two parts, and I was only going to post the first. But then I watched tonight’s episode of this @$%#ing show and i have such a major case of viewer’s blue balls that I figured it would be mean to do the same to my lovely readers. Please enjoy this monster chapter. Bless.



Don’t freeze out there, huh? Good advice, but hard to follow, Emma thought sourly, as they left the warm, comfortingly grease-scented air of the bar behind. It had already been cold outside when they arrived, but the temperature seemed to have dropped even further while they were inside, and a light snow was falling. She pulled her coat’s hood up with one hand, then returned it to Jones’ arm, keeping a firm grip with all ten fingers.

He wasn’t staggering anymore, although as they walked slowly across the parking lot, threading through cars and trucks, his steps were slightly uneven. Not that she was perfectly steady, herself; Emma could still feel the beer pounding through her veins, making her a little dizzy. Their breath formed clouds in the freezing air, and Emma longed to call a cab, even just for a fifteen-minute walk.

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Characters: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluffy ending

When you catch your boyfriend Minsoo cheating on you one night, you find yourself in front of Jimin’s apartment door. But what you don’t know is Jimin has long awaited the day you and your boyfriend went your separate ways.

Originally posted by bwipsul

    Tears blurred your vision as the image of your now ex-boyfriend andsome tramp together at a bar haunted your mind. He had said he was out with his friends. You had gone for a quick trip to the store after he left, seeing as you were out of milk. Since your apartment was right in downtown, the store was within walking distance, so you headed out into the dark city streets. On your way back home, a bar on the side of the street had music echoing through from the glossy windows, the yells of intoxicated men and women flying through the air. You made your way past it hurriedly, but not before sparing a glance through the window to the inside.

    The carton of milk fell to the sidewalk at the sight before your eyes. There stood your boyfriend, standing by the edge of the crappy, worn down pool table, with a leggy, model-tan girl who couldn’t have been much older than you wrapped around his figure. She had an arm around his side, her gaze pointed straight at his face. You watched the scene unfold before you, frozen, hoping he would push her away, or at least show some sort of resistance. But that was not the case. A conniving smirk played on her lips as she seductively scooted herself onto the edge of the pool table, the other players letting out a complaint. But your boyfriend didn’t say anything, nor do anything in protest. He simply smirked back at her, his gaze wandering a little too far south than her face. Your feet stood still where they were on the sidewalk. It felt like all the blood in your body had drained out, your limbs no longer able to move. Not two hours ago the very same man had given you a kiss on the cheek, looking at you lovingly before leaving. You wanted to puke. The milk you had dropped on the sidewalk started to leak onto the cement, a puncture in its side. You stared at it for a moment before tears started rapidly building in your eyes. You turned away from the wretched window and away from that man you used to call your boyfriend and sprinted as hard as your legs were willing to.

    Now here you were, standing against the side of a brick building in an alleyway, tall buildings reaching up to the sky on either side of you. Your hands came up to cover your face as you finally let your feelings consume you, sobbing as you started to slide to the filthy ground. You couldn’t go back to your apartment. You didn’t know when your boyfriend would come back, and even if it wasn’t for a while, you weren’t ready to face him. So you let yourself cry in peace and privacy, thankful that you were in an area where not many people travelled through at this time of night. Eventually, the distant sounds of city life started to soothe your broken emotions. Car horns, the fading noises of dogs barking and the echoes of passing cars blasting music. You let yourself sit there for a few minutes, everything starting to numb over. You knew you couldn’t stay there all night. You had to find somewhere to go other than your apartment where you would be destined to see your boyfriends face again come a few hours. And all the money you had on you when you left, you had used to spend on your abandoned milk. Staying at a hotel was out the window.

    The only other option was to stay at someone else’s place for the time being. Someone you could trust. As quickly as you thought the words, an idea came to you. Standing up shakily from the dirty alleyway, you started walking down the sidewalk.

    The glowing light from the various bright lights on the side of the apartment building shined in your eyes, causing you to squint as you made your way to the entrance. The street you were on was silent, the gentle scuffs of your sneakers on the pavement the most prominent sound. Walking slowly underneath the light, you glanced to the wall on the left, various names with room numbers next to them lining a part on the wall. You already knew where you were going. Your hand twisted the cold metal doorknob to the building, allowing you to enter. Hastily, you made your way through the lobby and up the old, scuffed wooden staircase. Floor 3, room 13. You repeated the words in your head like a mantra as you continued travelling the familiar path.

    A large set of brown numbers reading 13 stood before your face now. Hand outstretched, you moved to knock on the door. But your hand froze just inches away from the wood. You were a mess, and looked it too. Baggy sweatpants hung around your waist, an old sweatshirt thrown on your shoulders. Your hair was unkempt and wild, and you realized your face was probably red, splotchy and tear-stained from the crying you had done earlier. What in the hell will he make of this? You thought to yourself.

    Suddenly, the entirety of the night crashed through you. The feeling of complete betrayal and despair ripping through your heart. Tears started building in your eyes once again as your breath shook, your hand flattening against the door in attempt for stability as you tried desperately to contain your sobs. What had I done to deserve this? You thought in the midst of your misery. Tears ran down your face and dripped down to the floor.

    Abruptly, the door shot open in front of you, causing you to jump back in order to avoid falling on your face from leaning on it. Through your blurry vision, you looked up to see the shocked expression of the only face you were willing to see at all right now.

“Y/N?” he exclaimed in shock as he pulled the door open further, clearly not expecting to see someone outside it. You lowered your head and stared at the ground. The palm of your hand shot up to wipe away your tears defensively. “Jimin…” was all you could croak out as your foot took a step back, reevaluating the situation. Maybe this was a mistake, you thought in your sudden panic at someone seeing this much vulnerability in you.

    “I-I’m sorry, I…” your broken voice mumbled hesitantly, taking another step back. But as you took a step back, he took a step forward. You looked up to see a concerned expression etched into his face. “Y/N, what’s going on? Are you okay?” he said softly. A part of you wanted to laugh, but instead you just sighed, your breath still shaky. “I should just go.” you said finally, turning back towards the stairs. But before you took a step, you felt a hand place gently on your shoulder. “Y/N,” he said, firmer than before. “Come inside. Please.”

    An ounce of the comfort you were longing for spread welcomingly through you. You turned your head to look into Jimin’s eyes, which looked straight back into yours. His eyebrows were pulled together slightly, his eyes the warm comforting chocolate brown that you had always been familiar with. Moving your gaze back at the ground, you nodded meekly. After all, there really was nowhere else you could go. You saw him visibly relax a little before stepping aside from the doorway so you could walk in.

    Jimin’s apartment was the definition of homelike. Not in a grandmother kind of way, but everywhere that you went inside let off a vibe that shouted, safe. It was the feeling one got when they arrived back home after taking a long vacation or something of the sort. You slowly made your way in, looking around everywhere your eyes could reach to take it all in. You gladly welcomed the feelings that accompanied Jimin’s apartment. He entered behind you and carefully sat down on one side of his couch in the middle of the living room, his body turned to face the other end. You shakily lowered yourself on the other end of the couch too, facing him, just like the two of you had done countless times before. Only it was different this time. You curled your legs up underneath you. Maybe if you could make yourself small enough you could disappear altogether. Jimin’s eyes were trained on you, and you could tell he was trying to figure out what to do. You sniffled, staring at your hands. Finally, Jimin spoke up.

“Do you want some water, or anything?” he said softly. You just shook your head, knowing he wasn’t going to squeeze information out of you without you talking to him first. In a weak voice, you simply stated, “Minsoo cheated on me.”

    There was a pause of deafening silence. You looked up to see Jimin tensed, staring at a fixed point on his carpeting. Like a recurring wave, your misery came impeding on you again, having said the words aloud. The tears pooled in your eyes again, already spilling onto your sleeves and the couch below. A sob lingered dangerously in your chest, held at bay by the fact that you didn’t want to lose this much control in front of Jimin, but your resistance was futile. You started crying, your body lurching forward, wrapping your arms tightly around your knees. Through the corner of your eye, you saw Jimin snap his head up from the ground, hurt flooding into his eyes as you cried.

    “Am I not good enough?” you said in a strained voice. You felt a sudden dip in the couch as Jimin crawled over to you, his arms gently wrappingaround your curled up figure as you completely winded out of control, crying into his chest. His arms held you tighter each time a sob wracked through your body. This lasted for what seemed like forever, and you felt the deep ache of emotional pain starting to slowly chip away as you cried yourself out. Even after you started to calm down Jimin’s arms stayed wrapped firmly around you.

    In a tired voice, you croaked out, “I’m sorry I’m such a mes-”

“You’re not.” Jimin shot out before you could finish, his voice low and comforting. “Don’t apologize.” he added softly.

    The two of you sat together in comfortable silence like that for a while, your body calming down after the violent episode. “…You’re perfect,” Jimin whispered so quietly that it was almost inaudible to you. You turned your head slightly to look at him. As your gaze met his, he looked down, and if it weren’t for the apparent darkness of the room you could have sworn he was blushing. Shifting out of his current position, he carefully unwrapped his arms from around you and sat next to you on the couch. You stretched out your legs, grateful for the relief. Though he wasn’t as close to you as before, he was still within an inches reach. You both turned toward each other.

    “I’m sorry…” he said quietly, though you weren’t sure what he was sorry for. Then, he quickly added, “I’m sorry that bastard…cheated on you.” He tensed on the word cheated. You continued looking at him, not sure what to say next.

    “But,” he began again. “I hope…”

You looked at him in question, waiting for him to continue. Then Jimin lifted his gaze straight into your eyes. In a quietly firm voice, he said, “I hope you can get over him.”

    You blinked at him, feeling hot blush start to creep into your face, and suddenly you were extremely grateful for the lack of light in the room. Why am I blushing? You screamed at yourself. You looked to the ground from his face, and back again, hoping Jimin couldn’t sense your sudden skittish behavior. But what you began to realize was his gaze had slowly travelled downwards from your eyes, resting on your mouth. You sat frozen as he slowly looked back up at you with a new look in his eyes. Instead of the warm comforting brown they used to be, they were now shadowed and burning, as if they were piercing into yours. All you could do was sit looking at him like a statue as he shifted, now fully facing you. Slowly butconfidently, he started leaning in to your face, his eyes boring into yours, waiting for you to protest. But you did nothing besides stare back at him, your body unwilling to move. He kept leaning in, as if in slow motion until his lips were close enough to yours that any slight move on your part would cause impact. Your eyes were still locked on his face. He paused for a moment, hesitating before connecting his lips with yours, his eyes closing. Your eyes widened a bit as you realized what was happening at this exact moment. The kiss was urgent, as if he expected you to fade away in any moment. Within seconds, you felt yourself melt into the kiss, your eyes easing closed as you realized how much you’ve wanted this. You’ve wanted it ever since the first time you two met. All of the times you two would hang out together, go out to eat with each other, did you both really think you would always be just friends? Why else would you come to him in your time of need? It all fit together now, as if the last piece in a giant jigsaw puzzle had just been placed.

    As he felt you begin to kiss him back, his confidence grew. His hand came up to gently caress your face as his lips moved languidly against yours. Your arms slowly reached up around his neck, deepening the kiss. This lasted for minutes, hours for all you cared. But it all felt so right. And you couldn’t help but think why you didn’t see that before.

    Eventually, Jimin pulled away from you, his gaze smoldering as he looked at you. You returned his gaze before leaning in and placing your forehead against his. A smile slowly spread its way onto your face. Jimin’s mouth grew into an affectionate smile, his eyes squinting together as both of your feelings for each other began to grow. All of the pain from earlier that day had melted away. Everything that had happened earlier meant close to nothing to you now. All you knew in that moment was that he was yours, and you were his.

nessian bedsharing part 1/2

“If you don’t stop smirking at me, if you snore, or if I feel so much as an Illyrian *toe* end up on my side of the bed, I will push you right out,” Nesta warns him.


Nesta takes one look at the room and pivots to glare at Cassian.

“I had nothing to do with this,” he says quickly, hands up in self-defense. “I asked for two, and when they said they only had one room left, I assumed they meant only one room with two.”

The single, solitary bed in this crappy inn room sits there innocuously. Mocking her.

“I’ll find somewhere else to stay, then,” she bites out.

“There’s no other inns around for miles, Nes,” Cassian says placatingly. “Believe me, we wouldn’t be staying in this craphole if there were.”

Nesta clenches her jaw in his direction. “Then I’ll find some strapping wealthy man to seduce and stay in his bed for the night.” This is a ridiculous threat, at almost midnight when it’s freezing cold out and they’re stuck in an outpost in the middle of nowhere consisting of an inn, a brothel, and a bar, but Nesta’s exhausted and she’s mad that now the possibility of literally sleeping with Cassian is something she has to deal with.

Cassian cocks his head at her, lips tugging upwards playfully. “It just so happens that I’m a strapping, wealthy man very open to seduction. And I’m paying for this room, so technically it is my bed.“

Nesta feels every murderous instinct in her sharpen to a wicked point.

“Oh, well,” she says, dripping with sarcastic sultriness. She drops her bag, begins to unbutton the top layer of her leathers, slinking towards him. “When you put it like that…”

Cassian’s joking demeanor evaporates instantly; the mood of the room shifts on a dime. She stops a hair away from him, close enough that she can feel his breath on her lips. He must know she’s playing with him, but the big idiot is affected anyway like he always is, lips parted, eyes locked on her like he’s either going to devour her whole or fall to his knees.

Even now, when she’s pissed off and tired, there’s something that makes her feel alive in this game of theirs, their unique ability to get under each other’s skin. Nesta lets her eyes drag over his lips, flicker once demurely to his eyes before she pushes herself up on her tiptoes. Her lips brush his jaw calculatedly before whispering, “You’re sleeping on the floor.”

She draws back with the smuggest glare she can muster to hammer home the point before sweeping away from him, grabbing her bag, and heading for the bathroom down the hall. It’s hard to tell through what he’s wearing, but she’s pretty sure she leaves the commander of the Illyrian armies with a hard-on.

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Peter Pan Imagine/ Do You Love Me? Pt. 2

“ Is there a part 2 to do you love me? ”

“ Are you going to update “Do you love me?” It’s really good❤️ I don’t want to be pushy and I’m sorry if it seems like it ”

“ Omg!! Part two of “do you love me?” Please??”

“ Part 2 to do you love me!“

“ Do you love me? Part 2 😍 please”

“ Part 2 of do you love me plaseeeee”

“Part 2 plz”

“I must know how this ends”

“Yes yes yesssss part two”

“Please part 2″

“yes pls part 2 woyld be lovely”

“definitely part 2″

“Part 2 please!!!!!!”

“HELL yeah a part two”

“yesss pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Part 1 here–> http://neverland93.tumblr.com/post/152762344760/peter-pan-imaginedo-you-love-me

“Bloody hell, I know where this kid is.” Hook said

You popped your head up a little curious and playing with your food just in case you weren’t supposed to be hearing.

“Where?!” Regina and Emma yelled at the same time.

“Neverland.” he says

Your fork dropped on the floor and so did your heart, you haven’t seen Peter since you yelled a him, since he sad all those terrible things.

You were terrified, but you had to get your best friend and brother back, and Peter was not going to stop you.

You arrived on the Neverland, you rub your shoe against the soil, trying to calm down your nerves. It seemed impossible.

“You okay kid? “ Swan asked and you jumped

“Oh shit.” you almost yelled “Yeah yeah yeah I’m fine.” you try to look calm but the group looked at you strange.

“Okay…” Hook said with a confused look

“Listen enough of this we need to get back to what’s important and that’s finding Henry!” Regina stated.

“Hook, you know this place better than anyone else, where would he be?” Swan asked Hook

“Well I guess anywhere his lost boys are, he doesn’t go anywhere without them.”

“Lies.” you said in your head, Pan was always one to wonder off into the night, leaving you naked under his sheets with nothing but his scent lingering the room you stay in.

“So do we just go and find wherever there is noise or?” Mary Margret asked

“It’s not that easy ?” Swan asked

“He’s the only one on the bloody island besides the boys and mermaids, it’s that easy.” Hook stated

“Great should we split up?” Regina asked

“No, that’s very dangerous, Pan maybe be a teenage boy but he is smart.” Hook said

You rolled your eyes, yeah sure he is. You had to do everything for him, he couldn’t even cook himself eggs. You were his eyes, his arms, and legs, you were his “sidekick” the lost boys would call you, you missed the boys a lot actually, they were never the mean ones, Pan was.

You guys start to walk and you start to feel goosebumps rise up, it’s like you could feel his presence against the trees, the wind, the sounds that would go in and out your ear, oh how you missed it all, you start to wonder how it be if you stayed.

Pan’s Point Of View

I start to feel something, something so familiar but something yet so new. What was it? It was such a sweet and beautiful feeling, but then it became sorrow and pain. This was something I never felt before, it was bizarre.

“Pan, want breakfast?” Felix asked as he knocked on the door.

“I’m coming.” I yelled

I open the door and I see Felix.

I nod my head signaling we can walk together. We do so.

The air was ..different, but in a familiar way.

“Hey Felix you feel, like different?” I ask him

“Uh no I mean I’m hungry, but when am I ? Why do you ask?” he asked

“Nothing Fe, just asking, forget I said anything.” I said.

I walk to the camp grounds and sit at my usual spot, waiting for the lost boys to feed me.

“Here ya go Pan.” an older lost boy gives you a plate.

“What the bloody hell is this bullshit?” I yell, its the same shit every day.

“It’s uhm fruit , and uh salad, without the dressing, and the croutons, and the cheese.”

“Ugh!” I yell again, “This is torture, we haven’t had meat, sweets, and barely any bread in forever, someone better learn how to bloody cook fast or else you all are getting banned from this island.” I yell and get up and sit on a long next to the fire.

All the lost boys stare at you, looking confused and scared.

“Pan you’re acting a little weird, you okay?” Felix asked

“Something is up, there’s something,UGH!” I’m clearly frustrated, nobody feels what I feel, there is something up today, it’s different.

“I’m going for a walk.” I say.

I start to walk to my thinking spot, the first place me and Y/n ever kissed.

I remember clear as daylight, I had asked her what she had to offer me, right on top of this hill, and she looked at me dead in the eyes and said “Me.” that was the day she changed my life.

I remember walking up to her, grabbing her face and rubbing my thumb against her soft cheeks, she looked at me with such joy, such a beautiful face, and I kissed her, never have I felt such an amazing feeling, I had goosebumps rising up and down my spine, the way she tasted, oh my, she tasted like cinnamon spices, and she told me I tasted like vanilla, together it was the most wonderful taste you could ever experience.

I snapped out of my thought as I saw something, no someone, as blond women, I became curious, what was she doing on my island, how stupid of her, I’ll have her in my cages in no time, or maybe she will be my slave and cook for me actual good food, unlike the lost boys crappy disgusting food.

Then , but then I see more of them, it was a group of adults , “Oh great.” I say as I roll my eyes. I hate grown ups, nothing but wanna be know it all who are always up your ass about something.

I walk away, I’ll deal with that bullshit later, right now, I just needed to think.

Regular Point Of View

My feet start to hurt, and I become weak.

“Hey can we like chill for a second? My feet are killing me.” I asked

“No we can’t we need to find Henry!” Regina yelled at me.

“We’ve been walking for 3 hours straight this place is going to at least take 4 days to search everywhere!” I yell back

“She’s actually right.” Hook said agreeing with me

“How would you know?” Mary Margret asked

“Oh.. it was just a wild guess..” you try not to blow your cover

“Look maybe she’s right, we do need nutrition if we are going to keep searching for Henry.” David said

“Okay fine, We can eat and then start to search again.” Regina said.

You guys start to make food, you cooked most of it, you were the chef in the family, and you loved to cook, so you didn’t mind.

You all gathered around the fire that the men made.

Enjoying your lunch you decided to hum, hum a song you would sing every time you cooked, Peter would always love when you sang, but of course he would never tell you.

Speaking of Peter he began to smell something, and it brought a smile to is eyes.

“Real food, but where?”  he got up “Lost boys, follow me.” he smiled

They walk to your campfire, Peter only saw the grown ups,”Okay boys, follow my lead.” he said cocky as ever

“Well , well ,well.” he said

Your head shot up like a deer in headlights, it was Peter, it was him in the flesh, and he hasn’t changed a bit. He was so tall, and still handsome as hell, he looked so bad but he does it so well.

“That smells wonderful I must say, but what are you doing o my island?” he asked in such a cocky way.

“Shut it Pan.” Hook said

“Oh how funny, you’re going to tell me to shut up when it’s my bloody island.” he looked mad

You couldn’t help but stare, you felt terrible but it was just too hard not to, his arms were so muscular, his eyes were almost emerald green, his smile and the way he ran his fingers through his hair, it brought you back to the good days.

“I however will forgive me, as long as you swear to cook for me and my boys for the rest of, oh I don’t know, your lives.” he smiled.

He started to laugh but then he made eye contact with you, your heart skipped a beat.

“What the fuck.” he whispered to himself, his heart sank to stomach, but he snapped out of it and quickly turned back to his cocky self.

“What are YOU doing here?” he walks up to you.

You then get up and stand face to face with Peter Pan himself.

“Where is my brother?” you asked him

He laughs “Who is your brother?” 

“Henry.” you said

“Oh Henry?” he folded his arms

“Yes Henry.” you never lost eye contact with him.

“Henry is YOUR brother?” he smiled almost in a evil way.

“YES! Now where is he?” you yelled

“Oh Henry isn’t going anywhere now that I know that he s your brother.” he cocked a brow

“You are such an asshole , tell me where he is or else-”

“Or else what ? Huh?! You’re gonna leave again?” he said 

Now everyone is looking at you, and your group starts to ask questions.

“You know him?” Regina asked

“I knew something was up.” Mary Margret said

“Oh Y/n was my “Lost girl.” she was my special princess, sin’t that right?” he started at you in a way you never seen Peter before.

“You think just because you left you can come here and act like you’re all big and bad, pathetic.”  he said

“Give me back my brother and we will leave and you’ll never see my face again.” you said trying to reason with him.

“You’re not getting it are you? I’m keeping you here, forever.” he said

“The hell you are!” you yelled as you run next to your group.

Peter now looked annoyed

“You use to be so good, so obedient.” he shook his head

“I’m not a dog Pan.” you said

“No but you wanna know what you are? You’re fucked.” he said

“Yeah because of you! I’m so fucked up from all the shit you did to me! You  dragged me through hell and I called it love as long as you were holding my hand!” you yelled at him.

“Gosh you try to act so innocent! You wanna know the truth? The real truth?” he said as he backs you up as you try to stand your ground.

“I wanted to fuck you up, I wanted to tear you into pieces, you were so damn pure, and sweet, and nice, and I.” he looked at you up and down. “I just wanted to make your life hell, I never loved you,I don’t understand how you thought I could ever love you. So you know what? I’ll give you Henry.” 

He snapped his fingers and Henry appears, he runs to your family and you jst stand there with tears running down your face.

“Now you have to live with it, bye Y/n. For good this time.” he said as he walked away.


You were all packed to leave tomorrow mornig

You ran straight to your tent and you didn’t stop crying that night, how could Peter say that? After all you’ve been through, that was the most gut wrenching, heart breaking, thing you ever heard and that has happen to you in your entire life.

Peter lay in his bed that night, with tears in his eyes for the first time.

I loved her, no more than that , I was in love with her, as soon as I saw her I wanted her in my arms, and not in my bed, for the first time I wanted to hold her, and not fuck her senseless, she looked so dam beautiful, but I just couldn’t let her do that to me,, I couldn’t let her break me down, and let everyone and her know that I loved her, so I pushed her away, which was the most stupidest thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

You woke up and to hollering , your eyes were super swollen but manged to run outside to see what the ruckess was all about.

You see Peter  with the lost boys and other people who you never saw in your life.

“Who the fuck are you?” Peter asked

“What time is it?” you asked David 

“It’s 12 afternoon.” he said

“What?! We were supposed to leave at 8:00am today what happen?” you asked

“This.” he pointed

“These people are trying to fight Pan and his crew but also not let us through the portal we’re suppose to go through. We have to go through soon portals don’t last forever you know.” Hook said

“Well then, let’s fight.” you puled out his sword and winked

You all began to fight off whoever these people where that were getting in yur way, you were clearly winning because you had your group and Pan’s group, you were fighting side by side next to Peter, and it was so weird.

You weren’t paying attention and and you were about to get stabbed by a sword, Peter saw and started to run to your rescue

“Y/N WATCH OUT!” Peter yelled and he pushed you out the way, you fall to the ground but quickly look up to see there was a sword in Peter’s stomach!

“PETER!” you yell and run to his rescue, the lost boys fight off all the rest of the evil people to make sure everyone is safe, so its just you, Peter, the lost boys, and your family.

You began to cry “Peter why?” you asked

“I had to, I couldn’t see you like this.” he said with his eyes heavy

“He’s bleeding a lot.” Felix said , he signaled the lost boys to go get the care package

“But, but you said you didn’t love me.” you were still crying

“I lied, I love, I’m in love with you Y/n, don’t you get it? I’ve been in love with you since you walk on this damn island.” he said as he tried to move but just fell again.

“Don’t move Peter we’re getting you help.” Felix said

“Only love makes you crazy, but what I said to you yesterday, that was plain stupid Y/n.” he said wincing in pain.

You just si there and cry while holding unto him, “Peter you’re going to make it do you hear me? I won’t let you die.” you yell as you sob

Peer’s eyes became heavy, and he started to breath uneven, you were seeing the signs, he wasn’t holding on unto you like he was, and the lost boys were taking forever.

Everything became a blur until you heard “We got it! We got the stuff!” the lost boys yelled

They came and Felix pulled the sword out of Peter, spilling blood out of him and turning Peter pale.

Sooner than later they get him all stitched up and the bleeding stops, but Peter stops breathing.

“He’s not breathing!” Felix yelled

“What do we do?” a lost boy yelled

“Give him air!” an on other boys said

“How?!” said an other

You push them out the way and start doing CPR.

“1 2 3 “ you start to breath into him and you do this for at least a minute, everyone just stairs at you, hoping you do the trick.

Peter shoots up and gasped for air and your eyes start to water

“He’s alive!” You yell and all the lost boys yell “Hooray!”

He grabs your cheeks on your face and kisses your lips so soft, not rough at all, and it was a different side you seen from Peter.

“I love you Y/n.” he said

“I love you too Peter.” you smiled

Henry and your family went back to StoryBrooke and you stayed in Neverland with Peter and the lost boys, you visit each other once a week.

Peter started to show his emotions and not be scared of him, for every boy, has a soft side, you just have to find it.

What Goes Around

Title: What Goes Around

Written by: @wildlyglittering

Prompt 44: Peeta has a gf before entering college where she meets Katniss. K&P are both in the same major/dept. They break up and he and Katniss become really close and everybody thinks they’re a thing but part of Katniss thinks he’s not over his ex so he never asks her out even if they have chemistry and all. Something happens and the ex ends up transferring to the same major/dept and Katniss is extremely frustrated because she’s fallen for Peeta but the ex is trying to make sure Peeta never gets over her

Rating: T (to start with)

Notes: Because there is something clearly wrong with me I decided to take two prompts and turn them both into WIPs. So this is part 1/ part of part 1 that is now a WIP.  I don’t know if I’m entirely happy with how this has turned out so far but thought I would give it a go!

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Live Blog - The White Princess Episode 2

Here’s my live blog of TWP Episode 2, it’s just over four pages.  I’ve given it a once-over rough edit, but this is what I wrote up while watching the episode.  Hope you find some humor here!

“drawn from the novel by Philippa gregory” righhhhht.

Wait, why is she smiling like that when she’s entering his apartments?  I can see a fake or strained smile, but she looks shy and happy?  Wtf?  Last I left them she was like “i don’t like this guy”, unless this is supposed to be her tricking him?

What is the hell is this scene?? She’s like… being seductive??  Also, neither of their costumes are working.  Her sleeves are ridiculous.  And he looks like he’s wearing an emo bathrobe.  Jacob is too good for this show.

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Something About Magnets

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 3,289

Warnings: Major fluff, smut, sort of song fic?

Summary: You meet Jared on an international flight.

A/N: This is dedicated to ya’ll Jared lovers. I’ve been really loving him lately, myself. Please note that Jared is single in this. Fic also based on the song Ride by SoMo. Go have a listen whilst you read :D - Also I hope this was okay..it’s not as detailed smut as I’m used to writing but I’d love to hear what you thought. Seriously. I’m a sucker for compliments haha.

P.S – Italics are either Inner Monologue/Song Lyrics. Should be easy to tell the difference.

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

“Your seat will be on the left, enjoy your flight!”
You smiled and walked awkwardly behind the line of people waddling down the aisle.

This was going to be an all new experience for you.
Not only were you going on your very first international holiday, you were also bumped up to Business Class for free. This was turning out to be your best trip yet, and you couldn’t shake the nerves that were riddled in your veins.

You’d been on a few flights before, so you weren’t new to this. But the second you walked past the curtains, greeting the flight attendant manning the more elite part of the plane, you felt…well you felt virginal. Awkward wasn’t quite strong enough a word to describe the nerves wracking through your body and the smile that you plastered across your face.

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By Chance (Pt. 1)

Member : Chanyeol
Genre : Fluff

A/N : Okay so this is really crappy since it’s… yeah.. no I have no excuse it’s just crappy I’m sorry, just read at your own risk you’ve been warned!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 coming soon.

You couldn’t help but sigh in content at the warm feeling that embraced your body, it felt so nice and addictive and you wanted more. You rolled to your side and let your arms fall over what ever was making you feel so good. You heard a grunt upon the contact you made followed by a satisfied sigh.

Ugh it even sounded like heaven! What was this…this thing that made you feel like you were on cloud nine and taste ecstasy in all its forms? You forced your eyes open to peek at the source of your delight…and there he was…his peacefully heaving toned chest was the first thing that your eyes laid upon.

Gosh his recent efforts did pay off was the first thought that popped into your head, his body looked like the sculpted works of an angel! You slowly lifted your head in hopes of not waking up the sleeping man next to you, you wanted to see him and know who he was, his fiery red hair was messily cascaded over his eyes and his lips were formed into a small pout.

Wait..! You know this hair, those sleeping eyes and this pointy nose, and those perfectly kissable lips!!

This was non other than Park Chanyeol of EXO!

And as if he heard your low realization gasp, he slowly woke up and blinked a few times before his head dipped down at your direction and his sleepy dreamy dark brown eyes met yours. He lazily smiled and said: “good morning baby girl”.

Baby girl? What? When? And most importantly how? You wanted to say something back, ask him why he called you baby girl, or at least greet him back, you knew yourself as anything but rude, but the constant buzzing that you felt along with the nudging completely stopped you from saying anything.

And suddenly his smiling face and his tight embrace started to fade and you couldn’t feel him anymore, and all that was left for you was the annoying buzzing and nudging that were now accompanied by a familiar girl’s voice who kept telling you to get up. Get up? From where?

“Aish! How many times do I have to come here and wake you up? Get up already” the female’s voice said in a grumpy clearly fed up tone.
Your mind was in a state of haze or what the Korean variety shows that you watched so attentively described as “mong”.

What was this person even talking about? And more importantly.. Who was she?

As your mind wandered into discovering the answers to all your questions, you heard loud footsteps and the female’s voice returned “Y/N seriously wake up!

Did you come all the way here to Korea so you can sleep in?” the voice that you recognized as your friend’s Lee Han Byul said, and you felt your warm covers being taken away from you.

Lee Han Byul was a friend who you met at the company you worked in. She was pale, cute and sweet with dark hair and a fringe. And her most obvious characteristic was her short temper, and you liked her so much because she was incredibly friendly towards you when you first started working at the company.

You groaned and slowly opened your eyes trying to read in your surroundings and adjust the light that burned your tired eyes. “Oh it’s you… Why are you yelling? Geez!” you said with your sleepy broken voice and sat up rubbing your eyes.
“I wasn’t yelling the first three times I came in here…now get up already and take a shower so we can go out!” She said as she kept yanking at your arm til you fell off of the bed head first while your lower half still remained on the bed.

Lord what a mess you were! “I had a dream about him…again!” you said with a ridiculous smile and a giggle. “Who? Oh please don’t tell me… Chanyeol?” God leave him alone" Han Byul groaned at you.

“You don’t get it Byul-ah! He was so hot in this one!! And I actually felt him!” you said as you embraced yourself with both of your arms like an idiot in love. “A- I do get it because I’m an EXO-L like you remember? And B-GET UP ALREADY!!!!” she snorted back.

“Alright alright jeez!” you said with a pout and you stuck your tongue out at her as you made yourself comfortable in a sitting position.

“Where’s my phone? I need to check my feeds” you said looking around for your phone that you dramatically call your son.

“Nope! I hid it away. Go shower so we can go out! It’s the weekend and the weather is amaze-balls today” Han Byul told you as she walked away to her own room.

The streets of Seoul surely did not disappoint, they were clean and organized. Trees of all kinds filled the neighborhood you and Han Byul walked in, and the aroma of the newly blossomed flowers mixed with that of coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries filled your nostrils. It was refreshing and relaxing.

And Han Byul didn’t lie when she said the weather was amazing, because it was just the right amount of cloudy and it was crispy and warm, and the small circles of dew fell over the leaves and flower petals that appeared in various shades of different colors, creating pictures that are worth taking and keeping.

“I’m so glad I finally came Korea” you said as you closed your eyes and took deep breath inhaling every scent that loomed in the air. “Me too” Han Byul replied as she sweetly smiled at you.

Your outing today consisted of walking around the streets with minor shopping here and there and trying the various street foods that were steaming hot and so deliciously displayed.

“Let’s go check out that store” Han Byul pointed taking your attention away from the numerous shopping bags that you held in both of your hands and were organizing for a more comfortable hold on them.

“Uhh.. Sure, just once I get these in order” you said through almost clenched teeth as the shopping bags refused to cooperate with you. 

Once you held them comfortably, you lifted your head and started walking only to be surprised by the fact that Han Byul was out of your sight. You slightly panicked because the street was crowded with people and shops and Ahjummas and Ahjussis yelling to sell their goods, it was overwhelming and you absolutely hated losing your friends or anything for that matter in the crowed.

Your head shot left and right looking for her as you paced down the streets and took turns here and there, and when you couldn’t find her, you decided to get your phone and call her.

But conveniently, your phone was practically buried inside your purse that was full of items you didn’t even need but were too lazy to take them out.

Your fingers searched and struggled inside your purse to get a hold on your phone, you kept looking for it with one hand while the other was busy holding the shopping bags and your legs never stopped moving, until you suddenly bumped into something or someone you didn’t know, because you instantly fell to the ground and your things followed along spreading all over the side walk.
You groaned at the pain that landed at your butt and you heard a man speaking and asking if you were alright.

“Miss?… Are you okay? Oh my God I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was walking and I…” he spoke from under the cap he was wearing as he kept trying to get your things back into their bags.
You didn’t say anything, you just stared at the flustered man who sounded annoyingly familiar. He wore an over-sized black sweater that had red writings over it which you weren’t quite able to read, a pair of black shorts, black shoes and a back pack that seemed rather expensive for a regular man.

“I’m… I’m fine, are you alright? I’m sorry I was the one who bumped into you, I was just trying to look for my phone so I can call my stupid friend who suddenly disappeared” you felt yourself unnecessarily explaining as you tried to ease up the awkward situation. You heard him chuckle a bit before he said “Ugh phones! They’re a real trouble! I was busy with mine when I bumped into you” and lifted his head and flashed a full toothy smile that you were all too familiar with.

“I know right? They always…” you responded but were immediately cut off once your eyes landed on the man’s face. Your eyes widened once you realized who you were speaking to, and who was gathering your things and now helping you get back up on your feet.

“Y…you’re..” You tried to say something but your shock wouldn’t allow your tongue to respond to your brain signals. He chuckled again and said “Where are my manners..I’m Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol” he said and extended an arm towards you.

You froze in awe and your reaction was a bit slow, you took his hands and said “I know.. And I’m a fan.. No! I’m not.. I mean… Uh I mean my name is [Y/N]”.

He slowly shook your hand and kept an amused grin on his face as he stared into your eyes. “So are you a fan or?” he said never breaking eye contact nor letting your hand go. “No no! I am! Don’t get me wrong!” you said blushing completely embarrassed at not being able to brace yourself in front of him.

“So Y/N are you sure you’re not hurt any where?” he asked and the sound of your name coming from his mouth made goosebumps creep all over your skin. “Yeah… No I’m totally fine, thank you for gathering my things” you said shooting him a thankful humble smile and a small bow.

“That’s a relief” he said as he stared deep into your eyes. You expected him to leave after that but he didn’t. Instead he just stood there and stared at you with that same amused grin that never left his face with his hands in his pockets.

“Is.. Is something wrong with my face?” you asked him feeling slightly uncomfortable with his staring. He smiled showing you his pearly white teeth and shook his head before he said “Nope… I just think you’re really cute”.

“You what?” you said not believing that Park Chanyeol would actually say that to you. “You look like Pikachu… You’re cute!” he said it again.

Before you could say anything, you heard a voice of a slightly older man who called for Chanyeol from afar.

His head shot to the direction of the sound and he looked back at you and said “Well, looks like I gotta go, I’ll see you around…Pikachu”. He said and went on his way.

You stood there not sure how to interpret and register what he just said to you or what just happened. Was he just being nice? Or was that just part of his fan service? You honestly wouldn’t know, so you turned on your heels and walked the opposite direction.

“Hey Pikachu!” you heard his voice call out the nickname he decided to give you without your approval. 
You turned your head to see him jogging towards you. “You forgot this” he said handing you a small paper that resembled one of the many receipts you had in your bags. He leaned in and said “I’m glad you lost your friend, or else I wouldn’t have been able to bump into you”.

And with that he just left.

You opened the piece of paper curious and wondering why he had to come all the way back to hand you one of your receipts, or so you thought until you flipped it and saw a bunch of digits and a note written at the back of it that read: I couldn’t just leave like that and not ever see you again… you’re just too cute! This is my number.. call me. Oh and please don’t distribute this.. I trust you..Pikachu.

You couldn’t believe it!! Park Chanyeol actually gave you his phone number! You looked at it almost ready to jump out of happiness. Just then you heard Han Byul calling for you.

“Ugh! There you are! Where did you run off to?” She said catching her breath from all the running she did to find you. You didn’t answer her as you kept looking and smiling at the cute note Chanyeol handed you. “Why are you smiling by yourself? What did I miss?” She asked confused at your lack of response and the smile that was plastered on your lips.

You looked at her and said “I met someone”, and grinned like an idiot for the second time today. “Who? And how?” She asked excitement evident in her voice. “Someone… special… we met by chance!”

You said holding the note to your chest close to your heart as you smiled towards the direction that Park Chanyeol ran off to.

Back {Yoo Kihyun}

Note:Thank you so much for requesting Monsta x! I had so much fun writing this since I’ve really gotten into them recently. Like seriously, those boys are ruining my life rn. Anyway, enjoy the one shot and keep the Monsta x requests coming if you’re interested ;)~ Mimei x

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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The way Wonho and Minhyuk were smirking reminded Kihyun that the ought to get better friends.

He hated the way he was feeling, and hated his friends for teasing him about it even more. But he couldn’t stop himself, he couldn’t control the blush that dusted his cheeks, or the way his heart was pounding animalistic in his ribcage. There wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop these raging emotions, so instead he had to painfully sit and bare with it, all because he had a crush on one of his best friends.

{y/n}, the girl he saw as a little sister leaving for university, came back as beautiful woman that he wanted all for himself. She had matured and developed in all the right ways. She was so different yet still the same in a weird way. It was a beautiful mess, but he was stuck, and his friends were worthless with advice, not to mention giant assholes for embarrassing him like this.

“So {y/n}, I heard you did a lot of partying at university. Did you meet anyone there?” Hyungwon asked, and it was probably an innocent question. But Kihyun was on edge, and it almost felt like a personal jab aimed at him.

“No, not really. I tried to date one guy, but he was kind of an ass so… uh, what about you guys? I mean it has been like three years, have any of you found someone?”

“Kihyun’s still in love with his mirror, if that’s what you mean.” Changkyun teased.

Kihyun’s head snapped up to glare at the maknae, but his eyes met with {y/n}’s glistening orbs, and as the wound of her twinkling laugh entered his ears, he couldn’t find it in him to be annoyed. Instead, he smiled at her, the lovestruck feature so clear in his eyes it was a wonder she didn’t notice.

“Well, I need to head home now. I promised I’d be home for dinner to see my family since I haven’t met up with them yet.” {y/n} announced, moving her eyes away from Kihyun to reach for her bag.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, we are your family.” Minhyuk laughed, and so did {y/n}. She shook her head as she stood up and gave various hugs to the members.

Kihyun was saved for last, and he stood up to put his arms around her when she approached him. He held her longer than any of the other members did, and he couldn’t help but blush at the contact.

“I missed you the most.” She whispered next to his ear before giving him a stunning grin and moving away.

Kihyun wanted to reach out and pull her back, but it was like water slipping through his fingers, and all he could do was watch her leave.

When the door finally closed behind her, he sat back down on the sofa, looking around to see everyone’s eyes on him.

“What?” He asked, defensively.

“You have feelings for her Kihyun, don’t you?” Shownu smirked.

“No.” Kihyun tried to lie, but the blush that was washing over his cheeks contradicted that.

“Come on, Kihyun. You’re so obvious! It might as well be written on your forehead” Changkyun added, causing the other members to laugh as Kihyun rolled his eyes, slouching back into the seat.

“Shut up. It’s not funny. Even if I did like her, she wouldn’t like me back.” He pouted childishly.

“Let’s be real here.” Jooheon commented, “If {y/n} was going to like anyone, it would be you. What about all those years she liked you before she left?”

“Yeah but that was liked, emphasis on the past tense… wait, she used to like me?”

The others all exchanged glances, as if to say ‘is this guy being real?’

“Yes she used to like you! The fact that she said, ‘Kihyun, I love you’ before she left was quite a big clue.” Wonho reminded him, but Kihyun was still in a state of shock.

“But… I thought she meant that as a friend!”

“Wow, you’re the worst. I bet she felt really crappy after getting that response.” Hyungwon sarcastically remarked, rolling his eyes as Kihyun glared at him.

“We should set you two up!” Minhyuk instantly changed the mood. His face lighting up into a grin.

“No, no, no.” Kihyun shook his head, making large hand gestures to go along with it. “If I’m going to confess to {y/n} then I don’t need you idiots running around to ruin it.”

“What, ruining it more than you’ve already done?” Wonho teased.

Kihyun pinched the bridge of his nose. “Fine, you can help. But you better not embarrass me.”

The boys got to work almost instantly, and Kihyun was surprised how hard they were working on it. Not only did they invest in some red roses for him to give to you, but they also went all out in the garden by hanging fairy lights on the fences and the trees and putting out lamps with candles inside. It did look beautiful, but as they planned more and more, it only make Kihyun more nervous.

What if all of this was for nothing?

What if you had moved on? It had been three years after all…

But his thoughts took up time, and before he knew it you were at the front door, knocking delicately.

Kihyun took one final breath before making his way over and opening it.

When the door opened, you were stood before him, dressed up and looking beautiful. Kihyun was wondering how h’d never noticed how pretty your eyes looked in a dim light, or how soft your lips looked. He had to stop thinking when he started wondering what your lips would feel like against his own.

“Hey Kihyun. Wonho called, he said you wanted to talk or something?”

Your voice was so sweet, Kihyun was sure his heart was about to melt from those simple words.

“Actually yeah, I did. Come in.” He stepped aside, holding the door open and masking as much confidence as he could muster as you walked through. Then, he lead you towards the garden.

It was dusk now, meaning the lighting and candles stood out boldly, looking amazing under the sunset. Kihyun blushed when he heard you gasp at its breathtaking beauty.

Even if you didn’t feel the same, and the confession didn’t go the way he wanted, at least Kihyun could say the boys had done well, he owed them.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” you asked, bringing Kihyun back.

“Well… this really isn’t easy to say but… I really like you {y/n}. And I don’t mean as friends, I mean more than that. I realise now that before you left for uni, you confessed. I didn’t know back then, but now I do. So, if you still feel that way about me then… could we maybe, go on a date?”

He bit his lip in anticipation. He knew his confession wasn’t the cutest one, nor was it the most thought out, but it got to the point, and the smile on your face gave him hope.

“It’s about time.” You laughed, and he did too.

“Sure, take me out. Better be a good date though Kihyun, I was haunted by your friend zone for three years.” You teased him, and he pulled you in for a hug, still laughing.

“Wow that was the worst confession ever!”

“Yeah! He didn’t even give her the flowers we bought!”

“He didn’t even kiss her! What a douche!”

“{y/n} you deserve so much better!”

A round of teasing voices broke out as the boys stepped out from behind the fence, all grinning as Kihyun shook his head. But he couldn’t be mad at their teasing, not when they’d given him what was going to be what was one of the best moments of his whole life.

Bittersweet goodbyes (Sherlock Holmes X Reader)


Warnings: Motherly death and abandonment mentions

Fandom: Sherlock

notes: fun fact ms. Hudson actually DOES have a sister

(y/n) Hudson was a very clever girl, but she also happened to be very stupid, at least she was very stupid when it came to the handsome consulting detective living in the downstairs flat of the building her great aunt owned.

when she was young her mother had sent her to live with her  great aunt in London.

 Now (Y/N) inhabited 221 C baker street and was all grown up. But being all grown up didn’t stop her from making stupid childish mistakes, like falling in love with a condescending curly haired genius named Sherlock Holmes.


(y/n) was flipping through a book John Watson had lent her in the early morning when Sherlock came crashing through her front door.
“(y/n) excellent! you’re already awake.” you ran a hand through your hair and stood to face him, stupidly forgetting that you still happened to be in your rather embarrassing cat pajamas your aunt had gotten for you last Christmas.

Sherlock opened his mouth to speak but stopped when he noticed your pajamas, the corners of his mouth quirked up slightly and his blue eyes glittered in amusement. that was when you also noticed your clothing and heat rose to your cheeks.

you were suddenly very annoyed at him for bursting in the first place and then smirking at your pajamas that you were wearing in your apartment where you lived alone. but at the same time his smirk and sparkling eyes were making your heart beat so fast you were sure he could hear it. 

you wanted to strangle him but decided on glaring instead.
“what do you want Sherlock?”

he considered you for a second and then spoke impatiently like he was talking to a child. “there’s a new case and john is away for the weekend with his latest girlfriend" 

You closed your eyes and pinched the bridge of your nose. "I know johns away he left me instructions to stop you from blowing up your flat or setting it on fire”

Sherlock nodded, “yes, I know you know. what I mean is john is away and I need a Watson replacement and you happen to be the least annoying normal person I know.”

You rolled your eyes, “Gee, thanks Sherlock that’s–” you were cut off mid sentence by your phone ringing. you grabbed your phone from the table where it sat and checked the caller I.D. it wasn’t a number you recognized but your curiosity got the better of you so you picked up anyways. you heard Sherlock huff impatiently but shushed him.


“hello. is this (y/n) Hudson?”

“uhm yeah this is she.”

“hi, I’m calling from Churchill county hospital in Nevada your listed as the emergency contact for one Ms. Dianne Hudson. you’re her daughter correct?”

you sucked in a breathe and sank down into the nearest chair.

“yeah I am…I’m her daughter, is there…is….is she okay?”

The woman sighed, “no…she isn’t…your mother passed away this morning”

You sucked in a sharp breath and tears blurred your vision you felt sick. You hadn’t spoken to your mother in three years. Your voice shook as you ended the call. “t-thank you for c-calling me. Ill be there tomorrow evening” the phone beeped as you hit the end button and you heard a soft thump as it fell from your hands and hit the floor.

Sherlock stood there silently intently watching your every move concern lacing his gaze. your eyes flitted up to meet his.

“my mother is dead.”

his face was unreadable but he still crossed the room and pulled you into a stiff hug you were so shocked it almost stopped your tears from spilling but not quite.

the two of you stood there for a long time his arms wrapped around you, your whole body shaking with grief. He was still and almost robotic the entire time and when your sobs faded into hiccups you finally realized Sherlock was actually hugging you and it was the most comforting thing in the world. you pulled away from him and looked down in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry Sherlock I didn’t mean to lose it like that I…”

“its alright.” and with his short response he turned on his heel and left.

that night you finished packing your things, Ms. Hudson promised to ship the rest when you were settled. you had spent the afternoon on the phone and your mother had left every piece of her life up in the air, and so here you were packing to spend a year away from home, from your friends, from your aunt who had raised you…and the man you loved.

just to spend it putting the affairs in order of a woman who had basically abandoned you.

with a stray tear rolling down your cheek you closed your suitcase and went upstairs to say goodbye to everyone.

first you said goodbye to ms. Hudson seeing how she was your blood relative and raised you. she fussed over you the whole time and promised to call whenever she could.

then you walked into 221B for most likely the last time for awhile. John had come home early when he got word and hugged you as soon as you walked in, 

“hey (y/n) I’m really sorry about your mother. you smiled sadly "yeah…I am too” you stepped back and let the smile drop. he patted your arm comfortingly “I’m really going to miss you, you know. and even though he’ll never admit it I know Sherlock will too” you smiled again, teasingly this time “aw John I’m only gone for a year you can manage.” he grinned back at you, “I suppose I can as long as Sherlock doesn’t succeed in burning down the flat.”

you hugged john once more and he left to give you some space to say your last goodbye.

so you went to find Sherlock who was sitting on the couch thinking.

“I uh…I guess I’m leaving soon…I’m really going to miss you Sherlock.” your (e/c) eyes started to well up with tears. “this year is going to be unbearable without my favorite consulting detective you know? I mean, who else can shut up the Andersons of the world or bring adventure into my life?…Christ, I’m not usually sappy like this…and you know that I guess I’m only doing this because I’m pretty sure you’re not listening. but what the hell, don’t forget about me while I’m away Sherlock.”

As you turned to leave a hand caught your wrist,

“don’t go.”

you couldn’t believe it. why would he care if you left…you were friends, or at least you thought you were but usually he didn’t care.

you turned to face him and he was standing now, his hand still around your wrist his eyes pleading you to stay.


“Don’t. go.” he said it a little more forcefully now but still softly like he knew it was a hopeless plea.

“Sherlock, I have to go.”

“I love you (y/n)”

your eyes widened in shock, “you- I- what?” he smirked at your shocked expression and took a step closer to you.

“I love you”


he cut you off “I know” and with those two words the world stopped, it was just the two of you, you didn’t have to go, and he didn’t have to stay.
he leaned down and captured your lips in a salty kiss, tears still lingering on your lips. it only lasted a minute but it felt like an eternity, the kiss was soft and desperate his hands were on your waist and your arms were around his neck, neither of you wanting to return to the real world, where this moment was just that…a moment.

you were the one to break the kiss, he tried to kiss you again but you stopped him, he looked so sad it broke your heart.

You stepped out of Sherlock arms, and smiled sadly. “if you kiss me again I’ll never leave.”

His lips quirked up at the corners for only a second, and your vision was blurry with tears that threatened to spill.

You watched his every move trying to commit it to memory, trying to remember the way his eyes sparkled when he got a really interesting case, trying to remember the way he was so focused on his experiments, the way he and john argued like a married couple, the way he grinned when he solved a difficult puzzle, And finally the way he kissed you. because soon thats all you would have for an entire year…memories.

you blinked back tears, and spoke softly. “goodbye sherlock.”

he reached up and took off his scarf, “it gets cold in Nevada” then he draped it around your shoulders and walked you to the door.

3 months later**

You pulled Sherlocks scarf tighter around yourself and rubbed your hands together trying to stay warm in the cold desert night. 

you rounded the corner and arrived at the crappy apartment complex you lived in. you fumbled with your keys cursing yourself for not wearing warmer clothing, when your heart almost stopped dead.

someone was inside…you could hear them walking around with each muffled footfall your panic grew. You gripped the can of mace you had in your purse and unlocked the door.

inside the lights were on there was soft music playing and a familiar face was sitting in your favorite chair, you dropped everything (including the mace) and ran over to him, he was smiling, a real, genuine smile, which was so rare coming from him and it took your breath away.
he stood and wrapped you in a tight embrace.

“I couldn’t wait anymore I called in some favors, its time to come home.”

You didn’t question it though you suspected mycroft had a hand in these ‘favors’.

You grinned up at Sherlock mischievously, “I love you too.”

Lost In Connection - Ashton Soulmate Au


A/N  This is a new Soulmate Au series, I hope you enjoy!


Twenty one. You never thought you’d make it. Excitement bubbles in your stomach, and you don’t think that you’d be able to sleep tonight. Tonight is the night that you will meet your soulmate. Or at least switch bodies with him. Sure, it wasn’t guaranteed to happen, since it depended on who was the younger of the two. There was something that made you feel like tonight is the night though. So at nine o’clock you climb into bed, so excited that you can’t sleep. Well, it was excitement or the fact that you usually go to sleep around two in the morning.

Ashton lays down to go to bed. For some reason tonight he seems especially tired, and he knows that he shouldn’t go to sleep for another few hours because of jet lag, but he couldn’t help but sleeping.

When Ashton wakes up, he is surprised to see tan walls. This wasn’t the color of his room in the L.A. house. Along with tan walls there was another bed in the compact room. Ashton jumps back a little when he sees there is a human in the sheets. This must be some dream. Ashton decides. He gets out of the bed and looks at the clock that woke him. It says 6 A.M. Why the hell is he up so early. The girl in the bed besides him rolls over and Ashton watches her wake up.

“Hey, Y/N, what time is it?” She asks. Ashton takes another look at the clock, even though he already knows the time

“Six?” He responds, causing the girl to jump out of the bed.





“SIX! Y/N! I asked you to wake me up at five!” She hurries around the room, beginning to undress. Ashton slaps a hand over his eyes, as he hears the rustle of clothes.

“Actually, it’s not Y/N, although its a pretty name and all…” Ashton trails off. The movement in the room abruptly stops.

“You’re not Y/N?” She says scrambling over, she places her hands on the sides of Ashton’s face. “I forgot it was her twenty-first birthday!”  She yells. “I have to go to class! But meet me back here in like two hours?” She said. The door slams closed and when Ashton opened his eyes she was gone.

He looks around the room, unsure of what to do next. The only person he ‘knows’ in her life just left him stranded in a dorm room. Ashton searches around a little and spots a phone on her bedside table. He snatches it up and swipes to only be imprisoned by a lock code. Ashton tries a few combinations before trying 1 2 3 4 and the phone opens up. Y/N will have to get a stronger password in the future, Ashton thinks. He swipes through the few screens. There is a few crappy games, but nothing really interesting. He goes into the camera roll, and starts flipping through pictures, to try and find her. Nobody on her Camera Roll seemed to stand out to Ashton. Ashton stand in the room for a few moments before saying Fuck It, he walks out of the door and into the world.

When you woke up it was by a giant boy flopping onto your feet, in a gigantic bed, nothing like the one in your dorm room.

“Ash, you ready for band practice?” A blond hair boy asks. You are left stuttering and slightly confused, until i clicks. She switched.

“Um, I’m not ‘Ash’,” You say, gritting your teeth a little. The boy before you is very handsome. He had stubble and his car was flopping down onto his forehead. He also had piercing blue eyes.

“Really! GUYS!” He shouts and two more boys come stumbling into the room after a few moments.

“What?” Says the asian looking one.

“This isn’t Ashton,” The blond that is on the bed with you says.

“What the hell do you mean this isn’t Ashton?” The blond in the door says.

“Guysss,” The blond on the bed sighs. “Don’t you remember school? Soulmates?” The blond says expectantly. The other Asian’s eyes light up and seems to understand, while the other blond is still looking confused.

“I barely went to school,” The blond in the door says. The other two begin explaining how you meet your soulmate to Michael, while you examine your body. Muscles on Muscles. Seemingly tall. You spot a mirror across form you and see shaggy, dirty blonde hair.

“What’s your name?” The attention turns back to you. Its the Asian one who says it.

“Y/N, what’s your names? Are you in a band? Where am I?” The questions spill out of your mouth. They jump to introduce themselves.

“Before you ask, I’m not Asian,” Calum says, “I’m Kiwi” He says firmly. You nod along, not wanting to get in his way.

“Yeah were in a band, Five Seconds of Summer?” Luke says, expectantly. You shake you head. You had never heard of the band before. The boys all sigh a little, knowing that you don’t know who they are.

“I don’t really follow celebrities,” You say truthfully. “So, I’m sorry but I don’t know who you are,” The boys give off another little sigh of disappointment.

“Would you like to hear some of our music?” Micheal asks pulling out his phone.

reasons why The Party (s1 ep16) is the single greatest brooklyn nine nine - nay, comedy tv show - episode ever made and i’ll probably never ever get tired of watching it:

- strong underlying plot surrounding the discrimination against race and sexuality perpetuated by the NYPD and how awful and hurtful and gross that behaviour is

- zero dancing around the above subject, even going so far as to bluntly describe the perpetrators of the discrimination as “many of whom look exactly like you” to the white cishet male protagonist

- consequent acknowledgement of said protagonist of the crappiness of the behaviour even though he himself has never expressed even a hint of being prejudiced (he doesn’t get defensive, or scoff and brush it off, or say “Well, NOT ME”; Jake’s uncomfortable with emotions, sure, and says so, but not once in that scene does he dismiss Kevin’s concerns as not applying to him - rather, he demonstrates with his actions how much he (and the rest of the squad) care about and respect Captain Holt)

- kevin cozner is unfortunately not the star of danzes with wolvez

- [terrible falsetto] “Raymond, those slacks are a knockout!”

- the entire trope setup of the squad being in a Super Affluent Adult Situation, suddenly magnifying their collective weirdo-ness by showing how whacky their regular shenanigans really are in a normal Real World setting

- a party, no less

- for their boss’s birthday

- oh man

- “don’t move in a group! you’re not gazels!!”

- Charles having to put on Terry’s fifty-sizes-too-big cardigan to hide the massive salsa stain on his shirt

- “this fits so well, Terry, we have such similar physiques!”

- the hecnking. the fact that to any outside observer who did not Know amy santiago and jake peralta, watching them sneak upstairs one right after the other with no context could have only been interpreted as “they’re gonna go bang”, when, in fact, banging was the last thing on either of their minds

- they were instead concerned with trying to either a) back the unfortunate pro-slavery stance they’d accidentally backed themselves into or b) heinously violate the captain’s privacy by cataloguing the presence of “how it’s made: contact lenses” on his DVR, oh my God

- “we’re could have been really cool people! we weren’t, but we could have been!”

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Bright - Luke Hemmings

In which Luke is a struggling tattoo artist

Word count: 3.1k
Rating: PG-13

Written by Madalyn x ( @razorblade-hemmings )

As a kid, I had dreamed of having my art in a gallery for everyone to see.
All my drawings and paintings displayed all around a huge room to be admired and sought after.

Flash forward six years and I find myself wondering how the fuck I had ended up like this; 18 years old and so busy with university and working at some shitty little art and craft store in some bullshit mall.

I didn’t even draw like I used to anymore.
My greatest passion in life simply withered away under the stress of growing up, buried under mountains of homework and textbooks.

There was only one little thing that made coming into that cramped and damp smelling nest of misery every damn day.
One blonde asshole covered in tattoos that were probably a mistake if the only job he could get was at some shitty art and craft store.
He was a musician, and from what I had seen, his bandmates were about the same as him. One of his best mates, Calum, always came in after his shift at JayJays, constantly complaining about the amount of twelve year old girls and little twats who constantly swamped into his store.
Should have seen it coming, though. JayJays is twice as bad as Hot Topic.

Looking up from my book sitting on the counter of the, as always, empty store, I spotted a familiar head of curly hair bounding into the store and down the aisles towards the counter.
He plonked a plastic bag down on my counter before I could say anything and I knew exactly what it was.

“Oh my fucking god. I love you so much.” I told him, earning a chuckle from the tall blonde.

“Don’t tell my boss. If he finds out I keep stealing food for you and shitdick at the end of my shift I’ll get fired. Again. Where is he, anyway?” He asked, pulling himself up to sit on the counter and open the bag.

“Probably in the back drawing again. Either that or he’s sleeping. He’s been working at that tattoo place for the last month. Don’t know when he has time to sleep. I’ll just go make sure he hasn’t passed out.”

I turned tail and headed down the aisles to the closed door hidden behind a rack of coloured cardboard and magic markers, marked as ‘Staff Only’ and sure enough, there he was, propped up against the wall in his own little world with his sketch book on his lap as he scribbled away.

Seeing him like that was definitely one of the better parts of my job. He just looked so calm when he was working on his art, whether it was a new tattoo or just some little doodle, it was his element and he owned it.

“Hey, Luke. Ashton’s here. He brought stolen KFC and Pepsi with him.” I called from the doorway after watching him for at least two minutes.

He didn’t look up, but he did let out a small chuckle.

“Why didn’t you tell me that when you walked in instead of just standing there like a dickhead for that long?” He asked, a hint of laughter in his tired voice.

I rolled my eyes, leaning back against the doorway before walking down and sitting beside him.

“What’re you working on that’s so much more important than eating shitty chicken?” I asked, looking down at the detailed drawing on the page. “Whatever its for, it’s incredible..”

He shrugged, finally looking up at me with tired and dark eyes.

“A friend of mine wanted me to design a tattoo for them, and I have no appointments so if I get it done I’ll be able to do it tonight. Maybe it’ll keep me from falling asleep where I stand, yanno?”

His voice was as exhausted as his face looked, and he cut himself off with a yawn.

I let out a soft sigh, taking his sketchbook and closing it, ignoring his protests.

“Get up, dickhead. Go eat something. You’re keeping your friend waiting.” I chuckled, standing up and taking his hand to pull his half asleep frame from the position it had been in for the last three hours at least.

I found that he was basically dragging his feet as he walked, reminding me of an inky zombie.

“You don’t look too good, dude. You okay?” Ashton asked through a mouthful of food as I pulled him through the brightly coloured aisles back to the counter, where the curly haired blonde was sitting, stuffing his face with chicken.

“Just a bit tired. I’m all good.” Luke assured his best friend, chuckling a little at him tearing into the drumstick like a madman.

Rolling my eyes, I sat up on my chair behind the counter while Luke sat up next to his best friend on the counter, pulling the last two boxes out of the plastic bag and handing me one before opening his own.

“Are you two, like, together yet? Because It should happen.”

An almost synchronised choking noise escaped both Luke and I’s mouth and rang out the room, leaving us both trying to cough up the bit of chicken we had collectively inhaled.

“What?!” Luke choked, smacking his chest and coughing while Ashton just laughed his ass off.

“Uh, No, were not. I don’t think were even friends.” I said, taking a sip from my Pepsi to try and calm myself.
“I wouldn’t go that far. I think were friends. What makes you think we’re not friends?” Luke asked, looking up from his food, finished choking and now looking a little hurt that I had said that.

I shrugged, knowing I had just fucked up big time.
Wow, good job.

“We never hang out outta of work and all you do is draw, yanno?” I said, playing it off casually. “I hardly know anything about you.”

At this point, Ashton decided to interject.

“Well, you two finish your shift at the same time. Why don’t you take her to the tattoo place and show her around, Luke? You like tattoos don’t you, Y/N?” he asked, trying to salvage this conversation.

Luke nodded, a small smile appearing on his pink lips.

“I’d love to if you’re down. You’ve been talking about getting a tattoo for months now. Someone who wasn’t your friend wouldn’t know that.” He told me, standing up and finishing his food, downing the rest of his Pepsi before disappearing down into the supply closet again, back down to his cave for the rest of his shift just like every other day.

Ashton and I just looked at each other, shaking our head.

“I’d say his head is up his ass but clearly it’s in that fuckin’ sketchbook, huh?” He joked and I chuckled, nodding. “Yeah, I guess so.”

The rest of my shift went by slowly and painfully.

Just as I had suspected, Luke didn’t reappear once, until I heard an alarm from the closet to let him know that his shift was over and that they had to close up.

“We still on for tonight?” He asked, surprising me as I locked the register and covered up the models in the front window.

“We what now?” I asked, making him laugh at my confused expression.

“Tonight? You were gonna come with me to work, remember?” he asked and a lightbulb clicked on in my head.

“Oh! You were being serious about that, huh?” I asked and I could have sworn he went slightly pale, but it was hard to tell under the gorgeous pictures covering the skin right up to his chin.

“Uh, yeah. But I mean, like, If you don’t wanna… that’s cool. It was just a suggestion to keep Ash off our back, yanno?” He said quickly, trying to defend himself and bringing a hand to scratch the back of his neck anxiously.

I chuckled, shaking my head at his anxiety.

“Of course I wanna go. You were right about the tattoo thing. Maybe I’ll get it tonight. Pick me up on the way?” I asked, winking at him and he just nodded, unable to find a response.

I wrote down my number and my address on a bit of paper for him, giving him a short hug before I headed out to my car, leaving him standing star stuck in the store.


About an hour later, I got a text from him letting me know that he would be at mine in an hour and I bit my lip. I hadn’t even began to get ready.

I mean, I’ve never really dressed for a guy.  I’m perfectly fine with going on a date in sweats and my cat shirt that’s like six sizes too big, but something about being alone with Luke made me wanna at least try and make a good impression.

I threw myself in the shower, brushing off the Dorito crumbs after I had just assumed my after-workdefault position: curled up in bed eating a whole bag of nacho cheese Doritos.  I probably have a permanent cheese odour.

After pulling on some skinny jeans and a decent t-shirt, there was a knock on my door.
Ah fuck. He was early.

Throwing my hair into a crappy ponytail, I ran down the stairs, tripping on the last one and landing on the floor with a loud bang and an even louder screech of “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK”

Í swung open the front door of my house with a groan and hair flying everywhere as I attempted to tame it once again.
“Uhhhh, hi?”
“You’re, uh, you’re early.” I stuttered, trying to act casual as I retied my hair again.
“Yeah.. Sorry. My manager called and said I had a client come in early so I have to get down there, like, now…” He looked pretty embarrassed. “I did text you but I guess you didn’t get it.”

I let out a groan, knowing I should have checked my phone as soon as I got out of the shower.
“Just let me throw some shoes on and we’ll go. Sorry… Didn’t even think to check.”

I rushed into my bedroom, grabbing my phone and taking a deep breath. Jesus, tonight wasn’t going well. I quickly pulled on my sneakers and hurried back downstairs, following Luke out to his car. We hardly spoke the whole ride, but the music that was playing made it less awkward. At least he had good taste in music.

“you look really pretty by the way.” He told me sheepishly as we walked into the brightly lit store, smiling to himself and making me snicker.
“You kidding? I literally fell down the stairs twenty minutes ago.” I told him and I heard him let out a chuckle.
“Ahh, that was probably my fault. Sorry.” He said, looking down at he walked and shoving his hands in his pockets.
“Eh. Don’t beat yourself up.” I told him, following him inside.

I was instantly star stuck. The art covering the walls was beautiful. They all had different signatures on them, but there was one wall with drawings that I recognized, and a signature that I knew.
“Did you draw all these?” I asked, turning to him as he shrugged off his jacket.

“What do you think I do at work all the time? I sure as fuck don’t work.” he laughed, walking over to me. “The customer gave me permission to let you watch so you can come with me if you want.”

Although the sound of the needle was daunting, I couldn’t take my eyes off his hands.
The way they worked was so smooth and natural, it was like he was made to do that.
His face was masked with a look of concentration as he worked, taking extra care not to hurt the person any more than he already was, and to make sure he did it right.

The end result was something I had never seen before, and I gave the woman he had been tattooing a bug thumbs up as she left to pay for her new body art.

“You’re incredible at that. Wow.” I told him, turning to the tattooed blonde who was cleaning up his needles and ink.
He shrugged off my compliment.
“It’s just something I’ve been interested in since I was a kid and when I tried it for the first time, I fell in love with it. I’ve had a fair bit of practice.” He told me, sitting back in the chair that his client had been sitting in minutes ago.

Biting at my bottom lip, I watched him leaned back and close his eyes. He looked pretty peaceful. He looked happiest here.  I knew I was ready for this as soon as I saw how natural it looked for him, and I pulled out my wallet, finding a folded up piece of paper.

Opening it, I handed it to him and put my wallet away, watching him for a reaction.
“What’s this?” he asked, sitting up and looking over it. “It’s gorgeous.”
“That’s my tattoo. That’s what I want.” I told him, making him look up.
“And you want me to do it for you? Are you sure you wanna do that?” He asked and I nodded.
“I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.” I told him, and I swore I saw a small blush spread across his cheeks.
“Well, I’d be happy to do it.”


I took in a deep breath, nerves flaring up as I laid shirtless on my side in the chair. I knew it was gonna hurt but it was only now I was considering how much it would actually hurt.

His fingers on my skin offered a little comforting, though. Drawing out the stencil and cleaning the skin had somehow managed to calm me down a bit, my burst of courage well and truly gone.
“It’s not as bad as you think. I promise. It’ll be over before you know it.” He told me and I flinched, hearing the buzz of the needle.

I closed my eyes tightly as I first felt it pierce my skin, and I was right, it fucking hurt. He must have sensed my pain, or at least heard the whimper I surely let out because I felt the needle fall away from my skin, and one hand on my shoulder.
“Are you sure you really wanna do this? Are you absolutely certain?” he asked and I rolled my eyes, laughing at him.
“Luke, yes, now hurry up and start it.” I told him and he shot me a concerned look before starting again.

Although it hurt, it was manageable, and a few hours later he had finished it, helping me stand up and look at my new tattoo.
“Do you like it? I feel like I did it wrong…” He muttered, looking at it carefully and chewing t the black ring through his lip. I shook my head at his anxiety and chuckled.
“Luke, stop. I love it. I really love it. Thank you so much.”  I told him, bringing him to face me again, a smile clear on my face.

He seemed to calm slightly, but only slightly.
“Oi, Luke! I’m closing up early. You and your girlfriend can head home if you want.” I heard his manager call from the other room, making me blush.

“She’s not my girlfriend, Michael!” He called back, seeming a little on edge and defensive. It was quite cute actually.
“Oh, I thought I was! That’s so mean. You’re so mean to me!” I said, loud enough for his manager to hear, earning a chuckle from him.
“He’s never gonna leave me alone now, you know.” He told me, crossing his arms.

Oh, hello there confidence. Where have you been? Welcome home.
I rolled my eyes at him, grabbing onto one of his arms and pulling his body to mine, making him gasp.

“Don’t be so sensitive then, Blondie.” I smirked, standing on my toes to press my lips to his in a simple peck, meaning to pull away, but before I could he caught me and pulled me in for a deeper kiss.

My eyes widened a little, expecting to be rejected but now pleasantly surprised. His arms uncrossed and wrapped around my waist, bringing me even closer. I felt him smiling against my lips, and I couldn’t stop myself doing the same.

“Not my girlfriend my ass.”

I pulled away and turned just to see a set of keys hit the back of Luke’s head, making him let out a noise of disapproval and me a giggle.
“Come on. I’m cold. Take me home.” I told him and he just nodded, eyes slightly wide and his cheeks red, hot under the collar of his leather jacket.
“Uhh, yep! Okay.” he murmured as if trying to work out what happened.  Rolling my eyes for the umpteenth time, I walked out into the main waiting room and began turning off the lights while he just stood there dumbstruck by my actions.

“I better get paid for doing your damn job, Hemmings.” I called, pulling him out of his trance.
“How about I take you to dinner? Friday. I’ll pay.” he said, walking into the room with paler cheeks.
“Sounds like fun. Ill consider it.” I winked and he shook his head, smiling a bit and leading me out the door, locking it, and then taking me out to his car.

Once again, the drive home was quiet apart from the radio, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. If anything, it was more comfortable than any conversation could be.

It wasn’t far, and the drive was over far too soon.  "So, I’ll see you at work tomorrow yeah?“ I asked, turning to see him staring at me.
"Of course. I’ll be counting down the hours.” He winked, making me laugh.
I leaned over and pressed my lips to his, hand resting on his smooth cheek and tilting my head a little bit.

Slowly pulling back, I chewed at my bottom lip and opened the door.

“Goodnight, Luke.”
“Goodnight, Y/N.”

I stepped out and closed the door behind me, waving to him and shooting him a little smile before turning and heading up the path to my front door, grin planted on my face and with no future plans of moving.

Guess Ashton was right, huh?

infullmoon  asked:

So what movie genres do you think the UT cast likes? I can imagine Alphys and Sans nerding out and nitpicking sci-fi movies together for one thing heh.

Ooh! Good question! Asks like these are my favorite haha!

I’m actually going to broaden this to TV shows too. Maybe like, what their Netflix history is.

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